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  1. BarnsleyOwl96

    Swansea - ticket details

    Any idea how many we have sold
  2. BarnsleyOwl96

    Adam Reach - One ray of sunshine

    Class this season overall , think he should end up with double figures for goals which is an excellent return! Just a shame half the team around him isn’t performing
  3. BarnsleyOwl96

    If we were relegated...

    Not a bad shout re Hector playing there and put Thorniley at CB or Pudil
  4. BarnsleyOwl96

    If we were relegated...

    Bannan has pretty much always played in that position for us , and just drives forward with the ball, joey can hold and free up baz to get forward a bit more
  5. BarnsleyOwl96

    If we were relegated...

    And that’s with the likes of Joao,Thorniley, Winnall/Fletch, Nuihu and others as options
  6. BarnsleyOwl96

    If we were relegated...

    We won’t get relegated, get a few players back in FF, Matias and obviously Winnall and then longer term hooper n Lee, A starting 11 of Dawson Palmer Lees Hector Penney Joey Bazza Reach FF Matias Fletch/Winnall doesnt get relegated
  7. Probably get to 3k + not a bad effort considering how poor we are but a shame not to take more as allocation is up to 7k really
  8. BarnsleyOwl96

    Reach song

    Class song
  9. BarnsleyOwl96

    Reach song

    He’ll score from 20 yards and 30 yards, everywhere we go, 40 yards and 50 yards reach score a goal, Reach will score a goal love it tune of Rotterdam
  10. BarnsleyOwl96

    Bannan last niight

    Poor yesterday but usually the man for us so I’ll let him off
  11. BarnsleyOwl96


    Man mountain
  12. BarnsleyOwl96

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    He’s embarrassing dirty pig !
  13. BarnsleyOwl96

    FAO all our fans going tonight

    Correct got to be done done wasnt long ago I had a picture with the owner of Leicester a really nice guy, utmost respect