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  1. Faster than Bolt! Cult hero for me being 22, on the edge of my seat every time he came forward. What are your memories of the Jamaican?
  2. Odubajo should be delighted to be contracted to a club like Sheffield Wednesday. Woeful footballer.
  3. If he could’ve been persuaded to stay as assistant alongside Carlos we would’ve been a Premier League team after that first season I’m pretty confident of it. Outstanding coach.
  4. Only 22: 1) Hartlepool 2005 in Cardiff 2) Slim pickings, Lee Grant. I’m a GK and his shot stopping was class 3) Dad’s favourite was Shez says he was on a different level 4) Arsenal 3-0 is up there, Hillsborough was absolutely bouncing that night. Wycombe on the pitch after. Obviously winning at the millennium as first match 5) Derby 2-2, Semedo day at Forest, Brighton this season had a weekend down there, good for non footballing reasons but a good win too. 6) Wembley/Hillsborough 7) Matias at Elland Road weren’t a bad one 8. Brighton semi and play off final, Wycombe. 9) Loovens in my time, class act. Walker, Nilsson etc for all time. 10) It’s been steadily creeping in throughout my time and it’s now ridiculous. Got a ST at Alfreton Town now, unfortunately got priced out of going to Hillsborough a couple of seasons ago and lost a lot of enthusiasm for the top level of the game with VAR, courtroom battles etc. Loving non-league.
  5. They're presuming DC has a strategy to make us stronger and take us forward into the future... Good luck with that if the last 5 years is the marker.
  6. Threadbare squad and who’s actually gonna want to join us now? We’re in for a horrendous season feel for everyone tied into season tickets long term. What a mess DC
  7. Football is just a battle in the courtrooms now, things being settled on the pitch will be a thing of the past. VAR controversies, appeals, points deductions, embargoes and off field finance issues are the new norm and ultimately dictate everything.
  8. Even players such as Reach and Lees who when we brought in were regarded by most as young, English talents with the scope and potential to go quite far in the game. Both have stagnated and can’t be thought of as anything more than bang average championship players. See it far too often at Hillsborough.
  9. Carlos was a head coach here, tasked with getting the best out of the squad he had. He absolutely achieved this over the two full seasons he was here and injuries out of his control led to his departure. Having met him on multiple occasions at the ground and training ground, he was the nicest bloke you could ever wish to meet, wanted the best for this football club and had his hands tied in terms of anything above coaching the players. The hate for him is completely unwarranted, best coach since the turn of the millennium, fact.
  10. If that’s really the sort of player we’re in the market for this summer then we will sorely regret letting Nuhiu leave as mentioned.
  11. Been going since 2004/5 season and the first season back in league 1 after the Palace game surely tops this one, some horrendous football. Remember going to Grimsby in pre season and losing 2-1 with a full side and seeing Clinton Morrison watching in the stands think he would be a 20 goal man 😂
  12. Brilliant player, always arrived in the box at just the right time to tuck one in the bottom corner. Extremely clever, underrated by many. Hip injuries are absolute killers and it’s a shame he’s never been the same. Class act
  13. Got to give the armband tonight surely, just wish we were allowed in Hillsborough for the send off would be a standing ovation no doubt.
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