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  1. 3 days before Christmas, Sunday, 12pm, long journey for the away team. Sky Sports strike again. Zero consideration for fans as per
  2. Chansiri really is going to any length to get short term money into the club, worrying on the P&S front.
  3. They didn’t gamble at all, every transfer they made was calculated and improved the side which led them to promotion and having a very strong premier league squad. DC has thrown money about with no thought at all and now we’ve still got the squad we had 4 years ago pretty much. All being 4 years older with less drive to reach the top. We can’t refresh the squad totally as we’re crying out for because our players are not worth much and we can’t spend cos we’ve thrown it all away, plus we’re up **** creek financially culminating in selling Hillsborough which is a last resort and still only a short term fix. Chansiri has presided over an absolute shambles in terms of recruitment and finances. Needs experienced help fast if he’s in it for the long term
  4. Anyone wanting Bully as permanent boss is deluded. Top coach, great link between fan base and club. Absolutely not Manager material
  5. Couldn’t give a to55 plays for Reading now, and they lost
  6. Bullen has been nowhere near involved in getting these players through the door, might have had discussions to persuade them but he certainly didn’t identify them. Bullen would be a huge risk for me , I love the bloke but he’s a bit too friendly with all the players and if things got tough I don’t think he’s strong enough to command the respect required. Think he’s a brilliant coach and a great person to have as a link between club and fan base. Wouldn’t like to see us risk that and then him get the sack in February and leave all together.
  7. Good point, Fletch will score 10-12 with Nuhiu and Nando scoring 5-6 each. Not sure how Winnall and Rhodes will perform would love Gayle here to guarantee 20 goals
  8. He’s destined to finish what was started
  9. Hope we pay 2/3 mil, brilliant for us but he’s out of contract soon and never going to play for Chelsea. Midfielder on loan and a pacy winger (Aarons potentiality) would set us up for a top 6 push
  10. Weren’t Reading under an embargo similar to us earlier in the summer? Difficult to see them throwing ‘substantial’ money at a player after this. If it goes through I highly doubt it will be reinvested by the deadline.
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