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  1. Probably 23.5k home fans + yesterday with maybe 1k from Blackburn which isn’t bad considering. with villa,forest to come and then season finale at home to qpr I would expect 25 easily for all 3 and maybe towards 30 for villa game
  2. Very frustrating we didn’t turn a few draws into wins (wba home and away , Birmingham at home , and the above you mention )
  3. Boro look shocking and the way we are going we could over take them shortly . Which I think we will battle between us villa , PNE and Bristol for me as think others will drop off
  4. New song in response to the Man U one for ole at the wheel with stone roses Wednesday went down in they year 2000 not much has changed but Brucey had a dreammm but F*ck the blades cos were going up with chansiri Pulp - Disco 2000 Thoughts?
  5. Wednesday went down in the year 2000 not much had changed but Brucey has a dreaammmmm but F*ck the blades cos we’re going up with Chansiri pulp 2000 lets get behind it
  6. Oh yeah true but come on a bit of wind never hurt anyone unless your scared of your hair going messy
  7. Same as Bolton with winnall on for half hour or second half depending on game and situation
  8. Obviously usual excuse makers will have there book out , ‘we’re playing crap = X ’its on sky = X ’ it’s a dodgy time = X
  9. Same one Brighton sing for bissouma fits well and a catchy tune Tequila Chant
  10. Westwood Iorfa Hector Lees Palmer Reach Hutch Baz Aarons Nuihu Winnall think fletch will be out unfortunately
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