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  1. Will get very nasty if we play them Cant wait for the anti Bruce songs now upcoming
  2. I really hope he fails so bad, beginning to think that fan at Lincoln was a legend
  3. Fat sloth , hope he gets sacked by Christmas and I hope we draw them in the cup , every single Wednesday fan should abuse the C*nt for 90 minutes
  4. Well once again if you wasn’t bothered you wouldn’t spend free time On a forum fella , anyway get some work done
  5. Surely waint be signing anyone until gaffer situation sorted unfortunately
  6. Haha what a daft thing to say . We will all just not bother then , if you weren’t bothered you wouldn’t spend ur evenings on a forum would you fella. Yes there are obviously more important things in life but Bruce is a clearly a too hat for what he’s done to us as a club
  7. How can anyone not hate him after what he’s done? Your the kind of ‘fans’ who will accept owt
  8. He deserves all the abuse he gets and I mean it from all levels from any type of comment , WHAT A SNAKE
  9. We won’t be signing anyone until Bruce is sorted, then it depends who knew gaffer comes in
  10. Got to be him it’s literally a like for like and we’re gaining 5/6 million !
  11. Not saying I believe this but I did see João and Bruce having a lengthy chat on Saturday at Lincoln just as half time Went. however do we know just from a pic of chansiri and Joao that’s he’s going to Newcastle and for 1.8m? It does seem strange they are out for lunch or whatever just as the 2 but who knows
  12. I was singing Steve Bruce barmy army mainly due to not knowing what he was say in his post match interview. Disappointed with Bruce you could see he was saying nothing in relation to him staying and as if he was reflecting on his time with us mentioning Wembley amongst other things . He basically wants to go but can’t obviously say that and just waiting for a deal to be made. I wonder how it will go down if we can’t agree compensation
  13. Josh Mc-Eck-ron in terms of how he played can see he wanted to get on the ball and knock it around , has much more passing ability than Joey P, on a free I don’t see why not as a back up. we only have Lee, Hutch , Bannan and joey and we know how injury prone some of these can be. Even if he just plays cup games and is a sub . See what he’s like over next 2 weeks
  14. That guy on twitter has 800 followers, for you lot who don’t use twitter and believe anything 800 is not credible AT ALL, thousands needed for it to be credible
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