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  1. Maybe he is designing our new home shirt, Chairman has got him to design some clothing and caps to start with.
  2. Even Rapper Dr Drake is a Wednesday Fan !!!!!!! Check out his new clothing range https://us.octobersveryown.com/collections/headwear
  3. My 1st post on here. I read Owlstalk everyday and love being kept up to date with everything Wednesday. I have followed Wednesday for 30 plus years and use to follow them home and away as much as I could when I lived in Sheffield. Even did the Wembley 4 times in one season tour. I have now lived in Mexico for 5 years and the one and only thing I miss is SWFC (sorry any family reading this !!! ) Luckily I have been able to watch the occasional game streamed via the Internet and also Sky Sports Mexico shows the odd Championship game. I love watching everyone's videos of the games and most of all the fans singing and bouncing home and away. Thank you to everyone of you who takes the time to firstly take the time to record things on their mobiles and then post them on here on on youtube. Also thank you to everyone who sits and updates the match day threads. My Saturday mornings at 9am ( 6 hours behind here ) consists of me clicking the refresh button every 5 seconds, desperate to see that word Yeeeeeesssssssssssss. So onto tonight's game and as several posts have implied the 1st half was the longest, most nervous I have felt watching the owls. Credit to Brighton cause they really did throw the kitchen sink at us in those first 20mins. We couldn't keep hold of the ball and it seemed that every tackle resulted in a free kick in a very dangerous area. Now there are other threads discussing the ref etc so my only comment on that would be I felt he was playing up to the crowd, and seemed to give them a lot of very soft free kicks, but I did think we gave the ball away far to easily and did jump into some tackles, especially the free kick that led to their goal. Now onto the positive,I think the half time team talk and re organisation by CC has to be recognised and for me won us the game. Yes the players were immense, but CC changed the whole shape and outcome of the game. It was obvious that he directed the midfield and forwards to press much higher up the pitch and bringing on Hutchinson really took some balls. Not played for months and likes a tackle to say the least. We could all be sat here now talking about another dismissal for Hutchinson, as the crowd were baying for a sending off and the ref seemed to want to please them. But no we are going to Wembley cause Carlos got his team back into the game and nullified the pressure we had been under. One other thing I have read and seen a lot of is the foul by Hooper for our goal, but just watch it again, it is Hooper who is given a little nudge from behind which leads to him touching Dunk. Anyway who gives a flying f..........k we are going to Wembley !!!!!!!! Well done Carlos and well done to the players. Thank you again from a very happy Mexican owl to all you Wednesdayites who keep us FANS overseas updated and entertained WAWAW every where around the World
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