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  1. The BBC have form for their ability to mis-communicate facts.
  2. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/november/pay-on-the-day-at-blackburn/ If it's this link you've been reading, it's from last season's midweek game.
  3. I'd double up vote this if it was possible! You sure you're not his script writer, Vulva?!
  4. And if you don't know, then you don't know. 'Get Dave on' is said by loads and on many an occasion for good reason. Some see it as an admittance of desperation, I always see it as a recognition that if anyone can, Nuhiu can.
  5. Forget 4-4-2, the main reason we won on Saturday was an ability to put a decent ball into the danger areas. Couple that with a squad who have finally discovered that headed goals count. Bingo!
  6. Do the players read OT? If so, Adam, can I have your shirt after the next game please? My old tent is knackered and I'm doing some forward planning for next summer.
  7. These threads generally come back to bite us on the ar5e, but we owe Hull a good beating. I'll, of course, accept a boring 1-0 win from an own goal.
  8. 'Right Barry after three, let's hear your loudest voice.....'
  9. TrueFan™ would have been at both! Only kidding, Plonk. Hawley's big mates with Pete McKee and that crowd.
  10. Which would tough on the Boro fans, but a massive slice of schadenfreude for Gibson. It's not just about his recent strop, which is totally two-faced, but the millions he threw at Boro in the 90's. Narcissistic in the extreme and looking to blame everyone, but the person he should be.
  11. Pulis spunked a sheete load in his first full pre season.
  12. Spunked it up the wall. Or more precisely allowed the sheeite appointments he's made to spunk it up the wall.
  13. Amen to that, Brother. Bet you could have boiled a kettle on his head at half time.
  14. They had mostly f00ked off by 80 mins. Proper dedication that.
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