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  1. Brentford fans gutted about odubajo can play both full back positions I believe and made over 30 apps last season , it’s a yes from me!
  2. Hope this doesn’t mean the end for hector CB wise if this lad signs we have Lees New Guy Thorniley Van aken space for one more I would imagine ! Don’t see Joost being here to be fair
  3. 2 mile walk from train station to ground , although after a few shandy’s you can walk for miles! Lol
  4. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Palmer Bannan Hutch Foresteiri Reach Aarons Winnall bench: Dawson, Matias, Pelupessy, Hooper,Joao, Big Dave, Thorniley.
  5. Got to win if we want play offs tipping a 1-0 win with fletcher
  6. so stoke away is tougher than Leeds or Norwich ? Lol
  7. Probably 23.5k home fans + yesterday with maybe 1k from Blackburn which isn’t bad considering. with villa,forest to come and then season finale at home to qpr I would expect 25 easily for all 3 and maybe towards 30 for villa game
  8. Birra moretti still in System maybe That’s my excuse
  9. Very frustrating we didn’t turn a few draws into wins (wba home and away , Birmingham at home , and the above you mention )
  10. Boro look shocking and the way we are going we could over take them shortly . Which I think we will battle between us villa , PNE and Bristol for me as think others will drop off
  11. New song in response to the Man U one for ole at the wheel with stone roses Wednesday went down in they year 2000 not much has changed but Brucey had a dreammm but F*ck the blades cos were going up with chansiri Pulp - Disco 2000 Thoughts?
  12. Wednesday went down in the year 2000 not much had changed but Brucey has a dreaammmmm but F*ck the blades cos we’re going up with Chansiri pulp 2000 lets get behind it
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