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  1. no, but even more so I mean. short careers for a footballer so some would sit on the bench for more money than play L2 for less money
  2. if L1 & L2 do a salary cap, then I can see prem / champ teams poaching academy players with lure of money
  3. Elliot Frear was signed for free then given away for free by Forest Green Rovers... i saw him play in League2 a few times - his signing softens the blow ?? in that case, I don’t think we’re missing Clare at Wednesday 😑
  4. Am I right in thinking that Abdi never tricked anyone else into paying him a wage after he left The Wednesday ?
  5. if he could sort out the defending then it’s a thumbs up from me. c’mon JT make us great again.
  6. 11 years .??? Christ how old is this guy ?
  7. “there’s a shuttlecock up there”
  8. I don’t have ifollow so not seen any of today’s game. How did we let 5 in ? poor GK ? Bad defensively ? poor formation ? fulham just too good ? people don’t want to lose the hearing & docked points, but from what Ive seen this year, we are L1 standard
  9. Richie Wellens took over at Swindon 2018 Christmas time when they were looking like relegation fodder. he got them mid table in his first (Half) season. By the time football stopped In March (his 2nd season) they were flying & crowned champions. I was willing to give Monk time but this Team is awful to watch. Need a change soonish.
  10. don’t come on here with your sensible answers... there’s just no need to facts or genuine observations pal.
  11. I thought he bought new hair with Fletch... ??
  12. A lot of praise for Fox on here. are we hoping he stays on with an extended contract (I’ve read it as he turned down short contract) or hoping he goes ??? i would rather him stay than leave us short. He’s been a diff player this season.
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