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  1. j17tjp

    Team for Sunderland

    I actually doubt we’ll see him play for us again tbh. Unless there’s red cards / injuries etc.
  2. j17tjp

    Team for Sunderland

    in recent years Westwood would get rested for these games & CD or JW would get a game / bench. So im assuming Westwood will at least be on the bench for this match i expect JVA and Palmer to play. Prob Jones, Matias, Boyd to all start the match
  3. j17tjp

    #SWFC Megastore Improving

    I can give a shout out to the online shop. In a moment of weakness I splurged for a new away shirt.... it was delivered today. That’s less than 24 hours was really pleased when the postman delivered it so soon
  4. Now Chelsea don’t want Butland stoke might not be in for Westwood i don’t want him to go to a Champ team but I do think we could cash in. We’re not going to get promoted this year so maybe start the rebuild. Get the young hungry lads into the team & build up the ‘pashun’ like the filth did eurrgghhhh I can’t believe I’m hoping we get what they had
  5. j17tjp


    Can’t we just do a straight swap with a Stoke. Theyre already resigned to losing Butland. They want Westwood. Simple answer
  6. j17tjp

    I have a question of westwood

    I think Jones is wearing number 3 again tho
  7. about 3 out of 10. Not looking forward to deadline day at all.
  8. KW wasnt on the new gk promotional pics was he ? Cant be bothered to google it. if KW is to be sold, I’d hope CD is first choice. However, KW is our best keeper, and one of our best players. Lets hope we we can keep the big names and push on this season. His 17 clean sheets that he had recently was obviously why we finished so well, having him injured left us at the wrong end of the table for most of last season.
  9. j17tjp

    Tickets bought online

    do you accept Nectar points ?
  10. j17tjp

    Thoughts After Today

    What was final score / scorers today ?
  11. Quick, get Hunt warmed up........ oh !
  12. I haven’t read all the comments here. It’s already 5 pages in. KW is a standout keeper in this league. If we lose him, it’ll be a big knock. But Dawson is getting more first team action and top class opponents. KW might just be rested, ready to stop Wallace / Wigan. But if he leaves us, it frees up more cash. Not every situation means Wednesday will face relegation y’know. We’ve still got a great squad who can push on. Lots of youngsters coming through too.
  13. do you mean each or between them ??