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  1. Yep shame really , villa had a good few years out of him so far and still at 29 has a good few years left
  2. I know , search his name on Twitter mate and look for the podcast and have a listen
  3. Just listened to an interview of his On a podcast. Said during his time at Barnsley we got in touch to ask him to run his contract down at Barnsley, so we could have him On a free at the end of the season . So he joined Villa instead . Typical Wednesday, missed out on a top level player there and for probably a nominal fee !
  4. Sheffield Wednesday looking at a pay deferral deal. Big number. Swansea City looking around deferrals for some but not for others. Forest looking at furloughs for non playing staff.
  5. A very mediocre full back who as many have said is better defensively as opposed to offensively . But even saying that his defending is no more than OK , always done a job but never been spectacular. If we are serious about competing for promotion we need him as back up only. A 6/7 out of 10 player who’s never really let us down in terms of effort and desire but lacks that quality of a modern day right back, top lad and top pro mind . Below are his stats in the last 3 seasons compared to Morgan fox. 17/18, 18/19, 19/20 (goals and assists) Palmer goals : 0 Palmer assists : 3 Fox goals 2️⃣ Fox assists : 5 daniel Pudil managed 11 goals / assists contributions for 15/16 16/17 and 17/18 (3 seasons )
  6. If he keeps on doing as he’s doing I’d love to have him here in years to come as a gaffer , doing a cracking job at Plymouth (3rd in L2) absolutely class player for us , football brain on him and clinical when given the opportunity.
  7. Can’t disagree with what your saying but I’d rather be optimistic in my opinion
  8. Question I have is why is Cheltenham etc still allowed to keep going ? Yet football is off ?
  9. im not saying kids. I mean a team with a younger average age with more energy , better attitude, desire for the cause and want to win attitude. Some of these players can be picked up for low prices .
  10. you asked about next season playing more successful , but in terms of the pricing yes it’s a lot but If we have a team in the top 6 fighting etc then it’s a lot more justifiable than the current situation
  11. Let’s be honest which ever way you look at this and whatever solution is drawn , it’s going to cause havoc and frustrations etc
  12. Clear out , fresh younger blood who want to play for the club and want the shirt . We would start from a fresh with new optimism and a complete clean slate.
  13. Just playing devils advocate here but if anything it’s the opposite of tinpot , as it’s not going to be full of fair weather fans , I’m sure come Wednesday night at 7;45 there will be about 19-20k including away fans
  14. Best team I would go should everyone be fit Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Harris Bannan Luongo Reach Fletcher Fernando that is the best 11 CURRENTLY in terms of performing well or have potential to perform well. Players in best positions (Reach left mid ,) appreciate long term this isn’t ideal
  15. Just an FYI looks like majority of the team went out for a meal last night together (hopefully improves teamwork )! noticed Fletch,Iorfa,Bates,Harris,Mo,Da Cruz, Wildsmith, Hunt, Uroghide,
  16. The thing that boils my p!ss is they don’t look bothered , no urgency, or interest nobody seems to give a crap about the situation , we are an embarrassment and there’s a handful of players who I would keep with the rest can all bugger off
  17. Lee the only player to do owt , FF was ok but didn’t pull any trees up an absolute embrassment and I’m disgusted
  18. We are free to watch on sky bet if anyone wants
  19. reach for me is only any good wide left , so either there or on the bench. I get your thought process on da Cruz but hopefully with Palmer at RB he should be able to stay forward and concentrate on attacking side of things and Palmer can stay back as he isn’t great attacking wise anyway
  20. Have you noticed if any of our players are 50/50 or ‘touch and go’ they never make it to play, let’s hope fox and luongo are back as they will make a massive difference for us
  21. Find it remarkable we still have fans defending Joey p , I really don’t understand what you see and want , it’s as if your happy to pay £35 week in week and see a poor player play . Im not disputing Joey p might be a nice guy and have a good attitude but he’s simply not good enough to play championship football for a side like us who are trying to aim for promotion. most of us could turn up week in week out and try and have a good attitude, lol
  22. I genuinely think he would be poor in league one , league 2 is his level
  23. So against Barnsley you weren’t happy with the 11? Based on the players we have available?
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