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  1. No worries, Chansiri is on the phone to the EFL as we speak sorting out our points deduction. Clean slate next year.
  2. 2012?? Feels like an age ago since they came down...
  3. Totally agree. He outsmarted and outmanouvered Carlos at Wembley and he has the footballing intelligence to put together a side who prey on the oppositions weaknesees. I can't imagine he would have signed if Chansiri didn't have something up his sleeve.
  4. If we beat them to promotion I'm having Wilder's pig sick face at the final whistle tattooed on my arse
  5. "How many times you going to ask me these questions? F'ucking hell, 10, 20 times." We had a lucky escape.
  6. Cromwell Club got some nice stuff, quality was good too
  7. Foook me looks like I've done it on Word
  8. Some things are more important than family.
  9. Beat the Pigs and get promoted and they can all have a go on the wife.
  10. I've had mine booked since July
  11. If only Bruce had come in straight after Carlos. Please please please start next season on form.
  12. I'd shuffle away fans, give them half of Lep closest to South and then use the cheese for a safe standing trial
  13. I got told off by some bloke, never seen him before. The sooner we get safe standing the better.
  14. I remember I totally lost it a couple of years ago when we played Burton Albion at home New Year's Day and got stuffed 0-3. Just went in to a blind rage.
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