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  1. My first game was either in 1973 or 1974. Don't remember anything about who we were playing or what the score was, the only thing I remember was sitting on the front row of the South Stand and being so excited at watching Willie Henderson close up playing on the wing for us!! The first game I actually remember details from was the final game of the 1975-76 season when we beat Southend 2-1 to avoid relegation to the 4th Division. I was on the Kop that day and for me that was probably the biggest crowd I had seen at Hillsborough up to that point. It was the following season I started to go regularly and when the 77-78 season came around I bought my first season ticket. Held a season ticket from then until 2001 when I moved to the States.
  2. San Clemente Owl

    Your thoughts and memories of this match?

    Like others have said I remember clearly the crush on our half of the Holte End. Was with my Dad and Brother and we struggled to keep near each other as the crowd moved. My Dad got into an argument with another Wednesday fan over the pushing and shoving and the other guy clocked my dad in the face with a punch, I had to move in quickly to separate them!!!! Seem to remember it took ages to get our afterwards as well. Regarding the game, will never forget Shutt scoring but I also remember feeling absolutely gutted that we had again fallen in the semis just like against Brighton, I really thought that was the year I would see Wednesday play at Wembley. Only had to wait a few more years to finally see that!!
  3. San Clemente Owl

    Brentford £10 on ifollow

    What makes you think its a fiver in France?
  4. San Clemente Owl

    Are we being short changed this season

    The thing is Forest aren't sticking two fingers up at FFP. Each club can make a 39m loss over a three year period and last season they made a surplus of 10m on transfers alone, so their spend this summer of 25m or so would likely see them no where near breaking the FFP limits. Now if they don't get promoted and continue spending this way they will hit their limit next season or certainly the season after that, and that is where we are now, we have spent big on wages and transfers for 3 years and now have to cut back in order to stay below the 39m. That will mean sticking with what we have this season, maybe even still lose one or two more and hopefully put us in a position to be able to recruit next summer to have another go at it, but in reality this process is likely to take a couple of seasons just like ti did for Forest, Derby and Brighton in the past few years.
  5. San Clemente Owl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    Worked fine for me all game in California.
  6. San Clemente Owl


    Worked fine for me today, wish it hadn’t at times though!!!! I do the video version only and have had hardly any issues all season.
  7. San Clemente Owl

    Jack Hunt - "We are in the thick of it"

    Who said he was immune from criticism?? He said they had to have a go at some players in the dressing room after but he rightly didn’t say who nor did he say he wasn’t one of them,
  8. San Clemente Owl

    Championship Table This Time Last Year

    Forget about Wolves, they are an anomoly due to the amount of money they have spent. This screenshot essentially shows the bottom half of the table and 5 of this seasons current top 6 are all in it, including the top 4! This is what we should be basing some hope on, not what Wolves are doing.
  9. San Clemente Owl

    American Owls

    As others have said, its on Fox Sports 1. I’m on the west coast so no chance of finding soemwhere to watch it except on my sofa!!!!
  10. San Clemente Owl

    Praise our manager !!

    I was impressed today because even without any of our first team players coming back he recognized that switching to 442 today instead of the 352/532 he has played so far worked against what is one of the better sides in the division and one we don’t beat very often!! He has shown flexibility in areas that Carlos wouldn’t and it has benefitted us. The one benefit of our injury situation is he is being able to get a look at some of our youngsters in real life games, that will give him a much better idea of what we need to do in the summer.
  11. San Clemente Owl

    BBC stats

    Yes I would say thats about right. At times it was end to end but they had more possession for sure. I am always skeptical about what is classed as a “Shot” and sometimes I think a 25 yard effort that goes out for a throw in is classed as a shot by the various sites that provide these figures. Likewise possession means nothing if its just the CH passing to the RB who passes it to the keeper and then back to the CH. The most credible stats are shots on target and possibly corners but the main one is 2 goals to us and none to them!!!
  12. San Clemente Owl

    Any I-Follow users on here?

    Yes, the audio is always a few seconds behind. I think the fact the crowd noise you get with the live stream is out of sync shows that something else is required to add commentary to it. I know nothing about the technical side of it but read somewhere its not as simple as just plugging in a mic. Rob O’Neil was on Owlsamericast in the past couple of weeks and talked about the difficulties in adding the commentary. I can live without the commentary and absolutely love the fact for the first time in 16 years I can watch every game!!
  13. San Clemente Owl

    Any I-Follow users on here?

    Love it!! Never had any reliable streams in previous seasons so when this was announced I jumped in for it instantly. $140 for the full season is a steal, and when the games are on Sky its even better as I can watch it on ESPN with commentary. Its a shame they can’t currently add the commentary but I can live without that. Will definitely renew next season. I watch it through the app on my ipad and haven’t had any issues at all, allows me to watch us while also watching the PL on the tv.
  14. San Clemente Owl

    Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Might not be the best but I will never forget Imre Varadi’s goal against Forest in our first game back in the top flight in 1984!!
  15. San Clemente Owl


    It was, this season is our next chance!!!