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  1. And Anna Soubry - She has had a reyt good week.
  2. Not seen much said about the fans yesterday. Never stopped singing all game. OK, the goals always help, but it was a racket all afternoon. '.....Merry Christmas, Gary Monk!'
  3. Wednesday should play on a Wednesday - simple as that.
  4. Is that what it was. I thought the drains had stacked up or something. Quite funny now I know!
  5. 1 x left foot 1 x right foot 1 x header Anyone reckon Rhodes is not good enough?
  6. Would hope the correct decision. If throwing yourself into the back of a defender not even facing you is a penalty then the ref needs a refresh on the laws of the game.
  7. I've looked at it once at the game, I've looked at it twice on a screen replay and then again online, but even taking off my Blue & White glasses cannot see a penalty for Derby.
  8. "Dislike losing any game, but that one today, is grating with me large. How we never won that, I’ll never know." Great English, son! Pleased that my taxes have not been wasted on your education. I'm highly surprised that we didn't get called 'Northern Monkeys' or 'North' or some other clichéd reference. Makes the win all the sweeter.
  9. Yet when the EFL decided to dish out the charge, we were expected to accept it and return to 'normal'? No, sod 'em - The EFL have had this coming to them one way or another for years. It just happens to be our club who are making the stand and not rolling over. Tie them up in legal bills DC and see who caves in first. Don't forget the EFL don't have an open cheque book............. Edit - One other thing that will have brought DC's war cry is that he has been personally charged. As a Thai, to have his honour questioned will have been like a red rag to a bull.
  10. Thought he was bad for both sides. It was all about him. Decisions like unnecessary bounce up for the keeper when it had already gone for a goal kick.
  11. Follow, follow, follow Sheffield Wednesday's the team to follow There's nobody better, than Steven Fletcher In the keeper's face he bellows. I may have misheard the last line
  12. Yep, who's 'shushed' now numpty?! PS It was a flukey OG.
  13. 'First he wished it be realised the Supporters' Club was not intended to be a grumblers' society.....'
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