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  1. Mr Mercury

    Man of the Match - Wigan (H)

    Fletcher by Country mile
  2. Mr Mercury

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Sam the pig ringing up asking if Madine got “International clearance” to play Saturday ..!? Only coming from frigging Wales
  3. Mr Mercury

    Fans forum match day thread

    This is our very own “Sunderland Til I Die” ... chilling
  4. I’ve stopped talking about this season .....
  5. Mr Mercury

    Chansiri consulting players

    You can talk with the players DC but There’s only one , all knowing true opinion that counts ...
  6. Mr Mercury

    Alan Irvine vs Jos Luhukay

    Are you out of shot here ??
  7. Mr Mercury

    Need your help.

    Devastated for you and your family Craig . Heartbreaking news at any time but close to xmas too, there are no further words. RIP Graham - Fly high fellow Owl
  8. Mr Mercury

    Need your help.

    Really hope he’s safe and well Craig, stay positive mate. Keeping everything crossed for you / your family.
  9. Mr Mercury

    Alan wheen

    - Had pleasure knowing & travelling away with him. Top man - Blue & White to the core. - RIP Big man