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  1. Anyone know what game this was?

    Denis Law. Paddy Crerand. George Best. I think. I'm getting old...
  2. Spot on. It's the boorish behaviour of a child like dictator.
  3. Simply grateful to be re directed away from my growing doubts, fears, misapprehension regarding my beloved Wednesday. You made me giggle. Which made my wife happy.
  4. Yes. As long as my wife has approved it. This is could be a typical male accusation hoping to garner approval from my peers. Unless I don't really believe them to be my peers.
  5. Toxic at S6 from top to bottom

    You talk a lot of sense. Desist fortwith!
  6. Lucas Joao

    He has the potential to play in the premiership.
  7. Corrections

    Up the dosage. Under supervision of course.
  8. Racism in English football

  9. 3-5 years

    Pearson with a full pre season. Belgian connection could help.
  10. If you put a baby ( human ) outside and it's crying incessantly... if it hears a lions roar it stops immediately.
  11. He made me a company director within two years. No but the office manager did. I married her. Then he sold the business. Naturally I got foocall as I had a different class of share. Apparently.
  12. I started a new job. Broke my ankle at Concorde park playing football. Called in to inform boss who clearly didn't believe me. Couldnt drive so walked 4.5 miles on crutches into offices. His face. PMSL...