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  1. This is it. There were periods in the game where our midfield 'disappeared' but that was because the two of them in there were outnumbered. I just watched the highlights again and KL in particular was at the heart of so many of the good things we did - just like the KL of old. However it seemed to me that much of his best work was in that first 30 mins and maybe he ran out of steam. I've said before that maybe we shouldn't expect a full throttle 90 minutes from him given his injuries and age. I've actually been surprised how good he has been recently (eg 3 key passes on Saturday, 4 v Blackburn) and how long he's lasted - he still had the energy to tee up Forestieri in the 80th minute. I'd like to see him part of a three man midfield to ease that burden. But how do we do that? one up-front? sacrifice a winger? three at the back with two wingbacks? For me he's done enough to keep his place ahead of Luongo. It might work to play both of them or to give KL 60-70 mins then replace him with Luongo.
  2. Westwood 8 MOM Palmer 5 Iorfa 7 Borner 6 Fox 7 Hutch 6 Joey 5 Lee 7 Reach 5 Fletcher 6 Harris 5 Fessi 6 Nuhiu 6 Murphy 6 We struggled up front because Harris and Reach were so quiet and because Joey wasted nearly all our corners. I was surprised how well Kieran Lee kept going to the end, showing many glimpses of his former talents. Westwood kept us in it.
  3. Westwood 7 Palmer 8 Iorfa 9 Hutchinson 8 Fox 9 Reach 9 Bannan 9 MOM Pelupessy 8 Harris 7 Fletcher 8 Nuhiu 9 Forestieri 7 Lee 6 Wow. I didn't see that coming. Who'd have thought that we could outrun Leeds for 90 minutes, especially with only 2 in midfield. Genius tactics and motivation. I was more excited after that than any of our wins this season. The best I've seen in well over a year. NOW I feel hope.
  4. I've given my head a wobble and I still think we were awful. I'm not complaining about the result but we can't keep on playing like that and getting results. In the second half, scarily, for the 2nd time in a week, we lost all shape and purpose. We were up against 10 men at the end and STILL couldn't find a blue-and-white shirt to pass to. We're 1-0 up, all we have to do is pass the bloody thing. It should have been so easy. I'm sure Monk hasn't told them to stop passing for 40 minutes. He must be worried too that we fall apart so easily. Keeping a clean sheet wasn't just down to great defending - we rode our luck too. Great, we've made it to 3rd but I need to see something in the way we play to convince me we have the ability to stay there. I like Monk and I get it that for now he's happy to just get enough points to keep us in contention until he gets us playing as he wants. We might have to wait a while. It could come good in the end. But don't pretend that wasn't awful.
  5. Dawson - 7 Palmer - 5 Iorfa - 6 Borner - 6 Fox - 8 MOM Luongo - 7 Hutchinson - 6 Bannan - 6 Reach - 6 Fletcher - 5 Harris - 6 Lee - 6 Forestieri - 7 Nuihu - 5 I might get pelters here but I didn't think Borner and Iorfa were up to their usual standards. We managed to keep them out but it was all a bit scrappy and panicky - not the usual level of control. I love Fletcher but he was out-battled last night and struggled to provide the necessary platform for attacks. I thought Luongo and Fessi showed what they have to offer and Fox had his best game yet.
  6. I said a couple of weeks ago that I thought lack of energy (fitness?) in our midfield was our achilles heel and I think that's why we've struggled so much in the second half in the last two matches. Lee Bannan Hutch and Luongo are all great players but I'm not sure any of them have got 90 minutes of 100% in them. They'll need to work hard against Leeds. Let's hope we're 2 up by half-time.
  7. That's twice in a row we've fallen apart after about 50 minutes. It felt like every time a player got the ball he was on his own with no-one to pass to. Even when they were down to 10 men. No movement. We stopped running, stopped passing. My theory is that we've got an ageing midfield who just cant keep going for 90 minutes. It's as if the extra hard work they've done to build up their fitness has already knackered them for the season.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean. What could he have done? Even on the effects mike you can hear Dawson shouting 'lino, lino'. It's obvious that he was distracted by the starjumper and maybe that explains his poor positioning. If Dawson had just set himself up, ignoring the starjumper some would have moaned about him not complaining loud enough. We got cheated by Cardiff (both Warnock and Flint admitted it) and let down by the officials. I imagine all officials will be told to look out for it in the future.
