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  1. Makes sense now why he calls the new part of the house extension "The Paddy Kenny wing"
  2. Seem to recall Pembridge started off terrible , got loads of stick but got much, much better & turned in some terrific performances after the dodgy start.
  3. Curran Waddle Hirst Honorable mentions for Lyons, Sterland, Nilsson, Bannister, Varadi
  4. So in the last two years he's got nicked for drink driving & speeding (guilty verdict), attacked someone & stamped on there phone (accepted caution) & now stamped on a Forest fan..... Is a Statue incoming or will a stand be named after him ?
  5. Dead jealous. Enjoy the weekend and hope you lot do the biz
  6. Thread suggestion The Humble 100 mill Wild ride to ”Oh Heck !” …
  7. Thread title; Climbing the charts upto number NINE this week - "Oh Heck ... we did it again !?"
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