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  1. davetherivelinowl

    You could drive a bus through there

    Yes, that's the problem. We play something like 4-2-4 (well, 4-2-3-1) but with the front 4 having no responsibility for defending so the two midfielders and the two full-backs are being asked to do an impossible job. The upside of keeping 4 players up front is that we should catch teams on the break but we never get the ball forward fast enough. Like I've said, Jos thinks the front 4 are pressing their back line. We're playing a high-press formation but not actually doing any pressing. One ball out from the back takes them all out of the picture (literally) and then we're defending with just 6 players. He needs to learn that the success of a high press depends on being coached how to do it well, as a unit, with very energetic players and a high back line too so the gaps aren't too big. It's not a high press just because he's got bodies up the field.
  2. davetherivelinowl

    You could drive a bus through there

    Proper coaching/tactics could solve all of this. Instead the full backs are left to cover all of the flanks and the two midfielders have to cover all the midfield. All 4 of them are left to their own devices as if the 4 players in front of them don't have a role. It's easy to say Megson would sort this out. You'd like to think that ANYONE who earns a living as a football manager would.
  3. This game showed why we are conceding so many goals. Look at the goals from yesterday. Goal 1Palmer has been caught upfield. But no-one has slotted in to cover for him. Conway runs unhindered. No-one puts in a challenge. He slips it to Dack. When Dack shoots (above) we are wide open on both flanks. Thormiley has come inside leaving Graham free and Palmer isn’t exactly busting a gut to get back. Dack shoots, Graham scores. Goal 2 There’s no pressure on the player with the ball There’s a huge gap in front of our back 4. Isn’t it Pelupessy’s job to plug that hole? There’s a huge gap behind Palmer who’s been caught upfield again There’s a huge gap behind Thorniley so both full backs are so far out of position that it’s 3 against 2. A flat back 2! Graham runs in behind one full-back and passes it to Dack who’s behind the other full-back. Easy goal. Goal 3 Dack runs at goal with nobody near him and a huge space in front of him because the centre-halves look like they’re getting out of the way Palmer has been caught upfield (sound familiar) so there’s a huge gap in the right-back slot. By the time Dack has his shot, Palmer is getting close to Graham but he carries on sauntering so Graham is miles from him by the time he scores. Goal 4OMG look at that hole in front of the back 4. Moments later there’s still a huge hole. The player on the ball has no-one within 10 yards of him. But at least this time Palmer is in the right-back spot and is close enough to mark GrahamNot any more! Dack slips it to Graham who is completely unmarked. Issues: Huge spaces behind the full-backs. Palmer needs to look at his contribution to all 4 goals. It’s one thing to be caught upfield, it will happen to all full-backs. But it’s another to have no desire to get back in position. It’s like he just doesn’t care. I love Thorniley but he’s not a full-back. He has a tendency to go back to his centre-half position and leave a space where the left back should be. But then neither full-back got any help from those in front of them. Huge spaces in front of the back 4. I’ve always defended Pelupessy; he might be limited but he does get about and chase down balls. But oh dear this really shows that he’s actually offering no cover to those behind him. But it’s not down to one man. With Fletch up front we still have 5 people who should be making a wall in front of the back 4 No pressure on the man with the ball. As above. That should be what Pelupessy is doing but also what should be happening as a midfield unit. The obvious scapegoats here are Palmer (and Thorniley) and Pelupessy (and Bannan) but really the problems are all about shape and formation. This seems to be the opposite of a well-coached side. There seems to be no evidence that Jos ever says ‘If he goes there, you have to go there’. Either that or the players just can’t be xxsed to help each other out. It’s as if Jos thinks we are playing a high-pressing game. He throws bodies forward to chase the ball but none of them get anywhere near it and just get by-passed leaving no cover for the defence. A high press without anyone actually doing any pressing. Tactically this has to be the least organised side I've ever seen. I don't think Jos has a clue.
  4. davetherivelinowl


    I like Dawson. I think he's gonna be a really good keeper, at least one of the best in the Championship. He's not far off that already. He's not as good as the Westwood of some years ago but wouldn't be surprised if he's better than the Westwood of today. I liked Wildsmith too but although he made more spectacular saves he also dropped clangers on a more regular basis. With rookie goalkeepers you should expect the odd clanger but Dawson has been pretty reliable (apart from that hash of a clearance a few weeks ago).
  5. davetherivelinowl


