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  1. Stadium location?

    A name like that echoes the American sporting model in which supporters are just another set of consumers.
  2. Stadium location?

    There's the Spoons in Chap
  3. Stadium location?

    Main issue is that site is all part of a steep hill.
  4. Stadium location?

    Everything that's wrong with modern football
  5. Stadium location?

    Exactly, we don't want to do what those clubs and so many others have done and end up with a boring, souless out of town stadium.
  6. Stadium location?

    I think realistically any new stadium would be near the motorway network, as one of the main issues with the current site is traffic/revenue in the week. Hate to say it buy I can see it being off the Parkway across from the Mercure.
  7. Most Expensive SWFC Item

    Programme signed by Wayne Rooney when we played against Everton preseason 04-05. Cost nothing but valuable to me getting it signed as a kid.

    Survive this season and then get rid. Bring in an experienced British managed preferably with experience of promotion from this league.
  9. Let say we beat Swansea

    Oh right didn't realise, my bad. Looks like we'll have to settle for just the two trips then
  10. Let say we beat Swansea

    Spurs away replay, semi and final
  11. Let say we beat Swansea

    We could end up playing at Wembley three times if we're not careful.
  12. League 1

    We We said that about this season
  13. No chance, that says that a top flight game kicked off at 3pm on a Saturday.