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  1. Good to see you back Nigel. You and I know a thing or two and people management is crucial in any sector to enable success. Monk has to sort engagement and sort it fast. No ifs, no buts, ALL parties need to step up and look at the bigger picture. All that matters is SWFC.
  2. Three of us up for this. Keep us posted please Olly
  3. Literally a token gesture. Might as well hand out a free kick to the shins with it as well!
  4. It was Sunderland. Precedent, at the time, was for the relegated club to retain their place. As it turned out, it was the best thing that could have happened to us, so hindsight is a wonderful thing. Ipswich away on the first day will live long in the memory. There were plenty more too.
  5. We got promoted, won a cup and the rest, as they say, is history. Swindon made back to back promotions and eventually got in to the PL. Cracking shirt though!!
  6. Those Wimbledon green spots are not going to clean themselves, are they. Get well soon, Great Uncle.
  7. One of the guys I go with is on 910 points. You have to remember that that will include Wigan and Barnsley, which haven't been played yet.
  8. They're a disgrace. To have said that in front of your 2YO daughter. Words escape me.
  9. Midweek - Let's have a home tie. Coventry/Birmingham or Portsmouth/Barnsley or Reading/Cardiff.
  10. Meant to say 'on what what will be a midweek game'.
  11. 2 awful away days 2 x sell outs Whatever the 5th Round brings or what will be a midweek game - I love you Wednesday.
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