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  1. So much hyperbole on here Just suppose that last kick last night had gone in instead of hitting the post. This forum would be full of 'Carlos out' threads. 'Why did he swap a striker for a midfielder?' etc. In reality results are dependant on fine margins, not all of them within the manager's control. So he's not necessarily useless if we lose or awesome if we win. But you can't deny that under Carlos we do seem to find a way of winning pretty often. As someone else said - we're higher in the league than teams managed by Bruce, Jokanovic, Stam etc. so be careful what you wish for if you want Carlos out.
  2. Joost

    I agree we look better when we have a CB who can pass so well but Pudil was doing a pretty good job of that and so far I think we've looked more solid defending with Pudil alongside Lees. But Van Aken will only improve with games so I think its worth persevering.
  3. Player ratings

    Westwood 5 surely he should have stopped the goal - poor distribution, seemed reluctant to give it to Van Aken preferred to belt it to nobody Hunt 7 - another good game Lees 7 - felt he was carrying Van Aken at times Van Aken 6 - passes well, still not sure of his defending Reach 7 - another good game Wallace 7- as already mentioned, links up so well with Hunt. Jones 6- generally sound - just one or two daft passes that got the haters moaning Bannan 8 MoM for me. Duracell bunny. Great touch. Drives us forward. Lee 6 - Quiet but some important contributions. More to come. Fletcher 6- Didn't win much in the air - pretty much nullified Hooper 6 worked harder tonight but didn't see enough of the ball for me. Great goal, wish it had gone in directly Rhodes 6 Glad he got his assist. Not much else he could do in that formation Butterfield 6 Still not seen what he brings. Give him time. Pudil - not on long enough to judge Frustrated by Carlos's method of shutting the doors and windows. Surely Joao (instead of Butterfield) would have helped us keep our shape better and keep the ball in their half a bit more
  4. Fitness

    Just been reading that Colin says Cardiff lost because his players were knackered and should have been rotated. So surely he'll have to rotate them on Sat. And so will we. The trouble is, with Hutch, Boyd Abdi and Fessi out for some time and Winnall no longer here, the options for rotating are suddenly limited. IMHO the players left (Rhodes, Joao, Nuhiu, Fox, Palmer, Butterfield, Matias) would all weaken the first team (but then that's usually true of players who aren't first choice). I'd happily play Pudil but that would mean moving Reach from LB where he's looked so good. Can our rotated team beat theirs? Or will either manager risk playing the same team again?
  5. Full match replays on ifollow

    Stop press: My black screen has a pop-up timeline. I manually moved the progress bar a bit and hey presto the match appeared. Thanks to all who have replied.
  6. Full match replays on ifollow

    I've just found an email address for ifollow (ifollow@efl.com) and have emailed to ask what the situation is. I'll let you know their reply
  7. Full match replays on ifollow

    No but I paid for a Wednesday Player subscription less than 12 months ago. I assumed my ability to access the other matches meant my old subscription was still current
  8. Full match replays on ifollow

    Mmm I just get a black screen even after several minutes of waiting I notice that the url ends with /#hiddenvideo
  9. Full match replays on ifollow

    Those who say it works... can you get the Forest and Fulham matches or just the highlights?
  10. Full match replays on ifollow

    No, even following this trail I can only find Highlights. But thanks for trying. Does anyone know WHY certain matches are unavailable. Is there any way to predict it?
  11. Last season on Wednesday player I was able to watch all the games as full match replays but this season on ifollow there have already been no full replays of the Forest match or the Fulham match. Does anyone know why? The reason its so important right now is that I'll be away working in Portugal for both the United and Leeds matches. Because of work it will be difficult for me to see them live even if I could find a bar in Portugal showing Sky. I'm really hoping I'll be able to 'save them up' and watch both entire games on ifollow when I get back. Does anyone know if that will be possible? Thanks in advance.
  12. Man of the match

    Reach or Hunt for me. Both were superb at both ends - I gave it to Reach for 2nd game in a row (this from someone who slagged him off no end until recently). Surprised that so many have gone for Lee and Hooper. These are two of my favourite players but yesterday I thought Lee looked ring-rusty and Hooper did some brilliant things then spent ages flapping his hands about and moaning at everybody else. I know he's never going to be a worker but yesterday his lack of effort really annoyed me. I still love him because he has such quality on the ball and makes a huge difference to our forward play but Fletch must have got fed up doing his work for him. Bannan and Fletch both superb. Joost showed promise; shame about missing the tackle for their goal.

    Butterfield could be great. Give him a chance. WAWAW

    Or, to put it another way, what does Winnall offer that Fletcher, Rhodes, Hooper, Fessi, Joao and Nuhiu don't? At the moment we're down to 2 fit C Mids - Jones and Bannan. At least Butterfield would be cover for Jones - might even be an upgrade. Makes sense to me. And it would only be a loan. Still time for Winnall to come good - but it won't happen if he can't get a game. He might gain in value while he's there and/or come back to us a better player.

    It's probably more correct to say he was Quina to stay at West Ham. And who can blame him.