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  1. Everton just don't have the same appeal as one of the top sides. Had fortunes been different we could easily have been in the situation they are in now.
  2. I would look at removing the Megastore and gym, turning that car park in to a little "fan zone" with fancy stalls, stuff for kids, maybe a bar and then new turnstiles at the foot of the North Stand for entrance/exit. Then build a West Brom style exit from the away end. (Basically a path that funnels away fans away from the immediate vicinity of the ground for those who haven't been).
  3. Top stuff David. Wonder if it'll make its way on to YouTube?
  4. That's what happens when you get one on the cheap.
  5. Hopefully they will sell out. Can't see us selling many though, not got the same glamour as one of the top 4. 24,000 perhaps.
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