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  1. swfcjack27

    Chairman’s statement

    How about getting some proper sponsorship on board DC to increase income instead of dodgy D taxis and Elev8. Admirable he wants to put all the money in but it just doesn’t work and we’re in a financial state. Even after that statement he’s still not got a plan, worrying.
  2. swfcjack27

    Team news

    Look at all the options on that bench
  3. swfcjack27


    Föokin KCOM
  4. swfcjack27

    Steve Agnew is the new Alan Irvine

    Not good enough today very disappointing for the travelling Wednesdayites, need an up turn in performances fast
  5. swfcjack27


    Absolutely not good enough, should have left Bullen in charge over this period as another thread has said. No quality going forward and conceding 3 is criminal. Just hoping we can survive and build next season. UTO
  6. Personally wouldn’t give Mansfield a penny after the friendly last summer. Don’t think we will be active until late in the window, if at all, when Agnew and Clemence have had time to assess the squad. We need to raise funds to balance the books for P&S too as out of contract players leaving in the summer won’t be enough. DC should have been planning for this window and next summer last year knowing the situation but clearly hasn’t.
  7. swfcjack27

    Press Conference

    Proper football bloke, spoke well. We’re going to be in safe hands with Bruce and this coaching set up including Bully. Just hope DC puts a long term plan together to back them. Future is much brighter now, on the playing side at least, than under Jos.
  8. How many cans of Stella did Collymore have before tweeting that
  9. Say what you want about Carlos and his management but he’s a class bloke, nice touch that tweet.
  10. swfcjack27

    Ground Sold !

    Chansiri isn’t looking to sell the club anytime soon if he’s going to do this as it’s a good chunk of the club value, don’t believe a word the bloke says.
  11. swfcjack27

    Liam Palmer was magnificent today

    Magnificent is a bit strong, goal came down that side. Playing better him and Fox but full backs are still top priority
  12. swfcjack27

    Hectors Dad - Legend

    He’s got it word for word after a few pints
  13. swfcjack27

    Ground being sold in February?

    We need to find long term solutions not short term fixes for our finances. Selling the ground will put us in a worse position than owning it in the long run. No thanks
  14. swfcjack27

    Lee Bullen

    Massive credit to Bully, got us two cracking results in difficult circumstances. Building momentum for the new manager, getting fans on side with the forgotten men coming back into the fold.
  15. swfcjack27

    One year ago today...

    The way he linked midfield to attack sitting in the hole was great to watch, goalscoring was quality too. Hope him and Kieran Lee can make a return at some point, top players.