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  1. They can all go for me. I'd probably keep Pudil given the choice. Plus his family are well settled so he'd probably want to stay. Age and any drop in form may mean he leaves though. Interesting to see what Jos decides.
  2. OwlofOliveGrove

    Bottom of the pile

    Personally I think Judd is ready for the first team. Penney not far off. Kirby and Baker close but not quite there for me. Although CK being brought on at the wrong time v. WBA probably reflects unfairly.
  3. OwlofOliveGrove

    Adam Reach and FFP

    C̄hạn mị̀rū̂ ẁā khuṇ kảlạng phūd t̄hụng xarị Oops. I mean, I have no idea what you are talking about.
  4. OwlofOliveGrove

    1st clean sheet predication

    Honestly I think it's as simple as them getting rid of Flint and Reid. It's killed their mojo. No complaints about that going into the weekend, we have a good chance. Also, we know Jack's weaknesses and should try to utilise that fact. Clean sheet, still not holding my breath!
  5. OwlofOliveGrove

    5 points from the last 3

    Let's not sugarcoat it, the final 10 minutes last night was a resounding kick in the nads. Let's hope Jos doesn't make the same mistakes again. We're poised to keep improving. On to the next.
  6. OwlofOliveGrove

    1st clean sheet predication

    When you least expect it. Somewhere like Bristol, away, on a Sunday in October. Seriously though, I can't see it either...but I don't care as long as we score more than the teams we play.
  7. OwlofOliveGrove

    Hutch... Jones..

    Safe to say I am not in the doubtless enormous queue of people eagerly awaiting a David Jones return.
  8. OwlofOliveGrove


    Absolutely, his substitution emptied the midfield for WBA to waltz through. That and the fact Nuhiu not being replaced by Fletch meant we had no target man. Competing at the top of this league will involve needing to shore the leaky defence up though.
  9. OwlofOliveGrove

    Sorry but Jos cost us points

    Absolutely, even if it would have turned his biscuit knees to crumbs.
  10. OwlofOliveGrove

    Adam Reach and FFP

    I'd think about shifting some of the players we're paying out the nose to do nothing for before I considered selling our in-form, fit and potentially season-defining players. As in another thread this morning there is at least £150k a week in wages being wasted on long-time injured or generally unpopular options. Yes the transfer fees wouldn't be as much of a boost but over time there are big savings to be made whilst still developing on the pitch.
  11. OwlofOliveGrove

    Slept on it thoughts

    I agree on CK. Not Kirby's fault but last night was the wrong time to try and blood a small youngster against a side of WBA's size, quality and experience. Playing out from the back we look shaky at best and Tom Lees won't take 30 yards of space if you hand it to him on a silver platter. Joao was my biggest disappointment last night. He came on and after 5 mins was moving like he'd been on since the start. His attitude was appalling as well. Also, Joey should have speared Barnes near the half way line....had a good game otherwise though. Overall I thought we were very good for 85 minutes and I enjoyed it a lot. Just went to pot when Nuhiu and Onomah were taken off because we lost our target man and the midfield.
  12. OwlofOliveGrove

    Last nights attendance

    The Sky monies obviously outweigh the POTG receipts, which is hardly surprising. Some ST holders made the choice to stay home but they won't mind because of the savings over the season. Still disagree with including all ST holders in the attendance figure even if they're not there.
  13. OwlofOliveGrove

    Joey p

    Should have rugby tackled Barnes near half way admittedly, but otherwise I thought he was excellent.
  14. OwlofOliveGrove

    Adam Reach and FFP

    Feck FFP. We shouldn't sell our best players full stop.
  15. OwlofOliveGrove

    Nottingham Forest 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday

    Excellent, Snoots hahaha
  16. 18 points out of them, minimum.
  17. OwlofOliveGrove

    Survival of the Fittest

    Hutch - Apparently has some nice biscuit knees that I could use as a food source. Semedo - Gonna need some positive vibes and motivation so he can quote "Win the Day" to me throughout. Bothroyd - Just want an excuse to hunt the lazy tw@t. Plus, if his Wednesday career is owt to go by it won't be hard work catching him.
  18. OwlofOliveGrove

    If #SWFC could get any player this summer

    Yes, feet firmly on the ground with that one.
  19. OwlofOliveGrove

    What’s happening here then?

    Looks like Norwich are taking revenge for the end of season drubbing by stealing the crest. Could at least have used a plain van.
  20. OwlofOliveGrove

    Goal scoring Midfielders / Defenders

    I miss Big Mig and Reda pushing forward for set-pieces and corners. Properly dangerous. Flint could have been a possibility for us at one point. No way now. Be very surprised if he isn't snapped up by a Prem club in Summer.
  21. OwlofOliveGrove

    Skipper next season

    Lees hasn't got the fire. FF is a little too emotional. Reach has got enough on trying to cover more ground than everyone else. Pudil for me.
  22. OwlofOliveGrove

    Klas Ingesson

    Seen pics of him when he was struggling with his health. Prefer to remember him like this: RIP, Klas.
  23. OwlofOliveGrove


    So you wait until one drops out of form and switch them for the other. Wouldn't hurt Wildsmith to have some competition from Westwood and t'other way round.
  24. OwlofOliveGrove


    I liked Sasso more as it stands...but that's only because he chipped in with a couple of goals. Venancio has potential though, think we should keep him on if possible. Next season he could come into his own!
  25. OwlofOliveGrove


    Players will always have good and bad games. Got to judge him over the season, not one or two games. Wildsmith has had a lot more good than bad, even in some of the losses he's managed to keep the score respectable.