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  1. Daniel Pudil

    Can’t believe he didn’t start tonight after that performance, should have been first name on the team sheet for me. Doubt it was a fitness issue Saturday Tuesday for a centre half isn’t asking the world. Got to be back in for Saturday, Jos must realise he’s had a nightmare selecting tonight.
  2. Few things we learnt tonight

    Completely baffling to play no strikers at all with Nuhiu and Joao available, especially as Joao didn’t play barely any minutes at the weekend. Also the constant attempts to play out from the back was suicidal with the combination of Loovens and their strikers pressing high, never going to work against a side like Millwall that’s just naivety from Jos. Need to see a huge improvement to even compete with Villa Saturday.
  3. If they mention ‘the pitch’ once more.... So bloody annoying there’s nowt wrong with the pitch it’s been relayed shut up about it bbc.
  4. Daniel Pudil

    Absolutely superb. Won every header and cleared everything, rate performance and venancio looked good alongside him. Won’t see him at full back again he’s making centre half his own. Solid performance just lack that cutting edge
  5. Forest have massively inflated their wage bill on a bunch of bang average footballers and they aren’t going down nor up. It’s kept fans happy they’ve gone some business but makes no financial sense whatsoever. We’ve done it right by not wasting any money. Secure mid table, loads of quality in the squad to come back and a manager who looks very astute. Good stuff by Wednesday this window
  6. Proud!

    Defo could have nicked that with 11 still on the pitch. Proper work rate from everyone tonight putting a shift in for each other and the fans. Loud and proud tonight almost feels like a win.
  7. Worked hard for each other, dug deep and won comfortably in the end. Wildsmith fantastic in sticks, Reach quality in midfield and Joao looked like the player we know he can be, skilful and powerful. Fans absolutely superb felt good to get the points today Onwards and upwards we’re all Wednesday.
  8. I’m in Forest end absolutely hilarious all the moaning. Playing we’ll rate strike from Reachy. ‘Joao is running the game’ according to everyone around me hahahaha
  9. Your best memory under Carlos

    That first season has so many high points with Arsenal, Brighton and Wembley result aside. Being 20 and growing up watching awful football that’s the best season I’ve ever had following the owls in terms of entertainment on the pitch. Feel slightly deflated today seeing a genuinely nice guy who did his best leaving the club but it is the correct decision. All the best to Carlos can’t see him having difficulty getting a new job at all.
  10. IF Carlos were to go tomorrow

    Probably quite an unpopular comment but I’d take megson if I’m honest. We’ve tried the foreigner with fancy footy (debatable), it’s not got us up so let’s go towards the tried and tested. Knows what this club is all about and puts the p in passion. Football snobs saying it’s hoofball but in the last couple of months the times we’ve been out of our seats excited is when Atdhe has come on and we’ve been lumping it forward. I’d give him until end of season min just to see what results are like.
  11. Team for Ipswich

    Fletcher has to start for me. Need his presence and aerial ability up top against a side who are gonna be physical. When did Hooper last find the net, maybe time for him to have a rest to rediscover his touch.
  12. Width

    Absolutely non existent trying to go through the middle with everything and trying to walk it in just doesn’t work at this level. Ran out of ideas clearly his time is up, had a good couple of seasons need change now to salvage what’s left of this one