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  1. Thought I'd seen that Urhoghide was back in training. Maybe not match ready tho. I guess the hope is that with the two wide men no longer being as defensive they can push forwards more and get closer to Wickham. Bannan's finishing is not the greatest, but if anyone can open a door in our team it's him. Sadly we've not really had a goalscoring mid for a few years. Not since Lee was at his best. I guess we could use Bannan beside Luongo (tho I dont think he's at his best there) and use Lee supporting Wickham.
  2. is this a "it's not his fault, he's only the manager" post?
  3. Then we play Palmer left and Urhogide right, i guess? Wildsmith Urhoghide - Iorfa - Borner - Palmer Luongo - Hunt Harris - Bannan - Da Cruz Wickham Something like that
  4. Neither, obviously. Is that supposed to be a way to avoid the obvious logic of what i said?
  5. No, I'm just aware (as every other club will be) that in that window we need to bring in probably 11 players, 4-5 of whom must be our first choice in their positions. Any time other clubs and agents know how desperate you are for bodies, you're making your life harder. If we'd held on to Borukov, Preston, Lee and Kirby, it'd be a signal that we're confident in our young players and think they're ready fro the first team. That way it looks like we're less in need and can't be milked as hard when going for new players. Whether we're going to use those young players or not doesn't actually matter, it's about appearances and what that does for us in the market. We've emptied the squad to less than the bare bones. That leaves us looking desperate.
  6. Well, Bannan manages in this league. Billy Gilmour manages in the Premier League. I think Hunt could cope in League One if he doesn't just get kicked up in the air every game. Would be the making or the breaking of him, that's for sure.
  7. Depends on the league obviously. Keeper is well covered. Centerbacks: Borner, Iorfa Palmer, Urhoghide. We could use another to be 1st choice on the right side. Wing backs: Penney and Odubajo could work. Palmer can fill on either flank. Central: Pessy, Bannan, Luongo, Hunt. Pessy needs upgraded for me, and we need a back up player with energy. Up top: Rhodes. I can understand people wanting to shift him, but to me it seems crazy to go into a season with zero strikers. We'll get milked for very average strikers in the end. So Rhodes has to see out his final year with the idea that he'll be the line leader. We need a target man for him to play off and a alternative to him should he continue to struggle tho. As a bare minimum. If we're in League one it changes a lot. I coudl see us playing Rhodes and Harris up top and doing ok. Bannan and Luongo might leave, so the only incomings would be in midfield.
  8. Bannan spent the entire 1st half chasing back, being the 4th man in defense, tracking runners and making himself available. He was then moved further forward and Hunt was given that role.. and so you're criticising Bannan for.. doing what he's told? ok then.
  9. Good for you. Should I be concerned with what you decide to read and not read?
  10. I think Hunt will replace Bannan in the starting 11 in League One next year.
  11. I'm not a football manager, so fair.. But let's see where thinking Monk is the messiah gets you in 12 months.
  12. I hope it is. But the fact remains.. Monk has never rebuilt anything in his life.. and he's done nothing in this job to suggest he's got the slightest clue what he's doing here. 3 wins in 18 in the league.. and people on here are like "yeah, let him do what he wants!" good grief My current expectations.. We go down. Bannan and Lees go. Harris and Rhodes keep us in League One. 5 kids play 5+ games each due to injuries to starting 11 players and inadequate squad depth. We don't come back up next season. I really hope we can do better than that.
  13. Yes, a sub-standard attacking winger who is deployed as essentially a wing back in a 352, a role that he's incapable of. 10/10 for monk?
  14. Because we spent the first half giving the ball to the choke artist that is Murphy. GM's game plan.
  15. It's not opinion mate. He objectively would be. And this 'give monk a chance' stuff is rubbish. He's done absolutely nothing to warrant any faith in him at all. Rebuild.. right. He's gutted the team, planning for League One. I'll happily be right next season when we're getting pumped and you're calling for Monk to go.
  16. I love Malcolm McDowell, but I think his competitive football days are behind him.
  17. Err.. no.. because we don't have any.. and he can't possibly fill out the squad to the required level to be competitive.
  18. He came deeper and deeper and was liking up in midfield most of the time. Da Cruz was the guy up on the defenders shoulders.
  19. Well, that's ok then. All he needs to do is sign 10 decent squad players and 5 stand outs all for free.. and we might not get relegated next season. I'm relieved.
  20. You seem to have missed how thin our squad will be once the season ends. Borukov would be our 2nd most senior striker. Let that sink in for a second. A guy with a good record for the youth sides, no starts, but good enough for the bench. that's a crap position to be in.. and now we're in the worse position that that!
  21. You replied to the point. How have you now forgotten it? Debram said: we just don't have the quality in front of goal I said i thought we did, we just don't get the ball to them infront of goal. Is that simple enough for you? instead of making chances for our actual forwards today we mostly made them for Murphy, Da Cruz and Iorfa. If we set up to get our strikers in the box (Wickham spent half the game today in midfield) then perhaps we'd see some of the quality they have. As it is we set up for our forwards to come deep and our wide men to overlap and run beyond. In Murphy's case he's a massive choke artist, and rarely gets anything right, so it's a stupid gameplan to have in the first place. It's like making chances for Palmer and that bemoaning our players ability to finish. Round pegs in round holes ffs.
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