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  1. This little boy has to go on the list. Gives it the big 'un about an equaliser in a nothing match, but goes on to get relegated in the same season with two different clubs - that's impressive bellendery.
  2. Don't we say this every season?
  3. I've just had visions of a jam jar with notes stuffed in it. On the front is a peeling sticker with 'Naughty Fund. DO NOT TOUCH!' Joking aside, I've always wondered what happens to the fines - does it get distributed to charities?
  4. Bannan is usually the difference, in my opinion. I'm not normally one for stats, but those quoted are night and day. As for who should be appointed captain? It really shouldn't matter. There should be enough understanding between the players that the captain's role is purely one to win the coin throw. UTO.
  5. zico.b

    Happy #MindTheGap Day

    It was a good, but the perfect day was the week before. You couldn't have scripted how that turned out.
  6. zico.b

    keeping these two

    I like it when Fred goes forward with the ball. Very assured. Reminds of a Portuguese Alan Hansen (look him up kids).
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03rpp6f This is worth a listen too.
  8. Told the story before, but right topic for a repeat. The club used to hold 'Sportaculars' during half term. Week long events around the club's sports hall and in Hillsborough Park with a tour of the ground with a player as a finale. Half term holidays of the autumn 1985 and our group got LC as our guide. Proud as punch when he agreed to not only signed my seat on the North Stand, but promised that when he next scored at the Kop end, he would celebrate in front of the North Stand instead of The Kop. Next goal.......? The late winner against Man Utd when we broke their 10 game unbeaten start to the season. He kept his promise and I cheered the loudest that day.
  9. zico.b

    Hull City

    Personally, I couldn't manage 12 days, but there's them out there that are bloody minded. Fair play to @Ever the pessimist. Reckon it's got to be a charity thing?
  10. zico.b

    Hull City

    Steady on fellas, I'll fackin' mix it with anyone. Just trying to look out for one of our own who's not been on the ale for 12 months.
  11. zico.b

    Hull City

    Take it steady. No need to go straight for 6th gear. Plenty of good real ales at lower ABV. Have halfs and take it from there. Nothing wrong with a glass of water as alternate drinks. Added bonus of cleansing your pallet too.
  12. zico.b

    #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    Any photos @OWLSTALK please?
  13. He did get that hat trick against QPR. Hat tricks for Wednesday players are rarer than rocking horse sheeeeeet!
  14. Wildsmith for me. That save on Saturday. That save in the derby game. Just to name two (mainly because I haven't had any caffeine yet!).