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  1. Says GH is training with the first team but not aware of situation re contract
  2. Give credit where it's due, he's Sheffield Wednesday manager and he'll do what he wants. Looks a strange team but we just have to see what happens before making judgements
  3. My biggest concern is that if I buy a 5 year season ticket I might have snuffed it before I've had the chance to use it all.
  4. Me, my fat friends and legroom !

    Much more leg room in North. where I currently am. Have had season tickets in all ends of the ground, including West pre segregation and for me the North is the preferred option
  5. Carlos press conference

    Never seen the point in booing anyone, it motivates the opposition and booing anyone who plays for us has never made them play better. It only makes the people who boo feel better about themselves. All I ask is people try their best and if it's not good enough get someone better. Let's hope that's the case with Carlos
  6. In this week of (Owlstalk) positivity, I've got...

    Nail on head. There are times when it isn't possible to move forward, and then retaining possession is what counts. The players don't need the fans getting on their backs in those situations.
  7. Defence tonight

    Noticed Loovens put his hands up to be subbed. Hope he's not injured again.
  8. I've got to give it to João but anyone who didn't rate Loovens contribution wasn't at the same match as me. Always in position, his little nudges and blocks were superb, nobody was getting past him tonight.
  9. The Cromwell Cup

    Perhaps it's been reclaimed.
  10. Todays red cards

    Pupils second card looked a classic Terry Curran, push the ball past and then deliberately run into the opposition player.
  11. Official January Transfer Rumours Thread..

    Cardif have agreed £6 million fee for Madine
  12. He was interviewed on Look Leeds last week before a Bradford City match
  13. VAR - keep out the nerds.

    Rugby, American Football, Cricket are all stop-go sports. Football needs to flow. Just have better trained professional refs in all 4 divisions, and just get on with it. If all managers and players accepted decisions and stopped arguing and commenting it would be better for all. A review team could ana;ise all matches afterwards and weed out poor refs. VAR is not needed
  14. Team For Boro?

    Thought Pessy looked off the pace tonight, might take a while to settle. I would play Jones on Tuesday
  15. Not been his biggest fan, but was very encouraged by his showing against Cardiff