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  1. I declare this thread null and void nobody has attributed 100% to Carlos.
  2. Ten Bob Millionaire. Self proclaimed boxing world champion
  3. Remember him knocking a few 60 yard passes on his debut thought we’d signed Pique
  4. Always get an extra buzz when it’s Rhodes on the score sheet. Never wanted it to work out for someone more at Wednesday than I have for him. Top player at this level and a really top bloke n all. If a new contract is a possibility I’d be all over it but doubtful.
  5. Dunno what everyone is worrying about. DC said last week we have enough points to stay up and I trust the man implicitly. He'll probably be on the phone to the same 'friends' who sorted us out on the FFP front soon
  6. All I ask is that we give him time! Happy with the appointment but if he’s out the door after 5 months it’s been a waste. Seems like the type of manager up for a rebuild and someone we can throw our weight behind.
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