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  1. swfcjack27

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    He WILL return
  2. Stick or twist? Decent point but we’ve been absolutely hammered. Days are numbered for Jos.
  3. How much has chansiri spent to put that squad together? Christ
  4. If we lose he has to go for me, if we win everyone will be buzzing and probably buys him a few games after the international break, where does he stand if we get a point? Would be a decent result considering how things are going for both sides but still struggling in the league and could get dragged in further if results go against Saturday. Not sure where I stand.
  5. swfcjack27

    Well done Fletcher

    Fair play to him puts in a rate shift every game, only one for me who looked bothered against Norwich.
  6. swfcjack27

    Chansiri kicking off

    Our record signing Rhodes is a player that the manager didn’t want and the squad didn’t need. If that doesn’t highlight DCs ineptitude in terms of recruitment and financial control I don’t know what does. Made so many poor decisions I’m losing count. Ultimately he’s made the choice to spend big on utter rubbish.
  7. Is it any good in there pal? Usually go king alfred in Alfreton for sky sports.
  8. Fair point, difficult situation. All I know is Jos has run his race as our manager.
  9. Don’t think we can be appointing with a long term vision of giving a new manager multiple windows to build his squad at the minute. We’re up financial śhît creek without a paddle with no room for manoeuvre in the transfer market. If and when we appoint a new man he has to be able to get performances and results out of the current group and fast.
  10. swfcjack27

    Tom Lees

    Spot on. Good point about Fox, Matt Penney was shocking yesterday lost count of the times he was caught wrong side and their winger got past and down to the byline unchallenged on that left side. Played too many games too quickly for someone who had never really played senior football before never mind in the championship.
  11. swfcjack27


    Genuinely not a clue what he offers. At least with a player like Semedo you knew what you were getting every game despite limited ability. Not his fault but he’s nowhere near championship standard.
  12. swfcjack27

    Tom Lees

    He’s been woeful all season and shouldn’t retain his place Friday. Now Loovens isn’t here to organise and hold his hand in games he looks a completely different player from before. Distribution is very poor and was beat in the air regularly today by a 5ft 10 striker. Defence is in crisis Loovens and Venancio were bigger players for us than many realised at the time.
  13. swfcjack27

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    Absolutely out but he’s too proud and stubborn for it to ever happen. Won’t be going anywhere if he’s not got a return on his investment.
  14. swfcjack27

    Bullen in charge for the derby?

    Absolutely spot on mate. Needs to move on he is a big influence on training and the players and it’s not working anymore. Another caretaker spell under him would be suicide as we found out against Burton at the start of the year.
  15. swfcjack27

    Westwood Injured

    He can say what he likes but neither Hutchinson or Westwood will play for us again simple as that. Being prevented from above.