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  1. Well done JR. keep this going til end of season.
  2. I’d say our main problem is that the refs insist on playing til 90 minutes. But if they’d just blow at 80, we’d all go home happy.
  3. One off game in about 100. give him some slack. he’s been running this team most weeks for last couple of years
  4. I still think we need to look to lower leagues to get a proven goal scorer. swindon have Doyle on loan (from Bradford) and he’s scored about 20 this season. admittedly he’s 31 and not the young hungry pacey chap we need, but there’s players out there who have scored more than all our attackers put together. ..... and he’d be cheap
  5. Is there any news on Wildsmith ? i know he got injured months ago but not heard anything since about his return or recovery.
  6. There are loads of fantastic players in lower leagues. I live in a town 30mins away from Forest Green, Cheltenham & Swindon. I usually watch FGR but have been to all 3 stadiums in the last year... J Mills, E Adams, L Thomas, L Shep, could all play at a higher level. Swindon have Doyle who scores for fun they also have Diagouraga who’s decent. Chelt have good attacking players and have probably best goal diff outside Championship. I’d say they’re worth a gamble... lower wages, know the EFL, passionate
  7. how can a professional footballer be so poor at corners ?? The ball is still, he’s got time to pick a spot, have a run up...
  8. I didn’t think we looked like winning. silly free kicks & fouls given away. when we scored with about 10 mins to go, I still thought Blackburn would nick a draw.... unfortunately the nicked all 3 ffs
  9. Fletch of course. Pleased for Baz & Reach should've also included Westwood Palmer Hutch Borner Harris and maybe a few others
  10. looks like SYP / SAG been restricting Hull fans too. Empty stadium !!!!
  11. is he on OwlsTalk ?? 2 years seems excessive for foul language doesn’t it ??
  12. I reckon his address is in Bedford. But if Jon Cutts could just barrow it down a bit. Also, what’s your National Insurance number pls ??
  13. A few ‘upsets’ tonight. Glad I didn’t put an acca on as I’d be way off. Oxford. Burton. Colchester. Sunderland. All beat Prem teams Reading & Rochdale went close too.
  14. Some teams do use a throw in coach. I read that Liverpool started using one last season & sniggered, thinking “these guys are professionals?” but maybe there is something in it. I think Klopp claimed the T I coach would get an extra 10-20 goals per season. I don’t know the stats of how many LFC goals came from throws, but look at their recent successes. Last night was painful to watch. I know new players coming in over regulars, I know a new coach has come in so I’m not bashing them, but we’re way off Prem levels for those thinking we’ll get promotion
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