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  1. According to ticket office twitter it can sell out at 2pm today on the 4th phase of sale!
  2. I know he is! I just wanted to make a point by putting it on here as I know he reads as has nothing better to do with his time...
  3. Had 'discussion' last week with my old man as to when the wooden seats on the North Stand were changed to plastic ones. I can remember going as a young lad when they were there, but he seems to think that they were done prior to my 1st game, which was the opening game of the season against Aston Villa in 1991. I think they were done for Euro 96. I'm sure someone can confirm this for me? Cheers
  4. quite like them both, will def get the home shirt. Better than last seasons!
  5. Hi Anyone going up on Wednesday from Sussex? Dad, Brother and I leaving around 1pm.
  6. Would have said so. Got mine yesterday on Grandstand, but go for 2 blocks at either end as central blocks only have single seats left. Be absolutely sure you want the seats you click as if you change your mind you cant deselect the due to the website being over run! take your time with the seat selection as if you click too quickly it can crash. wait till it shows down the side as being selected before clicking on the next one. i had to close my browser yesterday and re-login as was showing i had used tickets when i hadn't bought them!
  7. go for Grandstand, much better view of the pitch and catering is better!
  8. Hi we are coming up from Sussex. have Pm'd you if ok?
  9. I believe it is because of the safety certificate saying we cannot fill the North now as people cannot get out quick enough in an evacuation so have reduced the capacity, if I'm correct?
  10. please can someone add 1x dolphin 1x croc 1x bannan 2x beach balls please cheers WAWAW OOPS FORGOT TO ADD BLOCK 132
  11. added i think!? block 132 1x Dolphin 1x beach ball
  12. Well well well. When I started this thread I didn't quite expect the response I got. Glad to see so many of us down here going on Saturday! CANNOT WAIT
  13. Yo Nape Dog!!! Try and get away earlier than that!!! Will have your programme and scarf waiting!!!
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