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  1. No other English team interests me to "support" them, no way, never - Just Wednesday. Want the pigs to lose every game but wouldn't say I would ever "support" the opposition. The only other team I have supported (& still do) is Rangers. Few of us lads been up to Ibrox a number of times when Weds fixtures & time allows.
  2. My condolences Roadrunner. After experiencing the loss of a close family member in a tragic accident, I can relate to your loss. Stay strong and talk when you need too , it helps mate. RIP Wayne
  3. F00king deluded , self entitled, loud mouthed (till confronted) vvank stains - hope they fail in play offs again . Stick that slimy, diving tvat Grealish up your arse
  4. Go back to modelling you’re lasses underwear pig
  5. Yep - he’s driven this forward on the request of fellow pig fans. F00kin dickwad
  6. Wasn't sold out when I checked an hour ago mate !
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