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  1. Yep - I was in that boozer at Port Vale too - mental
  2. before game During game After game
  3. Yep - There goalkeeper moaned and threw paddies all thru the game, coupled with the time wasting ar5eholes thru the rest of the team. F00k them and “Worlds against me” Lee Bowyer - sob sob sob kid
  4. What a game - I was 9 then and remember that game like yesterday - top memories of my dad going beserk when the goals went in (both ends!)
  5. I saw another stat at weekend, we've only scored 4 first half goals at home this season no wonder my beer run is getting earlier & earlier before half time !
  6. Good job we have points on the board already ... cannot believe this utter 5hite
  7. Genuinely cannot believe what I’m watching here. No leaders , no passion, no game plan - no clue - wtf is going on
  8. Yep - the stand will now be named after you - "The Tourettes Stand"
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