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  1. Wonder if he'll reduce ticket prices in League One
  2. Attendences are usually higher too.
  3. My first game was QPR at home in December 2000. We won 5-1. "Straught back up" they said
  4. Bloke at work is renewing his passport, he's convinced they'll be in Europe next season. Insufferable atm.
  5. 20 years of abject sh*te. Looked for a time like we were finally out of the woods only to all fall through. In the same time Pigs go from looking like they were headed to League Two to overtaking us for a second spell in the Premier League and looking like they are there to stay. High prices. Little hope of it changing any time soon. People are sick and tired of it.
  6. If we finish 6th then the league is total gash.
  7. My thoughts exactly. No confidence. We score in the last ten minutes and everyone thinks "oh sh*t"
  8. The Rhodes transfer (which us fans, me included, demanded) has been possibly the worst transfer in our recent history when you consider wages and financial situation which is a massive shame. Imo we need to stop wasting time on signing names and look for genuine talent.
  9. Agreed. But I don't think we'll go up for a long time until we have sports psychologists have a proper look at the club.
  10. They seem to have loads of injuries already? Incredible to think they were in the Prem in 2011, feels a lot longer.
  11. They do, they also have a fan base used to watching Premier League football who could easily drop away now theyve been relegated.
  12. This 100%. Despite 20 years of abject poo, despite mismanagement, despite an ageing stadium, despite being 30 miles away from Champions League football every season, despite little promise that things are ever going to change. We are still getting 23,000 fans through the doors week in, week out. Outside Man U, Man C, Liverpool, Villa, Newcastle, Spurs, Arsenal I don't think any of the current Prem would manage this if they suffered what we have. If we went up, stayed there and had the capacity I think we'd get 35,000 to 42,000 every week.
  13. I didn't even get to see that! Hopefully we'll have reached the Premier League by then. It would be nice to think I'll see us play in Europe in my lifetime too.
  14. Just out of interest as this decade is nearly out. We started it with relegation back to League One, mostly forgettable 2011 before promotion back to the Champions in 2012. Had a bogus takeover in 2014 before being bought by Chansiri in 2015 and reaching the Playoff Final in 2016 and Playoffs in 2017. 2018 was dross and 2019 not bad (so far). So, how will the next decade play out and where will be in ten years time?
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