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  1. Theres some right clowns on this forum remember why I dont post much now, Nando was quality apart from shooting any other day one goes in and hes a hero.
  2. One of worst managers we have ever had, worse then jos and your mad if you think otherwise.
  3. I cant even answer that I think we certainly need one
  4. Shocking team selection but lets face it we aren't a good team. 3 Players I would keep out the 11 that started. Bannan Murphy Fox Rest need to go.
  5. Bet your all silent this afternoon
  6. You lot are flipping idiots, Rhodes didn't play bad at all to say its his first start just hating for the reason of hating.
  7. There's got to be something more then meets the eye why certain players don't get a game?
  8. Players don't just go crap overnight none of them had a chance this year.
  9. Only scored more than 1 goal against Swansea yet starts 1 upfront and only has Niuhu on bench, where's Rhodes and Winnall? FF not starting doesn't take alot to notice so why is Monk not seeing it or is it because there's something we don't know regards to finance or whatever? or is Chansiri picking the team?
  10. People need to get off his back and get behind him bloke hardly gets a chance. Fair enough hes been poo but hes not had a chance at all this season so give him a break hes not going to get any better with people slating him at every given opportunity. You can see hes a nervous wreck, someone out of crowd shouted come on Jordan its your day today and he smiled it was like he needed that confidence boost.
  11. Morgan Fox was at fault for both goals along with westwood!
  12. I feel sorry for Rhodes especially in games like last night what could he really do, had 2 chances one was too high one was behind him, Wednesday were poor 2nd half stop pinning blame on someone who only ever comes on when we are playing poo or playing in a weakened team we wernt good enough as a team yesterday ya cant blame any of last night on Rhodes
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