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  1. Every time I have a thought that another team is ok I always remember a reason why I can’t stand them ( could be anything from past experience) so unfortunately I am too bitter to support anyone other than Wednesday.
  2. What does the winner get? Is there an Owlstalk prize ? Maybe a 3 year contract would cover it.
  3. You don’t read about football. You watch it then make your own judgement surely?
  4. It’s happening!! Big Hec be on the payroll at Hillsborough soon. (Hopefully)
  5. I’ve just won £15 on my Boxing Day bet. I am obviously more rash than you.
  6. Can’t we loan/ sell him to Huddersfield. The prodigal son and all that. Don’t know what’s happening to their squad now they are down. Might be looking out for a striker.
  7. They can do it in about ohhh 30 seconds then.
  8. Just had a quick look on efl rules and I can’t see anything official about having to have a plain back. The prem might be different though. Maybe we should design one with a plain back just in case. Like you happy to be corrected.
  9. I would like to think the designs are all done and production is well underway ready for us to wear for the last match of season or at least ready for full launch. Maybe I should stop thinking.
  10. I feel inadequate that I can’t shed anymore light on the matter. The pressure of having 16 folk behind me waiting meant I buckled and just ordered tea. Sorry.
  11. I have no idea. I said ok. I will have a cup of tea. ( I presume they meant water as in picture)
  12. Went to the kiosk other day which is a rarity but I was thirsty as a fish. Asked for a bottle of water to which the young lad replied , we only sell water in box’s !!! Only at Hillsborough!
  13. The bit about Man United trying to sign him is interesting. Who knew???
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