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  1. DC priced me out of going to Hillsborough and know many others who were the same. My enthusiasm for Wednesday is at an all time low and I can’t see myself going to another game while he’s still owner. Too many failures to list but his overarching stubbornness, sky high pricing and lack of any decent plan for this football club literally has us on our knees and on our way back into league 1. Disastrous.
  2. First game and memory Millennium 05 aged 8, unreal scenes. Not a bad way to start, not had that much to shout about since
  3. Didn’t Carlos get absolutely slated on here for destroying the club with all the poor signings he made? I think Monk has cleared up that he will have had little to no involvement in them and Monk is in a similar situation identifying positions he needs then letting the club get on with it. Jordan Rhodes 100000% not a Carlos signing.
  4. Agree pal, always looked lively alongside Fletch. Fed off the scraps of Gustede at Blackburn too
  5. I think I’m the only Wednesday fan with a bit of faith JR can rediscover his old form, today would’ve been a good chance for him to show it. Disappointed.
  6. Favourite track on the new album of the ones not released. Do you really wanna know is a massive anthem though
  7. Debut album out today. Discovered them at Tramlines 2019 and they’re gonna go on to do big things, great band not put out a bad song yet. Getting a lot of coverage on Radio 1. Would urge anyone to listen to the new album some brilliant tracks. Anyone already listening to them?
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