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  1. Swfc and hooligans..

    Geoffrey’s here Fido .....
  2. Swfc and hooligans..

    I was at this game... 1989.. Derby were a bogey side of ours for years. IIRC , we scored a pen late on, Horst scores I think - summat like 87th minute so we’re going mental then in true Weds style, conceded 2 in and After 90th minute. Remember the Derby fans in the stand above us goading us like hell. Loads ran out to confront em but Police were allover shop and can’t recall many Derby being up for it. Was a young lad then ... we got revenge on the way to Wembley in 91 with THAT Harkes goal and in 93 on way to Wembley to face the Pigs !
  3. caption this

    “Are you a large badger “ ??
  4. Someone told the Goodfellas Carlos thinks we’re going for top 2 ...
  5. Carlos... if you can bring Khaleesi i’ll Certainly bring the fire ...
  6. No Hooper ??? Wow ...
  7. How did u feel about the 4-5 result ????
  8. We are absolutely woeful ... 1-1 would feel like a lottery win
  9. We are absolutely woeful ... 1-1 would feel like a lottery win
  10. 2 awful, boring teams. I actually feel embarrassed watching us, we’re that bad. No urgency, no pace... everything is lethargic, even the f00kin throw ins. The players have been stifled to death and it’s showing. Fuming right now
  11. For all the Forestieri haters ... we miss him terribly
  12. Looks and sounds like training session this match ..