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  1. Never heard of Will Interview, so can't comment on if he's the man for the job, but he doesn't sound very foreign.
  2. It would have been difficult for any team other than us to end that particular record.
  3. Those that mock the OP are the same kind of people that go to a restaurant, wait 90 minutes for their food to turn up, discover it's cold and they have got most of the order wrong yet still pay full price and generously tip the waiter who obviously dribbled in their soup. Spineless individuals who are happy to go through life being treated like dirt. How anyone can continue to support Chansiri after the promises of him funding a decent squad as long as we continue to be charged outrageous prices turned out to be a blatant lie is beyond me. I will love this c
  4. Never refer to a football club as an 'organisation' you american 2hat.
  5. My dog is called Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. Established 1867. I get some right looks when I call him when he runs off.
  6. His right leg looks in a bad way. Looks like he has a chicken leg chicken from Chernobyl tucked away to the right of his knee.
  7. What are your memories of him? I thought he was superb and was gutted when we sold him to Chelsea. Where would he rank among centre backs that played for us in the mid to late 90's?
  8. It doesn't effect who wins or loses you are correct. It was bought up to the joker who said the pigs spent the whole of the second half hoofing it forward and losing the ball.
  9. Yeah, you keep saying goodbye, you keep saying you are done talking to me but you keep coming back for another verbal slap. Pencil's obviously slipped out of your gob again. It's back to being practically unreadable. They didn't have a back four. Go back and watch the match. In fact watch it for the first time because if you think Boyd chased anything you are either lying about watching the game or are blind.
  10. It's the same thing you clown. Gob is another word for mouth.
  11. At least have a stab at defending Boyd after the stats I posted.
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