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  1. Very proud of that performance tonight. I really thought about traveling, but it’s a hell of a trek, and I thought they’d steamroll us (especially after today’s results) so I’d decided to watch it on sky & save myself 10hours of motorway. Anyway.... after watching Sky, I wish I had travelled. Very optimistic for SB and next season. We were unlucky not to get something at Villa & Leeds, and unfortunate Vs Norwich
  2. I thought this was going to be an update from the Ref after he let Norwich play until they’d scored. I bet bet they’re bumming him right now
  3. Reece Brown - Forest Green Rovers a class player, plying his trade in L2. I’d love him in the middle. Can defend, attack, assist, score, has bags o’pace.
  4. a United fan on Sky Sports, just said WE’RE ALL WEDNESDAY ARENT WE ?!?
  5. Pigs struggling with the run in see you in the playoffs !!!!
  6. Fingers crossed SB has a mole at villa who will leak the team sheet a few days early... I’d say take it to them, if you give Villa space then they’re really good at keeping the ball & pressing teams
  7. Drenthe & May had high hopes for Stevie but just never got going
  8. ‘Fans’ still knock him weekly, but I don’t think he ever gives up. Hes not athleticly built, but he gets about & if he’s not scoring, he’s setting up goals, he’s holding the ball up. Love him !!
  9. Yeah im not knocking the club, I was agreeing that the club using social media to reach out to extra ‘casual’ fans can’t be a bad thing. Get everyone fired up. If the crowd starts off hot, the players get the buzz
  10. Dont need social media barrage as such, but it can’t hurt to get the fans fired up & wanting to turn up to see Blackburn get stuffed
  11. I don’t.... it’s been erased from my memory
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