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  1. I support the club through thick and thin. It's those that choose to back that sort of performance that I label. It's those that are happy to back Moore/the players because we should always 'go easy on them'. They're payed handsomely, stop wrapping them in cotton wool. I was on the give Moore more time bus until Oxford game (I genuinely thought he'd cracked it at Bolton), but no. Final nail for me was not bringing off a clearly struggling (not sure if it was injury or lack of fitness) Brown on Saturday. We could see it from behind the goal. How could he not see it from the same touchline? We go again tomorrow.
  2. At no point have I wished physical abuse on anyone. So, what irony? Their comment was a fairly smart play one words at best. Discuss the post not the poster.
  3. Yep. Those two sections in the corner. That was it.
  4. Ditto. That will sound massively contradictory having started the post. Moore out is based on me having seen enough to know he cannot see the blindingly obvious on the pitch over this season l. I'm going to excuse last season because he inherited that squad, but he's built his own now. Happy clappers out is a long term issue that's crept up on the club - Those that can't be arsed/choose not to get behind the team all game, but then swoon like teenage girls at the final whistle. In that regard, spineless sums it up (or maybe doe eyed?).
  5. Very true - we're all emotionally invested otherwise we wouldn't be on here, would we?
  6. You don't know me, but come out with comments like that. Bless ya.
  7. Just reading your post @Five Archersand I would refer you to my previous posts. For the avoidance of doubt I am venting at the HAPPY CLAPPERS.
  8. Neil, you are not that unintelligible. I point you to my first and subsequent posts and at no point have I embarked on a 'campaign' against fans. I am questioning certain elements of our fan base. Where do you lie in the demographic?
  9. From the left hand side (as I stood/sat) were pretty much zombies when it came to singing/making any noise.
  10. Definitely not 'reactionary' I've seen plenty of this through the years and so it continues in the modern era. The entire away end should have been 100% vocal from minute one, but no, stood like zombies and then come to life at the end when their favourite hero comes up to the away end. 'Ooo look Bazza is clapping at me..' Sorry DJH, but the HAPPY CLAPPERS need to wake up.
  11. I'm not blaming the fans FFS. I'm having a go at the HAPPY CLAPPERS.
  12. Not acting hard Kevin. I don't know you and you don't know me, but I can promise you I'm not that sort of guy. We should have been creating a hell of a lot more noise than we did. Those that didn't sing all game were clapping like 'performing seals' at the end. Over to you for your acceptance of why this is adequate......
  13. Like a performing seal. I'm dedicated to Wednesday thanks and want to see them improve. What do you want?
  14. What would you call those who continue like a seal with a smile no matter what dog dirt is served up?
  15. Thank you @parajack Once again I said HAPPY CLAPPERS.
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