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  1. Here's my theory: To some extent teams the away teams still have the mentality of at least hanging on to a draw. There's still more of of an onus on the home team to break down teams that sit back and keep in shape. We no longer have the quality to deal with that. Patterson, Kachunga and Windass (or Rhodes, or Marriott) must be the least threatening forward line in the division. Late last season we at least had Murphy but still had Windass and Wickham (or Rhodes) up front. We just find it easier to get through teams that are willing to come at us.
  2. Indeed, Harris, Flint, Patterson and now Richards. All deemed not good enough for Cardiff. We really are shopping at Poundland.
  3. to continue.. In fact of our stock of central defenders the one who strikes me as having the sharpest footballing brain in terms of how to work the ball is actually Borner. I've often thought that the way he plays forward and joins in with others is more like a midfield player. Not that I'm recommending him for the role.
  4. I 'm wary whenever people talk about playing centre-halves in midfield. Van Aken? Iorfa? It's not just about running around a lot and getting tackles in or being able to pass the ball 40 yards. So much of midfield play is about 'having eyes in the back of your head' - being able to think quickly enough about the right thing to do every time the ball is coming your way, the speed of thought to keep out of trouble and play the right pass. I don't think Iorfa or Van Aken have that kind of quick-thinking. Iorfa strikes me as being able to do obvious things really well (head it, kick it
  5. Reach should play left wingback in every game unless we need him in centre-mid due to injuries (often likely). In those circumstances, Penney should fill-in at wing-back. I've more confidence in Penney than any of the other youngsters but imo he's no more than a useful back-up for Reach. I spotted a couple of comments on here that Penney 'can't cross'. That's bizarre because in theory his greatest asset is his ability to strike the ball beautifully with his left foot. He's terrific at free-kicks and corners and has occasionally put in a peach of a cross with great 'shape' on it. Bu
  6. I thought Bannan and Reach worked really hard but noticed that both of them kept cocking up chances to play a killer pass or cross, even on their left foot. It's as if all this running around is draining them of whatever talent they have.
  7. I've seen several such moments that make me think 'Wow, this kid might have something'. But then, as yesterday, he made a total hash of his cross/pass. To me he looks really clumsy so I don't expect any end product. He might have a future as a midfield destroyer - he certainly has the physique. But he'll need to work harder to get there. Meanwhile, to me he's another youngster who will weaken the team every time he's picked.
  8. It's interesting to look back through this thread at some of the praise (hyperbole) being heaped on him before last night. I've said before that I don't think he'll make it at this level. He'll never improve unless he gets games but last night, when given a game, he proved to be a liability. I'm not sure how we can solve that conundrum. It would be great if he went on loan but if Bannan, Brown or Luongo are injured, our only standbys are Joey, Hunt, dele-Bashiru and Shaw. Who else can we play if we let the youngsters go on loan?
  9. As Ron Atkinson used to say 'His pace is deceptive. He's slower than he looks' He's so slow he needs to stand two yards offside to have a chance of reaching the ball before the defender. But, as others have said, Marriot and Windass were no better.
  10. I also noticed that at the end of the game he gave Bannan a wink and the two of them had a very chummy conversation as if they were long lost mates. I guess they must know each other due to them both living in Brum. I remember someone said Leko might be able to come to Sheffield because he could always get a lift with Bazza. Shame Bazza didn't persuade him to come. If he's only on loan then maybe he'll come to us another time, to spend more time with his mate.
  11. After adding my post I wanted to edit it by adding the word 'yet'. I'm not saying they'll never make it but they're not there yet. Having said that, I'll still be surprised if any of them turn out to have a future career as regulars at this level. I hope I'm proven wrong on this. I was definitely wrong about a certain Mel Sterland when he started out.
  12. Front three Fletcher Murphy Forestieri or Saturday's line-up Paterson, Windass, Kachunga No doubt in my mind that we've gone backwards. But a) we needed to reduce the wage bill b) We had no budget for paying for replacements c) we've done a lot better than I was expecting, especially if Marriott lives up to his potential
  13. I get that. I just thought it was unfair to have a go at him after a game in which he did nothing wrong. I'm not convinced that Westwood is still a better keeper. In his last spell in goal I thought he was making more mistakes than Dawson has. I'm not a great fan of Dawson and would like us to sign someone better but he's OK. He was certainly Ok on Saturday.
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