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  1. Team for Ipswich

    Fletcher has to start for me. Need his presence and aerial ability up top against a side who are gonna be physical. When did Hooper last find the net, maybe time for him to have a rest to rediscover his touch.
  2. Width

    Absolutely non existent trying to go through the middle with everything and trying to walk it in just doesn’t work at this level. Ran out of ideas clearly his time is up, had a good couple of seasons need change now to salvage what’s left of this one
  3. Absolutely superb he’s one of the best at reading the game. Every run he makes is timed to perfection, knows when to drop deeper to create space and is always right place right time to score goals which is a difficult thing to do. Always thinking one pass ahead of everyone else to position himself for the knock downs and second balls. We’ve got ourselves a proper player, I can’t get enough.
  4. Team for Sunday

    Gary Hooper Steven Fletcher 9 others
  5. Why blame CC? WESTWOOD out

    Frustrating when he takes so long over goal kicks it's like we were the ones 2-0 up with all the time in the world, we're chasing the game ffs Westy. Not even worth waiting for, distribution has been woeful this season. Mistake after mistake at the minute definitely needs another quality keeper to provide competition as mentioned above.
  6. Fletcher

    Got such a brilliant football brain he makes great decisions, takes up great positions and is very streetwise. Knows where to put his body to win headers, hold it up and he can draw fouls to relieve pressure. Great option to have
  7. Daniel Pudil

    Excellent again. Deserves a huge amount of credit for his performances recently especially because he's playing out of position. Had taken quite a bit of stick but was quality against Sunderland and today he's really stepped up to the mark. Well done Danny, rate win that we're up and running.
  8. Harlee Dean

    Great price in today's crazy market
  9. Barry Bannan

    Played brilliantly first season when on a short term contract and had to earn himself a place in the team, now on a 3 year deal and basically first name on team sheet no matter what means he has just been a shadow of his 15/16 self. Playing deep as mentioned really hampers him should be creating chances much further up the pitch. Our midfield dynamic at the minute is all wrong Hutchinson and Bannan didn't work at all yesterday both far too deep and zero creativity. Need Kieran Lee back that's for sure.
  10. Kieran Lee

    Desperate for his energy we were so flat in midfield yesterday, Pearson and Johnson gave us the run around in that department and we couldn't get a foot on the ball. Key player for us
  11. Preston Away Ticket Details

    What's chances of getting one with 480 do we reckon, just below Tuesday AM bracket gutted, fingers crossed it makes it to PM
  12. Assuming they are vying for one position at right wing and both fully fit, which should start against Preston? Wallace has had 2 really good seasons, scoring and assisting plenty along the way particularly in big games when it matters most and knows the Carlos system. Works hard for the team and that left peg is superb. George as a new signing should be eager to make an impression early on and has looked decent so far in both friendlies. He's got the energy levels Carlos demands and is dropping down a league after playing a full season in the prem showing he's a top player. I'm slightly in favour of Wallace having seen what he's all about already in a Wednesday shirt. Both quality options however and highlights our strength in depth (apart from at the back ) Thoughts?
  13. Next season kit

    Alfreton Town Chairman. I highly doubt it probably be wearing a training kit or last years.
  14. Alex Lopez?

    Would love to see him back cracking player. Really good on the ball driving forward but can do some of the less glamorous work in the midfield also. Imagine he would be much cheaper than buying from England too, prices are totally inflated he would be worth serious cash if he was English playing over here.