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  1. Young midfielder discussing terms ahead of a move from Man City according to Sky.
  2. Preferably 2 but would take 1 spare, I’m southern based so can meet at ground. cheers
  3. Just need the 1 if any floating around. Much appreciated.
  4. sorry, stupid moment, obviously if you're going I can meet you there!
  5. is this still available? I'm southern based so are you ok to post?
  6. Hello all, This might only appeal to southern-based Owls, but I've got 1xspare for tonight's game. Based in Maidenhead until 5pm (location is an hour from Luton) £20 - let me know Cheers
  7. Hello all, can anyone tell me what the quality of last season's top is like/ I'm tempted to get one in the sale but wondered what the elev8 stuff was like? Also, is the sizing true(ish) to form? Thanks in advance...
  8. Agree with this. Put me down for a Sheridan one...
  9. Agree. Sheridan was a class above. Tremendous footballer.
  10. *first post klaxon* Amazing atmosphere from my view. Another goal finished it, but what an effort.
  11. Apologies, first post. Hope this sort of thread is OK. Anyone know of any streams online to watch the game on tonight? Cheers UTO
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