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  1. swfcjack27

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Fletcher is a quality player at this level, looked superb in that unbeaten run in under Carlos before the Huddersfield play off. If we’ve got a chance to offload it would probably make sense with the wages he’s on but do like him. Not getting any younger and we need to freshen this squad up for sure.
  2. swfcjack27

    Signings or no signings

    Full back situation is a bit concerning for me wouldn’t get far without signing a first choice right back, might just be ok on the left depending how Jos wants to utilise Reach and Boyd this season
  3. swfcjack27

    Great News...

    Even better news while he’s still at the club it looks like we’re able to do absolutely nothing in the transfer market.. Like the bloke and was desperate for him to succeed here, clearly got a track record but think he needs to move on and we need to aswell.
  4. swfcjack27

    Venancio not coming back

    Either price, the 800k or closer to 2 million mentioned later on, are bargains for a player of his quality. Looked settled at the club, Jos knew what he was all about and trusted him unlike previous manager. Won’t find anyone for a similar fee or in the loan market close to his level unfortunately, if we do it will be a gem of a find.
  5. swfcjack27

    Venancio not coming back

    Should have been top priority at the price we got quoted, really cheap for a player of his quality compared to what similar players fetch in this league. Gutted about this one.
  6. Not a huge loss, good pace and energy for a full back but crossing and defending leave a lot to be desired. Feel like the price is low for this crazy market would have expected closer to 2.5, 3 mil. First choice full backs both sides have to be the priority for Jos, they are key positions in his favoured system and we have no quality at all in them right now.
  7. swfcjack27

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Like the design and Chansiri making the change back to stripes. But a 40 quid difference between the options how is this justifiable? Even at 59 this is a steep price for a replica shirt and a huge outlay for many Wednesday supporters including myself.
  8. The way the players were acting in the game tonight was disgraceful really, surrounding the ref and trying to apply pressure constantly (which he handled poorly to be fair) but at the minute it seems to be causing more issues than it’s solving. It was said to be used only for clear and obvious errors but the two looked at in the Portugal match and overturned weren’t obvious errors they were contentious and in this situation I think they should let the referee actually referee the game and stick with his initial decision.
  9. swfcjack27

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Just another example of football becoming more and more rotten at the core. Jorge Mendes basically running Wolves and now influencing Forest being another. Agent power and money is ruining the game. Owners having interests in multiple clubs as with this situation is just wrong too. Hirst could have done big things here but himself and his representatives have acted with zero professionalism. Hope he fades and never makes it. Leaves a sour taste this. Let’s just concentrate on the players and youth players who want to be part of Wednesday.
  10. He’s a class apart from anyone else we’ve got when fit and firing. Crucial if we’re to have any chance of going up this season. We’re not a one man team by any stretch but we’re significantly better with him than without.
  11. swfcjack27

    Starting XI

    Kieran Lee right wing back? Best midfielder at the club would be totally wasted. Westwood Hunt Venancio Lees Pudil Reach Lee Bannan FF Hooper Nuhiu
  12. swfcjack27

    800k for Fred

    Absolute steal that. Quick across the ground, comfortable on the ball, good in the air and strong. Would be talking 6 million if he was English playing in the championship. Knowing the club as well from the loan is a big plus. Get this one over the line DC and it will set the tone for the rest of our business for the rest of the summer.
  13. Sorry if already posted. Supposedly in for him along with Rangers and Forest. Surprised by this. Have we got the financial means to do a deal in terms of breaking ffp and more to the point do we even need him? Had a great season but personally I’m happy with the attacking personnel we’ve got at the club, can see Jos getting a lot out of them with a full pre season under the belt.
  14. With long term club captain Glenn Loovens leaving this summer, who would you give the responsibility to for the start of next season? It’s been passed about a few times this season with Lees and Reach taking it for the majority. Not certain either are natural leaders, Hutch would be a standout but he’s on the sidelines more than the pitch these days unfortunately for us.
  15. swfcjack27

    Glenn Loovens "My Time Has Come"

    Classy from the skipper as always, came in at a difficult time and took on the responsibility of captain, clearly sets an example to the rest. As with Wallace top bit of business by the club to get him on a free. All the best Glenn!