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  1. Oliver Cromwell

    On This Day in 1961 - European Glory!

    My memory of the match was that we had lost the first leg 4-2 and they scored first at Hillsborough, think score went 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 giving them the aggregate lead, then 4-2, 5-2. One of the most exciting matches I've seen.
  2. Oliver Cromwell

    Nameing a stand after....

    Name a stand after whoever will pay the most, given our current situation
  3. Oliver Cromwell

    The sending off

    Got that wrong he hadn't been booked
  4. Oliver Cromwell

    The sending off

    Hadn't he got a yellow previously anyway? So would have been sent off for the second yellow.
  5. The Cabal was a group of advisors to Charles ll. Clifford Arlington Buckingham Ashley-Cooper and Lauderdale, they weren't necessarily moaners.
  6. The attendance always includes all season ticket holders whether they are there or not, so figures given for gates are never a true reflection of the numbers at the game.
  7. Ralph O'Donnell played centre half as well, covered for Peter Swan if I remember correctly
  8. Think you mean Alan Finney not Tom
  9. Oliver Cromwell

    Lincoln away

    If you like real ale try"The Cardinals Hat"
  10. Oliver Cromwell

    Can we stop the hate on our own players please

    There is a big difference between saying a player isn't good enough and slagging them off. All I ask is that a player tries100 percent. If that isn't good enough then it's down to the manager whether or not to play him. I've never seen any player play better when being subjected to abuse from the stands.
  11. Oliver Cromwell

    Possible player exit?

    Lee at right wing back allows us to put more of the best players on the pitch at the same time, if we get a left wb it allows Reach to operate in a central role as well.
  12. Can quite see that, l've no idea what's going on. Just like most people.
  13. Or a disillusioned father trying to relive their career through their son.
  14. The player nearest the camera in the first photo of the team, must be Bobby Craig. One of my all-time favourite players. Had a very good goals to games ratio for a midfielder, could pick a pass and do the unexpected.
  15. Oliver Cromwell

    Joao’s contract

    If and it's a big if, we managed promotion, how many would be saying that we've signed players on new contracts that aren't good enough for the premiership. It's not just a matter of offering new contracts, if players want to keep their options open there's not much the club can do about it anyway