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  1. markjr2401

    Bannan lauds Joey

    Make a a good point. Might explains his added attacking influence in recent matches. Bannan has been superb so far and shows the underrated role Joey plays imo
  2. markjr2401

    Time to sacrifice a star or two

    Sacrifice a star or two and we become a weakened side. We might as well give it a go this season. Selling your best players just shows a lack of ambition and we don't want to risk being even worse than we have been for the last year
  3. Good job that the league ends on the 4th of August eh
  4. markjr2401

    Categorise the squad

    Am I the only one who would resist any others for Lee and Hooper? They may have been prone to injuries recently, but Hooper has been our best forward for the last 3 years and our team looks twice as good with Lee in it.
  5. seems like a convenient way to revise Spanish A Level
  6. markjr2401

    Cameron Dawson

    Might as well give Dawson a go if only for 1 or 2 games. What harm could it do?
  7. I've been doing the Nuhiu, err I mean, the same each time I Nuhiu, err i mean, speak to Nuhiu, err everyone
  8. This would just exacerbate football's wealth gap. Premier League clubs have such great income from Sky and sponsorship that they could easily survive without losing any of their players. Meanwhilst, league 1 and 2 clubs- and probably Championship- would drop like flies. Probably leaving anAmerican style franchise system as an attractive option for all involved in the PL and English League football would as good as die. But other than that...
  9. No, Ronaldo got his skills from Nuhiu
  10. markjr2401


    Nuhiu, the real Beast from the East
  11. Well we've just about got Ipswich's kit so might as well get their manager and team as well.
  12. Should see today as a point gained. 8 points off now. Every little helps at the end of the day
  13. markjr2401

    Adam Reach

    FFS What nonsense. The main reasons we've gone backwards are injuries, poor management, poor fitness, and poor recruitment amongst other things. You can't put a side going from play-offs to 17th down to one player, let alone a player who will probably be player of the season this year
  14. markjr2401

    Joao and who.

    Reach and Clare aren't forwards end of. I for one would stick Joao as a lone striker and ensure he has enough support from attacking midfielders
  15. markjr2401

    Jos out !

    Ok then. But what difference will a new manager make? The problem is much more than just Jos.