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  1. I feel jealous. For the first time I can ever remember I feel nowt!
  2. When I was about 11 stood on the Kop the chap behind me gently moved me to one side saying “excuse me “ then proceeded to boot the bloke in front of me in the back. It all kicked off then. Think we were playing Man U and the bloke in front must have been one of their fans. Not bad I know but shocked me and I’ve always remembered it.
  3. Think it was regarding the accounts?? Now that it has all been clarified we can all sleep soundly in our beds tonight.
  4. I presume this is the same mathematics we apply to the accounts.
  5. After watching the goals on sky sports I’ve gone Rhodes.
  6. I love the fact Wednesday fans are always so positive. (I voted no even after a win tonight )
  7. Having Thompson in charge decreases expectation and therefore fosters a more relaxed atmosphere ,rather than bringing in a new manger who has to play the game saying all the expected things at the press conference unveiling etc. Maybe the players will respond better in this atmosphere. I don’t know.
  8. Wonder what Chris Woods is up too?? Be a good back up keeper.
  9. It’s dreadfully disappointing that the fans don’t have to sit through this and watch it from the stands.
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