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  1. We are gonna get thrashed.

    I genuinely think it'll be a tense / close game that will finish 2-1 with a late goal (80+ mins) but I couldn't say who to....
  2. Let's hope Westwood gets a decent nights kip
  3. I've told you 1029478284727 times, not to exaggerate !!!
  4. Early Favourites

    I honestly think L**ds will get auto. They look good, even after losing Wood to Burnley. But as mentioned already still a lot of games to go
  5. Rhodes and Bannon celebration

    Barrie Bannum played very well
  6. As per title http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41239042
  7. The "point" gives us chance to fill it from all sides. Especially when we're in the Prem and the ground sells out against the big teams. I mean its not rocket science is it?
  8. Why can't we stick away fans in NW corner , and home fans get the rest?
  9. Were the player at the 150 dinner? Did anyone see the younger Hirst? As much as I hate the thought of it, I think he won't be an Owl this time next season. Something has unsettled them & he doesn't appear to want to sign an extension
  10. Ahhh i didn't go to that game. My work hours usually mean very few night games (unless I get next day off)
  11. Are we really a point better off ? I remeber beating Villa, draw vs Norwich then was it losing to Leeds ? I was sat there thinking we'd destroy them but we never really got going. This season seems so slow & we're already out of the cup, let's hope Forest slip up as they've been doing well.
  12. S H E E F I E L D
  13. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    Pretty sure one of the kits has stripes