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  1. Schulz was number 5 and Centre Back Beckenbauer number 4 Midfield Same in 1970 Became number 5 by 74 WC
  2. Well of course the main gaffer will be in touch from wherever he is....my point is who is on the end of the "line" in Sheffield? billyblack has pinpointed Jon Redgate. He must be very busy and a bit lonely??
  3. It's genuine curiosity (and mystification). For instance I've just read about the problems in the North Stand due to some safety issues which will affect the gate and fans will have problems on Saturday. Can't see Mr. C. dealing with this personally or the Br**e recruitment fellas. Maybe I'm just too old to understand and can remember the club having a General manager, a Club Secretary, a Press Officer etc. and you knew who they were. The catering/bar problems on the Grandstand concourse will no doubt be ongoing but there is no communication to the fans about anything most of the time. It's great that we seem to be doing a bit of positive business with players in and (finally) out for a fee but a lot of frustration felt by those paying for season tickets and on the day ought to be addressed too in a well run club.
  4. Bullen is acting manager of the team with a reduced coaching staff. When the owner is out of the country (still?) who is actually running the business.....negotiating transfers/interviewing candidates for the "Head Coach" job etc??? That Paxo guy was still around having a fag with DC behind the South stand at the end of last season but (at best/worst??) he's only some sort of "consultant" isn't he?? The Belgian lady left months ago? Does anybody know the names and responsibilities of anyone else in a senior management/leadership position..??
  5. Glen Loovens was in Waitrose at 10am so he's not training either. Perhaps Jos is trying "Retail Therapy" for the lads.....
  6. Fantastic work from a true fan. Thank you for your efforts.
  7. Why post this about a player who is central to our manager's style/system and whose absence after a great run of performances could well be said to have cost us promotion? Staggering really.
  8. Just go back to sleep. Gibberish. Worthy of Donald Trump
  9. Congrats to OP. Why post such clearly unsubstantiated guff??
  10. Inishark always has footy on its just off Campo Santa Maria Formosa on the Calle Del Mondo Novo https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g187870-d3431204-Reviews-Inishark_pub-Venice_Veneto.html
  11. Carlos said Jones would not be well enough for this week
  12. Did his job. Was giving the clenched fist to the South as he left the pitch. Proper team player.
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