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  1. davetherivelinowl

    Man of the match -Reading (H)

    Westwood 6 Palmer 7 Hector 6 Thorniley 6 Fox 5 Reach 8 MOM Bannan 6 Hutchinson 6 Boyd 6 Forestieri 5 Fletcher 7 Aaarons 7 Joao 7 Nuhiu 5 Unlike most on here I didn't think Hutch, Hector or Thorniley had particularly good games. (it's all about opinions, right). Reach was just fantastic in the first half and seemed to be loving his new wide-midfield role which I think really suits him; granted he was quieter in the second half and missed that sitter but nearly all our best work came through him. Fletcher was terrific again and Palmer had maybe the best game I've seen him have; that run at the end was the best thing I've ever seen him do! Boyd's hard work and ability to nick balls off their back four was actually one of our greatest threats in the first half; if only he was better in possession. Forestieri needs to have more impact to justify his place in the starting line up. Not sure how much patience Bruce will have with him if he carries on like that. Aarons was exciting to watch but will it have an end product? The new JJ? (who I loved)
  2. davetherivelinowl

    Teamsheets, appearances and goals

    That only leaves Nuhiu and Matias with crap strike rates
  3. davetherivelinowl


    I'm not a Matias fan. As I've pointed out before he is almost always the player in our starting line up who makes the fewest touches; this was the case again yesterday; when Joao replaced him after 60 mins he made as many touches in 30 mins as Matias had in 60. This is why fans often say he doesn't seem to have an impact on the game. (Incidentally, I don't know how he manages so few touches because he certainly isn't lazy - he must just have a knack of running where the ball can't reach him). Also Matias had a pass success of 64%; Joao's was 92%. So many of our attacks seemed to break down when they reached Matias. This wasn't a one-off bad game - I don't see every game but I do see plenty and I've yet to see him have a game where I'd give more than 7 out of 10 - usually I'd give him a 5 or 6. BUT I can see why Matias is seen to have a key role in the team. Under Jos our biggest problem was the lack of cover given to our back 4 who were exposed again and again. The conundrum is to give the full backs the cover they need and still provide support to Fletcher. The solution that we've been using is to use two players, Boyd and Matias, who have the energy and pace to dash back when we need cover and forward again when we attack. If we replaced Matias (or Boyd who was getting some right stick from a bloke behind me yesterday) with Joao or Forestieri or Winnall we'd have to reorganise the team to give cover to the backs because none of those players have the energy or willingness to cover the full-backs. All 3 of those are much better players when they get the ball but we'd lose our current shape and solidity if we picked any of them over Matias (or Boyd).
  4. davetherivelinowl

    credit where it's due.

    Yes, Palmer had a decent enough game yesterday. I'd actually say he had a good game if it wasn't for two glaring errors in the first half 1) when we lost the ball near the half way line and their wide player burst free down his flank. At the breakdown of our move, Palmer was practically next to him but as he ran away Palmer just stood still and let him go. Aaaargh. Why does he do that??? 2) THAT cross when he reached the by-line with all the time in the world and floated a delicate dink into the keeper's arms. Once again his crossing let him down. If it wasn't for those two often repeated elements of his play Palmer would be a pretty decent player. He certainly did lots of positive things. Crikey at one point I thought he was going to be put through on goal in the centre-forward position. Going on his previous attempts at goal, it's perhaps as well the pass never reached him. Until we can afford to bring in someone better, we need to stick with Palmer because he's a far better player than Ash Baker. Oh and credit to Fox for winning over many of his critics, including me. He's been sound in recent games and he knocks in far better crosses than Palmer.
  5. davetherivelinowl

    Jordan Rhodes

    1. How many clubs these days play with wingers? 2. When Rhodes was playing for us we were getting more crosses into the box than any other team in the division I really like JR as a person and wish it had worked out better for him but we already had two non-pacy 'natural' goalscorers Hooper and Winnall who both offered a lot more in their overall play
  6. davetherivelinowl

    Almen Abdi

    I'm not sure any of us know the true story. I can't imagine a footballer deliberately wasting the last 3 years of his career by pretending to be injured or whatever he's accused of. Chansiri's moan was that he said he was fit in the summer but then turned up and was found not to be. I don't quite get how that 'disrespects the club' but it pretty much sums up his time here: fit but not fit enough. On the pitch he's always looked like someone who was playing whilst suffering from flu - just no energy. Whether that is due to a long-term illness or injury or lack of commitment to keeping himself fit I really don't know. I've always hoped that a player of his talents could get a chance to shine for us but whatever his potential no-one's going to pick a player who basically can't get about the pitch. If he suddenly found some energy I'd love to see him play again but a) that seems unlikely and b) I think the Chairman would block it anyway
  7. davetherivelinowl

    The Invisible Man

    It's long been obvious the fans think he's rubbish (though there's no need to boo his name before kick-off) but today it was obvious the rest of the team thought he was rubbish too (wouldn't pass to him) and presumably so did Preston - they gave him so much room. Spent the entire 2nd half in acres of space but when he did receive it he showed no initiative, no intent to get forward, happy to swing a boot at it from just inside his own half. TBF he plays like a player who's been booed by his own fans. Completely lacking in confidence so maybe it's our fault. I was more concerned by his defending. Heart in mouth every time he had some defending to do.
  8. davetherivelinowl

