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  1. Bruce turns up at Northampton, Newcastle appoint the French bloke and it was all hearsay.
  2. We see League One again before we see the Premier League. (could well happen imo)
  3. I would imagine he'll need a police escort out of the training ground. Hope even they lose every game (apart from beating the Pigs 5-0 home and away).
  4. The worrying thing is we could be left in a poo situation where Ashley won't pay the compo so Bruce stays. He's unhappy, fans don't like or trust him, broken relationship with the chairman. Then we sack him in February when we're 16th.
  5. Greatest goal in my time supporting Wednesday. All the best Drew.
  6. Ffs Carlos how many accounts do you have on here??
  7. This fooooooking club for fooooooook's sake why does it never go right.
  8. We should be looking to distance ourselves as much as possible from them. It amazes me that some of our fans continue to worship them after they transhed the North Stand and booed our players. Keep their bigotry away from Hillsborough.
  9. Can't wait to see his ugly, pig sick face when they get relegated.
  10. How long has it been since we used the paper tickets, 2005 time? Seems unthinkable nowadays not knowing which voucher it would be till you arrived.
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