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    Give Pelupessy a break

    Pelupessy has come in for a lot of stick on here and plenty of groaning from the crowd. That's probably because he's not played well in the two games so far and, to be honest, not been particularly impressive in any game I've seen. I like to use the ratings on whoscored.com as a measure of a player's contributions and so far they rate Pelupessy as our second-worst player - better than Morgan Fox but not as good as Palmer or Matias. And I agree that it's frustrating to watch him come to receive a ball only to pass it straight back to the defender he got it from or dally too long and give an opponent the chance to nick it off him. Basically he's pretty limited as a footballer - and we've been used to signing players, supposedly at least, of a much higher quality. BUT 1. A player's contribution can't always be measured in the number of tackles or successful passes. I'd like to make the argument that his greatest contribution is in his ability to get around the park and fill in holes EVEN IF HE DOESN'T ACTUALLY TOUCH THE BALL. In that respect he does have tremendous energy and also awareness of where he needs to be. 2. That kind of player is essential in the formation we are playing which is basically a circle of 8 players, 3 defenders, 3 forwards and two wingbacks on the touchlines, leaving just two players in the middle (him and Bannan). Personally I think that formation asks way too much of both Pelupessy and Bannan but if it was anyone else alongside Bannan he'd be truly scuppered. Who else could play that role? Hutchinson? He's more likely to either sit on top of the back 3/4 or go charging about leaving holes behind him. Jones? He's probably technically a much better player than Joey but doesn't have the legs to play that role. If the moaners manage to get Pelupessy out of the side, I think we'd be even worse (at least with that formation). 3. If we're going to slag players off lets pick on those who don't seem to be putting in the effort. Joey certainly can't be accused of that. Whatever his shortcomings are, his attitude is fantastic. 4. Groaning and moaning isn't going to make him a better player. He's already trying as hard as he can. So please, accept his limitations but be grateful for his effort and application. I really think we'd be a lot worse without him. At least until we change formation or get Kieran Lee back.
  2. davetherivelinowl

    What about....

    I think he did OK yesterday. But, as you might expect from a young lad getting his first few games, it all seemed to be a bit football-by-numbers - like he's been well-drilled in the art of keeping the ball but not much else. He was in front of us in the North stand in the first half and pretty much didn't put a foot wrong and put in a couple of good crosses. I barely noticed him on the far side of the pitch second half apart from a cross into row Z and his unfortunate booking. But there's a difference between not doing anything wrong and posing an attacking threat - which he will need to do as a wing-back. At the moment I think Palmer is way ahead of him on that front. It might just be a confidence thing but Palmer is much more willing to play a forward pass or take people on (it doesn't always work of course). I though Palmer looked far better than Baker in pre-season but our fans seem to be willing to give Baker loads of slack that Palmer no longer gets.
  3. My take on this is that our midfield two of Bannan and Pelupessy are being given far too much space to cover. We seem to play with most of our team in as big a circle as possible, 3 at the back, 3 up front, wing backs getting white paint on their soles and A HUGE HOLE IN THE MIDDLE that two people can't cover. Our midfielders always seemed to be too far behind the forwards and too far in front of the back three. There were huge gaps between midfield and defence that even Hull could take advantage of. And yet B and P never seemed to support the strikers either (except when Bannan went on crowd-pleasing scampers, chasing the ball like a dog until their keeper cleared it - a total waste of effort and loss of shape). It's the complete opposite to Carlos's style which was to push the 'wingers' inside and flood the midfield. Jos's way has us much more open and vulnerable. I actually thought we looked better when, at times, we had a flat back 4 with Hutch in front of them. At least then the back line had some protection.
  4. davetherivelinowl

    Season preview

    For the last 3 seasons we gambled on getting promotion. We nearly made it but, having failed, we're now struggling to keep within FFP limits. We don't know exactly how deep a mess we're in but so far it looks like it's stopping us from refreshing the squad with much needed youth and pace. However, there's a chance that the squad we have at the start of this season will be stronger than the one that finished the last one so successfully (only Wolves and Fulham had a better end of season). That's because we still have so many first teamers coming back from injury. Hutchinson, Westwood, Fletcher, Van Akens and Matias will all be like new signings at the start of the season. Much might depend on when (or even whether) other key players like Lee and Hooper also make a full recovery and whether Winnall and Abdi ever return from the wilderness. Having lost Hunt, Rhodes, Wallace, Venancio and Loovens we are effectively weaker than the squad that started indifferently last season BUT we now have a manager who seems much more concerned about getting us fit enough, has managed to get the best out of former fringe players like Nuhiu and Joao, and seems to have engendered a better team spirit. We could still be a threat next season but it depends on a lot of 'ifs'. IF our current playing squad doesn't break down with injuries again; IF the others return soon enough from the physio room; IF we don't have to lose players like Lees, Bannan and Forestieri to comply with FFP then we should at least finish in the top half and might be a surprise package despite our lack of new signings. But that's a lot of IFs. Personally I'd be happy to stay comfortably in the top half of the table. But this is Wednesday and it could all go terribly wrong.
  5. davetherivelinowl


