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  1. If we never actually give him a run of games, we'll never know if he's still got it. That's what's sad. 10 minute subs once a month tells us nothing at all.
  2. He made a mistake against the blades.. so some will never forgive him regardless of what he does. However, those folk have tiny, tiny brains and their opinions about everythig should just be ignored.
  3. Wasn't a big fan last season. Too often he lost his man and we got hurt as a result. Seemed like he'd rather be grabbing headlines at the top end than doing the hard work you need in central midfield.. But this season he's looked a different player. Rolled his sleeves up, covering lots of ground and being a reliable defensive presence. Our central midfield looks more balanced, and purely because Luongo has shifted what he does. Fair play to him.
  4. After naming 5 strikers in the squad and using all 4 that weren't Rhodes.. yeah.
  5. Q: He is so good in front of goal what happened last season ? A: Haven’t played to his strengths. uh oh..
  6. So you're saying Monk's great and it'll all come good. Ok.. start the clock..
  7. Weren't you telling me how wonderful Monk was and how everyone should lay off him a week or two ago?
  8. I was speculating about why Carlos used Rhodes as the target man, which he very clearly did. I'm happy for you to suggest another explanation, which is not "he didn't know what kind of player Rhodes was", as that's the only reason i can think why anyone would do that. I dont think there's a single Wedneday fan who thinks Rhodes is a target man, yet Carlos did. I think Carlos was wrong. You can go ahead and tell me why he was right can't you? Monk isn't "not playing Rhodes right", he's not playing Rhodes, plain and simple. When Rhodes played in the opening few games I thought he loo
  9. You're a clear simpleton. The two things i said were replying to you. You mentioned Rhodes under Jos.. and yes he wasnt in the side as Joao and Nuhiu were playing blinders. The other comment you were talking about Rhodes first 12 games. Those were under Carlos. And at that period Joao was out on loan, sat on Blackburns bench and had barely scored for us in two years. Why is time a difficult thing for you to grasp? It's very simple. The managers that failed him. Umm.. Bullen's not a manager. Bruce never had him. Neither failed Rhodes. Jos didn't pick him for
  10. People like this just get on my nerves. They're the sort who booed Tommy Spurr out the club. Who booed Morgan Fox out the club. They're not fans and they hide behind "anyone who knows anythign about football" while knowing absolutely nothing themselves. I've had conversations with folk about Rhodes over the years, and we're not alwys agreed, that's the nature of football. But chumps like this with "Where was Joao?" Get out. What are you doing on an Owls forum is you dont' follow the club. Honestly.
  11. You're just an idiot. Those are two seperate time periods. You know these days that pass before your eyes, they seperate one moment from the next, it stops everything from happening at once. Rhodes was signed by Carlos and was his number 1 striker when he arrived, but Carlos used him as a target-man, because i guess Carlos hadn't seen Rhodes play in the previous years as he wasn't in the UK. When Jos came in.. he's a different person from Carlos btw.. Rhodes was not 1st choice.. I assume you'll ask why as you don't seem to know the slightest thing about our club. What was the
  12. Err.. No Joao and Nuhiu found the best form either of them have ever had in an Owls shirt and so they stayed in the starting 11. So we've got from 7 managers to 6 managers? Which one have you left off, the one who wasn't a manager, or the one who never had Rhodes available to select? You've still included the two that did use him an that he scored goals for. But hey.. you "know football". Umm.. 3 goals. While being told to play deeper and lay it off. So even when being completely misused he'd average 10-15 goals a season. I'm sure yo
  13. This. There's a perception of Rhodes not contributing. But watch him on the pitch instead of listening to tired old thing people are just saying.
  14. Had a weel look to check I wasn't crazy and yes.. 8 of Rhodes' first 11 appearances were in a front 2 with Winnall. The dynamic when they played was as i said. Rhodes was the hold-up player and Winnall trying to play off him. 100% misuse of Rhodes. Rhodes started the first 12 league games he was available for and played in every league match to the end of the season. That's not exactly screaming 4th choice to me, but maybe you know better. Jos gave Rhodes time when he arrived? That's just flat out not true tho is it. Here's a list of the minutes per match for Rhodes
  15. Monk's never played him consistently, but the few times he's had more than one outing he's scored. He got bombed out the team very shortly after the hattrick last year and was barely seen again. Bruce never had Rhodes as an option, he was away at Norwich the entire time Bruce was here. Bullen. What? Still repect Bully, but he's not a football manager. Farke was playing 1 striker and had head and shoulders the best striker in the league in Pukki. He still used Rhdoes regularly and Rhodes scored goals that helped them get promoted. Luhukay. Found Adthe an
  16. So the predictable seems to have happened. Rhodes started the opening match, onyl got an hour, but scored. Started the 2nd, again just got an hour and this time didn't. And now seems to have just been frozen out. That's the "run of games" he gets.. yet again. I thougth he and Windass looked decent up top together. Something that might have grown given matches together.. Not going to be tho, especially with Paterson coming in. Monk just doesn't want Rhodes. There seems no other conclusion to make. And so it's into the freezer for him.
  17. Not sure 7.5m is enough to replace Iorfa tbh. Just turned 25, 2 years on his deal, could be a prem center back for me, had the attributes and his reading of the game when central in a back 3 has been great 98% of the time. He's also started contributing more at the top end of the pitch this season. I feel like he's really important for us. Would you sell a 25 year old bannan for 10 mil? I wouldn't.
  18. This. If you offered me a choice of the two, I'm picking paterson all day every day forever.
  19. Is a bit odd that he's been promoted to the senior squad but hasn't been given a number. Not sure what to make of that.
  20. Not sure I'm loving the connotations of what you say there.
  21. Cherry picking? err.. of his last 24 league games he's won 5. How is that a ridiculous point to make?
  22. 3 wins in 19 games is enough to form an opinion of a manager. Those 19 games are not erased by a single league win. No one who doubts Monk's ability bsed on the evidence of last seaon is looking at all silly.
  23. Cool, so everyone should rate Monk despite the evidence, but you can't tell us why. Sign me up!
  24. Couldn't really pick one as a sure fine motm, standouts for me were: Windass, Rhodes, Luongo and Iorfa.
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