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  1. Binged all episodes of ITS A SIN - Absolutely brilliant TV.... Will be front running in the award season IMO - fantastic performances, especially from Olly from Years and Years. Extra mention for Keeley Hawes’s performance in episode 5 - mind blowing.
  2. Gutted I’ve already chosen Brentford looking at those fixtures !
  3. Mcgoldrick reacting - screaming like shes been shot .... Good influence on referee !
  4. Would be happy with Cook - get him in
  5. 31 or 32 I think . Yep - good effort all considered. Im praying the pigs beat Derby’s points record - would be fantastic. Would be Major ammunition for years hopefully
  6. Just took this photo of S S. News - wilders expression makes it even better !
  7. Really ? Even as a staunch Gers fan - IMO Celtic battered them but didn’t score , then the sending off happened which changed the game. Top 3 points
  8. 19 point cushion - lovely Bring it home Bears
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