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  1. We've been thoroughly outplayed in both friendlies bullen has had. Players looking lazy, and like they're still on holiday under him. Deservedly lost to a 4th div german side, we had a total of one shot on target all game. Then won 3-2, when we scored with basically every shot we had and they should have scored 5 or 6 despite being rubbish. I don't want bullen to be n charge for any competitive games at all. We've got 2 weeks to make an appointment, else i think we'll just be hurting our chances of doing well this season.
  2. Signing an unfit, injury riddled player who's barely played in 3 years, for a decent fee and big wages, all because he scored a few goals on loan with us 6 years ago.. what could go wrong.
  3. It was funny hearing the commentators on the Nuhiu goals compilation video. Nuhooey Nahooey There's even a Nu-hurry in there too :D
  4. Sadly Conor is a crock these days. Missed massive chunks of the last 3 seasons with injuries. Calf and a Crutiate Ligament. Considering the fee and his wages, it'd only be sensible to stay a very long way away from him.
  5. YEP van Bronkhorst is still the standout candidate to me. Young, hungry, done well with his first club and a figure who would command respect. Daniel Stendel's done well with Barnsley. I like his style of play, that Kloppish gegenpress, would love to see Wednesday play like that. Chris Hughton. The safest choice. Solid manager, been there, done it. David Moyes. Despite being a popular figure to do down, was a great manager for over 500 games at everton, and his man utd stint wasnt that bad in hindsight. Ian Holloway. Had a couple of promotions, so knows how to do it, but had a couple of rubish clubs lately. Seems an honourable fellow tho, so that'd be nice. Danny Cowley. A bit of a gamble given his lack of experience at this level, but like to attack but keeps an organised defense and has been successful so far. NOPE Garry Monk. dont really care for him. Had one good season with Leeds, powered by Chris Wood being unplayable. Other than that he's been mediocre and has a habit of getting in a strop with chairmen. Zola.. Nope. Love him as a guy and an absolutely wonderful player, but he just doesn't have even a hint a proven record as a manager. Chris Coleman.. setting aside the freakish events of euro 2016.. he's been a failure everywhere. Wasn't awful at Fulham i guess, but that was 15 years ago. Nigel Pearson.. he's ok. but tends to fall out with charmen a lot, including his Thai chairman at Leicester.. doesn't seem a good omen. Pass. Bullen.. love him, but no. Seen nothing to suggest he can do the job long term. And wouldn't want him to fail, get sacked and not be with us anymore. Karanka. Tempramental. Too defensive. Pulis. Cantankerous waster who clings to the dregs of the premier league.
  6. Despite one 5 month injury, he's played over 100 games in 3 seasons for us. But ok, you think he'll just flop dead now.. just because. Ok then.
  7. He was injured for half that season.. it happens.. But the year before he again played over 40 games. So in 2 of the last 3 he's played over 40 games, yet you're making out he's crock ??
  8. He played 45 games last season..
  9. The question i guess i was asking was.. where? Where do you think his best position is? And who else makes up the midfield with him?
  10. He's probably the hardest guy to get in the team for me tho. With our strikers it feels like we absolutely have to play a front 2. In a 442 he can't really play in the middle, since Bannan is there and we need someone who can balance him defensively. He can play on the wing, but.. The pace of Obdubajo and Harris feel like major new assets that we'd be foolish to ignore. So a 532/352 maybe suits him best, so he can float in the middle along side Bannan and a defensive mid. Westwood Iorfa - Lees - Borner Harris - Reach - Hutch - Bannan - Odubajo Fletch - Rhodes Could that work? It's hella attacking!
  11. I'm not sure i see 'knows the club' as some kind of massive advantage. It just means he's been around for all the time we've not been doing what we want to do. It doesn't mean he knows how to do things differently to how we've been doing them, which is evidently what we need. Knowing the players is a plus, sure. but he'll also have ideas about the players already and they'll have ideas about him. A new manager and a clean slate can be a godsend and can give some players a new lease of life. e.g. would Nando pull out all the stops to impress Bully the same way he would try and impress van Bronkhorst? I don't think anyone would argue that he would. I like Bully, and I like that he's loyal to the club and that it's loyal to him. And I agree with @RobbieOwler that I want him to carry on being at the club, not potentially crash and burn as a manager and be out the door.
  12. I think he needs to be a number 1 striker. Let him start 35 games a season for 2 season and i think we might have a player. The problem is.. we have Fletch, Rhodes and Nando who are all better strikers right now.. and it would be kinda silly to not play them in the hope that Joao develops as we hope. Sending him to Bristol on a season-loan might not be the worst idea tho..
  13. Martinez did ok first season, then dumped everton down into the bottom half of the table two seasons in a row. koeman and silva almost got them back to consistently being 'best of the rest', but finished behind burnley and wolves respectively. so i feel like you're belittling and misrepresenting a wee bit.
  14. Gary Rowett the leading contender on williamhill now. Got no interest in him being our manager. Saw an interview with him the other day where he was complaining that he didn't deserve to get sacked from stoke (despite bad results with a good squad and 60-70mil spent). He then proceeded to blame players for not sorting themselves out when things got tough. I'm not sure he understands what a manager is supposed to to.. but there we go.
  15. To be fair.. he did as well as any of the other post-ferguson managers, barring one freak season under mourinho. sociedad was a failure.. but fair play for trying his luck in a very different league. sunderland has been a cursed club for everyone, and they're not where they are now because of the managers. wasn't welcomed at west ham, but seemed to have stabilised them and won the fans respect by the end. and all this ignores a decade of being one of the best managers in the premier league with everton. give him a bit of time and a club thats not in a downwards spiral from the second he arrives and he seems like he can do a very good job.
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