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  1. A 7 from me. I am so pleased that we have stripes back, and this is a huge improvement on the previous two horrific efforts. Negatives for me are that it is not striped on the back and the sleeves, and I am not keen on the socks. And finally I just can't come to terms with the badge, I hate it, I had hoped I would grow to like it but I just can't. I hate it so much that I won't buy anything with it on. This really upsets my kids as I won't buy them shirts any more, especially now the 2015/16 shirts are too small for them.
  2. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2018/05/30/club-statement-dr-tony-xia-on-future-plans
  3. HirstIsGod

    FourFourTwo club badges article

    This hits me every week when my son goes to football training in last year's kit. The reason is, I live in Manchester, and every week someone stares at the current badge and says "what team is that?". To which my boy proudly answers, it's Sheffield Wednesday. This is promptly met without fail from the inquisitive person with, "that's not a Sheffield Wednesday shirt!, I thought they played in stripes" Now that we have a whole generation of people that, outside of Sheffield, have no idea we have been a Premier League side or have much knowledge of Sheffield Wednesday at all, as we have not been in any kind of spotlight for the past 17 years. This to me makes the removal of our iconic badge and striped shirts all the more ridiculous, now not only are we unknown to a huge amount of under 25s, but we are unrecognisable to the generations that do know us.
  4. HirstIsGod

    Club moving into dangerous territory..

    We go as a family, my wife and 2 kids. Kids really don't want to go anymore. Son sat playing on his phone almost the whole game the last time we went (Bolton away) and Daughter just says she doesn't enjoy it anymore. We will be back soon i'm sure, but might not be until teh new year as we now have plans for teh next few weekends. I was really pleased when we bought 3 year season tickets so I didn't have to pay anything for such a long time (except away tickets), i'm now a little disappointed but that will pass as normality will be resumed i'm sure. Now both my kids play football on a Saturday though, there games are priority so we don't watch Wednesday if it means a bit of a rush to get to the games. We live near Manchester so any kick off times after 11:30am mean its a struggle. Previously I would have busted a gut to get there, but now we just stay at home and do something else.
  5. HirstIsGod

    Club moving into dangerous territory..

    Me neither. I've not been since we played United.
  6. Yes that's the right Reddish team. It's a fantastic set up and facility, it get used for league games too at U11. My daughter's respect league games are at Armitage Centre at the university. I don't like Wright Robbie either, my boy played there at U9 and U10 when they moved form Stockport Sports Village in Woodley. I watch the U12s there sometimes as my mate is the coach for one of the teams.
  7. He plays for Reddish North End now and used to play for AFC Stanley based in Hyde. He is U11s now and started playing at U6. My daughter has just started playing in the Manchester Respect League for Reddish North End too. She is playing a year down for the U8s as she had never kicked a ball in anger until a month or so ago. Another quirk of the respect league that girls can do that.
  8. Like others have said this is for goal kicks when the ball had gone out of play. The respect league also retreat whenever the keeper has the ball in their hands. Retreat exists in the east Manchester league my son plays in but only for goal kicks and up to U9 ish. For reasons already mentioned by others this isn't a bad idea.
  9. It is very odd mate. The goalkeeper thing is only when itis in their hands not anytime it is passed back to them. Another really weird thing was that they plays 3 "halves" of 20 minutes instead of 30 mins each way which is normal for under 10s
  10. A little misleading this thread. This is the Manchester respect league, which is a bit of a soft touch league for teams that have very little to no competitive experience. Once they are used to playing other teams they move to the East Manchester or Stockport Metro leagus which are played with the usual rules we all understand. My son changed teams in the middle of last season and ended up playing in this for a couple of months. It was the strangest thing ever for my son getting used to retreating when the keeper had the ball and not to mention not being able to tackle, as he had played in the normal league from being 5 years old.
  11. My son's team has a late kick off on Saturday so we are going to struggle to get to Derby. I have 2 adults and 2 kids tickets, catch being that you woudl have to buy all 4, face value totals £71. Further catch is they would need collecting from the wrong side of the hills, though could meet in Glossop or Hollingworth. Let me know
  12. HirstIsGod

    Kieran Lee swan dive

    Like many others on this thread, I too was in line with it at the front of the upper tier. The most obvious penalty you will see, and like someone else has said, you heard the contact.
  13. And 10 of those clubs aren't in the top flight anymore. 2 of which are in League 1 and 1 in League 2. Still i'd rather play most of those teams than the majority of the current Premier League teams.
  14. HirstIsGod

    It’s a ploy

    Don't say that. It's bad enough having it this year.
  15. If you are in Pefkos, Jasmine Bar will put it on for you. If there is a more popular game on at the same time they will put it on just 1 screen and you won't have sound.