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  1. Just had a look at these, I was out bid. Good luck to everyone else. 4 days to go
  2. Bannan is the problem

    Bannan is the top passer in the Championship if you think he's the problem, im not sure you've been to many games
  3. isnt it to 'keep things fresh' ?? If if it was the same blue & white stripes every yr, they'd never make £££ so by changing its layout, earns them big bucks also, I like that puma / Sanderson shirt from mid-late 90s, although Man U had a similar away kit at same time, that was the only thing that I remember disliking about it....
  4. if we’re looking for loans, there was a kid (17ish) I watched playing for Chelsea v Everton in cup recently. Ethan Ampadu - defender but very comfortable on ball. Looked like Nathan Ake & was convinced it was him until I read the program chelsea love loaning out their younsters, he’d be class in Championship
  5. so close to being Chelsea v Wednesday
  6. Who's the player in the tracksuit that hugs Hooper (after his 2nd goal) ?
  7. I've bid.... only cos it's cheaper than online prices
  8. are we stuck with Elev8 as long as DC is here? Im assuming we would be as it's his company & must help with FFP but it ruins the shirt... why oh why can't we have a real company
  9. Man of the match v Reading?

    I’d give everyone a 5 apart from Bazza who I’d say maybe 7 as he kept going when no one else could be arsed
  10. Just Got Back

    I thought Lee Bazza Reach were all ok today. The lino was dreadful giving free kicks & throwins a little biasly. But apart from being cold, I don’t remember any other emotion
  11. Waste of an afternoon at least play for the fans that turn up. A goal would’ve made it bearable
  12. 96 minutes.... 1 attempt on target. Too defensive
  13. What if we win?

    If Nuhiu had come on instead of Rhodes, he’d of buried that header