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  1. Words seem easy enough to learn but what's the tune?
  2. My dog is called Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. Established 1867. I get some right looks when I call him when he runs off.
  3. His right leg looks in a bad way. Looks like he has a chicken leg chicken from Chernobyl tucked away to the right of his knee.
  4. What are your memories of him? I thought he was superb and was gutted when we sold him to Chelsea. Where would he rank among centre backs that played for us in the mid to late 90's?
  5. It doesn't effect who wins or loses you are correct. It was bought up to the joker who said the pigs spent the whole of the second half hoofing it forward and losing the ball.
  6. Yeah, you keep saying goodbye, you keep saying you are done talking to me but you keep coming back for another verbal slap. Pencil's obviously slipped out of your gob again. It's back to being practically unreadable. They didn't have a back four. Go back and watch the match. In fact watch it for the first time because if you think Boyd chased anything you are either lying about watching the game or are blind.
  7. It's the same thing you clown. Gob is another word for mouth.
  8. At least have a stab at defending Boyd after the stats I posted.
  9. You spelt you're wrong, but other than that it's readable. Good lad for taking my advice and putting a pencil in your gob. Now have a stab at countering my points.
  10. Can you post that again please. This time in English. If the finger coming out of the palm of your hand is making you type gibberish, then stick a pencil in your mouth and use that to hit the keys. I'll try and respond to the bits I can make out. So they 'tapped' the ball around the edge of their box, yet Boyd did a good job? We went from 50-50 at half time to 41-59 because we were effectively playing with ten men and missed FF's energy and pressing. FF was injured and by no means had his best game but he was far more effective than Boyd.
  11. Your grandad was a grade A idiot. He was also you great aunt, your third cousin and your next door neighbours budgie. The only thing I was wrong about was thinking the stats Sky put up were for the whole of the second half. Boyd was rubbish. The majority in this thread agree. The stats prove it. The stats also prove that the pigs back three had some of the best passing accuracy stats despite you claiming they spent the whole of the second half going long and losing the ball. I was aware of this as I watched the game whilst you spent your evening trying to start a fight with a lamp post before wandering back to your hut and talking cr@p on an internet forum.
  12. Can't find the territory stats that Sky put up for the entire half. Their own site doesn't have them. Best I can find. https://www.whoscored.com/Matches/1289066/Live/England-Championship-2018-2019-Sheffield-Wednesday-Sheffield-United Not much info on possession other than we went from 50-50 just before the break (according to Sky) to 41-59 when Boyd came on. Interesting to see Boyd touched the ball only nine times. Compared with Forestieri's twenty seven. Boyd made six passes, with a 50% accuracy. Forestieri made fourteen at 86% Forestieri's heat map also covers far more ground than Boyd. According to you the pigs back three spent the entire second half hoofing the ball back to us but their passing accuracy stats are 88, 78 and 75% Game over cully!
  13. No, they were correct. I didn't realise they were for such a short time frame though. They didn't put up the territorial stats for the whole half but they wouldn't have been far off what I quoted. Don't play dumb. When you sign up and post, your username, your post count and rep are the only things that appear. Unless you go into your profile and add a location and interests. You added a location but didn't bother with interests as talking cr@p, fingering cattle and drinking your cousins bodily fluids would have ended up with you being banned.
  14. Fair enough. But it wouldn't have been far off that for the whole of the second half. Most of the play was in out half from the 46th minute to the 92nd. You did though didn't you. Have a look at this thread. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/281281-half-time-tonight-on-the-kop/ The first three people haven't updated their profile so it says nothing.
  15. Your location is Barnsley you absolute clown! Let me guess; you meant to type Sheffield, but your seventh finger that protrudes out of the palm of your hand kept tapping the keyboard?
  16. 50% of the play in our half. 42% of the play in midfield. 8% of the play in their half. Put down the bottle cully; you're making a t!t of yourself.
  17. As I said to the other guy; look at the possession stats. They had far more of it second half. Can't have just been hoofing it straight back to us can they?
  18. Worked a treat, didn't it. Possession pretty much even first half. When Boyd came on they had far more of the ball as they had time to pick their passes.
  19. He won plenty first half. FF didn't do much offensively but he put their defence under pressure with his energy. Boyd didn't do that. Their back three could have gained possession, retied their laces, waved to Wilder, then passed and Boyd wouldn't have been within ten yards of them. Shocking performance.
  20. Fletcher did fine considering he didn't have much support. He held up the ball well and won a few headers, but as our wide players and Boyd were not close enough to him they came to nothing. FF was the only one to press. The wide players and Boyd had a very poor work ethic.
  21. He wasn't played as a forward and I never said he is one. He didn't work hard at all. FF covered three times as much ground as Boyd did.
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