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  1. Birmingham winning means it’s now 6 pt gap , it’s getting to the point where I’d rather accept relegation and just have the clear out we need
  2. Shaw gets sent off for clearly playing the ball , dalsgaard through the back of dele with zero effort to play the ball , but like ive posted in another thread why are none of our players around the ref , just like other clubs do
  3. Another pet hate , when a opposition player fouls one of ours absolutely NOBODY is round the ref , that tackle on dele was a red card or certainly potentially, we have zero gamesmanship
  4. So poor , when you think of anything that’s exciting when watching football , we literally have nothing , and we are the complete opposite of anything that successfull / winning mentality Clubs have . Zero passion . Zero will to win , zero creativity / willingness to actually do something positive , absolutely shocking
  5. Toney , da silva and marcondes all on the bench but hopefully it’s 4-0 to us before they come on
  6. Guessing wildsmith palmer Lees uroghide Harris Reach bazza Hutch penney Rhodes kachunga
  7. Reading missed a pen - Joao , Wycombe down to 10 men
  8. Could do with reading getting Sumat , I know it’s 5pts but we don’t Wycombe going on a run
  9. Pukki misses pen to make it 2-0 , 5 mins later it’s 1-1
  10. Completely agree , doesn’t have a natural position and unfortunately doesn’t contribute enough in general , odd run but not in dangerous areas , unfortunately
  11. To be honest the squad in general just isn’t good enough , top and bottom we have a lack of quality , passion , and ability to do the things that matter On a football pitch ,
  12. Happy with same team like , just sometimes wonder if hutch likely to pick up more knocks in midfield but
  13. Reach lwb , hutch into cdm with Osaze cb ?
  14. Westwood Lees Dunkley Hutchinson Harris Bannan Shaw Reach Penney Paterson Rhodes Subs : Palmer, Joey, Wildsmith , Kachunga, Windass, Uroghide, Green
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