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  1. Bullen is far too friendly with all the players to take the top job and his lack of experience could see things turn sour quickly if we went on a poor run. Good coach, club legend, not cut out for the managers job
  2. Using our club as a stepping stone after the way we welcomed him, let him join and work on his own terms including bringing his staff and reshaping the squad is an absolute disgrace. Nobody is bigger than Sheffield Wednesday! Goodbye Bruce see you in the championship next season if you haven’t been sacked by Christmas
  3. Not advocating it and he’s recently got a job back home but I wouldn’t put it past Chansiri to get Carlos on the phone to see if he fancies it. Built a close relationship and DC wanted to keep him before a combination of poor results and Swansea interest put him in a difficult position. Nothing surprises me with Chansiri anymore could go down the foreign route again but personally think we need someone similar to Bruce with the experience and ability to command respect, Hughton is the standout.
  4. If the approach does come SB will be on his way for sure, too big an opportunity for him to turn down. Feels like a massive kick in the balls the way we gave him a chance to get back into football on his terms after a difficult period, welcomed him with open arms and he himself saw it as a long term project. Disappointing, hope we move swiftly for Hughton if and when he goes
  5. We’re meant to be able to compete when premier league clubs are allowed to own sister clubs abroad which they’re abusing to screw clubs like us over after we’ve developed that player for years. Absolute joke Prem is a closed shop and the rules just reinforce that.
  6. Cracking appointment good CV. Key role now in modern football to have someone overseeing sports science and the medical department, hopefully this could be the end of our dismal injury record
  7. Carlos never wanted Rhodes because he knew he didn’t fit the system, DC went on and splashed a ridiculous amount anyway above his head just after the signing of Winnall. Would like to see him under Bruce because I think he would get the best out of him.
  8. Similar player to what we had in Sean Clare Flair, definitely a good footballer in there just doesn’t apply himself every game and in the championship you need to be on it all the time. Has to be a small fee, I wasn’t even considering him as an option to come back. Clearly Bruce likes the lad, will trust his judgement and see what happens.
  9. One season fix we can’t sell it again wonder what Chansiri has up his sleeve for 12 months time failing promotion, doubt he’s even thinking that far. Shows our mess selling the ground should be the last resort and one which will cause more problems down the line when DC decides he’s bored of owning a football club
  10. Decent championship defender who’s tidy on the ball, would be a good signing for free.
  11. Made a cracking last ditch tackle to stop a certain goal, think there were 4 or 5 worse than him today comfortably. He applied himself 100% unlike some who were on the beach. Decent back up for next year
  12. Think Chelsea will want to see a return on their investment, won’t loan him again as he would walk free next summer. Can’t see us spending 3/4 million on anyone this summer even our player of the season. Hopefully I’m wrong because he’s been immense and exactly the player we need at the back
  13. Lets not lose out on Hector like we did our last loan centre half Venancio, been top drawer all season discussions need to be starting with Chelsea as soon as possible
  14. EFL need to review their referees been poor all season
  15. I wouldn’t be interested in selling Forestieri, don’t think we can get the top bucks like 2 seasons ago and he will be difficult to replace because we won’t be able to reinvest all of the money with P&S looming. Can be our talisman under Bruce next season; he’s the perfect manager to put an arm around FF and get him firing.
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