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  1. Internationowl

    Revenue Generation

    I've got a 20m extension cord I'm happy to donate. If we all chip in we can make one long enough to plug in at the sty and use their leccy.
  2. Internationowl

    Revenue Generation

    I've considered this in quite some depth now, and i think it's because chansiri couldn't run a bath, let alone a profitable football club. Also if we did go down this route, we'd wee wee tail it right up, in a sort of calamitous Frank Spencer/Laurel and Hardy type fashion.
  3. Internationowl

    Request to #SWFC about the kits online

    Also, can they not be 99 pounds. Thanks.
  4. Internationowl

    Hirst To Meet The CEO?

    I'd have an erection for about a month if that happened.
  5. Internationowl

    What is Sheffield Wednesday?

    It is a whisper in a loved ones ear on a crisp november morning. It is the sound of the ocean hitting the rocks of this glorious nations once mighty empire. It is the pitter patter of tiny feet running through the woodland undergrowth at dusk. It is the sound of silence and the crashing drum of victory. It is a memoir bequeathed to a dear comrade. Never to be read. Always to be cherished. It is. It was. And it when it wasn't it should have probably never been what it was before it was what it is. Ginsters. 3 for a pound.* *while stocks last.
  6. Internationowl

    First time ever

    Can you email me the rest of this story, I'm sure it's a good one just a little busy right now thanks though.
  7. Internationowl

    Form a battle square!!!!!!!!!

    I can't for the life of me figure out why she's an ex missus. Chicks dig total war franchises..
  8. Internationowl

    Form a battle square!!!!!!!!!

    Finally! Some sense.
  9. Internationowl

    Form a battle square!!!!!!!!!

    The foulkon, or testudo, is no longer used in military operations because the formation is very easy to attack against with modern weaponry. It was once considered a useful defensive tactic circa 2000 years ago, but was found to have no pace, width, aggression or attacking intent of any real purpose. Reports from battles involving the foulkon formation suggest it was always a very boring affair, and most battles would end in a "scoreless draw" with no shots at all fired at the enemy, or a defeat for the foulkon in a slightly humiliating fashion. Often, the leader, or "captain" would stand from the foulkon and kick one of the opposing soldiers in the knackers before rejoining the troops. This would inevitably be a highlight of the day.
  10. The irony of posting that on here is quite something..
  11. You're an inspiration. I feel fired up and ready for battle now. I love it. I'll admit that I felt a bit apathetic before, but your positivity, fire and passion have got me pumped!! If only all supporters were similar to you, what a juggernaut we would become! frightening stuff. get this man in the dressing room!! how can we lose!!? chaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggeee!!!!...
  12. Internationowl

    FA Cup Third Round

    Never mind the championship, we struggle to get out of a plastic bowl... I'm available for weddings bamitzvahs and birthday parties.
  13. Internationowl

    George Hirst Saga..

    This SiJ character is clearly one of the biggest morons that use this site (if not the internet itself) so I wouldn't waste your time worrying about what they're writing. Just from coming on here on and off for a year or two, it's easy to figure out who is a bit lonely and chatting absolute bilge, arguing with anyone that'll respond just for their own amusement.
  14. Internationowl

    Well done!

    Was it?