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  1. Maybe he’s not replied because he’s trying to work out who’s leaking his info. It’s .,....,.,,,,,,,,,,..gypsyowl
  2. Hey ho where ever I may be. I always get points taken off me.
  3. Who ever it was I hope they read that and hang their head in shame. Disgusting behaviour. Bet they wouldn’t be so quick to be Billy big balls with him now he’s matured a bit.
  4. We are still clinging to the vein hope we might get a holiday this year and wether they work or not will be required at the airport. Anyway sod all hope of getting a beach towel so next best thing. 😎
  5. My lads just ordered one. Must be quite heavy as it’s £4 postage.
  6. At least you can have the full experience of being robbed with someone in a mask when you pay on the gate. Actually think this is good by the club. Can see people getting one of these.
  7. I agree there must be some legal time frame of notice. Maybe someone on here knows? Bloody awful timing it’s past my bed time as it is.
  8. It shouldn’t matter who you wee off it’s a matter of having the authority in the proceedings. I don’t think these clubs are pushing because they want us to have a fair hearing they are pushing in the hope we get punished to benefit themselves. Which is natural but the EFL should not bow to their pressure in my opinion.
  9. Sorry struggling to add the quote and highlight it. On the first post of the thread it states hearing brought forward amid concerns from other rival clubs.
  10. Why don’t the EFL tell these rival clubs that are pushing for it to be brought forward that they are in charge and will be sticking to the date they have already set.
  11. It increases the tactical option of manager doesn’t have a clue and it’s all gone pear shaped so I will just drag some off and chuck more at it in the hope of getting a formula that works.
  12. Or hang on to players that should be gone. We do not need to encourage that!
  13. Cheers. Obvious now when I remember fixture congestion.
  14. Are we allowed 5 substitutions like the Prem or are we still only allowed 3 in the Championship? Not sure what the rational is behind the increase as I haven’t looked into it. Is it related to the pandemic?
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