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  1. Ashley Westwood's one-man West Wing play starring Tim Westwood and Mike Ashley
  2. Personally, I think we should back the band....into oncoming motorway traffic
  3. Minute's applause for Chris Bailey at the next home game, please If Rusty lost, for example, £78 we should do it on 78 minutes whilst chanting "THERE'S ONLY TWO CHRIS BAILEYS"
  4. Let's frame him for a horrendous crime so nobody will want him
  5. Personally, I think we should back the band.....into some oncoming traffic
  6. You know what this room says to me? Aqua. Which is French for water. It's like being inside an enormous Fox's Glacier Mint, which again, to me, is a bonus.
  7. (If I keep using this smiley, it looks like I'm taking the more dignified approach and cleverly masks my state of perpetual rage)
  8. Ridiculous. It's as though someone's been spamming the threads with repetitive antagonism.
  9. Nice to see "PC Brigade" make a comeback Hoping for "AM I BOVVERED?" to also feature again soon
  10. This is far too confusing Just going to put a Charlton shirt on
  11. What about places that serve delicious booze near the ground?
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