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  1. I see that he flies He waves fullbacks goodbyes Defenders can't (they try) They can't? (they try)
  2. That's rubbish rhyming! I'll try it for you:- If he does really well We'll get more if we sell If we decide that he'll stay It'll feel like no outlay
  3. I always rated Cabaye, but they're all either too old or will have priced themselves out (wages wise). Weren't we linked with Catermole pre-season? Anyway - no thanks to any.
  4. Cheers for clarifying. Must be my cloth ears!
  5. 6 wins from 10 would be fantastic, whoever was in charge. I suspect that Bullen's got the next 3 games to prove himself. That said, DC has form for out of the blue/left field announcements. So, in summary, anything could happen!
  6. 2 points per game average normally sees you promoted. See where we are this time next Saturday.
  7. Just got back and I'm just slightly miffed. Is that enough to join your club or will I only by an affiliate? I preferred Shutt's celebration at Villa Park in the 86 semi. Sheridan's against the pigs in the Simod Cup was quite good too.
  8. I'd say Westwood. He'll be firm, but loving.
  9. They got really loud in the last 15-20 mins. Siege mentality sums it up nicely. They do a very long 'wooooooooooah' then launch into the only song they have......no one likes us. They did express an opinion that our City is red. I was expecting a retort that South London's a hole of excrement, but nothing from us, just an ironic cheer.
  10. Who's this man mountain? Everton? Before my time. He looks more like a prop forward than a centre forward.
  11. No, there was nothing you would class as a sitter, possibly the shot (forget who had it) that the keeper parried for Harris to blaze over from a tight angle. Otherwise nothing.
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