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  1. Apologies if I have missed it by another poster, but nobody has considered that we may be at home on both 3rd and 10th of August. The Pigs have two successive home games on 17th and 24th of August. It's not beyond the realms of probability.
  2. I don't, but going to throw the following educated guesses in: - 1. Barry Bannan 2. Steven Fletcher 3. JJ 4. Glenn Whelan 5. Chris Brunt
  3. Nah - Can't be. This one loaded and wasn't overrun with pop ups and click bait.
  4. Everything they are is on a 'hand me down' level. Borrowed some of our kit in their first season, took our old ground (and decimated it) and took our old nickname. Now, they are undertaking a idea which has already been done. Originality is not really their thing. I shall observe the wasted money as it flies over and consider the irony of who is the classier set of supporters and which club has won the most silverware. Form is temporary, class is permanent.
  5. I think we should pass on this one, at the last club they kept getting booked for dissent. I'm here all week
  6. And his name is crap too. Mr and Mrs Fisher must have thrown a Scrabble set in the air.
  7. Didn't go yesterday - what was the crowd reaction to him coming on? Did he have a golden touch? Owt else?
  8. Kids being kids. Knock and run, hedge hopping, egging windows, letting down tyres and crushing stink bombs - all pointless, but we did 'em and bragged about it 2019 and there are different 'dares'.
  9. T'was a question in the 3rd party, M'Lud, but you never know. Ben Pearson is indeed a twunt. I love you too xx
  10. Kieran Lee - Has SB seen enough to offer you a new contract? There will be all sorts of armchair pundits to judge you on whatever possible part you may play before the season is complete. I know this, if you're genuinely fit (and I respect the medics to.make this call), SB will offer a contract. Either way, you have my glowing admiration for gracing our club. UTO.
  11. KO was (then) a ridiculously early lunchtime fixture because of The Grand National.
  12. It's going to a turf job to trim down the candidates.
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