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  1. For Anyone who watched BT through the app it’s definitely on there , ive just checked as I watch it through Xbox one
  2. 3 home losses in a row, hardly an over reaction mate , appreciate ‘monk out ‘ ‘chansiri ‘ out is too much but manner of defeats recently is worrying and we as fans who pay a lot of money have the right to grumble with the current situation
  3. agree with a lot of that , do understand everything goes through him so by the law of averages he’s going to get more assists than most due to the sheer amount of time he has the ball. I would say though if you go through our starting 11 as who you would say yep he’s good enough for a starting 11 bazza is one of them. I think if we get better players around him and upfront it will help him to play higher . Problem is for our midfielders they have no Out ball, they can’t clip it around the corner for a striker because we have no pacey forward to get in behind
  4. Agree mate , based on 11 yesterday I would summarise the team below : Dawson - fairly young (granted)but doesn’t always aspire with confidence with kicking and commanding of area fox - improved massively however I ask the question is he top level, you look at the best left backs in this league (bryan , Dallas , gibbs, Rico Henry ) all attack minded which fox lacks. The best fox will be is solid. iorfa- been immense generally , still someone’s has a mistake Or looks like he could make one ,but usually class , no issues borner - as above , generally immense and been a top signing , no issues palmer - similar to box in terms of best he will be is solid , top right backs in this league ( Ayling , Dalsgaard, furlong , matty cash) Palmer not in same league murphy- zero bottle , odd flash of goood work but not enough and certainly not a team player that’s got the attitude and mentality over a 46 game long haul bannan- does play too far back and everything seems to have to go through him but usually our main man in midfield , no issues luongo - settled In OK could do more and expect more to come but generally no issues lee- think his best days may have gone , contributed no goals this season and he’s been a great servant but think this could be his last year reach - doesn’t offer enough for me but if we keep him on the left wing and don’t try to over complicate it by thinking he can play central or wide right then think he could start to get a few more assists and goals (as per assist at Leeds and goal at Brighton ) playing on the left Winnall- not good enough for me , he’s has enough starts and chances to have more goals and contributions
  5. Every single team generally has the same free kick and corner taker so clearly his delivery is better than most in the league appreciate he plays too far back (especially at home ) but feel we have far bigger issues to talk about than bazza
  6. Bazza 1 luongo 2 hutch 1 lee 0 joey 0 very poor , reach only has 1 league goal also !
  7. Not one of our strikers has any pace or ability to take a player on and create any sort of goal scoring opportunity themselves! Needs a huge re think, personally I’d give fletcher a one year contract and probably get ride of big Dave and certainly get rid of Rhodes and winnall , if possible offload now before contract is up and we get nothing for them in the summer !
  8. Most assists of ANY championship player in 2019(calendar year ) yet he’s the problem apparently lol , forward line and full backs are the main areas for me! Fox has improved massively but is he a quality full back , answer is no , best he will ever be is solid and dependable , this applies to Palmer too, forward line I think we all know it’s embarrassingly bad and needs a massive re think
  9. Didn’t go Brighton but heard rave reviews, at Leeds he was solid , strong in the tackle and has ability to burst forward, don’t know about ability to cross a ball etc but I’m sure we will find out soon! His shirt to lose for the moment
  10. Wickhams only 26 himself not 36, he’s got a point to prove after injury issues and he knows the club after a few spells here before , would certainly be a good addition in my opinion
  11. Wickham is 26 yes that’s right 26 not 36! He’s a very good age!
  12. seems more lively than Rhodes , and big Dave has been shocking recently ! So it’s the best of a bad current bunch I’m afraid
  13. if one of the above I would go for hutch , appreciate Joey played well at Brighton but we all know his limitations, who would you bench from team I went for ? Lee?
  14. Id try reach on the left side again, back to basics and put Harris on the right, both playing on the side which favours their natural foot!
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