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  1. Armchair thriller

    Communication let us down.

    I'm stating what normally happens at other clubs normally is backing thier manager pointing out our communication seems to be different good or bad
  2. It starts from the top. The Chairman is quiet until probably when he enters the UK and appears at the forum.Why in a world of easy communication social media etc has there not been a statement from Mr Chansiri supporting Jos most clubs understand Thier fans and normally in times like this clubs/board publically back thier manager so whats different or are we trying to be different or is there a plan soon to be revealed.The manager seems to not speak the lingo until today he clearly has not had media lessons from the club again communication is key. Currently it should be appropriate for Jos to apologise but it's not always easy to say sorry and again communication is letting the club down. Lastly us the fans I hope communication does not let us down at the forum, I hope that does not turn into a baying for blood situation because then that from top to bottom of the club confirms communication is letting us down . I think personally at random written questions should have been given in advance otherwise a free for all wont help things ps I hope Chansiri has a yorkshire phrase book to understand those going otherwise it will turn into a "reyt chuffin mess"
  3. Armchair thriller

    Club Shop

    I am a Wednesday fan but alas with wife working shifts and two young lads a season ticket is out of the question.
  4. Armchair thriller

    Club Shop

    Went in last week to purchase a shirt I know it's not sports direct but even my 12 year old could not believe how rubbish it was. Shirts he was trying on we're either marked or dirty which made him feel that that's what he would have had to put up with for his birthday. Bloke at counter was told this and commented that "its customers fault" well that maybe the case but is there any quality control done before shop opens. My lad said it's dull and boring and he's Reyt as we had been at Swansea shop last year TVs ,music actually inviting lighting and staff to speak to who actually looked the part with coordinated clothing .Then to top it all shop lifter identified by customer member of staff just walked up to them took stuff out of bag and let them go why oh why it's clear the club are losing money hand over fist in that place with no professional approach at all Wednesday your shop is like a cave bring it up to date or you will regret it !!!!!
  5. Armchair thriller

    Have you ever been in an away end?

    Stretford end boring 0-0 I think it was cold as fornicate night and the oxo was 5h1t and loads of oldens around me no atmosphere.
  6. Armchair thriller

    Owls v Toytown live TV Europe/Worldwide

    thanks miffed It was all about introducing the yungan at the right time to want to come back to see a quality product .
  7. Armchair thriller

    Owls v Toytown live TV Europe/Worldwide

    Will be there in person for the first time in don't know how many years, kenwyn Jones was playing then. Taking me 9 year old to first match ever and can't wait . For all you out there who say partimer well who cares the blue blood never will leave me. Hard hat is now on .
  8. Armchair thriller

    Club Shop

    I think there is a lesson here don't buy unless you have tried first. I'm sure the club know what they are doing slowly but surely they will get it right.they have to sell what they have until new deals come along ,maybe when the massive container ships docks with all the Chinese made merchandise we will still continue to moan but have more choice to moan about.
  9. Armchair thriller

    Name the half time record last night

    Pulsar YouTube vision lucifers friend and you will see a performance in Italy when they got to number1 there