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  1. He's 3rd in the pecking order and the likelihood of a game is so low he's decided to be first in the pecking order at the canteen instead.
  2. You mean like we do for the 45 minutes either side?
  3. I won't chastise Dawson for his palm into the danger zone or his own goal but I will say it set me alight when we were 1 down and he's kicking the ball back to the ballboy to waste time. I don't care if we are going to make a sub some time in the near future, Cam. We're 1 down and need a goal asap! Get on with it!
  4. We'll probably get the decision overturned but the fact is we would likely have been smashed for 5 anyway, we were genuinely that bad.
  5. So he can bang a few in if he bangs a few in, essentially
  6. Standard practice to do a medical..........you'd hope.
  7. Massimo Luongo - Midfield/Australian.
  8. Set pieces have been a bit of a disappointment for us for a while imo. Always wondered why we find it so difficult to drop/whip the ball in between the GK and the penalty spot from wide areas. Need to get better at forcing the keeper to make a decision.
  9. Banal subject admittedly but does anyone know what's happened to the back row of seating in the North Stand nearest the away end? Looks to me like the back of the stand itself is being boxed out bit by bit so you can't acces the corrugated metal bit, but they've removed the seats and not reinstated them for the match so any ST holders there are either standing or sitting on the concrete step that's left.
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