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  1. Can quite see that, l've no idea what's going on. Just like most people.
  2. Or a disillusioned father trying to relive their career through their son.
  3. The player nearest the camera in the first photo of the team, must be Bobby Craig. One of my all-time favourite players. Had a very good goals to games ratio for a midfielder, could pick a pass and do the unexpected.
  4. Oliver Cromwell

    Joao’s contract

    If and it's a big if, we managed promotion, how many would be saying that we've signed players on new contracts that aren't good enough for the premiership. It's not just a matter of offering new contracts, if players want to keep their options open there's not much the club can do about it anyway
  5. Oliver Cromwell

    Colin Dobson

    Great winger, loved to watch him. Selling him to Huddersfield was another of Alan Browns big mistakes. Bringing in Brian Usher as replacement was another one, would put Usher in the thread on worst players seen.
  6. Oliver Cromwell

    Owls Through the Modern Era Book

    Just got it out of the Central Library, it'll be back in under 3 weeks
  7. Oliver Cromwell

    Transfer window open on Thursday

    Transfer window for EFL clubs is open now I believe
  8. Oliver Cromwell


    The Lyon game was superb. Lost 4-2 away, they scored first in the return and we went on to win 5-2
  9. Was there on Wednesday, very depressing
  10. Oliver Cromwell

    Jack Hunt

    Joss has made changes to the way he plays. He very rarely beat a player trying to dribble, he used his pace yesterday to get round the outside and was far more effective. He is also closing down much quicker than under Carlos.
  11. Oliver Cromwell

    Harthill Owls

    Won't be able to sell their houses though if the proposed Fracking gets the go-ahead in Harthill
  12. A lot of posters have identified the thinkers in the game who could see the shortcomings of that system. Don Revie, George Reynor and the 1950s Hungarians being key. Although football has continued to develop it was far better to watch in those simpler days.
  13. Oliver Cromwell

    Jos Luhukay on George Hirst & Sean Clare

    He's a good prospect. Looked very good when we had the ball, wasn't half as good when Villa had it. I think Jos was spot on.
  14. Says GH is training with the first team but not aware of situation re contract
  15. Give credit where it's due, he's Sheffield Wednesday manager and he'll do what he wants. Looks a strange team but we just have to see what happens before making judgements