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  1. Mcmanaman 100000% has to start. Bannan+palmer also need dropping but they won't be. Westwood Hunt Lees/Sasso Loovens Fox Mcmanaman Abdi Hutch FF Rhodes Winnall Actual lineup will be same as this but with Bannan on the left, FF & Rhodes up front, Wallace/reach on the right and pudil at LB
  2. Let's not even go there. He's absolutely bobbar, would rather have dielna at the back
  3. He was absolutely useless today. Weak, can't hold up the ball, misses sitters all the time, put in no effort . I know nuhiu was booked but it would've been better to bring off Joao instead. Nuhiu was one of our best players
  4. He threw his toys out the pram when subbed off. Threw his boots out the dugout
  5. We would suit a 4231 or 4312 better in my opinion. Jones/Lee Bannan Reach Abdi Forestieri Fletcher Lee Bannan Jones/Abdi Forestieri Fletcher Hooper
  6. thought he would've learned by now not to roger around with lineups
  7. Liverpool fans got offended so they removed it from facebook
  8. Was it offside? Where he looked like he hit it in from 2 yards out and then he hit it again but over the bar
  9. 1st half was best I've seen for a while. 2nd half (until the end) was just like leeds/Burton. Wouldn't say it's our best, but it's definitely better than the last few games
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