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  1. j17tjp

    QPR Restricted View

    Went last year on a Restricted View ticket. Unfortunately the view was perfect and I got to see QPR put 4 past us
  2. Keyword is complacency i was at Bristol City away maybe 2 or 3 seasons ago. Sure they were practically bottom but beat us 4-1 !!! I’m sure CC said they turned up thinking they’d already won, fielded a weaker side & was made to pay the price
  3. j17tjp


    ahhhh why have you posted my PIN number ????
  4. j17tjp

    Adam Reach and FFP

    Sky commentators said last night that we’d turned down a £9m offer from a prem team. Anyone know who that was ?
  5. its not a photo i can tell it’s BB to be fair, not sure why he’s not got his teeth in tho
  6. are we able to do an emergency loan and get Butterfield back ?
  7. slightly off topic @infoman but which bits of Young Ones were filmed there? is the student house still standing ?
  8. Ok, here’s what I could find about Dover Athletic 3 kits, yellow white & blue the represent the beach, the cliffs, the sea. Hope this helps
  9. j17tjp

    Gary Cahill Linked

    I’m guessing he’d change it to MongMong Goolagong
  10. j17tjp

    Gary Cahill Linked

    Cahill was captain tonight. I cant see him leaving a Prem winning team to join us unless we’re top 2 & cruising
  11. j17tjp

    Gary Cahill Linked

    he’s still a great player. I know he’s not getting game time st CFC but that’s because they have so many great players available. They’re right at the top of the Prem and I think they’ll finish top 2. GC is older and possibly had slowed down a bit, but he can still cut it with the top clubs. Mad much as I’d like someone like him in our team, he’ll cost a lot, and just see out his career somewhere, like Terry wanting a big payday to see off his final season(s)
  12. j17tjp

    FIFA 19 Ratings

    Someone show this to Jos hell be fuming that Dawson is lower than Westwood
  13. j17tjp

    Missing Joey

    Joey sits back and lets B.B. push forward. Last night (I was only able to watch 2nd half) but we were 2 down & Barry was playing in Defence. JP allows him to move on & attack, so we were missing Joey last night, no matter what anyone says. Baz is outstanding but he was restrained last night
  14. I genuinely don’t know who Dom Howson is. Even a quick ‘google’ didn’t shed much light.