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  1. OwlofOliveGrove

    What’s happening here then?

    Looks like Norwich are taking revenge for the end of season drubbing by stealing the crest. Could at least have used a plain van.
  2. OwlofOliveGrove

    Goal scoring Midfielders / Defenders

    I miss Big Mig and Reda pushing forward for set-pieces and corners. Properly dangerous. Flint could have been a possibility for us at one point. No way now. Be very surprised if he isn't snapped up by a Prem club in Summer.
  3. OwlofOliveGrove

    Skipper next season

    Lees hasn't got the fire. FF is a little too emotional. Reach has got enough on trying to cover more ground than everyone else. Pudil for me.
  4. OwlofOliveGrove

    Klas Ingesson

    Seen pics of him when he was struggling with his health. Prefer to remember him like this: RIP, Klas.
  5. OwlofOliveGrove


    So you wait until one drops out of form and switch them for the other. Wouldn't hurt Wildsmith to have some competition from Westwood and t'other way round.
  6. OwlofOliveGrove


    I liked Sasso more as it stands...but that's only because he chipped in with a couple of goals. Venancio has potential though, think we should keep him on if possible. Next season he could come into his own!
  7. OwlofOliveGrove


    Players will always have good and bad games. Got to judge him over the season, not one or two games. Wildsmith has had a lot more good than bad, even in some of the losses he's managed to keep the score respectable.
  8. OwlofOliveGrove

    One more for Nuhiu

    He deserves his plaudits does Atdhe. Not sure he deserves 3487 threads mind.
  9. OwlofOliveGrove


    Go on, Shezza. Proper scenes, proper kit. That'll do.
  10. OwlofOliveGrove

    Jos needs to be more animated

    At first I admit I was frustrated that he wasn't tearing seats out from the dugout when we play sh*te....but now I sort of get it, just not his style to "get animated". Got a proper relaxed persona has Jos. If he could just sprinkle in the odd expletive ridden rant or booting of a water bottle at the fourth official that'd be nice.
  11. OwlofOliveGrove

    Barry Bannan faces race against time

    Don't risk him under any circumstances. This season is a write off, the last thing we need is to chuck another injury spanner in the works before next season.
  12. It flew into a window.
  13. It must be otherwise I imagine the club would have issues with it, I'm not sure though. Amazing quality, I can confirm that. Well worth the price.
  14. OwlofOliveGrove


    Best to just expect a return in pre-season and forget about this season. Then if he does make a miraculous appearance before this one is done we can consider ourselves lucky!
  15. Kept it simple.