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  1. Best I've seen live was Rhodes when he scored 4 for Huddersfield.
  2. He was injured during Euro 2004. Still got his autograph underneath South Stand.
  3. Park at Middlewood, Meadowhall or Halfway depending on which is best and get the tram. Got big new housing estates nearby if the car park is full.
  4. I bought a training hoody, £24.50 reduced from £49. Pleasantly surprised by the quality.
  5. Sounds like your lad has been properly indoctrinated. Well done.
  6. All out war. Just been helping our lads set up their barbed wire.
  7. Hopefully this is a polite way of explaining what Westwood actually said: "Fooook off you tinpot barsteds"
  8. Spot on. We a team who have proved they know how to bottle big games. Look at pig squad, their star players do it week in week out. We need players able to turn up and do the job on a weekly basis.
  9. I fancy a Scottish tour.
  10. It's a shame we can't have stalls selling next season's kits at the last home game.
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