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  1. Very good player , 28 top so good age , journo very reliable , can play as a left / right forward , absolutely rapid
  2. We’re only 3 from cov at 4th bottom but I’d take being 4th bottom come jan at this rate as long as we’re close to the teams above us to keep us in that pack
  3. Should come out and apologise tonight , shocking decision to go in like that , needs to apologise to his team mates and the fans
  4. Certainly training so would imagine so ,
  5. Iorfa was seen on the footage so don’t know where the injury concern has appeared from? very surprised if Westwood is allowed to start , I’d expect Wildsmith Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Harris Luongo Bannan Reach Patterson 1 other
  6. Few saying is he still going to be good at 36, look at Ben foster at Watford who’s actually 37, plenty of keepers mid 30’s who play week in week out , kasper smichael (34), bartozs bialowkoswki (33) david Marshall (35)
  7. Wonder if there’s any out of contract without a club types that pulis will look to bring in, tbf we have quite a tall team anyway
  8. Stats are pretty impressive wherever he has been , obviously the brand of football is not always pretty on the eye but at the end of the day if it gets results it keeps people from moaning generally , think some people get too obsessed with playing styles and playing the ‘right ‘ way. On another note why do people always refer to it’s just about stopping up? Whilst I appreciate that was the case a fortnight ago , we’re now on 6 pts only 2 out of the zone and it’s only 11 games in, if we get on a run there’s no reason we can’t push on and who knows !
  9. Kachunga played well and deserves to start with windass I think
  10. Latest update on luongo? I’m sure last week it was said he could be ready for this weekend ? Yet no update seems to have come out! Least it’s international break so hopefully see him and dunkley back for Preston.
  11. He spoke about red bull before he made this comment( due to the links of them buying us a bit ago) , so the comment about us not being that big is likely to be compared to likes of red bull Leipzig so don’t understand why everyone is getting annoyed , makes sense to me
  12. Wildsmith Iorfa Lees Borner Odubajo/Palmer Pelupessy (doubt mass is fit ) Bannnan Brown Reach Kacha Windass
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