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  1. OK, it's a controversial click-bait title but bear me out. First I'd like to say I'm a massive fan of Barry Bannan. He's probably been the best player we've had in the last 10 years at least and one of the few players who can do things that make SWFC worth watching. He has wonderful skills on the ball and runs his little heart out. What's not to love. BUT... I have a theory that the reason we have struggled so much this season, and for most of last season, is that, as a team, we are just not fit enough to play 90 minutes. When we played Monk-ball we looked awesome for 4
  2. This roll-over business..... Chansiri is saying he can't pay the players cos he's had no income all season. But if we roll-over this year's season tickets to next season he'll have no income then either. Just more outgoings as we have to pay for policing and stewards etc The only new income will be a) people having to pay for the credit they used up on ifollow - that's only £10 a game from those ST holders who've bothered with ifollow b) people getting season tickets who hadn't already bought one for 20-21. Really? Would you buy a season ticket in
  3. Very funny but not true My first memory of him was when he came on as a sub, replacing Fox, in one of his first games (possibly his debut) and suddenly we had some attacking intent down the left. He looked great. I thought we'd found a winner (and, at last, someone to replace Fox who at the time seemed well out of his depth). After that he was pretty rubbish. Then he got another substitute appearance in one of the cups early on this season and once again looked terrific, driving forward with purpose (against a lower league side, mind). Since then
  4. I agree with both of the above. It really is down to tiredness AND there's no reason why we should be any more tired than our opponents.
  5. Westwood 7 some great saves but some he makes a meal of and he must be disappointed with one or two of the goals Palmer 6 Did OK Lees 7 MoM outstanding first half at least Dunkley 5 Seems like a great character but I haven't yet seen him have a great game. Usually does OK Hutchinson 6 Did OK. Maybe tired in 2nd half leaving space down his flank Penney 4 I still don't think he's good enough. Just keeps giving the ball away Pelupessy 4 I'm not a Pessy hater but that game turned on his stupid challenge for the penalty. Gives lots of daft fouls away. Non-existent in
  6. Interesting. I was scornful of both Reach and Fox in their first few months so maybe I'll be wrong again.
  7. Sorry but I thought Penney was as poor as ever on Sat. He might have a sweet left foot but we can't afford to wait game after game for him to make decent use of it. Every now and then he'll produce a decent shot or cross but the rest of his game is really poor.
  8. I agree with most of what's been said on here. Like TorryOwl I cringed when Urhoghide was picked and kept waiting for him to get things wrong. But despite often looking like he had 2 left feet, he kept doing OK. In fact better than OK. In fact pretty great. So to my surprise I gave him MOM even above Bannan, Lees and Hutch. But I have to agree that the scoreline might be giving us a rosy view of the performance in general and some players in particular. Kachunga looked lively for about10 minutes but did nothing for the rest of the game. I'm generally a Reach fan but he wa
  9. Monk, Pulis and now Thompson have all overlooked him. Maybe he's just not good enough. Based on what I've seen of him I'm not surprised he doesn't get picked.
  10. I wouldn't have put it quite so strongly (in case I bump into him one day....) but this is the problem for me. I think he's a bit of a loose cannon and have no confidence he could work well with those both above and below him (especially without Shakespeare). I also question his commitment. Having done well for himself on the merry-go round I'm not sure he still has the fire to make this the job that will be his legacy. I'm more confident that Cook will see this is a first opportunity to prove himself at a big club and will still have the ambition to really make it somewhere. His
  11. Very well-worded letter. Have you thought about offering DC your services as PR manager?
  12. I've just listened to a programme on Radio 4 about the death of nuance. I was surprised it didn't mention Owlstalk. When we appointed Pulis some of us on here (including me) said we might hate the bloke, we might hate the football he gets us playing but he might be just what we need - an experienced campaigner with a track record of getting clubs away from relegation. We needed an outsider to come in, work out what was needed and get it sorted, even if it meant telling DC some home truths. It hasn't worked out well has it. The football was even worse than we'd feared, w
  13. Or an Adam Proudlock. Every signing might work or it might not. In our case its usually the latter but we never know. But I was more pleased about getting Howard than I will be if we get Vokes. I always rated Howard.
  14. Can't see how we're going to score goals. We just hoof it upfield and hope someone can chase it down. No inter-passing in their half of the pitch. It's like they're making it up as they go on. The only shape Pulis cares about is defensive shape - no plan for attacking. His teams usually sneak the odd goal from set-pieces but they're as bad as ever. Fancy starting with a midfield of Bannan, a centre-forward and a centre-half! Do we have to keep playing Paterson just because he's got a long throw? Because as a midfielder he's useless. Windass did all that could be expect
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