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  1. Well said ! Agree 100% , though listening to some absolute melts in the stand today, he will never win them over whatever he does. Great win today
  2. And Del and Rodney when they want cleaning ..
  3. I'm pretty sure you'll have to get a replacement ticket for this game from the ticket office. Similar happened to me once & that was the only option they gave me though that was about 3 years ago - it might have changed since then.
  4. Enjoyed that …spoke well and honestly. In Moore I trust
  5. Ref - Brendan Moore I assume you refer too ? Massive Weds fan he is.
  6. Heartbreaking, Horrible news. My thoughts & best wishes go to Paul & family.
  7. Huge rumours coming out of S6 , Moore been linked with another more high profile role …
  8. Agreed. 5 subs allowed this season too which could be huge . Options !!!
  9. To win this game tonight, Scotland are about as popular as Amber Heard is
  10. Devastating news for him and his family. Keep fighting Andy - very best wishes and thoughts to a Rangers legend.
  11. 89m Pogba leaving Man U on a free transfer ......
  12. And the media ***** that is "Brand Beckham" is the face of this charade ....!
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