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  1. Genuinely believe he didn’t have much to do with signings while here. Was head coach in charge of footballing matters and DC and his dodgy mates did the transfers. Facts are he never wanted Jordan Rhodes. Nicest bloke you could wish to meet and best football we’ve seen in a very long time.
  2. As mentioned the maths makes alright reading if you’ve got the finances and are prepared to commit 10+ years to the club. The problem is the motive behind having to make such an offer. DC is taking the pi55 to be fair, playing happy families with us but asking us to stump up constantly to cover his failings and he gets the ar5e on when not many of us do as with 1867. It’s a get rich quick scheme because we’re up financial **** creek without a paddle, nothing more nothing less.
  3. Also that’s POTG completely killed off, no room for manoeuvre on its pricing for the next 10 years cos you can’t undercut those who commit to it.
  4. Chansiri really is desperate to get cash into the club short term. Can’t see it taking off, huge financial commitment he’s well out of touch with the fan base to be brutally honest.
  5. Worked hard just not at the level required for championship football, decent move for all parties. Best of luck to him
  6. Aerial presence but mobile, hopefully the injuries are behind him, perfect replacement for Fletch. Knows the club, was a joy to watch on loan. Make it happen DC
  7. While draw is shîtę and ours just tops it off. Not even a match worth televising out of that lot
  8. He’s said a lot of things and not gone through with any of them. DC is stubborn and selling up to him would mean failure and I can’t see him being able to accept that.
  9. DC has known about the FFP/P&S problems for a couple of years now, continued to ignore it and has completely mismanaged us while trying to play happy families with the supporters. Asking us to get behind him with multi year season tickets and failed attempts at revenue spinners like club 1867 while at the same time under transfer embargos we weren't even aware of. He’s well out of his depth, despite his trying and investment which I don’t think many doubt, he’s got us in a right mess and I’m not sure how he and the club defend themselves on it. His whole tenure can be summed up by Jordan Rhodes, club record fee on a player we didn’t need and manager didn’t want, said he bought him cos we wanted him and he’s now out on the scrap heap without a sniff of football.
  10. Rhythm is a dancer, Atdhe is the answer
  11. D taxis, ELEV8, Chansiri on the shirts and the seats, club 1867, 46 quid tickets, bought a club record striker we didn’t need, no staffing structure at all (CEO etc.), sold the stadium. Yeah he’s tried but DC has been absolutely shambolic financially and this won’t end well for us despite ‘vigorously denying’ it.
  12. How will DC defend himself this time? Completely amateurish handling of the finances, all these get rich quick schemes pointed to us being in trouble and here’s the proof.
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