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  1. Left wing when he's not being a mard-arse. So about 4 years since.
  2. 13 onwards. Pre-warning - I took a picture of me after I'd read it all:
  3. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/288314-is-this-legitimate/ Look out for WatfordOwl's posts.
  4. He could have had a foot transplant and returned quicker. Hope we can get him back in time to stave off relegation.
  5. Any manager worth their salt who wanted the job would make it absolutely conditional that they run things themselves/with a team they bring in. Anyone who works with what's there already is doomed to fail.
  6. If you write to the club/Chairman I understand they will offer a refund.
  7. Warnock. Don't give a sh*t what anyone thinks about it. We need someone to motivate these losers who isn't scared to shake things up a bit.
  8. Never one to shy away from a maverick hair-do, our Chris. What a legend.....and what a goal the BBC showed him scoring at 59 years old!
  9. To be fair the tuna would probably argue that their rights haven't exactly been considered in this either.
  10. Thought Hutch and his knees had been brought back into contention for a minute.
  11. That attacking 5 ...or 10 come to think of it against us.
  12. I've put £100 on City to win by more than 12 goals. And with the 4p profit I make I'm gonna buy myself a couple of kola kubes.
  13. I presume by "out of his comfort zone" Barry means showing him how to run back to the CB, receive the ball from him from 5 yards away and then pass it back again completely unnecessarily.
  14. We don't need to worry about KDB. Our own players are more than capable of providing assists to the opposition.
  15. Had another stinker again today. He telegraphs what he's going to do so obviously. Little wonder a lot of teams have sussed him and nullify him completely. One of many issues atm.
  16. The only thing I can decipher is that if the taker puts his hands on his head the corner is going nowhere near the box, most likely out of play.
  17. If we can get away woth a 4-4-4 formation I suggest we go for it.
  18. This is the saltiest thread I've read on here in a while. ...and this is OT, it's like the Dead Sea at the best of times.
  19. I dropped this line in a finance meeting at work recently. Think my boss was looking for more actual figures. I stand by the maths though.
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