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  1. He could well be an international star... but only if he's good enough. The Republic of Ireland are very short of quality players but I still don't see him getting a call-up.
  2. You're right. We did start with a back 4 with Shaw in midfield. But in the second half we took off Shaw and brought on Odubajo as a wing-back so Van Aken could play his usual role as left centre-half in a back three. But your point stands in that Pulis preferred Van Aken as a full back instead of Penney
  3. Because van Aken is playing in a back three as one of 3 centre-halves. Penney couldn't play that role.
  4. And their shot in the first half that Wildsmith pushed out for a corner was logged as a shot on target even though it was going about a yard wide
  5. Has anyone mentioned he was lucky not to get sent off again? Already booked when he went in late on Nick Powell.
  6. Poor decision to swap him for Izzy Brown at centre-forward though. Humiliating for Rhodes and of no help to the team.
  7. Ha ha Brilliant I slagged off Harris last week for his lack of end product but in the first half his 2 shots and 2 crosses were the best things we managed. Despite reverting to type in the second half he gets my MOM vote. Paterson played well Borner and Lees gave away too many daft free kicks to get my vote.
  8. Looks promising, look forward to seeing more. Not going overboard yet though.
  9. Great to see the love on here for Hooper. What a player, a joy to watch...when fit. Fessi has a good claim for that title. He had loads of memorable goals and moments but we forget how many promising moves ended with a shot that would disappear into the kop,. Hooper hardly ever wasted a ball Fletcher was a class above the likes of Madine and Mellor. Exceptional for a player of that style. But rarely fit. I always rated Joao - fair enough that he couldn't get game time in a squad that had the 3 above but should have been used much more when they were injured.
  10. .... poor touch, lack of awareness, quick feet but slow speed of thought, gets nose bleed once over the halfway line.... It's a no from me
  11. Thinking about it, I reckon Pulis's formation has been more like 3-3-3-1 Westwood Lees Borner Van Aken Palmer Luongo Odubajo Paterson Bannan Reach Rhodes Reverting to 5-4-1 when we're defending (by dropping the full backs into the back line). In other words the full backs are playing more like wing-backs with a back three behind them. I think this will suit Harris perfectly - he's certainly better at that job than Palmer. Van Aken will be replaced either by Palmer or Iorfa if he's fit. I'd like to see Izzy Brown get some game
  12. The consensus seems to be that Harris is a winger not a wing-back. I disagree. I think his greatest attributes are his pace and energy, his downfall is his end product. The further up the pitch he plays the more important is his end product. We can only afford to have a few people at the top end; I'd say we can't afford to have a 'forward' who can't cross or shoot. As a wing-back he can at least make more use of his boundless energy which, I agree, Pulis will love. I suspect Pulis will try him as a right-winger anyway until he realises how poor his end-product is.
  13. I'm surprised no-one has commented on something that struck me: that Bannan had been moved further up the pitch. Often he was the one doing the most chasing of their centre-halves and even keeper and there were numerous times when he picked the ball up, in space, in their half and ran at their defence. It seems to me that he was given that freedom knowing that others such as Luongo, Pelupessy and Shaw would cover the gaps behind him. This is something we've all been crying out for for years. Let's hope it's not a one-off.
  14. Funny that but whoscored had him as our most effective player on the night. 2 interceptions, 2 blocked shots, a tackle, a clearance, one key pass and 11 headers won. But apart from that...
  15. Westwood - N/A Lees - 7 Borner - 7 van Aken - 6 Palmer - 6 Paterson - 7 Luongo - 6 Odubajo - 7 Bannan - 8 MOM Reach - 7 Rhodes - 6 Wildsmith - 6 Kachunga - 5 Shaw - 6 Pelupessy - 6
  16. On this replay, notice how Fisher then deliberately obstructs Paterson, making him barge into him. At that point so many players would punch him - and that's why he's doing it - annoy him, annoy him again then block his path. How many wouldn't retaliate?
  17. Monk wouldn't play Rhodes because his game plan was to have a high press with forwards chasing around their back 4 trying to win the ball high up the pitch. This isn't something Rhodes can do - he just doesn't have the pace. (That's why Monk was happy to let Nuhiu leave too - not mobile enough to chase down defenders). But now we have Pulis. Pulis seems uninterested in a high press. That takes away one reason for not playing him. I'm no fan of JR but given that the alternative is Kachunga (assuming Paterson supports from midfield as he's 'one of the most dangerous in th
  18. Yes but my opinion is based on what I saw many years ago when he played against us for Oxford. I thought he was their stand out player and therefore wasn't surprised that he went on to play at a higher level for Wigan. I've seen him for Wigan too and just remember him as being competent at this level. (Defenders don't get a chance to impress in every game - depends what's demanded of them)
  19. It seemed obvious yesterday that the Pulis way was to get the whole team 'in shape' in our own half. No chasing balls in their half - don't engage till they cross the halfway line. Lots of teams play like this: eg Tottenham, Palace and they're very difficult to break down The difference is that they also have a plan for attacking. Counter-attacks with pace. But instead of Kane, Bale and Son, or Zaha, Townsend and Schlupp we have Rhodes Paterson and Windass. We just don't have the personel for counter-attacking football. So, I think the plan will be to launc
  20. I'm also expecting good things from Dunkley (eventually). But when we already have Lees, Iorfa, Borner, Van Aken and now Flint, how does he even get in the team if fit?
  21. In recent seasons Norwich and Huddersfield have 'come from nowhere' to get promoted out of this league. In both cases they found a bunch of gems from the continent. The same could be said of our friends down the Lane. They found a bunch of gems from cast-offs and lower league players. Yesterday it looked like that kid from Ajax was doing really well for Huddersfield. Matt Smith wouldn't have cost us a fortune. It can be done. Just not by us.
  22. I've read a few on here saying we should get rid of Bannan. Yes, he was awful yesterday. And he'll probably jump ship at the first opportunity. But we've seen what happens when we try to 'freshen up the squad' - we lose Fletcher and Forestieri (and before them, Joao and Hooper) and replace them with Paterson and Windass. Be careful what you wish for.
  23. And when Brown or Luongo or both are injured? I'm not sure we'll ever again see the Westwood of years ago. I suspect we'll all fall out with him by Christmas. Palmer? Never been more than a decent squad player. So, we're Ok for centre-halves, OK for midfielders for the few games when those 3 are all fit but we have no strikers, no full-backs, no midfield cover and no decent keeper. Good luck Tony Pulis.
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