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  1. Jon Paul McGovern

    He was when he was injured.
  2. Say hello to Owlvis Presley

    Sam Hutchinson isn't it?!
  3. Can't be correct. We need to score first to be winning
  4. Why was he wearing Pressman's kit? Didn't he have his own?!
  5. Here we go again. FFS.
  6. Sheff Utd. Forest.
  7. Barnsley. Edit - beat me to it @Hillsborough Mole!
  8. Question 2 How many corners in a row did Darren Potter fail to deliver?
  9. SCC hates everything unless it's a minority. Then it's all bunting out and 'look how caring we are.' Bleeding hearts do not pay wages/create wealth. Sheffield as a City is stagnant in comparison with other Nothern areas (e.g. Manchester). Never been an entrepreneurial spark from any of them unless it's big money pit projects - World Student Games, anyone?!
  10. In two more games time, we can't make the top 6
  11. Who goes for a burger before going to a VIP cinema showing? I understand that it's free pizza, hotdogs, drinks and ting at VIP. Coast 2 Coast as well. I'd genuinely rather go to Boots and get a sandwich. C2C is the definition of stealing money. Half hearted burgers and tasteless ribs at Michelin star prices. No offence @OWLSTALK. Hope your night was coolio
  12. There was a Steering Group meeting That happened on Friday evening No news was leaked OwlsTalk servers creaked Whilst Dom Howson was given a beating
  13. Why are we waiting..........
  14. Now that's sorted, we can start a new campaign. Gi update FFS.