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  1. 'Look boys, I want to keep you, but you're acutely aware of the club's financial situation. I can offer £x and a mahoosive promotion bonus. You've done alright out of this club, so have you got the balls to accept and deliver yourself a big fat payday?'
  2. Spanky McSpank Face or Spunky McSpunk Face?
  3. I'd have been well Farked off, if we had lost a game to a goal like Fletcher's He has got a bit of the nobbhead about him though. You can generally sense these things.
  4. *Adopts best Arsene Wenger voice* 'i did not see that'.
  5. From a squad that I (quite incorrectly) expected to see with their 'flip flops' on against Norwich. They arguably demonstratd some of the better football that we have witnessed all season. Who stays and who goes will be fascinating to witness, however, it is clear to me that Steve Bruce and the 'other Steves' have it more than within them to coach the squad to a style of play that will deliver results.
  6. The quickest route from that Council House to the M1 is not the wrong the way down the M621 to the M62! FFS
  7. Leeds for automatic promotion. So much Pashun and no £40k per weekers in their squad. How could we ever have compared?
  8. If it's doing your head in that much @BD2OWL why don't you email or tweet the club, I'm sure they'll pass it on to the person who does the songs.
  9. Sorry, only popped back up in enough time for The Longpigs.
  10. Nice try @Rev Owl, but everyone knows that 8 is Pelupessy (not Syllables) and 17 is Nuhiu (not Haiku). I ain't stoopid, I had propa skoolin and dat.
  11. Fox to João João to Boyd Bang! Great goal.
  12. Pelupessy is just too lightweight. I'm sorry, but, I watched him intently tonight and to say he was brought in (allegedly) as a defensive midfielder,.he is caught out of position far too often for my liking. As has been said earlier, I really yearn for him to do well, as with any of our players, but, he's not the man for me.
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