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  1. If we score that many even I may relax in the last 5 minutes.
  2. Think this is one that could be argued till the cows come home. Congratulations to Jordan for being included.
  3. Jordan Rhodes has been named in the team of the decade. I think that is a secret nod from someone on the inside.
  4. Players get clapped off when they have done nowt. Don’t think we would have been as gracious if he had scored or had a blinder.
  5. I take my hat of to you. Most of us just post a glib quip now and again. That has taken proper effort.
  6. Liam Palmer will be disappointed you forgot his great clearance
  7. Would have been given as a foul anywhere else on the pitch so don’t see why it’s not a pen.
  8. It’s learned behaviour. I won’t relax till 89th minute.
  9. Did they look as good as you would have imagined them?
  10. EFL will be sweating. 21 point deduction might not be enough to do us at this rate.
  11. I quite like our little shop at Meadowhall. Don’t want to think we are paying full whack in rent for a prime shop. It’s ok for picking up small stuff. Don’t mind making a trip to the main shop when spending larger amounts or buying play off t-shirts.
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