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  1. I've said this since that night... Hudds had a totally inexperienced GK and we sat back and went for a nil nil Total waste
  2. Where do you live? I'm 25 mins from FGR so would go quite often to watch them. Food is amazing there. Best food I've had at any stadium
  3. Really wish we took Mccarthy when he was available.
  4. I love Hillsborough, love the traditional older grounds, but if we moved to a new improved ground I wouldn't be against it. Lots of clubs have (spurs man.city brentford arsenal westham etc etc) Football is a big business these days No room for sentiment. Move with the times or get left behind... MK Wednesday anybody?
  5. Did Bennet play for us (Cardiff scorer) Not sure if same guy but think he was in our 'Wembley' season...?
  6. agree with that, big players such as Pogba or Hazard haven’t had as much success since changing teams. id say a couple of years back Hazard was in the top 5 footballers.... he went to Spain and has dropped incredibly. makes no difference on how they were, it’s how they push on & fit in the new team. Like the square peg / round hole scenario.
  7. I can’t see how Grobbelaar is in that list of great WEDNESDAY keepers I can’t think of him ever playing apart from maybe a reserve game
  8. Fairly sure it’s because every time they’d lay on the floor, the ref would give them a ball and let them have a free kick
  9. Watched Marine v Spurs earlier, annoyed me how “professionals” millionaires fall over at every opportunity - while the part time players stay upright
  10. I could prob just google it but did Carlos & Monk both went after the same match
  11. Slaven Bilic will be looking for a job according to the rumour mill
  12. Swansea are up near the top, but if we can sneak a win, we could climb out of the relegation places on GD
  13. Fairly sure he’ll sign Charlie Adam to ping the long ball up to Crouchy. Rory Delap in defence. you heard it here first
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