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  1. In with a shout but even if we don’t make it what an unbelievable turnaround it’s been when you look at the mess left by Jos. Credit to DC for getting in the experience we desperately needed to steady the ship and turn our form around, Bruce has been brilliant so far and so too his staff who helped get results before Feb. Players look hungry and up for the fight, let’s enjoy the last 8 and see where we end up.
  2. Fletch would have buried it just wrong player in the wrong position, did well to get up there and thought he bossed the midfield throughout.
  3. Offered absolutely nothing, get him off the wage bill
  4. Don’t think I’ve ever wanted it to work out for somebody at Hillsborough more than I do for Rhodes, genuinely a top bloke. Still a quality player in this league with the right service, can see him thriving in a Bruce team if we build ourselves to supply him. Will be an interesting summer for sure.
  5. He will thrive in a free role behind the striker, work rate is spot on and he will create chances. Bruce is the type of manager who understands what you get with FF, will put his arm round him, support him and get him firing again I’m pretty confident of it
  6. He’s got that bit of magic in him, can’t wait for Bruce to get it out oh him
  7. Jos dropping him was criminal, best keeper in the division
  8. I genuinely think Chansiri has got his eyes set on promotion this season the way we’re going about things. We’re in massive financial trouble, need 10+ million to scrape by without an embargo so we go and sign 3 players on deadline day without shifting anybody on. Its damaging, short term thinking that put us in this position and he’s still carrying on with that strategy if you can even call it that. We won’t go up and we’re going to be in a mess this summer.
  9. Sunderland have got one foot in the championship if they pull it off, will tear it up in league 1. Surprising we’re not giving him a chance
  10. Can’t be worse than what’s here already, been crying out for energy and pace for 3 seasons.
  11. The way Murphy came across like he was doing us Wednesday fans a favour by saying we weren’t supportive of the decision was an absolute joke. We’re all fully behind the decency both the club have shown in allowing him the time and Bruce has shown honouring his word to the family. Pipe down Danny lad
  12. The overturned decision completely knocked the wind out of our sails we were more than competitive to that point, it’s ridiculous that it’s being trialled in some matches and not others it’s luck of the draw if you’re going to get decisions or not. It would have been a different match all together had it been at Hillsborough
  13. I know we’re discussing Hutch but we would have been close to League 1 now if Jos was still here, worst manager we’ve had in my lifetime probably (21). Feels great to have Hutch and Westwood back in the side they offer experience and solidity. Hope Bruce can help the rest of the squad to realise their potential, they aren’t half as bad as they seemed under Luhukay
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