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  1. Richie Wellens took over at Swindon 2018 Christmas time when they were looking like relegation fodder. he got them mid table in his first (Half) season. By the time football stopped In March (his 2nd season) they were flying & crowned champions. I was willing to give Monk time but this Team is awful to watch. Need a change soonish.
  2. don’t come on here with your sensible answers... there’s just no need to facts or genuine observations pal.
  3. I thought he bought new hair with Fletch... ??
  4. A lot of praise for Fox on here. are we hoping he stays on with an extended contract (I’ve read it as he turned down short contract) or hoping he goes ??? i would rather him stay than leave us short. He’s been a diff player this season.
  5. Messing up Eric Cantona Messing up Gerard Houlier But my biggest frustration is easily messing up the Play Off semi v Hudds. they had some useless kid in goal & we decided not to shoot for 90 mins 😡
  6. I think he means only 1 person can wear them at a time
  7. I know.... that’s why I said orange.
  8. I think he means the ORANGE trim
  9. would he bring Steve Bruce back
  10. I just see him as a player that offers something different. Impact from the bench. He plays for the badge & the shirt. I can’t say that for many 1st teamers lately.
  11. It was maybe a yr ago that people were saying we had too many forwards. think it was 7.... now we could be left with just Rhodes Morgan Fox, Atdhe Nuhiu, Fernando Forestieri, Steven Fletcher are the ones id offer a contract to, but FF and SF would need a pay cut or pay as you play type deal.
  12. If we want to get results & get players fighting for the shirt then Bruce is the type of guy we need. if we’re too stubborn / hold grudges instead of treating it like a business then we’ll end up in EFL1. The fact that a prem team wanted our boss shows how good he is. although I agree that DC prob won’t go back after how it ended.
  13. MC had 70% possession vs Villa. I doubt we’ll get anywhere near 30% even if we were in decent form
  14. if Derby can bang 3 in by half time, imagine how many Man City are going to smash past him. Liverpool have won the league so I imagine MC will go all out to get this cup as consolation.
  15. if Derby can bang 3 in by half time, imagine how many Man City are going to smash past him. Liverpool have won the league so I imagine MC will go all out to get this cup as consolation.
  16. I’ve listed this on eBay but thought I’d mention it here too in case anyone’s interested http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=133318424538&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229508&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  17. I think I’m right at the edge - ready to go over. the players have no passion. They get paid stupid money win/ lose/ draw. they don’t need to try. They may get a big bonus for achieving promotion but they’re rich anyway. maybe they want to stay Championship and at least win the odd game rather than get hammered each wk in Prem. they were up for the battle vs Brighton (prem op) or Leeds (top of table) but Wigan & Blackburn ???? W T flip ???? actually, what did push me over the edge l**ds losing 2-0 at half time. mud winning 1-0. only for us to lose 2-1 / L**ds to win 3-2 they saw the problem & came out fighting, we sat back & let Wigan win instead of hammering them.
  18. GKs get blamed & scrutinised over how many get let in... even tho it’s the defending that usual leads to the goal. if Dawson let’s in 2 and say Fletcher misses 2. Its the GK that people turn on. i know fletch is injured before any ITKers point that out just saying you can’t blame Dawson alone
  19. Wednesday - Ball number 4
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