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  1. swfcjack27

    Defence issues

    Lacking the leadership and experience of Loovens simple as that. Tom Lees ain’t half the player he was when alongside Glenn. Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s not there anymore.
  2. swfcjack27

    Stoke were quite good

    First half an hour they looked every bit a premier league team with Woods and Allen running the game as mentioned. Could have totally collapsed and been embarrassed on the scoreline yesterday but the way we dug in was great to see and it’s one of those important points that feels like a win come the end of the season. Looking forward to going on Wednesday, always play well at the city ground.
  3. swfcjack27

    Stoke City V Joao

    He’s got all the attributes to be a top player (pace, skill, strength, height) but something is just missing for me. Played ok today but his potential is so much more.
  4. swfcjack27

    Is it just me

    Good work off the ball, marking etc but he’s poor in possession, semedo mould.
  5. swfcjack27

    Sam Hutchinson's groin

    Agree, proper liability can’t even manage 20 games a season. As soon as he’s ready to return he plays, goes off after half hour and he’s done for another 6 week.
  6. swfcjack27

    Away games are the place to be

    The place to be? It’s a closed shop though
  7. swfcjack27

    Away games, a closed shop?

    It’s a fair system, if you got to cup matches and the less glamorous away days which don’t sell out you can comfortably build up the points to get tickets for the marquee matches like Forest and Villa.
  8. swfcjack27

    Sean Clare

    Clare didn’t want to be here. Was good in a couple of cameos villa at home stands out but the group we’ve got at the minute seems hungry to be first team players including the fringe youngsters. We don’t need arrogant personalities in out team currently.
  9. swfcjack27

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Warren Feeney, best striker to ever pull on the blue and white
  10. swfcjack27

    Matt penney

    Just looks like a proper good footballer with a great left peg, wish we had given him the chance to step up sooner. His place to lose Fox ain’t near his level currently.
  11. swfcjack27

    Marco Matias

    Made a thread on him other week thought he was great against Ipswich. Again today he has worked blo0dy hard covering every blade of grass. Looks properly fit for me and Forestieri may have to wait for his league start because Marco is looking sharp. Pleased for the lad he’s had a rough time with injury but always seemingly committed to the club. Hopefully more quality performances to come a goal would do him wonders.
  12. swfcjack27

    What do you think about this?

    I’m unable to make midweek matches and now with sky doing this on a regular basis the season ticket is becoming more and more redundant for me unfortunately.
  13. swfcjack27


    Leroy Lita and Steve Howard are the two coming in to bolster our attacking options, top championship strike force.
  14. Like Atdhe a lot always works hard and loves the club but Fletch fully fit and firing (as target man competition) is a different level to him and starts for me every game, quality player.