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  1. Ashley Westwood's one-man West Wing play starring Tim Westwood and Mike Ashley
  2. Personally, I think we should back the band....into oncoming motorway traffic
  3. Minute's applause for Chris Bailey at the next home game, please If Rusty lost, for example, £78 we should do it on 78 minutes whilst chanting "THERE'S ONLY TWO CHRIS BAILEYS"
  4. Let's frame him for a horrendous crime so nobody will want him
  5. Personally, I think we should back the band.....into some oncoming traffic
  6. I have, many times. You could learn from that, love.
  7. You need to give that advice to yourself. When we talk about "trolling" it isn't just about having the opposite view to somebody it's being deliberately antagonistic and sensationalist. As you have been in the overwhelming majority of your posts in this section over the last few weeks. There was no constructive advice or debate until Blunkett Hound turned up and then James offered insightful and erudite suggestions. But you have been one of the most tiresome cunts on this site and the competition there is huge.
  8. So, the W'ite shareholding at that time could have hindered any takeover from the non-compliance? Or it didn't so who gives a fuck now it's gone?
  9. But they don't run the club or have ANY say in how it's managed. If I wasn't a Wednesdayite member it wouldn't affect my support or "enjoyment" (in quotations for obvious reasons) of the club at all as they have zero say or effect in the day-to-day runnings. In terms of the "non-members don't get a say" issue, the people who pay for use of the car park, Lounge, coaches, events or the children who receive the coaching absolutely have the right to give direct feedback about their experiences regardless of their memberships and I do agree that the outrage amongst others about the frozen funds is justified as anybody would be dismayed at money from their fellow fan not being used for the immediate purposes it's required for. But in terms of the everyday running and structure of Wednesdayite is only something that can be directly impacted on or affected by its membership or hopefully external people who can approach the directors directly in a constructive manner, in the way that you and Blunkett have, for the most part, have offered on here.
  10. That's a very wonky analogy. The ConDem government are just that - a government, who rule and affect every single aspect of your everyday life. Wednesdayite have no "powers", they're just a group of members and volunteers.
  11. I genuinely hope you're right but my money would be firmly against that
  12. I don't doubt that, but it's been suggested on here that a number of directors will go once it's gone and there's seemingly nobody willing to replace them
  13. Honestly, I can't see it surviving once the car park goes
  14. Offering tangible solutions and suggestions, rather than just using one sentence lines offers a pretty clear definition there. I also don't see it as Wednesdayite regarding any criticism as snide, it's just as I said before - exhausted and overstretched volunteers having to combat a lot of playground tauntings, whilst containing frustration at the lack of actual help coming forward. To make it clear, as a member, I don't believe Wednesdayite are beyond criticism (which collapses the brown-nosing sentiment) - the IPS debacle, the frozen funds and the online arguments concerning the Blue Goggles saga have given cause for criticism. But to me that screams "we need solutions/suggestions" not some half-arsed tabloid journo approach.
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