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  1. VBQ24

    We are popular in Rovrum

    Same with all the other clubs in South Yorkshire, their existence is only relevant as long as they can be in envy of us. It's just a symptom of being the biggest club in the area, Leeds and Villa get it as well.
  2. I think there is a danger with safe standing that it becomes the "singing section" and everywhere else becomes a bit dead. (What I've been told by a few Celtic fans) I still support it though, surely the NW corner would be the obvious choice. Currently bringing in no revenue so prices could be cheaper, about the right size and ng obstructing anyone's view.
  3. I'd spend the game on the concourse.
  4. VBQ24

    Weirdest Wednesday goals

    The other year playing Man City, reigning Champions of England at the Etihad. We'd lost 7-0 to them just three months before. You steps Adthe Nuihu who smashes it past Caballero into the bottom corner. Absolute pandemonium. I always remember the steward directly in front of us shouting to his colleagues 'Oi, you two! Get on that barrier in case these score again!"
  5. VBQ24

    I'm ready

    I remember Forestieri racing towards their goal, looking over his shoulder at Hooper who was desperately trying to keep up. If only.
  6. VBQ24

    Creating new fans...

    Interestingly I studied in Glasgow and Rangers nor Celtic or even Partick Thistle did any promotion with the university, despite none of them filling their grounds.
  7. VBQ24

    13 years ago today

    Don't know if it was because of the result but Cardiff seemed much better than Wembley imo. The whole city centre was taken over by Wednesday fans, not just half a shopping centre whilst the rest were spread out.
  8. VBQ24

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    I stand corrected
  9. When and why did the flagpoles go again?
  10. VBQ24

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe ground improvement costs are factored into FFP? Costs would also be a factor generally when all available funds are required.
  11. I suppose you could say would I take 6th place now? Yes I would
  12. Massive step backwards imo, one of the most exciting leagues in Europe being shoved onto an obscure digital channel in its home country, what chance does the league have abroad if people here don't even want to show it. And how am I supposed to watch us wee wee the league??
  13. Don't think I could handle the stress