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  1. As I understand it next season the ball doesn't have to go outside the penalty area before being touched by a player. I would assume that tactically goalkeepers will need to be switched on to the possibilities arising from this change. Don't know how this is going to work out in practice, but I've never been too impressed with Westwood's distribution. Can he adapt to the new rules and exploit the opportunities or would someone younger be more adaptable?One would hope the training staff are looking at ways to take advantage of this. On the other hand it might not make much difference, a quick pass back and hoof it up field.
  2. Don't think Barnsley will be looking at our cast offs. They haven't played a player over 26 all season.
  3. Makes good runs but then there's no end product. Let him go, there must be better available in the lower leagues.
  4. Yes, seems more downs than ups. Had a season ticket for most of the time. Son has one and youngest granddaughter has just got her first for next season. Must be quite a few put in more years than me though.
  5. Anyone else old enough to remember left back Norman Curtis. Hardest player I've ever seen, and when he took a penalty he started his run up from near the half way line.
  6. Bit vague this, but the bloke who used to introduce the acts on The Good Old Days was a Wednesday fan and once appeared as the Wednesday guest supporter on a football quiz show. Can't remember his name or the name of the quiz show.
  7. 36000 gate with receipts of £1200 works out at less than 3.5p per spectator. We might get bigger crowds at that price.
  8. To the tune of Copenhagen Wonderful wonderful Sheffield Wednesday greatest team in the land Though we're playing away we will win today As the cheers ring round the stand. 1960s I think
  9. It might be an issue for tonight though, both Newcastle lads haven't had much football and may not have recovered sufficiently for Bruce to play them again so soon.
  10. Matias runs about with no end product to show for it.
  11. The old one looks like a failed entry in draw a picture without taking your pencil off the paper, never liked it.
  12. I once got arrested for riding with someone in one of those
  13. Thought he had an OK game, I shouted for the penalties for the fun of it though I was too far away to see. Having watched the highlights I think he got the decisions right, the handball in the first half might have been given by some refs. Home fans can be a little biased though!!!
  14. I worked with three blokes called Jack, Big Jack, Little Jack and Daft Jack
  15. Leave Bullen in charge for this one. Luton have only lost 4 games this season and have a goal difference of + 25, this will not be an easy game.
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