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  1. He clearly hadn’t seen our wage bill when he made that announcement!
  2. I don’t think it’s as easy as saying stay off it. It’s the main way young people communicate these days and I presume players have some commitments to charity stuff etc which is often promoted through social media. Maybe our players need to just stick to Owlstalk - can always rely on constructive supportive criticism on here.
  3. Knew what the OP was going to say before opening the thread. It’s exactly what we were saying and everyone round us. If we had shown that kind of commitment in the league games recently we would have picked up more points.
  4. I think we are probably irrelevant to him which is worse than him hating us. Agree with the research part. Was poor last time he commentated on us.
  5. Errr.... yep possibly only you. Sorry.
  6. My only hope for tonight is that we can have a few light hearted moments - all be it probably driven by the awfulness of it all.
  7. Slightly disappointed we won’t get a crack at Liverpool now they are out. 😔
  8. Can people please stop putting a quote up of the team. I feel more and more queezy every time I see it. Many Thanks.
  9. Hope they put the next round draw on the big screen so we can see who we play next.
  10. The operation I was due to have that night has been cancelled which means unfortunately I will be fully conscious throughout the evening - unless of course I decide to go in the South for a change. 🤔😴
  11. Think it is just a matter of self preservation and keeping up good PR. A manager only needs a run of a few bad games to get the chop.
  12. Awaiting “the server has stopped responding” message to complete my afternoon
  13. Please Wednesday for the sake of our sanity keep hold of this lead.
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