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  1. Chansiri has ruined our football club simple as that. Threw too much at it first couple of seasons without any actual plan and look at us now
  2. I’m absolutely sick of us going into games like tonight with Moore playing us down, reckoning we’re the underdog and we will do well to take anything from the game. He’s done it all season, need to be using the support as a positive factor in making us favourites in matches. Embrace the size of the club in comparison to the rest of league 1. Ready for a change to be honest don’t think he’s gonna guide us to the championship.
  3. Yet to play a competitive game but unbeaten in pre-season including victories over Man City and Chelsea. Set pieces are ridiculously easy to exploit. Big man at the back post, deep cross and it causes chaos every time.
  4. Anyone worked out what the hell he’s thinking with that yet?
  5. Yeah we need something to get us out of our seats. Loved it when he beat 6 men and put a cross into Sainsbury’s car park
  6. Let’s give him the reception he deserves tomorrow, what a player he was for us. The ultimate box to box midfielder. That hip injury prevented him a crack at the premier league I’m sure. That goal against Brighton in the play offs never seems to get any recognition, his turn was Bergkamp vs Newcastle esque. Top player
  7. Best manager we’ve had in 20 years and Chansiri let him go. Worst decision as the top man.
  8. Seen Sea Girls at the Bodega in Notts recently delayed album launch, some band them boys are
  9. Got Blossoms, Jonny Marr and Courteeners in a couple of weeks at Old Trafford should be mega. Going to see The Lathums at Rock City the week after that.
  10. Anyone know if he’s on a pay as you play deal?
  11. Structured Contract? Is that the same as a 'pay as you play' cos we all love on of them on Owlstalk
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