    Agree but I worry that Kieran Lee might be one to add to the 'crocks'. He'd be a great asset if he ever gets fully fit again but we don't know if that will happen.
  6. davetherivelinowl


  7. Wow. If that's true then what are our strikers worth? Apart from the fact that he's fit, I wouldn't rate him any higher than any of ours. Including Winnall.
  8. How much did we pay for Van Aken? One has proven himself to be a decent player at this level... the other hasn't (yet). At this moment I'd be happy to swap them.
  9. davetherivelinowl

    Can we stop the hate on our own players please

    I'm one of those who has been critical of Palmer. I agree that we shouldn't slag off a player, especially one of our own, who has been with us for years and always tries his best. But my problem with Palmer is that he doesn't look like he gives his best! He wanders up field, loses the ball and WALKS BACK. That for me, is deserving of every criticism he gets. Whether he's a local lad has nothing to do with it. Those who say Palmer is a better defender than Hunt - I lose count of the number of times we concede a goal from Palmer's wing and Palmer isn't even in the picture. He just doesn't seem to have the right attitude 'I must get back' nor does he seem fit enough - both things that could be sorted if he 'always tries his best'. That's why I'm so hard on him.
  10. davetherivelinowl

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Sorry to see Hunt go. Thought we'd be fine with Hunt and Reach as the two wing-backs. Both have pace and energy. Can see why he's going - we needed to lose someone and its better to lose him than one of our marquee players.. But it leaves us with a gap. How do we fill it? We MIGHT sign a replacement, most likely from abroad or a young Prem loanee. Would be delighted if it was Byram but that seems unlikely. Who else? Palmer? Please, no. Can't understand anyone suggesting that wing-back suits him. It needs pace and energy (and crossing ability) and he's woefully lacking on all those fronts. Baker? Maybe one day but he's so unproven. A gamble if we think he's good enough to replace Hunt. Lee? Sounds like a good fit. Ex right back, loads of energy BUT whenever he's played at full back or even wide right he's looked lost and wasted. He's one of those players like Carlton Palmer who needs to be free to run all over the park to make the most of his greatest asset - boundless energy. (Remember when Graham Taylor played Carlton for England and stuck him on the wing!) Hutchinson? Another former right-back. It might work. But I see Hutch as the opposite to Lee. He needs to play in a role where he can't go tear-arsing around getting booked and sent off. As a wing-back he'd often be chasing back and that's when he gets his red-mist moments. I think centre-half suits him better. From what I've seen, he's not a great crosser of the ball either. Boyd? If Boyd is right-footed then RWB might be his best position. I don't think we've seen the best from him yet so I'd like to give him a try in this role.
  11. davetherivelinowl


    And its a no from me too. I hope we don't spend over 2 million on him. I'm not even sure I'd want him on a free. He's the sort of player who can make up the numbers in a mid-table Championship side but not someone who should be first choice at a club hoping for promotion. Unless we now see ourselves as mid-table?
  12. davetherivelinowl


    A friend of a friend (that's not a good start is it?) says that at a 'meet the players' function he was sitting at a table with Jordan Rhodes and Jacob Butterfield. Not surprisingly Butterfield said he wouldn't be here next season and wouldn't be at Derby either. But apparently JR said HE wouldn't be here either. That seemed so unlikely when I heard it a) who would have him b) who could afford him c) even if it were true, surely he wouldn't let it slip at a public event But then I hear Semedo's ferret also saying he's on his way Personally I'd rather have JR than Nakhi Wells so it's of no use to us unless he costs a lot less in wages. On the other hand, if they offered us some money....
  13. davetherivelinowl


    Very happy to keep Pudil but we may have to save wages and try to get someone to do the same job on half the pay. Wouldn't be happy to keep Venancio. Does Ok but never seems to do more than make up the numbers. If we have any ambition we need better.
  14. davetherivelinowl

    Player Ratings

    Ok, Boyd does some frustratingly strange things at times which make you wonder how he ever played in the Premiership. BUT... he made more tackles yesterday (5) than any other player - and his average number of tackles per game (2.5) is more than any Wednesday player this season. I once noticed we lost possession when he was high up the pitch and he sprinted back (leaving Fessi behind, puffing and panting). He does seem to have the legs to get up and down that wing which is possibly the main requirement for that role. Anyone who can win so many tackles and pop up in the box and score a striker's goal is definitely making a contribution.
  15. davetherivelinowl

    Basement Bargains?

    We're a Championship side. Can we sell him for £8 million, then