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  1. DISCOUNT: Just had a word with him. Use code "tenwin" for 10% off Use code "ship35" for free shipping over £35 Every little helps, right?!
  2. One of my mates runs The Terrace. Told him yesterday how bad the "mega"store is here so he's onto a winner if he does it rate. Hopefully they'll keep adding to this.
  3. It's bittersweet but you go for the win, no matter what imo. Bruce just knows how to get the best out of the players at his disposal (and Jos Luhukay was an absolute car crash of a managerial choice). Hope the rivalry with Man Utd rages on. I'm sure they are terrified.* *sorry, couldn't help myself.
  4. Ah yes, the justice of today. "Someone said it happened so it must have happened." Obviously not a fan of the very foundation of the British justice system: innocent until proven guilty. No doubt she'll have the Twitter mob sharpening their pitchforks.
  5. 2-0 KAZ after 9 mins. Not great, although Palms not at fault for either.
  6. The Charity Cup for St. Luke's Hospice and SWFC Community Programme is happening again. Did it last year and wish I could every year! It was outstanding.
  7. Excellent bit of banter from Thorniley on Instagram... Managed to burn both David Brooks and McGoldrick in one go.
  8. Back in time for the game v. Weeds I hope.
  9. "The look of the pool team Captain from a flat-roofed boozer." That one got me, Snoots. Lovely stuff.
  10. On that note, was looking at the Artchitect's website for this yesterday. Here's the link if anyone is interested.... https://www.axis-architecture.co.uk/our-projects/sheffield-wednesday-training-facility/ Looks very impressive. Planned for next to the Lexus garage.
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