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  1. VBQ24

    Meadowhall Shop

    Just make sure we shove all their poo in the back.
  2. You're spot on. All the while tinpot club after tinpot club reach the promised land.
  3. I heard they're going to take Bournemouth, Watford, Brighton, Palace, Cardiff, Huddersfield, Burnley and Fulham out of them Prem and replace them with us, Forest, Leeds, Villa, Portsmouth, Coventry and Sunderland. Oh and relegate the pigs to the conference while they're at it.
  4. I still haven't cancelled my hotel in Wembley.
  5. Give him one of the empty boxes.
  6. I've added it to the list of games I'll look back on, remember going to and laugh when we're playing Bayern Munich in the Champions League.
  7. Great news but DVD, really? It's not 2006...
  8. VBQ24

    clive betts

    They are obsessed / in awe. They can't help themselves even when they're doing better in the league.
  9. VBQ24

    Prediction time

    Probably put him on the honours board
  10. VBQ24

    Derby day coming

    Get battered for 97 minutes but keep it at 0-0, then score a winner out of nowhere. Chaos in the away end, everyone on the pitch, wee wee them right off.
  11. Worked for Rotherham United...
  12. VBQ24

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Got to be Talbot round the keeper for me. It was the first success I'd seen in my five if supporting Wednesday. Also remember being most happy that I'd be able to watch highlights after the game as League One wasn't broadcast at the time and no YouTube... We even had a Playoff-themed mathd lesson the following week at school, all the pig kids looked like they were chewing a wasp.
  13. VBQ24

    Sheffield, city of students

    Can't up vote this enough. I studied in Glasgow and none of the local teams made any effort whatsoever to attract students, including Partick Thistle who are the closest club (about the same distance as from Sheffield Uni to the Stain). And they were in the SPL at the time. All the non-locals went to watch Celtic as they were doing better at the time but can't say I was 'converted'. As others have said I think the best plan would be to give out free tickets in primary schools. Friends with young kids have been taking them to Hillsborough regularly before they start school because they're worried about them bringing home free United tickets and then them having to explain why they can't go.
  14. VBQ24

    World cup bid 2030

    I don't buy this British Isles Bid idea. England is one of the few countries in the world that could host the newly expanded World Cup on its own. Over the summer it was plain to see all the other home nations hate us when it comes to football, but they're willing to share a tournament with us. I wonder why that might be... Oh yeah, it's because they have ZERO chance of hosting without us. England could and should host alone and as the home of football Sheffield should feature prominently in that bid.