  9. But Reach has been famously undroppable by every manager since he arrived here. Those who live and die by their opinions of players must have been happy with his contribution. There's not much likelihood of him being dropped after such a 'shocking' performance. The stats suggest he was the best wide-right midfielder in the Championship last month. Maybe there's more to this than you are seeing.
  10. Murphy has come in for some right flack after last night 'even worse than Kim Olsen' 'as apathetic as Jay Bothroyd'. So everyone slags Monk for bringing him on. I'm no fan of Murphy and I'm glad he rarely gets a game BUT .... Against Hull we were losing 1-0. Murphy comes on, wins a penalty (not given) skins his full-back and sets up a peach of a chance (was it Reach who missed it?). In other words he could've won us that match. You can't blame Monk for hoping he might have a similar impact again. It turns out he was bloody awful. But that's the beauty of hindsight.
  11. Apologies if anyone else has posted this already but here's the Championship team of the Month for September (from whoscored.com based on each player's effectiveness for their team). I really don't understand why Reach gets such a hard time from our fans many of whom don't seem that keen on Bannan either (also featured in that 'team'). Why don't we just enjoy having players like this in our side.
  12. Is Fessi lazy? Not in the big games. I seem to remember that when we've been on telly Fessi has produced absolute storming performances against the likes of Newcastle Huddersfield and Norwich (three different seasons). I remember when he was being hailed as the best player in the Championship (or at least one of the top few). He definitely has (or had) what we need and it would be awesome if Monk could get him back to his best. But I have two other observations about Fessi that make me think it'll never work: 1. Even when he's fit and firing he goes missing. Has anyone else noticed that he will run around like mad for a few minutes and look like the hardest working ball-winner we could ever hope for. But then he'll have a rest for 5 minutes and do absolutely nothing until the ball comes to him again and then he'll look like he's working hard again. If you're a Wednesday full back with Fessi on the flank in front of you you know there will be times when you'll get no help whatsoever. That's why most managers looking for a wide forward would pick Reach over Fessi most of the time. 2. He's one of the most selfish players I've ever seen. Given the ball in a promising position his first thought is invariably to have a shot. Sometimes it works (v Norwich) often it doesn't. But if you're a striker and Fessi is your partner, don't expect to get played in very often. This is why most managers wouldn't regard Fessi as the ideal no 10 either. He's a conundrum. Can Monk solve it and make it work. We desperately need to make the most of his undoubted quality.
  13. I think what we lack most is pace and energy in midfield. Our favourites Bannan, Lee and Hutch are all around the 30 age mark and the newcomer Luongo looks to me like he is slower than all of them. I'm afraid Lee's best days are behind him (I hope I'm wrong) so my choice would be for someone younger who could replace his all-round 'get everywhere, do everything' qualities. And we need someone who can play in the no 10 role unless Bannan or Fessi can make an impression there. Hooper was the best no 10 I've seen at Hillsborough for years. Based on his performances I'd have him back in a heartbeat but based on his lack of match fitness and injury woes I wouldn't touch him.
  14. Presumably these graphics are for the whole season so far and not just since Monk arrived. I think we'd find they look even better since Monk started.
  15. What struck me about the Hull match was that our midfield seemed to lack energy, especially in the second half. For all his failings he certainly has more energy and pace about him than Hutch. I agree he did a lot of good things - blocks, interceptions, tackles but also I think I remember at least 3 occasions where he dawdled on the ball and got caught out. If only his brain was as quick as his legs. Thankfully he wasn't so obviously negative with his passing today unlike in the Jos era where it seemed he wasn't allowed to pass forwards. I'm not convinced he's the answer but I thought the midfield had a better balance today giving Bannan a chance to get much further forward. Bannan could play for us the sort of role that Houlihane (spelling?) used to do so well for Norwich
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