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  1. Just like the bloke who was asked why he was walking down the street banging a drum, and said it was to keep the elephants away. When it was pointed out that there were no elephants he said "effective isn't it".
  2. Usher, a definite inclusion for anybody's first 11 of useless Wednesday players
  3. Agree, goals win you games, defences win you championships.
  4. The only other spark of creativity came from FF. The difficulty is fitting him into the system
  5. Did a great man marking job on their no. 10. Ok made one mistake, show me any Wednesday player who didn't. Give credit where it's due
  6. It's those who pick people up after the game that are the real problem, double parking and forcing those walking up into the road. So should cure that.
  7. Going in, I crossed Penistone Rd and was walking down the coned off lane towards the turnstiles and was asked by one of these clowns to get onto the pavement. What is right do these people have over the general public going about their normal business? Give them a high vis jacket and they go power mad. If SYP want to increase safety, they should stop people waiting in their cars to pick people up on Herries rd after the match, forcing those walking up the hill in to the traffic.
  8. Fox had a good game tonight, would be more than happy for him to retain his place and for Palmer to revert to right back
  9. It's just like it was back in the 60s with 50,000 crowds. Never remember anyone getting hurt. It shouldn't be happening though, it's totally unnecessary. Difficult for older and less mobile supporters, (not counting myself in that category, I'm just old but mobile). Needs sorting asp.
  10. You might benefit right, noticed on Sunday that the wheelie bins in the North Stand were sponsored by D Taxis with a phone number
  11. Hasn't the ban for racial abuse just been increased from 6 to 10 games in line with FIFA recommendations? That's a big chunk of a season if the FA take action
  12. As much as I like Hughton if a premiership job crops up during the season, he could be off and we would we be left in the same situation as we are now. We need someone who will give some commitment to the job.
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