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  1. Yes and no. It would be great if we had a younger squad. Our midfield last night got over-run by younger, fitter, quicker players. But the main reason for our end of season resurgence was the quality of Byers Luongo and Bannan as a midfield 3. If you swap any of them for Adeniran or FDB you're going to have a drop in quality or consistency. The same with any young players we might bring in. In the past we loaned young players like Will Keane and James Tavernier and didn't think they were good enough. They were but they were also just a bit too young and inexperienced. We tried to bring in younger players in Corbeanu, Shodipo, Sow but it didn't really work. Young players are more of a gamble in the short-term when our number one aim will be to get out of this league. Personally I'd keep the likes of Hutch and Luongo if we can, and anyone else who has been a regular starter because i think any replacement is unlikely to be better. I'd happily let Paterson go and the other fringe players like Sow and Kamberi. If we do go for younger players I hope they are ones who have already shone at this level or above. How old is Alfie May? I really liked the look of him for example.
  2. BPF 7 Hunt 6 Storey 5 Hutch 6 Palmer 5 Johnson 7 Luongo 8 Bannan 9 Byers 7 Gregory 10 Paterson 6 NML 8 Windass 6 Dunkley 7
  3. Yes, we could be doing better BUT We dropped a lot of points at times when we almost literally had no defenders. Or no strikers. We've had shocking luck with injuries. We don't have a God-given right to score a hatful against teams like Burton Albion just because we're a 'big club' This year, when we've played at home to the 'better' teams in this league (Plymouth, Ipswich, Wigan) we've still completely dominated them. We even outplayed Rotherham despite the scoreline. I've LOVED watching us. Now that we've found a successful formula I would hope we will keep it going and, if we don't go up this year, I expect this team and this style will give us a really great season next season. Or we could chuck everything up in the air and start again. BTW I suspect if we got promoted DM would get found out at Championship level but until that becomes obvious I'm happy to hang on to him.
  4. I think in the game before the BDM we actually played well and Jeff King and Jeff Johnson were terrific. I remember thinking that these two could bottle up Sabella. And, if I remember rightly, our own fans actually sang 'Boxing Day Massacre' at that match, when we realised we could actually match them. Or have i remembered that all wrong?
  5. We've just scored 5, 6 and 4 goals in three of our last 4 home games, playing some of the best, most enjoyable football in years and there are people on here wanting to get rid of the manager. There seems to be a good buzz around the club at the moment. Don't tip the apple cart unless the apples have already fallen out.
  6. I still hark back to the days in the Championship when Premiership clubs were looking at Iorfa. His pace and power marked him out as a player who might step up to that level - a magnificent athlete, not unlike Tyrone Mings. Perhaps they noticed that his footballing quality didn't match his physical attributes ie his touch, technique and distribution leave much to be desired. Even so, that pace is a mighty weapon, especially against higher quality opposition - it might have come in very handy yesterday against a very lively Alfie May. It's ages since we saw Iorfa replicate the form he showed a couple of years ago but then it's also ages since he's had a run in the team. If we want him to return to being the player he once was, we'll need to give him games. Likewise Dunkley was almost superhuman at times in his last run of games. Nobody else is so dominant in the air and that should be useful against 'chuck it in the mixer' sides like Gillingham and Stanley. We've been really fragile against set-pieces lately. Is that a problem Dunkley could fix? The downside is that he looks so awkward with the ball at his feet. At this level, where we have the opportunity to play front-foot football against 'lesser' sides it might make sense to pick the best 'footballers' - in which case its 4 from Hutch, Storey, Dean and Gibson as they will make the best contribution to our forward play. But let's not dismiss the qualities that Dunk and Iorfa can offer.
  7. Yeah, that was my thought too so reading comments on here I was wondering if I just saw everything wrong. I sit towards the kop end and thought in the first half in front of me he looked, at best, very rusty. He must have had a much better second half in front of those towards the Leppings Lane but, apart from a couple of great blocks/tackles I didn't notice him. I did notice that our defence got opened up far too easily.
  8. A scoreline that flatters us. We didn't have to do much defending but they had some great chances to score - we seem to be a bit brittle at the back BPF 7played well, that save in the first minute (though offside) was fantastic Hunt 7 delighted he got a goal, and what a cracker Storey 6 doesn't dominate the air like a centre-half should but is a good footballer Dean 5 maybe he had a better second half but I wasn't impressed in the first half Hutchinson 7 came into his own in the second half Johnson 7 what a joy to have someone who can provide such great crosses Luongo 6 made loads of uncharacteristic mistakes today Byers 8 MoM got stuck in and reliably kept us ticking over. Another goal for his collection (and unlucky with the flick on at the corner) Bannan 7 we groan when it doesn't come off but, as ever he did so many good things Mendez-Laing 6 looked a threat but actually had no end product despite several opportunities Gregory 7 does his job really well of holding up the ball and scored a cracker Sow 7 looked lively. Thought we improved when he came on Iorfa 6 not much to do Paterson n/a Here's a thought: Why are we playing two loan players at the back (Dean and Storey) when they'll probably leave us. Wouldn't we be better to find a partnership that works with Hutch Iorfa and Dunk. Otherwise we'll have to start again next season.
