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  1. Exclusive: @BBCLookNorth understands several Sheffield Wednesday players have not been paid in full this month. This includes some players who are still under contract and involves salary and loyalty bonuses. The club has been contacted for a response. #SWFC #BBCfootball
  2. Also on another note during a time when we’ve question attitude of various players and there mentality / mindset etc you can never question Rhodes in that regard always seems to get on with things and seems a very good lad
  3. As our options up top are limited it doesn’t help but he does seem to have done OK post lockdown; few neat lay offs and touches and a few good runs that he’s just missed a shot or blocked for example. If he can get a goal who knows may kick start a run, working with wickham is ideal partner as someone who’s big and strong (previously had gestede and Novak I believe during his Blackburn and Huddersfield days ) he’s only 30 so surely got a good few years in him I mean look at sharp at sheff u , he must be 34 now!? So you never know if he can get on a run
  4. Looks like one of those who can beat man and on his day can produce a decent shot / cross but maybe inconsistent? Never the less got assist last week and today was decent for half hour so keep it up alessio!
  5. It’s 3 stoppages maximum so half time doesn’t count as game hasn’t started before the sub is made , which is when we brought fox on, then da Cruz for Rhodes (1) odubajo and Joey on (2) nuihu on (3)
  6. Hope he’s ok for midweek and it was just a precaution,
  7. As I’ve just posted in another thread , did well considering his last game for us potentially, after a poor start to his career with us he’s turned into a solid full back or cb (when called upon) and would like to wish him all the best , would imagine he could get another club at this level
  8. bang on to be honest , special mention for fox who professionally did a job in what’s probably one of his last games for us if not last
  9. Plenty of solid displays , wildsmith , lee , luongo etc ,
  10. Yep agree , I’d bench Harris to be honest and put reach wide left and Murphy wide right , give wickham and Rhodes another chance if fletcher ain’t fit
  11. I’d love to see him start however maybe keep giving him cameo roles until we’re all but confirmed safe and get to like 50+ points (hopefully next 3/4 games) then start him for remaining games
  12. Been a poor season for many reasons , let’s hope we don’t get any sort of deduction and get a slip on wrist like Brum. Let’s be honest we’re all but safe , 50pts generally golden rule and we’re almost there . Relegation zone generally moves up a point a game so I would genuinely think one more win and 2/3 draws would see us over the line. Although be disappointed to finish in that form, think to be honest we played reasonably well against a good forest side!
  13. How come some of you aren’t including fletch ? Am I missing something ?
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