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  1. I think it's inevitable sooner or later
  2. "Dejphon Chansiri, get out of our club" As loud as possible.
  3. My feelings exactly. 20 years for me. In the past we had blind optimism to cling on to, now we know for sure we're going nowhere.
  4. It's not about Monk, it's the fact that we've sat and watched this same scenario play out over and over again and nothing ever changes. The club is a shambles, run by a bloke who is incompetent and unwilling to admit it. Due to this incompetence we have now been left in a situation in which we will be unable to compete for the next 3 years. Meanwhile, the scrubbers who were miles behind us just 5 years ago have built a sustainable club and look an established Premier League outfit capable of challenging for European football. That is why people have had enough.
  5. In all seriousness it would be great to be fan-owned a la Germany.
  6. Best case scenario Chansiri brings in an experienced team of staff to run all aspects of the club from merchandise to recruitment. He goes back to Thailand and waits for the profit to roll in.
  7. This club is badly run in all aspects. Enough is enough.
  8. Irrelevant who we get in until the club's ethos is changed.
  9. My favourite memory as I only started going in 2000. "Talbot, round the goalkeeper..."
  10. When I was growing up Blackburn, Bolton, Charlton and Reading were all Premier League outfits. We idolised their players but were under no illusions as to who was the bigger club.
  11. Didn't realise replays were played at neutral grounds. As has already been said, the fact Arsenal played a full strength squad in not just the first game but all 5 ties shows how much football has changed.
  12. Have to say the cracks are starting to appear.
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