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  1. a patchy North stand looks crap on red button. SAG / SYP out
  2. No Atdhe on the bench I thought he’d bully Butterfield & Bree
  3. looking for their first win.... say no more - Butterfield to get a hat full tonite
  4. so a win / 3pts tonite and it’s our best start yet. Unlucky not to take a point from Millwall, need to make those chances count tonite.
  5. Same. Was just looking online & saw Reach with a yellow Chansiri on front. I had no idea. I can’t see the numbers either tho. Still looks beautiful tho even with my dodgy eyes
  6. Barns must be licking their (sisters) lips, knowing they beat Fulham & seeing we don’t have KW available. They’ll be crossing all 12 fingers that they go top tomorrow after 6 out of 6 points
  7. Genuinely no idea who this is. Dont really follow Scottish footy. Anyone ITK on what he’s like ?
  8. I remember many yrs ago when Torres went to Chelsea, someone who worked there told me they’d made close to his fee through shirt sales. Theres big money in big players. Derby could take it in & not register with FFP if he’s classed as a coach
  9. when Burys close neighbours are peeing £80m on one player, it’s sad times for such an old club. I don’t know what the solution is, other than the other 91 have a whip round. Or everyone that wins big on Rowett becoming boss gives all profit to Bury
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