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  1. davetherivelinowl


    And its a no from me too. I hope we don't spend over 2 million on him. I'm not even sure I'd want him on a free. He's the sort of player who can make up the numbers in a mid-table Championship side but not someone who should be first choice at a club hoping for promotion. Unless we now see ourselves as mid-table?
  2. davetherivelinowl


    A friend of a friend (that's not a good start is it?) says that at a 'meet the players' function he was sitting at a table with Jordan Rhodes and Jacob Butterfield. Not surprisingly Butterfield said he wouldn't be here next season and wouldn't be at Derby either. But apparently JR said HE wouldn't be here either. That seemed so unlikely when I heard it a) who would have him b) who could afford him c) even if it were true, surely he wouldn't let it slip at a public event But then I hear Semedo's ferret also saying he's on his way Personally I'd rather have JR than Nakhi Wells so it's of no use to us unless he costs a lot less in wages. On the other hand, if they offered us some money....
  3. davetherivelinowl


    Very happy to keep Pudil but we may have to save wages and try to get someone to do the same job on half the pay. Wouldn't be happy to keep Venancio. Does Ok but never seems to do more than make up the numbers. If we have any ambition we need better.
  4. davetherivelinowl

    Player Ratings

    Ok, Boyd does some frustratingly strange things at times which make you wonder how he ever played in the Premiership. BUT... he made more tackles yesterday (5) than any other player - and his average number of tackles per game (2.5) is more than any Wednesday player this season. I once noticed we lost possession when he was high up the pitch and he sprinted back (leaving Fessi behind, puffing and panting). He does seem to have the legs to get up and down that wing which is possibly the main requirement for that role. Anyone who can win so many tackles and pop up in the box and score a striker's goal is definitely making a contribution.
  5. davetherivelinowl

    Basement Bargains?

    We're a Championship side. Can we sell him for £8 million, then
  6. davetherivelinowl

    Kieran Westwood

    This season there are 14 keepers in our league who have missed 4 games or less. Of the other 9 (not including Westwood) I don't know how many have missed games due to being dropped. Last season he was 1 of 11 keepers in our league who missed 4 games or less.
  7. davetherivelinowl

    End of season clear out

    Statistics on whoscored.com say otherwise... here's a list of 10 of the worst 11 right backs in the league. (Ranked 1-51 according to their average weekly rating - this is numbers 41-50). I wouldn't argue with most of these being in there (including Palmer); don't see why Gunter's place here should be anomalous.
  8. davetherivelinowl

    Central Midfield

    Claire and Joey are promising but as someone once said 'If you get a plumber who does a poor job and you complain to his boss, you don't want to be told he's promising to be good in a couple of years. You want the plumber who can do the best job now.' For me Hutch or even Jones would be my first choice over Joey (if all were fit) and I'd be deliriously surprised if Clare ever became better than a fit Bannan or Lee. But I'm happy for both Claire and Joey to have game time now so we can get a better look at them. When they've had 10 games and still look terrific then I'd think of them taking over from any of our established players. Until then my choice for our best midfield would be Jones Lee and Bannan with Reach as wing back and Hutch as a centre-back. Sean Clare did well in his first game but he's getting the sort of over-hype that Van Aken got after one game. A few games later many had changed their minds. Let's judge these players over a longer period.
  9. I'd love to know what these stats would look like if you took away penalties. And for the last 2 seasons too. Can anyone oblige?
  10. davetherivelinowl

    Derby tho

    I once watched an England U21? match at Hillsborough with Huddlestone playing for England and I thought exactly the same then. He just walked around the pitch for 90 minutes. In his time he has had quality though - didn't see much evidence of it tonight.
  11. davetherivelinowl

    Derby tho

    We've been full of complaints on here that we've signed lots of 30-somethings with no pace and no sell-on value. Then Derby come to Hillsborough with some players, notably Johnson, Davies and Huddlestone looking almost as slow and porky as those walking footballers at half-time (and that's not to mention those other OAPs, Carson, Keogh, Nugent, Baird, Jerome, Anya - crikey a whole team of them). TBH they looked like the has-beens you'd expect them to be but.... they're third in the league. It seems like a stupid policy but it's been working pretty well for them so far. It might actually get them up just like it almost got us up last season - but if they don't go up you have to assume they'll crash sometime soon.
  12. Blimey how slow was he before he found it? I'm not a Rhodes hater, cause I'd love to see him scoring goals again but, honestly, he must be the slowest striker I've ever seen. That doesn't mean he can't be a terrific player: Hooper and Ross Macormack are almost as slow and most of the Derby team tonight seemed short on pace. Slow players can bring other qualities.
  13. Hey, steady on. I was more impressed than usual with him tonight. I thought he put a real shift in, made some great touches and I was delighted he got to hear the affection of the crowd. I'm hoping that'll do him the world of good. But to praise him for his PACE????? He must be the only striker in the league who can be outpaced by both Keogh and Davies (combined age 364).
  14. davetherivelinowl

    Morgan Fox

    I'd just like to say: 1. He's looked really poor when played as a wing back because it exposes his biggest weakness; his unwillingness to get forward and make something happen. He's being shown up every week by Liam Palmer who, on the opposite flank, has been performing much better as a wingback; it suits him that he has less defensive responsibility (let's face it, getting back has never been his strong point). Palmer still lacks the quality with his final ball/cross but he does make a significant contribution to our forward movement whereas Fox seems to have a nosebleed if he crosses the half-way line. He does have a sweet left foot and COULD deliver better crosses than Palmer does - if only he would give it a go. 2. For all his faults I'll be cheering him on tonight and in every game he plays.
  15. davetherivelinowl

    Wednesday chants through the years

    When we went to the Lane after United had just sold Tony Agana... 'Where's Agana gone, where's Agana gone' to Chirpy-chirpy-cheep-cheep 'You only sing when you're fishin' away at Grimsby 'He's like a brick xxxxhouse is Emerson Thom, Emerson Thom' to Little Drummer Boy Oooooooooooooooh Eeefan Okykoku Eeefan Okykoku (Oky cokey)