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  1. zico.b

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    Indeed. I do like it when the players give a bit back though. Cannot be doing with spineless f 00kers. BTW, Rovverum players showed how to mix it today. Plenty on sh1thousery going on. Our players need to get out of their comfortable little boxes. I genuinely miss the like of Maguire and Wallace for their wind up nouse.
  2. zico.b

    Nathan Jones

    It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it and that's what gets results.
  3. zico.b


    3. Err, the rest of us season ticket holders, who recognise dog poo
  4. zico.b


    He certainly wasn't on the the right side of the road that day.
  5. zico.b


    That was my 'killer'. Sat on the tube from Ealing Broadway, just knowing, but hoping........
  6. zico.b


    That is only the opening few weeks. It's depressing to think of the remainder. Love Wednesday - the rest is memories.
  7. Who is going to admit that they didn't see this coming? Come on, who was aware of the Lincoln pre season performance and shut their eyes? Who witnessed the Villarreal run out and dismissed the glaring defensive frailties? When you were returning from Wigan, who shrugged and thought 'first game of the season'? Monsterous gaps against Sunderland were ok because it was just a cup tie and we got through. The cosmic craters in defence against Brentford were on because they're tricky at their own ground. QPR was one of those things. I speak to you Jos Luhukay. Your ignorance and excuses are not cutting any ice. Go now please for the sake of my club.
  8. 2 months ago, but slated, just for asking.
  9. zico.b

    These Get Better . . .

    Or an ex managers special would be good. Tricky Trev (in a tracksuit) revisiting the spot at Sheffield Arena where Cantona showed his sublime skills, but he couldn't work out whether they would be any good on turf. Gary Megson in Greno Woods (obviously). David Pleat in an immaculately valated car, driving at slow speed, but I'm struggling to think of an appropriate area of the City. Anyone....??
  10. It won't stop Wilder dreaming his powerful dreams though. When it all finally unravels for him, you know where the blame will lie..........
  11. Average height of our three big units = a shade over 6' 1" Average height of our five big units = a shade under 6' 1" Average height of Uniteds three CBs = a shade over 6' 2" Maybe he was thinking of our three behemoths in midfield, average height just over 5' 7"? ...A team with four youth players with an average of 15 championship appearances in their careers (most coming this season)... ...A team with three players discarded by other clubs... ...A team with two much maligned players who cost next to nothing... ...A team with a player who has made the grand total of zero games for his parent club in three years... ...A team with one player who signed for a middling amount of cash in todays market (the kind of money that buys a championship center back)... He'll not let facts get in the way of a good mardying.
  12. Oh, and you couldn't convert your weekly dodgy penalty!
  13. He needs to be careful that he doesn't give himself an ulcer! He might as well have 'Hate Wednesday 1st, Support United 2nd' tattooed across his wrinkled brow. How's that game plan you quoted, work out for you?