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  1. Second half was flat for 30 minutes. Our fans woke up, started singing again and gave the players an extra spark (that's how I witnessed it ) Dele-Bashiru (or as the announcer called him 'Dealy-Basheeroo) danced through the penalty area and planted a great shot into the net. Brennan had a good header wonderfully saved by the Vale keeper. Vale given an indirect free kick for Wildsmith holding on to the ball too long (new law?!). Free kick blocked. Full time.
  2. Decent run out for all eleven. No blame on the goal. Hammered back in across goal and the number 10 has stuck a leg on it. Wing showing plenty of pace and desire. One particular well cushioned pass into him was well and quickly passed from the centre circle and resulted in a quick break that nearly resulted in a second goal. Corner in for Dom's goal was well delivered (forget who took it). Hutch needs to learn that a swinging leg from behind anywhere in our defence third will invariably lead to a free kick for the opposites. That is all for now.
  3. So many memories:- 1. On school work experience at The Army for a week and not regretting staying up late to watch highlights of away match at Brighton even though we were going to be up at stupid o'clock for a morning manoeuvres session; 2. The A1 to/from Ipswich. Every other car had a blue and white scarf; 3. Winning South Yorkshire schools Rugby League final at Don Valley Stadium and turning down the offer of a curry (and one beer) to rush to watch Millwall cup replay at Hillsborough; But all that aside, I always wondered what happened to the lads who got kicked out of Hillsborough for daring to run down the tunnel for a kick about when we we were all queuing in the South Stand for Cup Final tickets?! Got to be the biggest cheer Hillsborough has ever known (in the early hours of the morning!) Did they get tickets? Are there any pictures of them and/or the masses asleep in the South Stand? Those coming back from Portsmouth should have been put to the front of the queue. it was such a unique situation that there must be so many stories from that evening and for me as a 16YO it was the start of the party. UTO.
  4. Sounds like it's Blue Moon. I'll salute that, but as for getting behind Monk - Only with a Shakespearean dagger.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday Clubcall 0898 12 11 86. 'Click' 'Hello and Welcome to Sheffield Wednesday Clubcall. Coming up we have exciting transfer news, but first we will recap the Pontins League reserve came from yesterday evening. Stay on the line for the exciting transfer news.' 5-10 minutes later. 'Right, now for the exciting transfer news. Gary Owen has signed on a free transfer.' 'Daaaaaad, who's Gary Owen?!'
  6. Mistakes like the side you picked, Garry? Compounded with the negative tactics you instruct, Garry? Any 'fragility' would be repaired and strengthened upon by any decent manager in any profession.
  7. If only there was a modern day phrase for something that splits popular opinion and involves a by-product of the brewing industry. No, I'm struggling.
  8. He'll be odds on to score the equaliser in the cup final!
  9. I can only remember him being the pre match 'DJ' and reading in the match day programme that he had some sort of Friday night set somewhere. Can anybody provide any stories/memories please?
  10. If true, then confirms my suspicions. What I don't understand is that if players are going to released, why are they not putting themselves in the best light to be signed by potential other clubs?
  11. No, I didn't, but out of choice massive shame because I did want to 'tick it off'. Anyway, back to the subject at hand - I see all the replies and still wonder about application from the players. Newcastle/Arsenal aside we did not have the so called quality of player in the other games. Today is different (?) - A squad on paper that should not be getting spanked like today's result.
  12. There will be those who will quote the Exeter 2010 or Stevenage 2011 games, but does that general 'meh'-ness from the players today qualify as the worst ever away performance? There's general shiteness, but today was so much more about apathy than pedigree - wasn't it?
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