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  1. So is this just in Manchester ?? Or all youth leagues ?? The rule about players must retreat to own half if GK has the ball is a bit mental. 2 min-sin-bin could be a good shout for some gobby little teenage attitudes
  2. I'd stick. a) who's available to take over seriously ? b) we haven't been playing as bad as ppl want to believe, we've had had pens not given we've had clear goals called offside weve lost the captain - best one CC has even known we've lost FF who can turn a game we've lost GK who has been outstanding in last cpl of years gk replaced with Wildsmith, who is still a good choice, but makes rookie mistakes captain lost and replaced with a brand new player, still settling into new club/country effing WAWAW !!!!!!!!!!
  3. A big problem I have with the Megastore (is not going to be an issue for majority) but I live 3 hours away from a Hillsboro' which means waaay down south in Gloucestershire, there is zero swfc merch. so I try and get to about 10-15 games per season, yet I cannot find anything decent to buy.... just a few souvenirs for my work or home as I'm a proud(ish) Owl... plus there's a few piggy utd fans local to me. Id be happy to spend decent money on decent items, but they had a few golfing items, bedroom door signs & over priced last seasons kit... Swindon Town is the closest stadium to my house, they have an official shop, that's always stocked up with decent things... except they're red !!! i thought this Joe Palmer was going to change everything ???
  4. We need to see the graph that compares the last cpl of seasons with now just to see where our current form is taking us....
  5. What do YOU want from SWFC?

    I want that team that destroyed L**ds to play every week... not just once per season. They played Norwich last season and cheaper prices would be good too
  6. 11 points is a fair expectation. 3 wins 2 draws
  7. New kit for sale!

    It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.... nothing at all... nothing at all...
  8. New Sheffield Wednesday Home Shirt

    all you people thinking it'll be £20 may have a bit of a shock, come March when it's finally released.... last seasons kit is still £55 and that hasn't been worn for about 6 months ...and then there's the PO final shirt still for sale - even tho they should've been given away 2 yrs ago
  9. New Sheffield Wednesday Home Shirt

    It's possibly been asked in other various topics.... but what happened to the 3rd kit? I saw the 'fan made' design, then have seen/heard nothing since. anyone on here know?
  10. Hooper - Waste of a Shirt...

    Or wrongly ruled out as offside
  11. Have another look

    Could've / should've been another 6-0 drubbing
  12. The Kit

    I thought 'made in house' shirts meant they were easier to get hold of !?!?!? I really wish wish we just went with a proper company. Even Nike or adidas would've given us a stripey template shirt
  13. I said after Sunday, you can't just blame CC. Westwood was at fault (but if he was playing through fractured ribs then a) it shows passion but b) he shouldn't of been on the pitch) Jones plays like a crab Rhodes doesn't get a chance / service Pudil I thought was having a decent run (cb or lb) but seems to be dropped so we've got a new partnership in front of injured Gk after Wednesday night I too thought I can't stand this anymore, enough is enough. But Hoopers goal should've stood, it would be a different story. I dont know who is better than CC at the moment to take charge, but you can't blame 1 person when there are defenders not defending, attackers not attacking & midfield going side to side back to keeper back to side (repeat)
  14. Our weak left flank.

    Where was Pudil yesterday ? I know he got burgled a few days ago, was this why he wasn't selected ? Or is he just out of favour ?