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  1. VBQ24

    Villa on Tour Vid

    "Suuuper John McGinn"
  2. There's currently a thread on the Championship fans Facebook group asking people to name their club's greatest moment. Obviously Forest and Villa have the European Cup, but what would ours be?
  3. VBQ24

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    It'll be a prefab... Wasn't suggesting we'd build a new ground in three months, was using this as an example of the amount of work which needs to be undertaken.
  4. VBQ24

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    Went on the stadium tour a few weeks ago and all the way round the e bloke was pointing out things that would need doing immediately if gained promotion. Including a new tunnel and press area. I hate to say it but I can't see any other outcome other than a move. The tour guide said Chansiri has seen the World Cup plans and is also considering a site at Carbrook and another site close to M1 J35.
  5. VBQ24

    Most memorable game

    Cardiff 2005. Felt like we took over the whole city. I remember being really over excited that I was finally going to be able to watch Wednesday highlights on TV. Hope to see a European game within my lifetime.
  6. Yep, December 2000. We beat QPR 5-2. "Straight back up" they said
  7. Would love to see it, ant more screenings planned or a download?
  8. It's the same everytime I call but it never gets less infuriating.
  9. We'll end up winning the World Cup going off like that!
  10. Perfect excuse for moving to new stadium built fir the World Cup??
  11. Pigs will set out to break his legs from minute one
  12. Stick a roof on and make the away fans sit next to the South if necessary.