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  1. Remember being on the kop for his last game when it was rumoured he was leaving and the kids at the front shouting "don't go Albert" Player of the highest class. RIP
  2. Reason for the change of date is because Bristol City played Villa on Thursday
  3. Try to be clearer, I can't tell talk from mutter
  4. It's a bit rich coming from a club that went into administration, causing it's suppliers to lose money, not to mention the two 50p shares I had inherited which became worthless.
  5. Back in the days before fans were segregated you could have a conversation with opposition fans and and some good banter, clapping good goals by the opposition wasn't exceptional. It was allways interesting to get views on players from a different perspectve. It didn;t make anyone less fanatical about their own team, just more civilised
  6. As he is improving doubt Newcastle will let him go. Best we could hope for is another season long loan
  7. Yes, quite clearly remember the bloke I was stood next to as we both looked at each other and were both appalled by what we had just seen and heard.
  8. I was on the cop and heard the crack. He can moan all he wants, but it was an absolutely horrendous tackle. It ruined the career of a potentially top class player
  9. Was a rock tonight, justified his inclusion even if it was because of Iorfa nursing an injury
  10. One instance stood out for me, made a run and picked the ball to the right of the box, laid it off and immediately turned to get Infront of goal. Didn't hang around waiting for short return pass like our other strikers.
  11. Just like the bloke who was asked why he was walking down the street banging a drum, and said it was to keep the elephants away. When it was pointed out that there were no elephants he said "effective isn't it".
  12. Usher, a definite inclusion for anybody's first 11 of useless Wednesday players
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