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  1. Owls v Villa?

    Roll on Tuesday night when we’re back to the 8:05 kick off !!!!
  2. it’s cheaper to buy them in club shop. £250 for Reach shirt... good cause tho. Happy to help out the Hospital WAWAW
  3. 19% for B.B. 1st place has 33% tho
  4. the classic England Xmas Tree formation wildsmith upfront tho
  5. is Hunt playing or watching ???
  6. Oh...... not the best team sheet I’ve ever seen
  7. Sky Pundit Predictions

    Both home teams won yesterday..... is that a good sign ? both Prem teams knocked out Champ opposition.... that's not a good sign ! what were Sky's predictions ?
  8. Young George

    Let's hope his birthday wish was to knock Carlos out (of the cup)
  9. Good Luck Dawson. A good stage for him to showcase on. Anyone whos lacking a bit of faith in CD should remember that Wildsmith played vs Arsenal & kept a clean sheet in cup 2 seasons back. So there’s no reason CD can’t step up to a Prem team
  10. Swansea tickets..

    about 320mile round trip for me & the boy pleeeeeeeeeeease let it be worth it
  11. February Fixtures

    I can’t see us getting anything from Derby, Villa or Swans. Bleak times ahead
  12. So......

    who the F is fishcake ?
  13. 100% Waddle for me too. Both my brothers are Spurs fans (we live darn sarf so I’m the odd one out) but I grew up in the late 80s / early 90s. Waddle was amazing for Spurs, and England in World Cup (apart from 1 kick) so when he came back to England, and the Prem was just starting out, I was hooked on Chris Waddle. Followed Owls since about 93, although I did kind of switch off during the wilderness years of early 2000s. But even after CW had gone, the premiership had gone, I’m still an Owl through & through. WAWAW