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  1. 1982 - Hearts v Sheff Utd !! ... Bear with me... We were on “holiday” (mom , dad , me and brother) for the week in Edinburgh (money was tight then ) ... My dad was Swfc thru and thru, hence my obsession . He noticed that the Pigs were playing Hearts in a pre season friendly whilst we were there , mainly because it was Terry Currans SUFC debut ... My dad loved TC , needless to say was devastated when he crossed the divide so couldn’t wait to “give him abuse” at this game. Anyhow, the game started - We were sat in the Hearts end / stand .... TC was on the wing in front of us , it was all set up for my dad to give him hell but no ... he stands up and starts singing Weds song... TC turns round and gives him thumbs up !! Dad sits down and says he’s forgiven ... Hearts won 1-0 (i think it was) - Can recall my dad telling all the Hearts fans we were Owls , cheering on Hearts against the “Pigs”. Random , but this thread has stirred the memory bank - isn’t football ace !!!
  2. Mr Mercury

    70's Owls T-shirt

    Would defo buy , very nice !
  3. Mr Mercury

    OwlsTalk Super 6 17/18 Season

    Finished joint 7th !
  4. Mr Mercury

    Jessica Bridge

    He has ... 3 posts up from yours. Small world !? Or maybe not where he’s concerned
  5. Mr Mercury

    R I P mum and fly high

    Sorry to hear your news Tink , moms are irreplaceable , remember the good times and love you had / shared with her , this will help ease the void over time. Best wishes x
  6. Mr Mercury

    Jessica Bridge

    Just opened that twitter link, shes very nice... !!
  7. Mr Mercury

    Jessica Bridge

  8. Mr Mercury

    Jessica Bridge

    Wow... now that’s a muck film
  9. Mr Mercury

    Chansiri - Snooker Final

  10. Mr Mercury

    Hull City fans tho....

    1983 has rang And asked for its hair back ....
  11. Mr Mercury

    Hull City

    A year ?? Wow ... well done mate. I’d struggle with a week tbh . Will this be you tomorrow !
  12. Mr Mercury

    Joey Barton