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  1. That banner needs ripping down first chance we get.
  2. Rhodes has to start every game. We have no choice, I dont understand why he got dropped again.
  3. Like we had actual fans in stand. Great to hear the support
  4. Very nice work snooty. Come on you blue an white wizards 0-1
  5. It could have been another option. He has shown promise from what I've seen of him and obviously the club think so too with offering him another contract.
  6. Plays on left. Its a start and an improvement on Odubajo SURLY
  7. I thought it would be a no, but wanted to clarify. Was hoping for a yes to be honest.
  8. So with us struggling at left back ,LCB which ever now fox has gone and Odubajo's garbage. Can Penny now play for us again this season now the German league has finished ???
  9. It doesn't help that both Dawson and Lees panic and can't kick a football where they intend it to go. Im sure thats the basics of football ....to be able to kick it.
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