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  1. Worrying lack of ambition. Signals to me that if we were to get rid of everyone we can’t replace them because we’re a financial mess. Having to keep League 1 standard players like him at the club seems like the only option.
  2. Att has bought him a club 1867 bronze plaque for a seat on the South
  3. I reckon Loovens is a potential future Wednesday manager, his leadership skills are made for management
  4. And we've not got a penny to spend in doing it, extremely exciting that... Won't be able to build anything more than a mid-table side with frees and loans.
  5. Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce vs DC and Garry Monk. Pretty obvious who would get us to the prem out of those. We need a change in direction and this might be the best way for Chansiri to call it a day for the benefit of the club and his own wallet cos we’re going nowhere, just doesn’t have the football knowledge and business acumen to cut it
  6. Carlos definitely had final say on Jordan Rhodes 👀
  7. Fair enough can imagine a ranty speech similar to his 45 min openers at fans forums, doubt they will be team talks as such as in half time motivation at 1-0 but I acknowledge the point. Know a member of non football staff at the club says DC is like a dictator horrible to work under.
  8. No don’t think he will have done, what would he even say that’s gonna motivate that group of players
  9. Quick chat on a Tuesday afternoon at Middlewood or a good luck boys at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon ain’t a team talk. Will 100% not be involved in anything related to the playing side of things.
  10. Can guarantee Chansiri has never held a team talk while here, might have had talks with players etc but never to that extent. Has always trusted the managers he has appointed to sort coaching affairs.
  11. I think the problem is far deeper rooted than Nando and co. I don’t know what the solution is, it probably is a massive clear out this summer but were do we go from there if we aren’t allowed to sign players
  12. Good point, wish we’d sold up after the Norwich debacle tbf never been the same
  13. Nah he only played well under Carlos let’s be rate about it
  14. Shouldn’t be our new manager at all he wouldn’t come near us now, best we’ve had in 20 years though
  15. Explain pal. I’m on the Carlos side of the fence as you can see
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