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  1. He was born 30 years too early. Would have been a world beater in today's game. Shame there's no footage of that Norwich goal - not that I've ever seen it myself. Stuff of legend.
  2. Think the point of the bump was to demonstrate what happened when Carlos was less, well, Carlosy.
  3. Not too strong to use the term Legend. Set a record of 214 consecutive appearances. Reckon that will likely never be broken.
  4. #RIP Bill

    Sorry for your loss, Dunsby. RIP Bill and have a good natter on the other side with the rest of the gone, but not forgotten Wednesdayites.
  5. Genuine question - do you still defend him and if so, what is your reasoning please?
  6. If Wolves perform, It'll turn proper ugly on Friday night, I'm sorry to say. The shot on target ironic cheer against Hull will be nothing in comparison to the inevitable 'Carlos Out' chants. I don't like to see negativity from the fans during the game, but the anger is slowly simmering amongst most.
  7. The Fans are to blame.

    I can only imagine the carnage on 23 December. It's going to get ugly soon, very ugly.
  8. Pride

    Firstly, pride in the travelling supporters on a bitterly cold day for a dogsh1t journey for a game on TV. But, I beg and plead to CC and DC to show some pride for the club and what's left of their reputations. Do the decent thing please - talk to each other and make this a final handshake.
  9. His site, his rules! Anyway, not going. Will watch from my house, but Wednesday Pale Ale is delicious, so recommend to those who haven't yet sampled.
  10. Cheers, but that makes my comment look daft now!
  11. As an experienced journalist, he should have been quicker on the uptake. The press is often referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy, but where Wednesday is concerned they appear to have been on a long holiday. Better late than never Dom.
  12. Sheffield Tap or The Wednesday Tap? Wouldn't recommend the former, they have no telly!
  13. OwlsTalk at its very best. Donated. UTO.
  14. Highlight of an otherwise forgettable first half. Thank you Balloon Man xx