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  1. Mr Mercury


    Course not ... I’ve previously stated in lots of numerous threads that IMO FF is our best player , first name on sheet for me but we’ve done ok lately without him. Tonight we looked awful , lacking A spark and nothing going forward, both which FF would usually bring. However, Easy and obvious for OP to say after tonight’s performance - nothing was mentioned after the last few games before tonights game tho ??
  2. Mr Mercury


    No **** sherlock Predictable after tonight
  3. Matias - complete passenger tonight cannot do sat/weds/sat .. not fit enough
  4. Correct - passenger up2 now
  5. Don’t know what you mean tbh - unless it’s everyone who has poor game is lucky to start next game ? They’re footballers - it happens - everyone dips at some stage. Reach is fully deserving of a start as it stands - surely you must agree ???
  6. Harsh that ... A poor performance and he’s lucky to keep his place already ?
  7. Mr Mercury

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Not read thru this but Paul Hart springs to mind !?
  8. Mr Mercury

    Standing ovation for Rob Staton

    Said before, Excellent Sports presenter / commentator - best on Radio Sheffield by a distance - will be missed. Good luck Rob - UTO
  9. Garrido's an Owl as we all know but sure I read it somewhere a while ago that she was a big Newcastle fan
  10. Mr Mercury

    Well this is awkward

    Was wondering why the back of my seat looked like a Plasterer's radio
  11. Mr Mercury

    Radio commenttry

    Commentary back on radio sheff ! Good news
  12. Mr Mercury

    RIP Oliver Rains

    RIP Oliver
  13. Mr Mercury

    'i dont wear red'

    I don’t even drive as I refuse to stop for red lights - hate red me