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  1. Enjoying but I'm a big Greg Davies fan anyway
  2. RIP Emma. Absolutely heartbreaking. Sincere condolences for your loss.
  3. Very best wishes in fighting and beating this David . Old rivalries aside young man , football is irrelevant - everything is in front of you - stay strong
  4. Took Grealish off but left Sterling on ? Wtf !? (Sterling will score now I’ve said that btw)
  5. Salah has seemingly gone up another level - absolutely awesome player .
  6. Binged Midnight Mass - loved it. Some incredible acting performances.
  7. Or even before that - when the line up comes out ! …or we’re not winning by 10 mins … take ur pick … moan moan moan - Moore out pathetic !
  8. This Can’t be right - Paterson is ****, Moore is **** and weds are **** … f00kin bedwetters
  9. Come on wed ! , shut all the moaning bed wetters up
  10. F00kin Superb picture - the old kop - awesome. im gonna run outside right now and do this
  11. Agreed - mind blowing. It’s f00kin brilliant , something for us to be proud of in this world of doom and gloom - watched history tonight and I’ve f00kin loved it
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