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  1. Yep shame really , villa had a good few years out of him so far and still at 29 has a good few years left
  2. I know , search his name on Twitter mate and look for the podcast and have a listen
  3. Just listened to an interview of his On a podcast. Said during his time at Barnsley we got in touch to ask him to run his contract down at Barnsley, so we could have him On a free at the end of the season . So he joined Villa instead . Typical Wednesday, missed out on a top level player there and for probably a nominal fee !
  4. Sheffield Wednesday looking at a pay deferral deal. Big number. Swansea City looking around deferrals for some but not for others. Forest looking at furloughs for non playing staff.
  5. A very mediocre full back who as many have said is better defensively as opposed to offensively . But even saying that his defending is no more than OK , always done a job but never been spectacular. If we are serious about competing for promotion we need him as back up only. A 6/7 out of 10 player who’s never really let us down in terms of effort and desire but lacks that quality of a modern day right back, top lad and top pro mind . Below are his stats in the last 3 seasons compared to Morgan fox. 17/18, 18/19, 19/20 (goals and assists) Palmer goals : 0 Palmer assists : 3 Fox goals 2️⃣ Fox assists : 5 daniel Pudil managed 11 goals / assists contributions for 15/16 16/17 and 17/18 (3 seasons )
  6. If he keeps on doing as he’s doing I’d love to have him here in years to come as a gaffer , doing a cracking job at Plymouth (3rd in L2) absolutely class player for us , football brain on him and clinical when given the opportunity.
  7. Can’t disagree with what your saying but I’d rather be optimistic in my opinion
  8. Question I have is why is Cheltenham etc still allowed to keep going ? Yet football is off ?
  9. im not saying kids. I mean a team with a younger average age with more energy , better attitude, desire for the cause and want to win attitude. Some of these players can be picked up for low prices .
  10. you asked about next season playing more successful , but in terms of the pricing yes it’s a lot but If we have a team in the top 6 fighting etc then it’s a lot more justifiable than the current situation
  11. Let’s be honest which ever way you look at this and whatever solution is drawn , it’s going to cause havoc and frustrations etc
  12. Clear out , fresh younger blood who want to play for the club and want the shirt . We would start from a fresh with new optimism and a complete clean slate.
  13. Just playing devils advocate here but if anything it’s the opposite of tinpot , as it’s not going to be full of fair weather fans , I’m sure come Wednesday night at 7;45 there will be about 19-20k including away fans
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