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  1. Joao's attitude was poor in the last match. Maybe Jos teaching him a lesson. Maybe he'll play better for rest of season.
  2. He's always like the invisible man. He somehow manages to get through games without barely touching the ball yet some on here go on about how hard he works. Last 4 games, number of touches: 25 42 22 22 No-one else (apart from subs) have had less than 30 touches in those games; in his last match Forestieri replaced him on 81 mins and still got 13 touches. a) how does he manage to disappear? b) how does he keep getting picked?
  3. davetherivelinowl


    Joao lost possession 12 times, Matias only had 22 touches all game and you pick on the player who had the highest pass success and twice as many tackles (6) and twice as many successful dribbles (4) as anyone else in the team. I agree he made mistakes and it's unfortunate that on this occasion they cost us goals but he also showed a lot of potential - if he doesn't become the new scapegoat.
  4. davetherivelinowl

    Blame for their goals

    Just watched the highlights back. Ist goal Biram Diouf receives a pass behind our centre-halves. How did that happen? Diouf was out wide being marked by Palmer but he drifts inside. Palmer should either get tight to him or better still leave him to run offside. He does neither. So he's able to pick up a pass behind our centre-halves because Palmer is some yards behind them and playing him onside. He gives it to Afobe who finishes well. So sloppy from Palmer. 2nd goal Etebo stands with the ball in our half. He's faced by Bannan and Pelupessy. He has two options to pass to because both Ince and Allen are in the avenue between our midfield and back 4. A simple pass between B and P cuts them both out leaving Ince facing our back 4. The problem here is the lack of pressure on Etebo. He has all the time in the world to look up and pick his pass. B and P both realise that nobody is pressing him so they both make a forward move, deserting the space behind. Whose fault? Better communication between B and P might have helped but they were in a difficult position because no-one else was closing Etebo. Reach was the nearest but was loitering behind Etebo having no influence on the play. Once Ince gets the ball he passes to Biram Diouf who is offside but Tom Lees diverts it to Afobe instead who has broken away from a flat-footed Thorniley and is not successfully tracked by Penney. ! on 1. Goal. The main problem for me is B and P letting runners get between them and the back 4. It happened a lot because those in front of them weren't doing the closing down job. B and P shouldn't have to go chasing for the ball up to the half-way line and beyond as happened again and again. At times we had 4 or 5 players in their half when they had the ball, as if we were playing a high pressing game. Yet their defenders had loads of time on the ball and just passed it through them to players in front of our exposed back 4. A high press with no actual pressing.
  5. High intensity tactics, low intensity players. Reach Joao and Mattias pushed up alright but they never got anywhere near the player on the ball. One pass and they were all out of the game.
  6. davetherivelinowl

    Happy 60th Chris Turner

    Brunt and Whelan for a start. And Maclean. And Bullen. I also liked McGovern and Graeme Lee.
  7. davetherivelinowl

    Feel sorry for Joao

    That looks a much more balanced side. Not sure why we played Reach alongside Fletcher and Joao out wide - negating both their talents. Reach just looked lost. Joao looked a worldbeater on the halfway line near the touchline but what's the point from there. Needs to be doing that around the box.
  8. davetherivelinowl

    Player Ratings

    Dawson - 6 Palmer - 6 Lees - 6 Thorniley - 8 That diving header under the crossbar! That block on Ince's shot! I really like this lad Penney - 6 Quiet until the last 15 minutes when he was given more freedom Pelupessy - 5 Some sloppy touches but also lots of important 'ratting' Bannan - 9 Single-handedly saved the game Reach - 4 I like Reach but not in that role, whatever it was meant to be. Matias - 5 Nice goal. Nothing more Fletcher - 6 Joao - 5 Looked the most likely player to create something but for all his fancy touches and skills he offered very little. And he didn't work nearly hard enough. Is he fit? SUBS Nuhiu - 7 Made a difference Onomah - 6 Looks good going forward
  9. davetherivelinowl

    Matt Penney

    Wish he had the confidence to swing in more crosses. We know he's got a wand of a left foot. I'm pleased with his progress but think we haven't seen him make enough use of his best asset. Maybe he's instructed not to get too far forward. Thought he had a quiet game until the last 15 mins when he moved to wing-back/left midfield and started making those runs. The rest of the team seemed reluctant to pass to him. He got hardly any cover from Joao.
  10. davetherivelinowl

    Is it just me

    All he does is give the ball to Bannan - that's his job! That's what Jos tells him to do. If he protects the back 4 why were we so open - terrible tactics from Jos. We played a high line up front with FOUR forwards, none of whom actually did any tackling. So Bannan and Pelupessy (wrongly) launched themselves forward to do what they were failing to do... leaving a huge hole between midfield and defence. One pass into that hole and we were wide open. Bannan and Joey should let the 'forwards' do the chasing of the defenders. Bannan seemed determined to show the forwards how it was done but none of them were watching. Onumah did more in 10 minutes - true he was much more forward thinking in his passing and we went forward with more purpose. But he didn't seem too aware of his defensive duties so I reckon over 90 mins we'd be more open. Joey kept misplacing passes - yes he dropped at least 3 clangers, not to mention his 'shots' but Bannan also makes mistakes without getting the derision. The stats say Joey had a 92% pass success. It's easy when all you have to do is pass to Bannan. But he did also play a couple of lovely forward passes - he does have it in him.
  11. davetherivelinowl

    Devaluation of the League Cup

    I always enjoy the opportunity to watch the fringe players in competitive action. Not that many of them did themselves any favours last night
  12. davetherivelinowl

    Youth Players Tonight

    Agree with just about all these comments
  13. davetherivelinowl

    Man of the match & scores

    Wildsmith 6 one poor kick, some great throws, not much to save, no blame for the goals Baker 7 the best of the young uns tonight. Great attitude. Hutchinson 6 Didn't stand out as being better than the youngsters Nielsen 6 Looked a bit nervous with the ball but didn't do much wrong Fox 5 Actually did rather well to keep Traore quiet in first half but then in second half got done by two quality players Traore (18 million) and Costa (10 million, was it?) and will get crucified for it on here. TBF he looked nowhere near as good as Baker. Preston 6 Started well and showed some nice touches and confident runs and passes but seemed to run out of steam after 20 mins Jones 6 Drove the team forward for first 30 mins but then also ran out of steam at which point we lost the midfield completely. Had to do it all on his own and it was too much to ask. Jack Lee 4 Didn't do that much wrong but just didn't contribute enough. Seemed well out of his depth. Too slow, Too ponderous. Too negative. Almost like playing with 10 men. Having seen his cameo against Sunderland I'm surprised Jos picked him ahead of Kirby who looks altogether more mobile and constructive. Boyd 5 What a disappointment. Kept doing some great things to work an opening but then fluffed his final pass or shot. Expected him to be a leader amongst the kids but he was pretty anonymous. Did a decent job helping Fox with Traore in the first half. Forestieri 7 Did some great things, especially his frequent nicking of the ball off their toes. Was pretty much our only threat and did lots of crowd-pleasing chasing. But he has a tendency to scamper like a man possessed for 2 minutes, get a round of applause, then rest for 5 mins. And he was far too deep for much of the time, leaving Fletch isolated up front. Fletch 6 Not great but then he had such poor service that I forgive him Nuhiu 6 Huffed and puffed to no avail Stobbs 4 Can't remember him making any contribution. That may be harsh given how little time he had. Kirby N/A
  14. Was hoping you'd be right but no, they're not in junk mail or spam either.