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  1. Keinan Davies has an awful goal scoring record like but obviously only young and has talent
  2. Playing well, early days and still a few questionable moments but looking good
  3. Little bits of fortune like JVA nearly og and a few dodgy ish moments from Dawson but you need luck , overall very impressive defensively first few games
  4. First half , impressive and should have gone in front , second not the same but dug in , think we need a target man up top or someone with height like zohore and maybe 1/2 others
  5. Dion Sanderson allowed to leave wolves , perfect signing opportunity for us At Full back or Cb, only 20 so real long term plan
  6. I noticed this , too only real players who played in the prem were foster and cleverley I think
  7. Personally same 11 , think of the confidence likes of Penney JVA and Rhodes could lose if they are benched ? Especially after a 2-0 away win , the only change for me could be Palmer to RWB And Harris bench
  8. If we can be on 0 after 6 games to be that’s a fantastic start , you would imagine after 6 there will be a few teams on very low points like 4 , 5
  9. Think on a free , low risk , back up 1 year deal it’s a yes
  10. If we don’t get Zohore we move On , sure there’s plenty of others out there in the premier. League of other leagues
  11. Dykes for me is slightly over rated and be surprised if he gets more than a dozen , record at Livingston was very average
  12. Let’s see, to be honest quite optimistic with Rhodes windass and kachunga , all played well yesterday, I mean of course we need more in but
  13. he’s about 22 , sure he can play Saturday and then the following Saturday
  14. Why would Penney lose his shirt against Watford ? Deserves to start at lwb at the minute
  15. If he can defend well against kieffer Moore he should be able to against any target man , only issue I have with Joost is his ability against quicker players which time will tell
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