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  1. Course it is ... a decent offer in Jan and Mcsue will sell him pronto . All smoke and mirrors !
  2. Matias / Boyd

    I've seen Matias in Morrisons more than I have on the pitch for us
  3. DCFC.

  4. Carlos interview

    Been there, done that .. only awkward moment was when I suggested something particularly dirty and Natalie actually said “you currently have more chance of seeing Swfc In the premier league than doing that to both of us” ... so I feel your pain mate , I got up and left
  5. If you pay on the day, stay away.

    We are sleepwalking into mid table oblivion as it stands. For the love of god surely the chairman has to see this ...
  6. If you pay on the day, stay away.

    Season ticket, missed the Leeds game as I was still smarting from the pigs debacle.... That was followed by Birmingham. The Leeds game did nothing for me as the rot had fully set in. Imo, the manager and players got off lightly with that capitulation against pigs. The problems and apathy are now so deep rooted within Swfc staff (playing and non playing) I can’t be arsed if they’re not. Devastated i feel like this. The chairman HAS to act ASAP before he loses a large fraction of our fan base... there’s seemingly loads on the verge and who can blame them.
  7. Fans falling out today

    I’ve been saying big Sam for weeks on here - would love it to happen
  8. Something isn't right

    Well if our chairman has total control, even over the managers decisions , we are f00ked ...
  9. Something isn't right

    Allardyce would have this team flying
  10. Sack him dc

    b4 kick off against Leeds, they were sat together in dug out laughing and joking....and that was after the pigs debacle ..! No way will he sack him. I fear the worst tbh, we are going backwards quickly. He needs to go but won’t.