    Man of the Match - Preston (H)

    Hector, Lees, Onomah and Fletch but I've given it Fletch cos he did the hardest things, creating chances for himself and others. So unlucky not to score.
  9. davetherivelinowl

    I’m worried

    Yes, from me. I think Bruce is the closest thing out there to a Big Ron or a Jack Charlton. (Now that Barnsley Mick is unavailable). It still might not work but it could be great. We're going to have to turn over the squad in the next 18 months and I can't think of a better person to do it. Until then, he has to be a big improvement on Jos. Better shape (of the team, not the manager!), more authority, better for morale. For a start it'll be like signing 4 new players (the forgotten five minus Abdi).
  10. davetherivelinowl

    The Missing Men ....

    Bruce has long been a big admirer of Westwood. If HE doesn't pick him either then he must be seriously past it.
  11. davetherivelinowl

    So what changed??

    I think you'll be waiting a long time though. At the very best he cant spend until he's sold a few. And how many of our current squad are saleable?
  12. davetherivelinowl

    A summary....

    What do we want from a chairman? Someone with a commitment to help us succeed Willing to make available the millions of pounds it is likely to take Willing to devote his time and effort And a decent honourable man too Chansiri ticks all those boxes; we'll be lucky to find someone else as good in those respects BUT sadly he lacked knowledge of how football worked as a business and misguidedly took advice from those he still thinks are 'experts'. And he also didn't have the business nous to have a plan B in case plan A didn't work. Plan B was to keep digging a bigger hole by continuing with Plan A. It's like he's got us into a mess that we could all see coming but he was blind to it. How can he have been so naïve? Nice but dim. Given the right advice from the right people he could still sit this out and come again with a bit more understanding, which I think would be great. But he needs to understand where he's gone wrong and pick the right people to help. Which isn't likely. Finding a new sugar daddy to take us over doesn't seem very likely either so I think we're destined to drift along like several other clubs looking for buyers.
  13. davetherivelinowl

    Honest Summary Up til 10pm

    Thanks for this. I had a go at a summary in another thread (Can I have a summary?) but I wasn't there so its only based on Owlstalk and Twitter feeds from journalists etc. I imagine mine will get lost too.
  14. davetherivelinowl

    Can I get a Summary?

    Sorry, just caught up with the twitter feeds for the third session. DC admitted he was struggling, losing sleep over FFP and would be happy to hand it over to someone else. The club is up for sale
  15. davetherivelinowl

    Can I get a Summary?

    I wasn’t there but tried to follow owlstalk and the twitter feeds of Dom Howson and Andy Giddings. I’ll have a go at a summary; those who were there can add anything I’ve missed or got wrong · He’s not going to sack Jos because ‘there has to be a reason’ and there’s ‘no guarantee the next manager will be any better’ to which the audience made it clear that ‘anyone would be better’. I don’t think he’ll be in any doubt that the fans want Jos out. Perhaps the only good thing to come out of the evening. · He confirmed that there were no financial or contractual reasons why Jos should not pick Westwood or Hutch etc. These were decisions made entirely by Jos. · He didn’t express dissatisfaction with his advisors. He wouldn’t say who they were but they were the same advisors who built the team that nearly reached the Premiership. ‘Even Man C and Man U don’t always recruit the right players’ · He said last year we missed the FFP target by a long way (‘8 figures’ ie 10 million plus) but ‘don’t worry this year won’t be so bad’ · He admitted we were constrained (by FFP) in what we can spend next month but he’ll ‘do what he can’ and ‘there’s still two months to go’ · He sort of suggested that the FFP problems might be sorted by the end of this season without explaining how · He ‘couldn’t guarantee’ what incomings or outgoings there might be in January · Katrien said we had been under a temporary embargo but hadn’t broken the rules, unlike Birmingham who might get a points deduction · When asked about his 5-year plan he spoke of being ‘tired’ and feeling unwanted by the fans and said his life in Thailand was happy and profitable but he ‘loves this club’ and assured us he wouldn’t leave it ‘worse than before’ · He told us not to worry because we wouldn’t get relegated · According to Owlstalk he said that Almen Abdi had ‘disrespected the club’ by saying pre-season that he was fit and ready to go but then turned up and said he couldn’t play · His meeting with the players was simply to ask them what had gone wrong, ask for their advice on what he could do to help and to encourage them to work for each other. · He said that even when watching on TV in Thailand he got the impression they didn’t trust each other. (Did he say ‘and the manager?) · Katrien said DC looks after the football side of the business; her job was to manage the day-to-day such as the facilities in the ground · When a fan said it’s our money that pays for this club he said it was his money and our contribution was ‘nothing’ (not sure that was his exact phrase) · When asked whether he might reduce the ticket prices given the standard of football he said no because the expenditure (contracts, fees etc) was just as high as when we were doing better · He said he hadn’t bought Jordan Rhodes due to fan pressure, just that the fans were happy when we bought him Anything else? My reading was that he had no plans to change anything and couldn’t see why he should.