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  1. There was some booing of Dawson but I agree thought it could have been more toxic. I think the fact we had a crap ref took some of the heat off the players.
  2. I’m actually having an op that night so will be fully unconscious when we play. I’m thinking of bunging the anethetist a bit extra to keep me out for the full 90 minutes.
  3. The server has stopped responding is the most accurate thing I have seen posted on Owlstalk
  4. The RS commentator wetting himself every time Barnsley press forward winds me up more than it should.
  5. Seeing our last 6 results written down surprised me. There are far more green squares than it feels like. In my head we have six red. I am finally losing it.
  6. On the plus side Pep won’t have ever seen anything like it.
  7. Can anyone confirm if this will be a midweek game?
  8. How can anyone not be looking forward to this one ?? Just hope it’s not too pricey in the month we are splashing out on season tickets. Fingers crossed.
  9. The Wednesday Tap. About 12:30 lunchtime last Saturday.
  10. First time in 32 years I have left early. Managed to last till the 80th minute. Have seen worse but yesterday feels pretty much up there.
  11. If we score that many even I may relax in the last 5 minutes.
  12. Think this is one that could be argued till the cows come home. Congratulations to Jordan for being included.
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