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  1. j17tjp

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    Starting today, live from New York
  2. I really like this badge. Can’t believe L**ds didn’t use it. Might send End it to DC, see if he can swap it for some tuna
  3. j17tjp

    Pig game Tickets

    Agree. I cant get there on mon eve. Finish work too late. Work Tuesday morn. Live too far away. SATURDAY 3pm !!!!!!! SKY
  4. j17tjp

    club crest

    It took time to grow on me, but I do love the new badge. The ‘minimal’ owl does look very dated now
  5. j17tjp

    Good odds?

    Or win £56.56
  6. j17tjp

    Play-off push

    I’d love us to have a go. The feel good factor & buzz around Wednesday after CC got us to Wembley was why we’re all here. Football bringing thousands of people together. I do feel we’ve left it too late this season with the JL fiasco. Not playing our best available players cost us points. Dawson is good, but KW is better. I’m pleased some of the academy lads got to play but ultimately I think it cost us far too many points. Bruce is a class manager. He’s switched on. And studied under Fergie, let’s see what he can do but I think POs are out of reach for now
  7. j17tjp

    Good odds?

    BETFRED has 100/1 for us to be promoted this season. i whacked 56p on that bad boy
  8. j17tjp

    New terrace chant

    Hope you washed your hands
  9. j17tjp


    Blummin eck. Were miles off the Prem if we can’t beat second string Chelsea but.... Bournmouth smash 4 past first team
  10. I still can believe he got 70min Vs Chelsea, when we had FF MM and LJ sat waiting on bench
  11. j17tjp

    VAR - Handball?

    ... then how’d you keep it so warm in here? we make love
  12. j17tjp

    Celebrity Tango

    He’s a movie star now !! Saw him in All Wednesday on the big screen
  13. j17tjp

    FA Investigation:

    Whoever threw those items at their players, are scum. We dont need to resort to that sort of tinpot behaviour. Whats it achieved ? Its embarrassing for the decent fans, the club, the millions watching on tv & reading about it.
  14. I was sitting in a rather swanky restaurant eating a Big Mac & Fries, there were some Chelski fans there who were talking about the game, but they weren’t fussed. Knew they’d win. Knew their players would be rotated. Just a late game against a mid level champ club. When we got that penalty, I knew it would be what we needed.... only for that poopydoo to VAR it woulda coulda shoulda changed everything
  15. I bet FF would have less sendings off, if we always had VAR