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  1. Makes sense now ..Abdi taught how to pretend to be mad (insert injured) to avoid playing
  2. Mr Mercury

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Agreed - But don't know why you want him when you have Chris "One of our own" Wilder .....
  3. Mr Mercury

    Wawaw sri lanka

    Jos's brother !?
  4. Mr Mercury

    Are you always on the same side?

    Usually to the left but it depends what chair I'm sat in & if my legs are crossed tbh ....
  5. Mr Mercury

    Man of the match

    I thought Hector was immense tonight , he gets my vote
  6. Powerful club Yep, you’re right you bitter, twisted deflect any criticism, chip on shoulder, gutted, angry, one dimensional f00kin twathead ... 40k a week opposition
  7. Mr Mercury


    Immense tonight , I know Dawson saved pen but Hector mom for me !
  8. Mr Mercury

    Jos on the Derby

    6/1 on bet 365. The stat I’ve seen that has fried my mind is that the Pigs are 9/2 - 5/1 ish to win the League outright , we are more just to win the game tonight
  9. F00k off you little **** Leon Knight
  10. Not sure about Jos but would make me happy, snatch your hands off now for one !
  11. Mr Mercury

    It's a sign. Literally!

    Strange that there's a thread like this. Was driving on M1 bout an hour ago & passed two vans that were all signed up - OWLS PROJECTS... Thought to myself straight away, is this a sign for tonight ?? Clutching at straws or what but now this thread appears ...
  12. Yep - defo second this. Been a few times, would be very surprised if they do not have the match on !
  13. Feel your pain .. this was mine after Saturdays result
  14. Mr Mercury

    Derby week

    This x 1000 !!!!