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  1. zico.b

    Birmingham away details

    Worth their weight in gold are those Railcards.* * Obviously that isn't meant to be literal because they're a piece of plastic and probably weigh in at a gold equivalent of £1.28.
  2. zico.b

    Birmingham away details

    Fixed it for ya. Oh, and we got very very wet and the traffic was worse than Beijing (last 3 miles took more than an hour).
  3. zico.b

    You take one for the team

    Not the play being similar, but the opportunity to take the man out. Semedo(?) in Rhodes's case; Pelupessy last night. Both goals had that air of inevitablity about them, coming late in the game and seemed to almost play out in slow motion.
  4. zico.b

    You take one for the team

    You absolutely do - always. Said on the walk back that it was like Rhodes fourth for Huddersfield. Just bring him down. Not nice, but needs doing.
  5. Quality that Dunsby. Not sure where you find them and/or have the time to research.
  6. Whatever that leach has to say, you will not go far wrong with thinking the opposite. Terrible pundit.
  7. zico.b


    Maybe, but more than size 12 font has definitely been achieved
  8. zico.b

    Holte End

    @stevewhiterose what was the noise like from those of us on the away end please? When you're stood in it, you generally think it is loud, but from the Holte End..........?
  9. zico.b

    The Right To Reply

    Duly noted. UTO.
  10. Definitely bench. Cannot justify dropping anyone from today (unless injured). Please JL - don't tinker.
  11. zico.b

    The Right To Reply

    Thanks @Mystic Neg for your attention at time. The bit that has 'cut' a bit is that I said 'Backed or Sacked? I asked for opinion on how long people thought he would be there NOT how long they wanted him there for.
  12. Nice Morrissey reference. And yes, he was excellent.
  13. @OWLSTALK and @CLswfc Thanks for your comments. They are most welcome in the now closed (Site operator's privilege, I suppose), but I would ask that you (and all) please take matters in balance to my post in the OMDT this morning. I, at no point, went for a knee jerk reaction. I can see how matters have been interpreted and maybe I should have stated my opinion on Wednesday evening, but considered it better to remain neutral at the point of posting. My posting in @Lord Snooty OMDT may have been missed by many. UTO.
  14. Good morning M'Lud and thank you, as always, for your insightful OMDT. I don't want to hijack your thread, but as the person who set up the vote on Wednesday night, I'd like to clear a few things up, now that the vote is closed. I did not ask for Luhukay's sacking nor was I wanting people to vote on whether he should stay or go. I was simply looking for opinion on what people thought DC would do - Backed or sacked? For what it's worth, I think DC will not be tolerant this time round. Most of us will agree that JL has mission impossible to achieve anything resembling a promotion/play off push, but DC keeps expecting without necessarily understanding. This will only lead to an early sacking, I fear. As for my own opinion on JL, I believe he has an excellent analytical brain and contrary to what is perceived as boring football to some, he is laying down the passing football foundations to what could, in time, have fans drooling. His problem is the players do not, necessarily, have the skill and/or confidence to execute JL's instructions. So, there you have it, I actually think JL deserves to be backed, but I think DC will sack, sooner than later. Right, I'm off to get a shower and make my way to the coach for a trip to Villa Park. UTO all. WAWAW.
  15. It has a question mark, as in will he be backed or sacked by DC?