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  1. .... because you’re a pessimist ?
  2. it will be from a supermarket with Ray Parlour / John Barnes doing the draw as shoppers go about their business
  3. THURSDAY at 7pm live from Morrisons, near Wembley
  4. https://teamer.net/ this is app is similar. It’s what my lads team use. Once it’s set up (all parents or players) notifications get sent to your phone / device. For training, games, directions, times, fixture changes, who’s available/unavailable.
  5. 7 of these played at Wembley in the 15/16 season. We really do need to input some youth & fresh faces
  6. looking at these guys ages, they all had at least a 3 yr contract
  7. Keepers keep on going longer than players - yesterday Robert Green (38) and Petr Cech (37) both retired. Shilton & Ogrizovic played on until their 40s. A keeper of KW standard easily has years left in him
  8. only the first word, no idea what the rest of it means
  9. Winnal. just doesn’t get a look in Rhodes. can’t see him regaining his old form Pelupessy. had maybe 2 good games in a year JVA. not championship quality Joao. consistently inconsistent
  10. https://tenor.com/view/small-ken-jeong-community-too-small-to-read-read-gif-5494204
  11. I voted for BB as as exciting as FF is, BB has a better song
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