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    Go and get him!

    £250k a week. Cheaper than Abdi.
  2. Having the right to moan why cos its (RUBBISH) That's the most interesting use of/complete lack of grammar I have ever seen. Felt it deserved highlighting.
  3. OwlofOliveGrove

    Hillsborough on Saturday

    This is worth a mention definitely. For example, the entrance music for the team is Arctic Monkeys, which is fine in principal, but they've picked literally the tinniest sounding, twangy tune. They might as well be playing the Benny Hill theme. Come to think of it the Benny Hill theme would probably suit as a soundtrack to us being in possession.
  4. OwlofOliveGrove

    Westwood to Weeds

    Soz if the pope's had a mare but Mirror seem to think KW is off to Leeds on a free. Would explain his involvement in u23's yesterday. I get that we might want to clear him off the wage bill but with no fee at all? That's DC driving the hardest of bargains....with himself.
  5. OwlofOliveGrove

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    Me at the end of this thread:
  6. OwlofOliveGrove

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    Me at the start of this thread:
  7. OwlofOliveGrove

    Westwood starts u23

    Not good.
  8. OwlofOliveGrove

    Westwood starts u23

    "It had been all Crewe 2nd half..."
  9. OwlofOliveGrove

    The year 2018

    I asked them to start on it when Jos joined the club! Only just finished and that's what they've come up with. Also I paid a tenner for them to fetch last year's Christmas tree...that's still here.
  10. OwlofOliveGrove

    The year 2018

    Hired the council to do it.
  11. OwlofOliveGrove

    Birmingham Tickets

    Think it's a bit much to expect this for free.
  12. OwlofOliveGrove

    The year 2018

  13. OwlofOliveGrove

    Fans forum

    An xxxmas photo, if you will.
  14. OwlofOliveGrove

    Fans forum

    Sorry, that's not even close to an apocalyptic enough scenario for me.
  15. OwlofOliveGrove

    Transfers done right

    That's the worry. We ditch Jos only for the approach from further up the management structure to continue as is. What a f*ck*n pickle.
  16. OwlofOliveGrove


    He'll only go if he walks. He won't be sacked no matter how much we all want it. DC doesn't do sackings. Fingers crossed JL senses the general feeling and chucks the towel in (much like the players have).
  17. OwlofOliveGrove


    Overwhelming majority want him gone by this point I imagine. DC won't pull the trigger. He didn't sack CC. He won't sack JL either. Only hope is he walks.
  18. OwlofOliveGrove

    Forestieri Injured...

    Right. I'm getting myself a noose for Christmas.
  19. OwlofOliveGrove

    The amount we concede

    Defensively we are up sh*t creek. A shame as well because attacking we actually have potential.
  20. OwlofOliveGrove

    Could Sam Winnall Go From Villain to Hero ?

    Fairly sure both Winnall and Hooper have now been injured for the equivalent of what someone with a double leg break would have been. Cannot wait to see them both back. Can't see it being in 2018 though.
  21. OwlofOliveGrove


    England u21. Won't get anywhere near our first team. Seriously though, his efforts the last time he played were lacking. Reckon he'd come into his own in a more attacking set up.
  22. OwlofOliveGrove

    We're so rubbish

    Times are hard. This "long term plan" is going to be an enjoyable one.
  23. OwlofOliveGrove

    Pelupessy's Piece Of String

    I know it's tied so hes not allowed over half way, that's plain to see.