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  1. Literally the only thing that could make this international break interesting is Atdhe scoring v England.
  2. Nowt confirmed yet but this seems like an important issue we need to discuss.... If DC brings DC into the managerial position, what's the OT official stance on the DC abbreviation? Which DC monopolises DC, DC or DC?
  3. Humour is subjective so I'll just crack on and laugh at what I find funny.
  4. Sorry if someone has posted previously but I was too busy wetting myself laughing to notice. Latest alt commentary installment. Wouldn't recommend playing this loud at work, nor would I recommend your kids watching it unless you want them picking up some pretty savage language.
  5. He was the perfect addition when considering the recent use of the term "Umbongo" instead of "embargo" on OT. New chant/song gold. Just want to thank DC for taking that into consideration when making signings.
  6. Just to clarify, any circle-jerk participants must be of age. This is not Camp America.
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