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  1. Rumour is wolves on loan
  2. QPR - Expected Line up

    Does anyone know how much it will cost to upgrade an under 11s ticket to an adults tomorrow. Thanks.
  3. Hutch

    Did anyone at the match witness hutch have a word in ball boys ear jogged off next minute he's back and pulls someone's training top from under his bib and puts it on the young lads legs. What a guy.
  4. Some rough choices Saturday

    Winall must start for me he wants it more than any other player he's hungry for the game.
  5. Full team v Chesterfield

    Wildsmith palmer lees pudil penney matias abdi clare reach winall hirst
  6. Full team v Chesterfield

    If We play like Saturday we'll be lucky to get 2-3 shots on target!
  7. Anyone with a spare id for Fulham

    Can give you mine if you want?
  8. Team v QPR (forget Chessie)

    Westwood Lees. Hutch. Loovens Lee. Bannan boyd. Nando. Reach Hooper Winnall never going to happen like.
  9. The opening game of the season at Hillsborough

    I'm a season ticket holder and went to Preston yesterday I refuse to give anymore money to the club until something changes.
  10. Sunderland allocation

    Does this include Newcastle?
  11. Preston Away.

    Doesn't matter what side is as long as we can come away with 3 points.
  12. New home shirt - Picture (Leak)

    But for the staff not to know an exact day/date is bad, the need to look at the fans point of view it's embarrassing
  13. New home shirt - Picture (Leak)

    That we need to fix up