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  1. Very nice work snooty. Come on you blue an white wizards 0-1
  2. Go get em Chansiri....Round 2 (ding)
  3. It could have been another option. He has shown promise from what I've seen of him and obviously the club think so too with offering him another contract.
  4. Plays on left. Its a start and an improvement on Odubajo SURLY
  5. I thought it would be a no, but wanted to clarify. Was hoping for a yes to be honest.
  6. So with us struggling at left back ,LCB which ever now fox has gone and Odubajo's garbage. Can Penny now play for us again this season now the German league has finished ???
  7. It doesn't help that both Dawson and Lees panic and can't kick a football where they intend it to go. Im sure thats the basics of football ....to be able to kick it.
  8. Ref was very poor but didnt impact the result luckily. Bad for both sides, there was a goal kick given after Iorfa cleared ball out for a clear corner. Then later on in game he was going to give a goal kick when it was a clear corner for us until lino told him otherwise, Nando was going nuts.Totaly lost the plot with his yellow cards too.... Where do they get them from??
  9. Sounds like one of Wigans best players but had a fall out with Cook. Probably realises he made a mistake leaving Rangers for Wigan. There not a happy bunch at minuet. Wigan fans are gutted they couldn't get Rhodes in, how desperates that.?
  10. Let fans out of lepp again when its millwall...great timing. Be closed again monday.
  11. I agree but it will be that minimal it wont effect anything. Alot of people including myself already have a multi season ticket running. Not many if any have Chansiri tuna bucks kicking about to splash 5k on a season ticket.
  12. Not sure what the big fuss is all about. There's not going to be that many sold and chansiri will know that., so clubs not in any more danger than before this was released. People need to calm down its probably just another scam for chansiri to put some more money into the club by buying a load for himself.
  13. So if we never went up 25 year season ticket ?? 15 years plus 10 free??
  14. It was nearly the same at Millwall even though we had all the possession. I think it's because of our new high pressing trying to pinch the ball.
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