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  1. BarnsleyOwl96

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Can see it now, fires Norwich into the play offs and we miss out but I think it’s best if he does leave for his own sake and ours
  2. Get rid of abdi and fletcher , not bazza or Fernando
  3. BarnsleyOwl96

    According to reports in Portugal...

    Looks 2 footed with good pace , although YouTube can make anyone look decent
  4. BarnsleyOwl96

    According to reports in Portugal...

    At this moment in time there is a case to see forestieri is the most proven player in the league, can anyone name any better players in his position? He is massive to us
  5. BarnsleyOwl96


    We’ve got too many strikers , as much as I wanted/want rhodes to work out , we have Hooper,Joao,Nuihu, FF all infront of him at this moment in time. You also have Fletcher and winnall(probably sell him to be honest ). IF rhodes, Winnall and Fletcher were to all leave with potentially 1/2 of those on loan with a recall option I wouldn’t be too suprised
  6. As most seem to have said , the likes of Bolton, Wigan, Blackburn at home would be a nice start and winnable!
  7. We need About 3-4 players and to ship out a good few too
  8. BarnsleyOwl96

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    Scored twice for us against reading and Mansfield , right winger fairly quick but not rapid.
  9. El mohamody a good shout hourihane jedinak Adomah
  10. Summer wish list Sam Byram - loan Fred - 800k Alireza Jahanbakhsh - hopeful! Powerful central midfielder
  11. BarnsleyOwl96

    Reach At Left Wingback

    13 assists now this season , joint 3rd best in the league
  12. BarnsleyOwl96

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    14 goals in all comps
  13. How will you spend Saturday afternoons for the next 3 months ?
  14. BarnsleyOwl96

    Glenn Loovens "My Time Has Come"

    Loovens has been a very solid cb over the years for us and led us to 2 play off semi finals , he deserves respect and nothing else. His time has come to leave but let’s all look back on his good times at the club