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  1. Diame

    Def then slip hutch back in cb with lees.
  2. West stand lower v pigs

    Agree pal lower holds 2500 so take 500 away for segregation and to please sag etc then we have upper. Only have to give 2000 by elf rules. Forest do it
  3. Anyone reckon we will have west stand lower against pigs at home now we know we're playin em next season? Be good to have 4 sides of the ground and reckon they'll only give us lower at their place. No doubt sag will probably have kittens of the thought of the idea though.
  4. Forced out of Hillsborough

    Knock the west stand/ corner down and build another. We can cope without it for a season. Build a blackburn away end style stand with executive boxes and proper segregation. Sag are only gunna get worse.
  5. If Matias is ever fit again

    Marco matias is an urban myth
  6. Thats how to play football carlos

    I do yeah The bobbar weve had to put up with for the past 18 years u can forgive us for bein more pessimistic in the way we lose n expecting it to go all pear shaped cus thsts what werd used too. Last season i felt none of this for thd first time in years so maybe thought we were changin but still feel the doubt of previous years... effin hate football at times
  7. Thats how to play football carlos

    Id pick prob 2 players from both of their teams for ours n thats it. They both play to their strengths n play players where their meant to play in a system what suits them n we dont. We shoe horn ours to please fans/manager n wee wee ball bout we it passin back n fourth. Carlos without a doubt is the best manager weve had for years but slowly losin faith n cant help think we the players we have that a better manager would get more out of our players. Think hes took us as far as he can im afraid
  8. Next 6 games

    Agree. These are thr typical teams we struggle against.
  9. Sag double standards ?

    You cant get to the upper tier from the lower at lane theres no ope space like ours so its easier to segeragete fans that way. Our away end needs knocking down n a new one built or sag will jus carry on what their doin wevwhat happened in past. Its a joke really
  10. Reading

    Spot on mate
  11. Kieran Lee

    Hows about wind thee kneck in. Utter codswallop
  12. Derby next season

    f**k em the dirty bas****s. Have a bit of faith were in the top 6 n if the top 6 stays as it is i fancy us to go up we the teams in it so no we wont be playin next year.... plus if anyone cam roger up its them they always do.
  13. 30,549 ??

    Prob true mate but if so should keep away fans in for 10/20 mins after if thats the case. Doesnt happen often we sell out anyway so now and again wouldn't hurt would it surely
  14. 30,549 ??

    What they done to the north pal? Not been on there for a bit. Im guessing they've closed the ramp off?
  15. Bottom Of Leppings Lane

    I see I didn't realise. apologies