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  1. I've never understood that attitude though. I want the ground full every game.
  2. zico.b

    HELP please

    Don't worry @Davetherave Any uncollected tickets for away games are sent up on the bus and left at the home team's ticket office for collection. Just bring some ID and leave a little time to collect your tickets. UTO.
  3. Even before DC, even before MM, I said make 'normal' match day prices just a few pounds more than the average cost for a season ticket holder. The main reason I buy my season ticket is because it guarantees me 'my' seat and gets me priority for away games. I wouldn't be bothered if pay on the door was the same price as I'd paid. So, yes, let's get this initiative promoted.
  4. ^^^ We've managed a Travelodge close to the ground for £47, but, I get your point. Thought that it might help somebody out - Maybe the return part, as a minimum. UTO.
  5. That's £30 for each return ticket (i.e. £15 each way). I will listen to offers on just the return portion, if it helps anyone.
  6. zico.b

    Let's have a cup run

    I reckon Sunderland will feel the same. They should literally throw a coin now and be done with it. Perhaps Sky could show War of the Monster Trucks instead?!
  7. I've had a letdown by two people today and this (for somebody) will be the 'Sale of the Century'. I've got return tickets from Donny to Kings Cross. These are out on Saturday afternoon (14:30) and back on Sunday evening (19:03). Face value for everything. Train tickets - £30 each. Match tickets - £27.50 each. I can take the tickets back to the club, but would rather get shut as a package, if possible to recoup the outlay in train tickets. Let me know. UTO. PS There is a downside - A mate and me will be in the other train seats at the table!
  8. I'm with @sonofbert2, I stopped posting in the OMDT out of some ridiculous superstition - what good did it do?! I'm 'To hell with it all' at the moment, but won't give up on the club. I'd be there if we were in the Conference - most of us would, I'm sure. So, to hell with it. It's a first home game, it's a chance to say hello to some faces not seen for 3 months in the pub, it's a chance to hear the click of the turnstile, it's a chance to glory at the beauty on the inside of our stadium, it's a chance to go where your heart truly belongs. No matter what, that's all that matters. UTO.
  9. Am I going mental or was the Leeds game announced for the Friday night?
  10. zico.b

    Nixon comments

    I miss Big Guns. Why did he stop posting?
  11. Hope you've paid Neil the full 100% for promoting this and not tried to get a 10% reduction?! Gi' Licence Fee back.
  12. Simply this. Domestic equivalent of throwing two wild parties over a weekend and not having a slice of bread to make toast on Monday.
  13. zico.b

    A bit of decorum please.

    Based on Lincoln, Mansfield, Villarreal and Wigan games - If we carry on defending like that we will be.
  14. Brentford - ALL TICKET Full Allocation 1,650 Seating Prices Adults: £27.50 65 & Over: £21 18-24: £18.50 Under 18: £8 Standing Prices Adults: £25 65 & Over: £19 18-24: £17 Under 18: £8 #swfc Brentford Sales (1/2) Mon 6/8 9am: STH w 700+TPP Mon 6/8 2pm: STH w 660+TPP Tues 7/8 9am: STH w 620+TPP Tues 7/8 2pm: STH w 580+TPP Wed 8/8 9am: STH w 540+TPP Wed 8/8 2pm: STH w 500+TPP Thurs 9/8 9am: STH w 460 + TPP Thurs 9/8 2pm: All Season Ticket Holders #swfc Brentford Sales (2/2) Fri 10/8 9am: Owls & Foundation Members with 150 + TPP Fri 10/8 2pm: All Owls & Foundation Members Mon 13/8 9am: General Sale All sales dates subject to availability #swfc Brentford Travel: The InterCity Owl Departs at 8.30am from Hillsborough or Flat Street £33 Adults £32 Juniors #swfc