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  1. My first impressions of the two are very different. The first few games of watching Joao led me to think he'd be one of our best players ever! He was raw but obviously had bags of talent. He was capable of outrageous skills, had a terrific shot, great pace and scored a couple of bullet headers early on in his time here. What I didn't realise was the extent to which he lacked application so he turned out to be a big disappointment (but not without his sublime moments). So far I've seen precious little evidence of any talent from da Cruz (I don't remember a single pass or shot to give cause for optimism) although, unlike Joao, he does seem willing to work hard. As ever I'd be delighted to be proved wrong. I was with Reach and Fox (and Joao, in the opposite way).
  2. What he does offer that's different is energy and pace and Monk decided that would be more useful last night - someone to chase their defenders. Can you imagine Rhodes or Nuhiu (or Wickham) trying to do that?
  3. I think he was picked last night for his pace and his willingness to run around a lot and to be fair he probably ran further than anyone else on the pitch last night. He wasn't helped by Forestieri having one of those games where he rests for longer than he plays. But with Forestieri you know there could be a bit of magic at any moment so we give him more slack than a worker who frankly has never shown any kind of magic. Even so it's starting to be a long time since Forestieri lived up to his past reputation.
  4. I'm one of those who thinks Bannan is our best player BUT even I have to concede that he's been a pile of SH'ITE for the last month at least. I agree that we're no longer getting the best out of him. I think this is down to our tactics. There's a reason why very few teams play two wide wingers and its because it leaves the centre of midfield wide open. For a while we solved it by having 3 in midfield with just one up front but we moaned because only Fletcher was scoring. So we then played two up top and left too many gaps in centre midfield. Bannan has spent the last two months running his little legs off trying to plug those gaps but now he's knackered. We complain that he plays too deep but, as someone has pointed out, when Hutchinson plays, Bannan gets 10 yards further up the pitch. Another problem he faces as our supposed playmaker is a lack of people to play to. He does his spin, makes time to pick a pass, looks up and bloody hell there's no-one making a run, either into a channel or coming short. As a team we've just stopped running around for more than 10 minutes. I don't know what to make of his tantrums during games. He just seems so p'd off when others make mistakes (especially the ref). Should we applaud his passion? Or is he bad for morale? I think he tries to lead by example but spreads himself too thinly. I noticed yesterday he was having a fit when he had to cover at right back because da Cruz (who was supposed to be there) wandered into midfield and showed no intention of getting back in place. Da Cruz argued he was being subbed anyway but Bannan was waving his arms at the bench as if to say 'Why am I having to do this?' In this case Bannan at least did the responsible thing of playing right back himself when he saw that no-one else was doing it. But he always looks the most frustrated player on the pitch.
  5. Not sure if anyone else has said this in the rest of the thread but Bannan and Dawson both gave him a pat on the head as well as Borner, I'd like to have seen captain Palmer do the same.
  6. My God these must be the lowest scores I've ever seen on whoscored. Nobody above 7, two below 5. What's become of Iorfa?
  7. I've been saying this for most of the season but I think the source of most of our problems is that we're just not fit enough. We have a midfield of Lee, Bannan and Hutch all of whom are now 30+. We brought in Luongo who is 'only' 27 but frankly runs like he's in his 30's. We have proved to be dreadful at holding on to a lead in the last 5 minutes - because we're knackered. When we had a run of games over Christmas our form collapsed - because we were knackered. Every other team just seems to run about a lot more than we do - because we're knackered In some games, and last night was a classic example, we can look really good in the first 15 minutes. But then we just run out of steam. For a while last night we looked terrific with Lee and Bannan buzzing everywhere, making tackles, interceptions and runs. But then... nothing. Bannan in particular just disappeared. Let's face it Bannan is knackered and Lee is past it. I don't know what the answer is in the short term because there's no-one else to replace them with. Lee at least did more in the first 15 minutes than Pelupessy has all season. There's no-one in the U23's ready to step up. The new guys look even slower, with the exception of Da Cruz who at least runs about a bit but has (as yet) no end product
  8. That pretty much sums up my feelings at the moment. Just renewed my season ticket though..... I've lost faith in Monk's ability to turn this around. When he arrived he sounded like an intelligent bloke, which is my first criterion for a manager, but now he's sounding more and more ignorant with each interview
  9. I don't know about anyone else but I performed better at work when my boss wasn't putting the boot in.
  10. Where is this stat from? Have to admit it seems unlikely
  11. He wants us to be more roofless. In the middle of winter!
  12. How can you know that all this is true? You might be right. On the other hand this week the team looked much better with Fessi on the pitch and v Blackburn we improved massively when Hutch came on. As fans we can only judge by the effort we see on the pitch. Everything else is just conjecture.
  13. Paul Williams? The Paul Williams I remember was a tireless grafter who would chase lost causes, run the channels and be a constant pest to their defenders. Da Cruz just doesn't look like that kind of player at all.
  14. I think this is pretty much spot on. I hadn't thought badly of Borner until recently but I think you're right that he's not the player he was. I think Lees is more steady, better in the air, not so good playing forward but less likely to give away daft fouls. You always hope that Murphy or Harris will produce a bit of magic but we were so much better when they'd been replaced (although Murphy had been lively in the first half) Not convinced about Da Cruz yet though possibly better than I expected. I'm assuming Windass will play in his spot with Wickham replacing Nuhiu. But if Wickham can't get his game time by being picked ahead of Benteke then we shouldn't expect too much of him either.
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