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Community Answers

  1. Jesusingfuck, been listening to this podcast for the last 18 months and had no idea one of the hosts was on here
  2. This probably changes on a weekly basis; There Will Be Blood Die Hard Kill List The Dark Knight The Muppets (2011)
  3. I blubbed like a motherfucker
  4. Breaking Bad The UK Office Game of Thrones Doctor Who The Wire Louie
  5. There Will Be Blood Kill List Die Hard Grosse Pointe Blank Withnail & I Back to the Future
  6. I give it minus 7 Neil Hargreaves out of 5
  7. It's so bad. So so bad. The dialogue is half-arsed first draft stuff, the CGI is just awful - makes Dire Straits 'Money for Nothing' video look cutting edge. I didn't care about any characters whatsoever and the soundtrack was beyond irritating, shoehorning tracks in like an episode of Homes Under The Hammer. Plus the constant leering at Margot Robbie was grating, I was a bit taken aback when the rest of the screen laughed at Batman.punching her out. I never really felt guilt about liking comic book films, but Jesus you look at this and think "What have I done?" At least BvS was merely dull. This was just an abhorrent mess.
  8. I liked it and laughed pretty much consistently all the way through. Not all the jokes landed and the nods to the previous versions did threaten to get a bit too intrusive, but it was nicely paced and I properly felt enamoured by the 4 leads. 3.5 NEIL HARGREAVES OUT OF 5.
  9. Well with that, you also have the BBC series and the Robert Downey Jr. films as an alternative, plus decades of previous SH interpretations where the protagonists are played by white men. The Wiz was an interpretation of a Broadway musical based on TWOO, but when a prequel was made a few years ago it was back to "traditional" casting & tone Haven't seen Dickensian so can't pass comment either way, but a cursory IMDB glance suggests there's a decent balance of male/women actors.
  10. Yeah, they're always doing compulsory changing of male to female characters in remakes like ...like....erm....
  11. Oh it was, save for when Statham was on screen. He was hilarious.
  12. Bad taste/Massively racist Potato/Potarto
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