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  1. Championship Table - 8 points clear

    I agree we should definitely chuck the kitchen sink at the cup. ...but I also want to see us a way further clear of relegation than 8 points. Doubt we'll go down but it'd be nice to keep a 10 point+ buffer.
  2. Almen Abdi back playing

    This thread is a mirage. No way this is true.
  3. Predicting attendances

    Hmm....was "predicting attendances" a suitable name for this thread or would "any reason to lay into other Wednesday fans" not have been more apt?
  4. 1 year ago today

    Not sure the person who made the highlight video actually watched the footage....
  5. Well I have been well and truly mugged off there, havent I?! Cheers for that!
  6. Only we could have a player who injures his tongue. You just couldn't write it at this point.
  7. Jos Anagrams

  8. Sam Hutchinson

    We all know how this is going to go. Hutch returns to our adulation, then 4 minutes in one of the following happens: a) One of his aptly named "biscuit knees" give way like a rich tea in a luke warm brew. b) He cuts someone in half with a two footed lunge following a 30 yard full speed run up during which you can hear the crowd collectively muttering "oh no"........gets a red card and a ban.
  9. Mullering

    Mullering: A term used to describe the rare, but about to be very recent, occurrence when a parliament of Owls violently stuff a similar number of Swans and send their taxidermied forms back to their owner in Wales.
  10. Car wing mirrors nicked after Derby game

    Just install one of these in case of wing mirror theft... ...and resist the urge to use it should you ever get pulled over by the constabulary.
  11. Band tonight

    Great plan. My pitch for the new Joao tune: Scoobadee bap dop da floopady san scop de LUCAS JOAO dop da scompady womp flop a BAMMM *jazz hands*
  12. Song revamp

    Just on the topic of song revamps....the Nuhiu tune either needs to be widely broadcast so people know the lyrics or a new tune is needed. P.S. What are the lyrics?!
  13. The Magic of the FA Cup

    I don't care if we lose as long as we fight like we did on Tuesday night. In fact, if we do there's a decent likelihood we'll be sending Carlos and his metaphors back to South Wales wi nowt but an ended cup run.
  14. In this week of (Owlstalk) positivity, I've got...

    We were forward thinking and everyone put a proper shift in. Win or lose that's all we ask as fans. The fact we won was a bonus but nothing more than we deserved.