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  1. j17tjp

    Harry Redknapp

    ..... and Crouchy
  2. j17tjp

    Which Vegetable?

    sprouts mexicané
  3. j17tjp

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Swindon Town away
  4. j17tjp

    Matthew Le Tissier

    Get him signed up better late than never !!!!
  5. Sky commentary is very biased they love the bacon
  6. these are the games that I usually look forward to each season (even tho I’m not going to this one) ....... but I’m feeling very under whelmed by SWFC at the moment.
  7. I heard that Jos saw the table at half time & wanted to knock the Pigs off the top. Its all tactical get Norwich top. Let them win. yesterday was the first step in the PIGS fall. we will be their second !!!!!!! WAWAW
  8. j17tjp

    What happened during halftime?

    Peed me right off - I’m over 2 hours away. It was a 5 hour journey for that performance those 3 goals were so quick - no idea what was said to our team at half time but they obvs didn’t like it
  9. j17tjp

    What we could do with

    We don’t need a time machine chapman is still alive. And he’s only 58. And a free agent. Offer him a deal
  10. j17tjp

    Sell Reach?

  11. I wondered the same .... they only show Top 5 in champ, L1 & L2. Didn’t bother looking at Prem
  12. j17tjp

    Commercial department missing a trick

    I don’t think ppl bother with dvds anymore do they? I havent had one set up for a few years. All tv / movies are streamed at home. Its a real space saver too
  13. j17tjp

    QPR Restricted View

    Went last year on a Restricted View ticket. Unfortunately the view was perfect and I got to see QPR put 4 past us
  14. Keyword is complacency i was at Bristol City away maybe 2 or 3 seasons ago. Sure they were practically bottom but beat us 4-1 !!! I’m sure CC said they turned up thinking they’d already won, fielded a weaker side & was made to pay the price