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  1. Great asset. I’ve posted previously how highly I regard him . Best appointment we’ve made for a long time. As long as he gets the support he needs , I can see a very bright future with DM.
  2. I’m sure Moore knows what’s required … Excellent signings upto now. I Trust him 100% to identify what’s needed (if not already done so) and secure ASAP .
  3. If I can join your indulgence as the thread 20/21 namer … I can retire happy !
  4. Still The Humble Club.. Off into the Wilder-ness
  5. He was … be pushed to thing of a better re-signed player for us
  6. Millwall - The (original) den and West Ham - Upton Park , nothing compares to them . However - Was at the Man U game too as has been mentioned loads on this thread - that was bad and mate on our bus got hospitalised in Manchester (jaw wired back together…) … We stayed behind for yonks searching for him only to find out he’d been rushed to hospital .. Horrible journey back to sheff minus one off our bus … The return leg at S6 was “interesting” … justice served !
  7. Awesome series - jealous you have to watch it all …. can’t wait for season 4 to arrive !
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