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  1. 4-3-3 doesn’t seem to work with our squad we don’t have enough drive in the midfield to get up and down it seems but would be happy to be proved wrong ! 4-4-2 or a similar variation our best side with reach and Harris out wide ! Although that didn’t work against qpr to be fair
  2. 7/10 a good solid manager at this level 100% hes also coming into a side who are only a few Pts off play offs despite an indifferent start
  3. Cheers for the report , Shame the negative nellies will see past this good review and the brum ones
  4. No surprise mate it’s the usual suspects who can’t back up what they say with any evidence or Factual information ! But because Derik 46 from Pitsmoor says ‘monks garbage ‘ then obviously he’s right
  5. Exactly pal Obviously this doesn’t include his Birmingham record , but at brum they love him and it was off field antics that caused his sacking . Problem is with with our fans they seem to be saying they didn’t want monk and he’s poor (not all fans but a selection. ) yet haven’t done any research into his records . Personally I think people who make points and argue things without facts, figures and research don’t have a scooby do what they are talking about
  6. Monk stats Swansea - 36.4 - including 3 seasons in the premier league leeds 47.2 boro - 46.2 brum 32.2 when has he ever done a bad job? Sacked from swansea for being 15th? Was that bad ? In my Opinion that was good , Leeds he left for boro in which they sacked him for being 8th , then Birmingham did a cracking job but fell out with the owners . his only debatable success was boro in 8th but that’s far from shocking ! I would class that as average for boro.
  7. How can anyone be happy currently with how the club is
  8. I like to be positive but today just stinks of negativity ,
  9. Could be true mate, really want cowley I’ve said it for a while to work colleagues , think he could be our wilder even though it pains me to say it !
  10. I was only 23 the other week so I would be worried to look like that fella
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