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  1. Interesting that on SofaScore, Wing was one of only two owls players to score over 7 tonight (he got 7.1, Corbeanu got 7.4). So, based on what he did in the game they rated him as our 2nd best player. I also thought he was poor but maybe not deserving of some of the criticism on here. There were certainly worse players tonight
  2. No thread yet so I thought I'd start one. Here's your chance to tell everyone how bad we were. Credit to Hartlepool, they played good football, outplayed us and passed us off the park. This was no fluke they were much better than us. It will be interesting to see how many of these players will never be forgiven for this performance by the fans or the manager. Surely he's seen enough to discard Sow, Berahino, Brown, Byers and possibly Shodipo. Wildsmith 5 - have even less confidence in him than BPF. Not sure how much he was at fault for the second goal but he went missing when high balls were in the box Brown 3 - the lowest mark I've ever given anyone; that ridiculous own goal gives me the excuse. Could become legendary as one of our worst ever players. Brennan - 7 MoM did make an error or two but also won a lot battles both on the air and on the ground. He's a stronger defender than I've given him credit for and his distribution is mostly excellent. I love how he thinks about where to head it to. Paterson - 4 a catalogue of errors. A nightmare. Shodipo - 4 - was made to look poor because the (4th division) full-back was too good for him Byers - 4 - tried to stroll through the game and it just didn't work. Almost every pass was a back pass. Offered nothing going forward as shown by his 'shot at goal'. Wing - 5 - better than Byers but not by much. Again, no urgency. Dele-Bashiru - 7 - the best of our midfielders. Did little wrong and did plenty of good runs, passes and tackles Corbeanu - 6 - not much came off for him but he was basically our only threat. Shame his shooting is sometimes so wild. Berahino - 5 - showed a couple of nice touches and made some (wasted) good runs but had no impact on the game. Sow - 4 - the mystery is solved. Now we know why Sow hasn't featured for the first team. Was a complete waste of space. When he was put clean through he was laughably outpaced by their defender. Bannan - 4 - added little when he came on, misplaced too many passes and loses a point for that stupid tackle near the end. Premeditated assaults like that should be red-carded but they never are Windass - 5 - wandered all over and did very little Hunt - 5 - not noticeably more productive than Shodipo but defended better Agbontahoma - 5 - looked out of his depth really but give him time Adedoyin - n/a Did he even touch the ball?
  3. Another really good performance in which just about everyone played well. Once again we bossed one of the top teams in the league but this time didn't get the result we deserved. The match stats show 18 goal attempts to their 6, 8 on target to their 2 (which both went in!) but that doesn't reflect the number of times crosses fizzed across in front of their goal, inches from an outstretched leg. We seem to be consistently overwhelming (even the top) teams now - the results will surely come. Peacock-Farrell - 6 not sure how that free kick went in so easily at the post where he was standing. Presumably it was wind-assisted. Didn't have anything else to do. Kicking generally good. Brennan - 7 once again acquitted himself well. He's no beast but did his defensive stuff well and was terrific on the ball Dunkley - 8 another towering performance despite being confronted by a team of giants Paterson - 7 thought he had a really good game apart from conceding that silly foul. His aerial strength came in handy against that lot Hunt - 8 another terrific performance. So many really good crosses, neat play and productive passes. I love how he sprints back if we lose it (are you watching Liam) Luongo - 8 we effectively only had him and Bannan in the middle but he battled so well that it was barely noticed. Did loads of productive stuff too. Bannan - 8 another great game from him - I think we've become blase about how good he is Windass - 7 always looks lively and scored another goal (for which he gets an extra point) but messed up a few attacks by being too greedy Shodipo - 7 better than I'd come to expect. Hope his goal gives him confidence. Terrific cross for Gregory's header Gregory - 7 frankly struggled against two excellent centre-halves but unlucky not to score with that header and gets an extra point for his unbelievably unselfish assist. Smart thinking. Kamberi - 8 MoM Was outstanding in the first half, bit quieter in the second. I've been critical of his quality but today his touch was sublime. Him and Hunt worked really well together. Did really well with his turn and shot - that deserved a goal. Theo - 6 didn't do much in the time he had Mendez-Laing - 7 was very involved, and looked class when he had the ball. Seemed willing to work hard too. Looking forward to seeing more. Could be a great asset. Fizz - 7 what a great player to bring on. So powerful, able to grapple for the ball and power past people. Unlucky we didn't get something from his efforts.
  4. After the humbling performance in the cup at Plymouth the knives were out for DM but I started a topic on here 'In defense of Darren Moore'. After an underwhelming start to the season I thought we'd turned a corner but were being thwarted by injuries. I actually wrote Imagine playing like we did against Gillingham but with Gregory and Windass up front. Imagine not having to have Paterson in the back three. Imagine having Luongo back in midfield. 25 people responded with a 'ha-ha' emoji. I hope they enjoyed being wrong last night.
  5. Difficult to praise his performance last night since he only had 4 touches in over 20 minutes. That did include setting up a chance for Gregory but the work for that was done by Bannan's pass and Gregory's run. It wasn't a difficult pass to make. Obviously it would have been great if it could have worked for him here but I've seen enough to tell me that we should always be picking other players ahead of him and we should stop paying him as soon as we can.
