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  1. "EVENT STADIUM PENISTONE ROAD NORTH"?! The council can't even stand to write Hillsborough on the plans!
  2. Agreed, Snoots. Also, dare I say it, generally no ridiculous over reaction on OT yet either imo. Keep it calm, make up for it v Wigan at the weekend.
  3. Exactly, it sounded proper raucous from both sides on the red button coverage. It wasn't until the camera panned up at half time and you saw the Hull stands at 25% full you realised the mic volume had been cranked to 11.
  4. This exact thing has been winding me up for years. Why wait for the opponent to get back in formation only to kick the ball into the same area you could have done 10 seconds earlier when there was a run being made and half their defensive players out of position?!
  5. Ideally we go out there and just play like we have been doing, but if we're going to consider the Hull players.....keep Bowen and Grosicki quiet and we'll be sound.
  6. Literally the only thing that could make this international break interesting is Atdhe scoring v England.
  7. Nowt confirmed yet but this seems like an important issue we need to discuss.... If DC brings DC into the managerial position, what's the OT official stance on the DC abbreviation? Which DC monopolises DC, DC or DC?
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