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  1. otekalu

    Fernando Forestieri

    Why would he stay?
  2. Absolutely fabulous. Restores my faith in the 'beautiful game' a little bit. Well done Derby County.
  3. Big Jack would be nice!
  4. otekalu


    Ron Springett by a mile.
  5. otekalu

    I hate Sky

    Just got rid of it myself. Extracting too much wee-wee price wise these days. In future it's a few pints in the local if I want to watch football on TV.
  6. otekalu

    Sheer cheek

    Mckenzie jumping over a mini whilst playing for Dirty Dirty, Roger Wylde was a bit of a character too. Thing about Curran and Kenworthy. After the match at the Lane at Easter, and the 'problems' after Tet's had stood on Kenworthy's toe, some of them ended up in Josephines. I relish the memory of seeing Curran, Kenworthy, Smith and Mellor (plus some United players I can't remember) having a drink and a laugh and being part of the scene with everyone else. Shame how things change,
  7. otekalu

    Sheer cheek

    Agree with that entirely.Curran was a breath of fresh air at the time. For entertainment, so were Bannister, Carbone and Di Canio at various times later on. Loved to see Hirsty and on occasion Atkinson(RIP) frighten defenders with their pace. Other characters I remember would include Jeff Johnson (don't worry son, he's hit you but I will sort it later). Nigel Pearson, rock hard. John Fantham (run through a brick wall to score). Goodness knows these are traight off the top off me head. Many more to talk about please add to my thoughts and remind me of what I have forgot. PS Anyone remember the Owls game against Luton Town at Kenilworth Road when TC tore them a new one.On match of the day at the time I think they called it the Terry Curran show or something like that.
  8. otekalu

    didnt turn up

    Agree with this. Don't think we were quite ready for the quality and experience Hull showed. Still hurts though.