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  1. not heard anything since , probably just wanna them initial rumours that never then goes anywhere
  2. Need some real pace , energy in our signings , a mix of that with likes of dunkley , Palmer etc should give us a good blend
  3. Way too hard to say , we don’t have a clue who will or won’t be here , we need about 6 signings if not more of a few leave. I would realistically say an outside play off push is our aim. As people above have said , Iorfa , Luongo. , Dunkley , Palmer , bannan , Windass , Paterson should all be good enough to do well in this league (if they stay and keep fit ) can andre green step up? Can dele bishuru? galvin ? Hagan ? Brennan ? Waldock? Etc
  4. seen that on Twitter , not seen where it’s come from like but that would be a decent start with a few tough ones , (Charlton , Rotherham ) would expect top 6
  5. chansiri has often done some bad business but I don’t necessarily think turning down 1mill is bad , reckon we could get 1.5/ 2+ for him personally
  6. Pre season starts Friday according to bazza , not looking like it will be with any new players like
  7. A lot of people leaving after relegation isn’t new but doesn’t sound positive on his personal side of things
  8. 27 goals and 18 goals in all comps in his only seasons in L1, if we get him for cheap or nothing for a year or 2 , i don’t see the issue
  9. As per dom howson on Twitter , set to leave us after turning down contract offer
  10. Piggott be a great signing for us , unfortunately think he will end up at a champ team
  11. Even if he was after this year I wouldn’t want him , rather look elsewhere, I’d just get flashbacks of this season if we signed him
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