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  1. Ahh, so you're wanting more of the 'probably-get-banned-from-the-club-and-have-no-access-to-players-staff-or-games' kind of journalism in my first couple of months at The Star. Gotcha.
  2. Part two of my interviews with Wednesdayites who have familiar faces...
  3. He just said that they were happy with the explanation given by the club and that it wasn't an issue for them. Wouldn't expand on the actual issue, but played it down massively and said everyone's alright with it.
  4. The chat room idea could be an interesting one, I'll certainly bring it up. As for the wage thing, there's definitely something in it because it's been acknowledged by Monk. Doesn't seem to be an issue though, could just be an admin mistake even.
  5. This is from today's press conference, mate. I'm talking about the Star's coverage here, not the club's. I can't affect how the club are doing things.
  6. We split the pressers up. Snippets go live in text format as it happens, then we do some articles on it over the course of the day. We're also now bringing in videos and audio on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, and then a longer video on Daily Motion.
  7. I'm a Wednesdayite myself, I've written numerous positive articles since I started. And I don't know any where I was overly critical.
  8. The Joe Wildsmith one was video from a press conference. The audio from Monk was from today's press conference. More video going out from today's presser later today on social media.
  9. You're replying to a thread that starts off with video and audio from two press conferences, mate.
  10. As far as I know, you get each paper free on the app as part of the subscription.
  11. I completely agree! Since my arrival I've done interviews with guys like Mark Pembridge, Drew Talbot, Tony Meola etc. And Alex has done a lot of interviews with former players as well. I've also started a regular monthly feature where I speak to well-known Owls fans about their SWFC story. Did Pete McKee last month and there's an interview with Sky's Sophy Ridge coming up tomorrow. I've also done a piece on Wednesday's 1992 trip to South Africa that's coming up. Obviously there's a lot of football happening now, but there will be plenty of retro stuff from me and Alex during the offseason.
  12. I'm not entirely sure, it was before I arrived at The Star. All I know is the Examiner got an interview and The Star didn't.
  13. Would love to, the question has been asked. I'll be trying again in the offseason.
  14. If you subscribe and get the app that comes with it, then you can read all the articles without any ads on them. You also get each edition of the paper on the app too.
  15. I'll test the water on that in the next press conference mate.
  16. Afternoon everybody, hope you're all good! I just wanted to pick your brains a little bit regarding The Star's social media coverage. I'm in the process of freshening it up a bit and putting some new types of content out there, but I wanted to find out from you what sort of stuff you guys - and other fans - would be interested in? I'm experimenting with audio, video, imagery and graphics across the different platforms, trying to get different sorts of content out and available to our followers. Is there anything that you'd like to see that you aren't seeing currently? Some examples below of the sort of stuff I've been working on:
  17. The rules I've seen say it's from curtailed leagues as I mentioned, so with the Championship not being curtailed then they wouldn't be able to play them. It's more about letting Championship clubs use their League One/Two players if they need to.
  18. Nope, nothing. It's all very tight-lipped. We're talking to Garry tomorrow, but I doubt he'll give anything away.
  19. From what I can see in the rules that have been published, Penney and JvA won't qualify for this. It says for players at clubs where the leagues have been curtailed - and 2. Bundesliga is being finished. Could just be ambiguous terminology though.
  20. THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT FOR SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Looks like the young lads could get quite a few more minutes under their belt, and it's not just Urhoghide and Hunt...
  21. Heard a few things, but I haven't reported anything yet because I aim to report facts and not speculate. Have asked questions about Fletcher and not got a conclusive answer, so would rather wait for something more comprehensive. Will ask Monk this week.
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