  9. When we throw away a two-goal lead and are playing sloppy football you have to fear the worst but we dug in and produced a storming finish. That battling midfield when we had Bannan, Luongo and Hutch all chasing everything down and Paterson giving their back line not a moment's peace... that fighting spirit was great to see and should see us maintain at least a top-6 place. Peacock-Farrell: 6 - looked a bit dodgy tonight. Was lucky not to suffer when he lost it in his own box Storey: 6 - not as dominant as he has been Hutchinson: 8 - ever the warrior, another booking though - that's what happens when he's in midfield Gibson: 6 - got pelters from Bannan for putting us in trouble for their second. Did OK for the rest of the match. One superb cross-field ball, another not so good. Good run into the box, might have scored. Palmer: 6 - had to play in about 4 positions and still managed to score but I was disappointed today. He's so much better in the back three and no good as a wing-back cos his crossing is so poor Johnson: 6 - a superb cross for the first and a belting shot for a goal of his own but actually I was disappointed in the rest of his performance. Maybe I've come to expect too much but he wasted lots of really good opportunities Luongo: 8 - always getting a foot in to rob the oppos and some lovely touches and passes too Hunt: 6 - him in midfield didn't work and we missed his presence down the wing. Maybe Palmer (an ex-midfielder) would have been better in that role Bannan: 9 - had a much better game all round than of late and two cracking goals and an assist make MoM an easy decision, What a player. Sow: 6 - not awful but didn't really do enough Paterson: 8 - incredible work-rate and battling, scored at an important time and entertained us with an air-shot Berahino: 8 - a big improvement on Sow. He looked lively and barely lost a ball. Never thought I'd get to like him but he deserves his praise. Iorfa: N/A - good to see him back Brennan: N/A - our new battling midfielder?
  10. What's the saying... 'a few good games does not a Kieran Lee make' Don't get me wrong, I really like Byers but I don't think he's as good as KL was. But he's still only 25.
  11. A bit of a flat game really. Excellent first 15 minutes, bossed the first half, went in 2-0 up then coasted. Everyone played well and most could make a claim for MoM apart from BPF who had nothing to do. But most of them were anonymous for most of the second half. I voted for Johnson because he was our greatest threat in the first half - every time he got the ball there was the likelihood of a peachy cross or a fierce shot. Could have gone for Hutch, Luongo or Paterson for their battling performances. Peacock-Farrell: 7 One superb save but a foul had been given anyway Hunt: 7 Another good game Storey: 7 - ditto Palmer: 7 - ditto Hutch: 7 - ditto Johnson: 8 - have I ever seen a better crosser of the ball in an Owls shirt? (Yes, Chris Waddle was quite good.) Luongo: 8 - another great game Bannan: 7 - made more mistakes than anyone but also worked his socks off and got an assist for the first Byers: 7 - he likes a tackle doesn't he? Paterson: 8 - really rattled their defence Berahino: 7 - kept the ball well in the first half, hardly saw it in the second Subs - not really enough time to judge but I do like the look of Gibson
  12. Another typical Wednesday performance. All lovely interplay around the midfield but no threat at all from the front two in the first half. Well done DM to hook them both at half time. I didn't expect Berahino to be an improvement but he made a massive difference, helping us to keep possession up top and Paterson offered a threat in air that had been completely lacking in the first half. And we've come back from behind. Well done Wednesday reserves. Peacock-Farrell: 7 Only had one save to make. Confident with his feet Brennan: 7 - played well but he really should have scored Storey: 8 - a terrific game, good in the air, calm on the ground, great distribution Palmer: 7 - played well Hunt: 7 - played well Johnson: 8 - Quiet first half, but massive contribution to the win second-half Luongo: 8 - terrific again, great touch and vision, lots of little 'wins' Byers: 7 - once again superb first half but quiet second half Bannan: 8 MoM - just about all our good work comes through him. Works so well with Luongo and Johnson Kamberi: 4 - Completely ineffective Sow: 4 - Completely ineffective. Should've buried that header. Paterson: 7 - Typical Paterson goal, all bravery and determination Berahino: 8 - I've been very rude about him in the past but he did lots of good things today, not just the goal and the flick down the line but much better hold up play and intelligent distribution. He should start the next match but will he revert to type? Gibson: 7 - some commanding headers and great work for the goal. Brennan did nothing wrong but I think Gibson will offer more of a threat at set-pieces
  13. Just watched the highlights again and realised Bannan was even better than I thought. I voted for him as MoM because, although Byers played well and had a number of great moments (great tackles, intelligent passes) I thought Bannan had a greater influence on the game. I notice that whoscored gave Bannan 7.22 a higher rating than Byers, a meagre 6.55 but both were outrated by Luongo 7.41 who got their MoM. And I thought Luongo had been quiet (by his recent standards)!
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