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  1. We 100% outsang them, I was expecting alot more from them. I'm glad they were quiet for most of the game. Hillsborough will be rocking
  2. We will go for them no other option. Half full glass here. Confident Wednesday win.
  3. The atmosphere at the end of the game told you all you needed to know. We were still singing after the game and the Sunderland fans had left the ground, didn't even stay for the lap of honour. Bannan and co still looked up for it and ok with the result. It's only half time with there advantage over. We believe this can be turned around and Sunderland fans were very nervous outside walking to the car. This is not a great result for them. Who knows Moore may have set his tactics out to hold on for 70 mins and try and grab a goal at the end. I'm not saying that's correct but a possibility. ..let's all calm down and enjoy Monday were we will come out flying at them.
  4. Best keeper,best defender, best midfielder and Gregory best striker in league.....good spine. What could go wrong.
  5. Do we have any designated establishments for tomorrow?
  6. Strange bunch. I guess they thought the game was over soon as we scored.
  7. That banner needs ripping down first chance we get.
  8. Rhodes has to start every game. We have no choice, I dont understand why he got dropped again.
  9. Like we had actual fans in stand. Great to hear the support
  10. Very nice work snooty. Come on you blue an white wizards 0-1
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