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  1. swfcjack27

    Starting XI

    Kieran Lee right wing back? Best midfielder at the club would be totally wasted. Westwood Hunt Venancio Lees Pudil Reach Lee Bannan FF Hooper Nuhiu
  2. swfcjack27

    800k for Fred

    Absolute steal that. Quick across the ground, comfortable on the ball, good in the air and strong. Would be talking 6 million if he was English playing in the championship. Knowing the club as well from the loan is a big plus. Get this one over the line DC and it will set the tone for the rest of our business for the rest of the summer.
  3. Sorry if already posted. Supposedly in for him along with Rangers and Forest. Surprised by this. Have we got the financial means to do a deal in terms of breaking ffp and more to the point do we even need him? Had a great season but personally I’m happy with the attacking personnel we’ve got at the club, can see Jos getting a lot out of them with a full pre season under the belt.
  4. With long term club captain Glenn Loovens leaving this summer, who would you give the responsibility to for the start of next season? It’s been passed about a few times this season with Lees and Reach taking it for the majority. Not certain either are natural leaders, Hutch would be a standout but he’s on the sidelines more than the pitch these days unfortunately for us.
  5. swfcjack27

    Glenn Loovens "My Time Has Come"

    Classy from the skipper as always, came in at a difficult time and took on the responsibility of captain, clearly sets an example to the rest. As with Wallace top bit of business by the club to get him on a free. All the best Glenn!
  6. swfcjack27

    Ross wallace

    Unbelievable value for money Ross has turned out to be, been a great player for us no doubt. Quality left peg scored some crackers and also his delivery was very good, especially from set pieces. Worked hard and had that bit of cheek to him which we all loved. One of our finer moves transfer wise in the last couple of seasons.
  7. swfcjack27

    Clear out

    Keep reading a clear out is required, don’t disagree necessarily but just wondering how it’s possible when the vast majority of players we want shut of are over 30, crocks or on long term overpaid contracts. Can’t see many leaving they are comfortable earning and playing 15 games a season.
  8. Leaning towards getting rid. Don’t like the way he sets up going into games and through our 3 game purple patch the system didn’t work for long periods in each game. We haven’t got the pace nor fitness in the wing back positions to make it successful in my opinion. Thankfully we are pretty much safe but can’t see us kicking on under him next season to be honest.
  9. swfcjack27

    Lee - Halo Effect?

    You don’t realise how good KL is until he’s not in the team. We’re desperate for his energy, late runs into the box and goalscoring exploits which are solid for a midfielder. Top top player best at the club for me.
  10. swfcjack27

    The one that got away?

    Should have done everything possible to make that a permanent deal, so much quality on the ball. Second half of that season everything went through him in midfield. Lopez, Lee, Bannan that’s a top 2 midfield.
  11. swfcjack27

    Daniel Pudil

    The progression this lad has made since moving to centre half is unbelievable. Quality again yesterday won every header, made every tackle and loves to bring it out of defence. Wouldn’t be against seeing him and Lees partnered in a back 4 at some stage not a massive fan of the current set up. Superb form Daniel Pudil!
  12. swfcjack27

    Adam Reach

    What’s his best position and where should we play him moving forward now we’re getting players back? Starting to look decent value for what we paid think he’s got great athleticism and is well suited to a wing back role, much more so than Boyd who hasn’t got the legs. Put in a couple of great performances aswell centrally, Forest away stands out with his goal and driving runs from midfield. Also left wing to consider which is what many see as his natural position but won’t happen in the current system. Difficult one for Jos left wing back would be my call.
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    Earned himself a new contract today, superb performance chuffed for Atdhe!