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  1. Littleowl74

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    Fair enough. My view was directly inline from the kop so hard to see swerve on the ball.
  2. Littleowl74

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    The reason he missed the sitter at the end is because he lacks a strikers instinct. No anticipation of the ball coming to him at all till it was too late.
  3. Littleowl74

    We Are Sheffield Wednesday

    The clock stopping early always makes me think of an owl flying across the ground before anyone has started coming into the ground before kick off at 3. Could be completely wrong though!! (Awaits everyone telling me they get in at half one! )
  4. Littleowl74

    Band news!

    One vote per ID number. Settle it once and for all. Shouldn't be difficult to organise surely.
  5. Littleowl74

    Can Child Enter with Adult Ticket?

    Our tickets all seem to be adult ones although it does indicate on the receipt we got with the tickets which ones are the concession ones. I think it's been mentioned on here that it will be in the bar code. We splitting our tickets to tally with the receipt just in case although I can't imagine it will matter otherwise it is going to be potentially chaos!
  6. Littleowl74


    Could someone please add 1xbanana 1x dolphin 1xchampagne bottle Block 134 Thankyou
  7. Littleowl74

    Wednesday Band in the Final?

    Surely the club should have taken some responsibility here and informed us where the band were going to be put. What happens if you have a hearing difficulty or visual problems which mean you rely more on your hearing than others and you end being stuck next to them. This could be particularly distressing especially for children.
  8. Littleowl74

    Block 134 - The Party Block

    Row 38 Fingers crossed the inflatable banana and champagne bottle arrive in time to take!
  9. Littleowl74

    Kop Band at wembley ?

    I'm in a right quandary now. Trying to find out if they are going to be there so we can move ASAP while still got a good choice of seats.