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  1. My understanding is that this isn't an 18-monther. Will only know when it's done, but what I'm hearing is 'foreseeable' future.
  2. Nope, but the mad thing is that - in the current state of transfer journalism - I could do it and nobody would be able to say I was wrong. It's wild.
  3. Don’t know if they had a Christmas party or not, mate. But I’m sure DM will have told them not to based on everything else they’ve been doing at the club. Would be pretty irresponsible if they did it anyway, but I can’t say if they did/didn’t.
  4. what’s this? I can’t see the original post that’s being discussed.
  5. No, I’ve no idea on who’s vaccinated. I wouldn’t say who is/isn’t even if I did know though - their status is their own business as far as I’m concerned. Josh has said he’s double jabbed though.
  6. It's not an embargo, it's a restriction. So that's why it's not on the list of embargoes. I think it was part of the agreement that was made with regards to the suspended points deduction over unpaid wages etc.
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