    Are you Megson in disguise?
  6. davetherivelinowl


    So do we drop Hector? He's been poor for the last two games IMO but was player of the month before that! Not been the same since Jos dropped him In theory Hector's passing should mean we get further up the pitch because Bannan doesn't have to keep coming into the back four. I'd want to keep him in for that reason, But Bannan was back in his quarter-back role tonight anyway so we might as well play Thorniley who is a better defender.
  7. davetherivelinowl

    Fessi on the bench

    He looked totally disinterested to me. I was desperate for Mattias to come off cos he was hopelessly ineffective but Fessi just seemed to want to walk around. And when he did get the ball, even in oceans of space, he phooked it up as much as Mattias did. Then at full time he stood there with his hands on his knees like he'd run a marathon. So, who does Jos pick? A bloke who seems to have no talent but works hard for the team (Mattias) Or a bloke with oodles of talent who just stands around waiting for the ball, not caring about doing his job for the team. Based on how little he contributed when he did get the ball I'd struggle to pick Fessi. But then I'd like to think I wouldn't have got Fessi so mardy and disenchanted in the first place. A good manager gets his best players playing well
  8. davetherivelinowl

    Man of the match - Derby (H)

    Dawson 7 Baker 5 Lees 6 Hector 4 Fox 3 Pelupessy 6 Bannan 9 Reach 7 Forestieri 4 Matias 6 Joao 8 Nuhiu 4 Penney 7
  9. davetherivelinowl

    Martin O'Neil

    Even if he got the job I don't think he'd be interested. (O'Neil, that is)
  10. davetherivelinowl

    Anyone know why fox started?

    Penney's run of poor games (and I've slated him more than most) haven't been at left back. He looked much better there than Fox after the substitution. Penney could become a really good player - Fox never will.
  11. davetherivelinowl

    Andy McCulloch

    My memory was that it went in off his nipple
  12. Great line. That's how I see it too. What a waste of talent.
  13. davetherivelinowl

    From a player.......

    Man management is about getting the best from your players. We were excited that Jos seemed to be able to get the best out of Nuhiu and Joao at the back end of last season. We were frustrated when he dropped Nando but it seemed to bring a unity in the rest of the team. Fair enough. But now it all seems to be going wrong. For whatever reason, having so many of the more experienced players frozen out must be terrible for the collective morale. Sure, by all means drop them for a game if it means getting them back all fired up but to just consign them to the dustbin with no right of reply can only go in one direction. I'm not saying any of the 'forgotten few' would be our saviours but don't tell me Hutch, Jones, Boyd or even Abdi wouldn't be more useful in midfield than Penney, Preston or Kirby. We've already dropped points this season by bringing on inexperienced youngsters into the midfield. We can't afford to keep on doing it. If he casts that lot aside, the players left at his disposal simply aren't good enough. Jos might not have lost the dressing room. But it sounds like he's lost some of the dressing room. So there's ill-feeling and cliques. With our current lack of quality, we need all the unity we can muster. I can't see us achieving that with this manager.
  14. davetherivelinowl

    The City Is Theirs

    I take your point with Lees. And, thinking about it, some of Gray's other signings such as Westwood and Hutchinson were in the 'cast-offs but brilliant' category. And, of course, I'd forgotten about Kieran Lee. But Rhodes, Nando and Fletch all came with big reputations (and, for two of them, price tags). Bannan was more of an unknown quantity but he'd already played plenty of prem games (not like Norwood and Henderson).
  15. davetherivelinowl

    Cameron Dawson - Owls legend in making

    The new Bob Bolder? Remember when we got beaten 3-0 at home and Bolder got booed because the fans wanted Chris Turner back in goal. Jack Charlton had decided we needed a big goalkeeper (and a big centre-half and a big centre-forward) in the 3rd division and thought Bolder was more suitable than Turner. He said if the fans would lay off him Bolder would become a great keeper and he was right - one of the best we've ever had. Could be happening again. For me last night the way he plucked that high ball out from the sky when under pressure was just as impressive as the penalty.