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  1. He very much went into the crowd. I don't know what videos are doing the rounds, but, after the bit were he was stood alone (and the fan came running to him), he came right up to the fans to the right of the goal (as you look from the pitch). Stupid decision really, but he was caught up in the moment having been kicked up hill and down dale all afternoon. I'm not sure whether anybody has any footage of the bit above, but to the letter of the law it was a second yellow.
  2. zico.b


    That's a long time.
  3. zico.b


    He didn't leave the pitch for the first bit, but he did after. As you're looking at the away end, he comes round to the right of the goal and off the pitch to celebrate. Stupid on his part really, but it was probably worth it.
  4. zico.b

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    Has anyone checked on their ultras - Maroon 5 wasn't it? Proper scary hard boys.
  5. It was a terrific kit - even the Salvador Dali designed Chupa Chups.
  6. zico.b

    Got to try and keep Hector

    I want him to stay, so we can see that hair style develop. Cool dude.
  7. zico.b

    A siren for our saviour.

    It works to the tune of 'Happy Birthday to you...' (if you sing the first verse and the last two words quickly!).
  8. zico.b

    On The Way Back - Fans

    I swear I saw him in the Munich section of that Freddie Mercury film.
  9. zico.b

    On The Way Back - Fans

    Or as it's known in South Yorkshire - An overpriced Greggs. Black Pudding is still trendy, but has to be purchased from Spain or Portugal.
  10. Was it all about cous cous and salad?!
  11. zico.b

    On The Way Back - Fans

    Can't be, it looks like he's got a decent strategy.
  12. zico.b

    On The Way Back - Fans

    They've been no good with boats since The Royal Navy were properly financed.
  13. zico.b

    On The Way Back - Fans

    They've been a set of w4nkers for longer than I can remember.
  14. zico.b

    On The Way Back - Fans

    Safe journey back to the Emerald Isle. UTO
  15. zico.b

    On The Way Back - Fans

    The lie in was well planned yesterday@acquiescefc