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  1. doubt Joey will start Similar team but but potentially starts for dele and Marriott
  2. Don’t think we’re ever going to score a flood with the players we have , but if we can aim for about 60 goals that’s a decent target
  3. Teams are always going to have spells, yes last 15/20 I would say we dropped off but this can happen , still had Marriotts chance to wrap it up but it is a slight worry whenever we have a lead we can’t see it out in a more comfortable manner , if we could get a second or third that would certainly help
  4. extremely harsh to say it was terrible so no idea what game you were watching played it simple and into the channels when necessary, + pass back to Dawson when needed and I can’t remember him giving it away , opinions eh I suppose in terms of your second part yes I agree with that in terms of quality , however would be very harsh to not play joost who I thought was excellent yesterday and match saving block , + adds that balance with him being left footed , it will be interesting if all 6 are ever fit at a time , think the order of 1-6 will be iorfa to the right
  5. It’s unlucky for me , reach denied by some save , post unlucky too, yes Paterson probably should have scored the header but
  6. Actually thought he looked good on the ball , albeit One game but played some decent passes and long balls, not asking for Maldini , just someone who plays the basics , sometimes in modern football it’s the norm for a ‘ball’ player at the back, his main job is to head it and kick it
  7. Unsure , be different when we get half a dozen back who are out
  8. paterson is a target man to be fair 6ft 1 wins headers and knock downs
  9. yes I agree , think Marriott has a lot of pace and is well known for scoring in big games ( Leeds away x2 , final goal) goals against. Chelsea in cup ) amongst a few for us Agree on flint
  10. Marriott or zohore, think I’d have said Marriott just although not much in it
  11. Fulham new Cb has apparently picked up an injury so could that impact a move ?
  12. If flint is confirmed is that it for our business ? Or will we get any one else in? Think personally that will be it, Marriott on the bench tomorrow but to come on for half hour ; unfortunately for rhodesy he’s now our 5th choice you would imagine , with windass , Marriott,Paterson and kachunga all in front of him
  13. Where does this leave lees and dunkley ? Can he play tomorrow if he signs?
  14. Worrying thing is Marriott does well until jan he can be recalled, however worth a risk if he bags in plenty of goals and gets Us points in the bag
  15. As per above flint can only realistically play central of the 3, which means we have him lees and dunkley , all 3 for one starting berth seems a bit much to me? C
  16. Reach at wing back probably over Penney I would say actually
  17. ai cos there’s loads of options to pick from in defence ...
  18. With the likelihood of any signings not being able to play + major doubts over iorfa , shaw , brown , lees , Palmer (Providing monk sticks with 3-5-2) Dawson Van Aken Borner Odubajo Harris Bannan Luongo Penney Windass Paterson Rhodes
  19. Solid CB but where does he fit in a back 3? Considering lees and dunkley are for the central areas
  20. I wouldn’t say anywhere near enough , 45/46 gives you a chance (not that I’m saying 45/46 is what we should aim for)
  21. personally I’d go with Paterson , played together at Cardiff , think with reach at wing back and brown in middle with windass also available it gives us a decent chance, I don’t think we will score a shed load but with dunkley due back, he’s a goal threat from set pieces . think realistically we will aim for 60 goals and hopefully have a solid defence , can’t see us scoring 2 + in many games
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