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  1. Done extremely well and he deserves all the praise possible - however I can't help but think some players are now working hard to impress new buyers or gain contract extensions
  2. Chelsea have one, they are a premier league club and their pitch is poor. Sure they will have a massive budget as well. Without the ins and outs from the club can’t compare to anywhere else.
  3. The team selection gives us fresh legs from the bench
  4. The team selection gives us fresh legs from the bench
  5. Not many PL clubs squads are like ours not many PL clubs have training grounds like ours. PL may have massive budgets for general stadium and pitch maintenance compared to ours. we have them light grass growing machines - but how many do we have? How many do PL clubs have. How much do PL clubs use their stadiums during the winter months to train when a TG might be frozen or waterlogged. where does it stop with comparisons with PL teams only people that can answer these questions are the club staff. People are just making assumptions without any substance
  6. Usual hot potato these days seems to be the pitch and the medical side of the club, the pitch might look a little worn but seems to play alright. As mentioned other clubs have bigger resources and don't have a massive south stand also. think we have 4 or 5 lighting rigs as seen them in the car park - some clubs seem to have a full half of these rigs - obviously can only use whats available. We've had a hell of a lot of games at home for a February in very poor conditions - whether that be snow or rain. Heard that they have trained on the stadium when TG isn't fit - still gets same weather at the stadium so no matter how much the club invested in the new construction 3 years ago - weather and usage will always take its toll. I'm sure the summer will come and help improve and will all be forgotten until next winter when this thread is repeated again and again. As long as it doesn't affect the play too much - which from where I sit it doesn't, then that investment has been worthwhile. The Desso construction is only the stuff that makes it harder wearing - it still has grass and if that cant grow then what chance have people got until the weather gets better. im sure the staff who look after it are doing their best, same as the medical staff are doing there utmost to get players fit.
  7. Wow, can't believe someone used RS as the evidence to have a go at the club - must be a slow news week and is the way to have a dig at the club again!!! i was there in South and looked ok to me, weather over the past week or so has been wet and horrible, don't think its stopped raining sleeting or snowing since the new years day game when it rained for 75% of the match and never stopped until Wednesday night. the pitch seemed to cope well with the weather, however, i don't expect it to be great after the game and this week has been poor weather wise. Saw photos of training on it last week also, which wont help surely in the dark wet winter months - no matter how much we spent on it, surely over use will eventually hinder it
  8. Cup game, so split gate with Carlise and FA. FA and Carlise both have to agree to any pricing structure that the club may be willing to look at. So one would assume that Carlise would want as higher attendance as possible with the highest possible ticket price also. 10k at £10 a ticket isn't as good as 8k with £22 per ticket (which is what it is more than likely to be )
  9. Im sure there are enough U23 and Academy staff to help out Bullen, lets see how he does over the xmas period and get things moving again. We dont know what input hes had over the period carlos has been at the club. Let be positive about moving forward - if he steadies the ship and hands over to a new man great, if he carries on and we progress then win win
  10. i heard about half hour ago that we have signed someone and will be on SWFC website soon
  11. im shocked by this one to be honest - thought he was gonna have an impact this season
  12. i dont want to be a party pooper - however i dont think that will be correct these days - you are free to watch the young lads train as parents do this. but the tg will be closed shop for fans watching the first team training, as you could be an away team scout casually watching our set pieces and what we do on the training pitch. Plus i believe there is currently development work being done so this would also pose a h&s risk for fans just aimlessly walking around a building site. Apologies if i am wrong and not a party pooper after all - i just dont want people going there expecting to watch training and get turned away - thus creating threads saying how heavy handed security was and how certain players ignored them etc and how reach couldn't even cross the car park correctly
  13. Some clubs I have been to do the hawking vendors around selling stuff like crisps pop and sweets during the games to save ppl queuing for ages. Outdated kiosks that are small and cramped doesn't seem to allow for fast service. The staff which is raised every game do seem poor, other than an odd one in each kiosk who are quick and on the ball.
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