  6. Thought it was fairly even at half-time. We'd had more possession and more shots but they'd been more dangerous and had the better chances. Then we raced out of the blocks second-half, presumably told to up the tempo and as a result... they scored. Great goal but there was a big Luongo-shaped hole in front of our back 4. This time our heads didn't go down and both Luongo and Windass brought fresh urgency and quality. We bossed it from then on and got our just rewards. 25 goal attempts, 11 on target - MKD only had 7 goal attempts. Can't say we didn't deserve it. Might now play better without that monkey on our backs. Bpf 6 did fine, didn't have much chance to show his qualities Hunt 7 poor first half until he actually took a man on and crossed it. Then a great second-half, full of energy. Great corners too. Brennan 7 looks good on the ball, not quite convinced about his defending though Dunkley 8 yet another towering performance. One-man defence again but also a massive threat at corners Palmer 7 another decent game Theo 8 MoM 7 shots, 4 on target, 8 crosses. Always a threat and deserved his assist for Windass's goal Db 6 looked good at times but not enough impact on the game Byers 6 seemed rather subdued. Needs to do more if he hopes to keep his place Bannan 8 another great game after an error-ridden first few minutes Gregory 7 missed a sitter but scored one so that's a much better average than Patto Kamberi 5 another busy performance but we were lacking in threat up front until he came off Windass 7 made a big difference and claimed a goal and an assist in just 30 minutes. Needs to work out how to work with Theo without treading on his toes. Needs to be in the box when Theo is crossing. Luongo 8 wow. Made an even bigger difference than Windass and made Byers contribution seem paltry. Constantly picking up loose pieces and driving us forward. Magnificent. Berahino 5 did put a great ball in for Gregory's sitter but, as usual, only had 4 touches in over 20 minutes. We now have Sow, Shodipo, Paterson and Mendez-Laing so PLEASE lets not bring on Berahino again.
  7. Why has Berahino been given so much game time? Because his pedigree says he MIGHT have been the best striker in this league. We HAD to give him the chance to prove himself - sadly he's proved himself to be not good enough for this level. It was a gamble that didn't work. I agree it's a bit of a mystery that Sow hasn't had more of a chance though. But we don't know what goes on in training etc. The other mystery is why Shodipo, who was so successful last season with Oxford (just look on youtube for some of his goals) has turned into a completely different player, indeed person, here at Hillsborough. He too had the pedigree to be above Sow in the pecking order but his performances so far have been mostly shoddy and sometimes poo (sorry). Sadly now we seem to have learned that Berahino and Shodipo aren't up to it, Sow still won't get a look in because we've signed Mendez-Laing and we have Windass on the way back too.
  8. Good job we scored so many in that opening 35 minutes. We looked brilliant but couldn't keep it going. Should have scored more though. Still fragile at set-pieces. Defenders generally did well against their giants but BPF could have helped them more. Peacock Farrell - 7 2 great saves proved important. Wish he'd claim more of those corners though Brennan - 7 did fine, strange he wasn't trusted with the ball more Dunkley - 8 immense again. Can't believe we were so doubtful about him 5 weeks ago - since then he's been amazing game after game Palmer - 8 another great game (one of his best?), battled well in defence against some brutes and got forward with purpose. Involved in two of our goals Hunt - 6 not much of a contribution (again) Dele Bashiru- 7 battled hard, great strength, rarely loses possession Luongo - 7 probably tired 2nd half but did enough to be a welcome asset to have back Bannan - 7 did some great stuff but lost possession a few times late on. Fantastic pressing early on made a huge difference to our play but he couldn't maintain it (not surprisingly) Corbeanu - 7 goes quiet for spells but is magic on the ball, great goal, great crosses Kamberi - 7 great finish, looked a lot better in possession today and worked hard as always Paterson - 5 fluffed 3 one on ones with the keeper and shot wide and failed to get on the end of Gregory's cross. If he scores one of those we cruise that match. Should have been subbed instead of Kamberi Subs Brown - 5 being able to run fast up and down a pitch doesn't make anyone a footballer Gregory - 6 only on a short time but a lot more useful than Paterson
  9. That's what I meant to say but was too polite.
  10. Not a bad track record but I've always thought his teams were dour and attritional. Some might say they don't care as long as he gets results but I wouldn't look forward to him coming here.
  11. Depends whether you think his management style, screaming at players while waving his hand whenever they do something not up to his standard, will actually make any of them better players.
  12. Ah, I'd missed that. I assumed he must be injured. Oh good, that means he can play at the weekend, Paterson can play up front and we don't have to pick Berahino
  13. Thanks for the considered response. I assume Brennan wasn't fit last night otherwise he'd have been on the subs bench like v Gillingham. I don't think Agbontahoma is up to this level and maybe DM doesn't either. 4-4-2 is very popular amongst owlstalkers but I'll be surprised if any team plays it, even in this league, unless the two wide players tuck in (like Danny Wilson used to do). With two touchline huggers like Theo and Shodipo, the two midfielders in the middle would just get over-run. Yes we signed some dross. Yes we needed to sign players with more leadership and bottle, and a better left back than Brown but times were tough and maybe we couldn't pick and choose. I was just delighted to be signing anyone as that seemed unlikely at one point.
  14. I think he DID have a plan for how he wanted to play (and brought in players for that system) and I think it was 4-2-3-1 with Wing and 2 wingers behind a central striker. But it didn't work. The striker was too isolated so we couldn't hold the ball up front and didn't have enough goal attempts. What should he have done - persevered with a system that wasn't working? Or try other things - which he did until he chanced upon a system that had recently worked well.
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