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  1. Our current form and Gary Hooper

    There's a few who are really important to us just now. Hooper, Reach, Hunt, van Aken, Bannan, Lee. I think Fletch has done well up top as well, but part of me does want to see Rhodes again, seeing as we've got better wide service as well as Bannan and van Aken's left peg looking for balls thru.
  2. Westwood

    I'm really not sure how dropping the ball at the feet of an opposition player can be called 'doing your job'. He's tried to catch it instead of push it away. He takes the pace out of the ball and tries to pull it down with him instead of staying strong and letting the pace of the ball carry it away from goal. For me, Westwood's tried to be a hero. Make a cracking save and see out the game all in one, to make up for Brentford. It's gone wrong, he's dropped it to Mendez-Liang and we're basically done from there regardless of what the 3 spare men do. Outnumbered with a free cutback and no pressure on the ball. Sure, you'd want to see more effort from the 3 far-post markers (Pudil, Lees and Butterfield), but really, once the ball's at Mendez-Liang's feet it's as good as in the back of the net.
  3. Academy Products

    I think it will, yeah. Like, I doubt we'll ever have Allardyce as our Head Coach.
  4. Westwood

    Butterfield was challenging for a 50/50 ball, as he should. I don't honestly think it was a free kick and from Carlos' reaction he didn't either. It's a very soft free kick, and if Butterfield hadn't have challenged for the ball then he would rightly be criticised for it. "Why do they have more players forward than we have back immediately after the free kick?" Seriously? So.. when they have a free kick we line up in a wall.. that wall has to stand still, block direct paths to the goal and usually jump. That means they can't run back toward the goal. Because of the location of the freekick we have to have 7 players in the wall. That leaves only 3 free to mark. Cardiff on the other hand can set up 4 runners, meaning we're already outnumbered and there's nothing we can do about it. It's pretty much unavoidable that you'll be outnumbered from freekicks in that kind of position. Sure, Butterfield should track him man better (even tho he doesn't play any part in the goal) and Pudil should never let Bamba get across him.. but equally that ball shouldn't come back across. Westwood is the one who organises the defense in these situations, so by putting 3 defenders on the far post and leaving Mendez-Laing unmarked, Westwood has said "if it goes right I'll deal with it". The way we're set up there's no way anyone can get across to the loose ball before it's put back in, at which point you have 4-5 Cardiff player bearing in on goal and (due to the wall) a shortage of Wednesday players, even if they'd all come back as quick as they could. Once the ball is spilled we'd done. There's really no sensible way to defend that situation. So from how we set up we know that Westwood has called the right hand post as his responsibility. He gets to the ball, butwhat he does with it is frankly bizarre. Instead of strong wrist, pushing it out to the corner flag as you'd expect, he slaps it into the ground, like he's trying to catch or contain it. That's frankly a ridiculous thing to do. If he'd misjudged it and it was further away from him than he thought you'd expect the ball to spin of toward the post, at pace. It doesn't. Westwood is behind it, he pushed it out of the goal, but with no pace at all. He almost drops it into Mendez-Liang's path. There's no question at all that he should have done better with it. Honestly, i think Westwood was trying to hold it. To stop there being a follow up play, either a corner or a long throw. He wanted to hold it. Kick long and end the game, so instead of playing safe and pushing it clear like a keeper should, he tries to hold it, drops it and it's 1-1. I'm not trying to heap blame on Westwood, just calling the play how i saw it happen, and how the replays show it. I don't see a reason to not say that Westwood should have done better just because he's made other mistakes this season.
  5. Academy Products

    Aye, that's why i can see the argument for not having an academy. Between 'not quite made its' at top clubs and 'promising talents' that can be stolen from smaller clubs, it is potentially a lot easier to fill your youth sides (u18, u23) with potential first teamers. I guess the benefits of the academy are that you can try and scout player young and bring them up playing the culture of football that you want to play at senior level. At a club like ours (or Huddersfield), that's quite a changeable thing tho. Promotions, relegations, managerial changes, all make the style of play and formations/systems used quite variable over the space of a few years. That leaves academies of a lesser value to english clubs, rather than some continental sides which adopt the director of football model and so have more of a club ethos type of approach. The other benefit is guess is to try and keep players loyal should you get a talented youngster come thru.. we may well find out in the summer just how well that works. Personally i think money and first team opportunity play a much larger role in young players loyalty. When you consider that we have a cat 2 academy and therefore are have to spend around 1.5mil on it every year, could that money be better used to further the clubs premier league ambitions? probably.
  6. Westwood

    Pretty much this. I can't really agree with anyone who said he had a great game against Cardiff, he didn't really have any saves to make as Cardiff only had 2 shots on target, with one being the goal. His kicking was particularly poor, with at least one being lucky not to go straight to their forward. For the goal, he looks a bit like he's trying to hold it and can't ends up slapping it into the ground by the post instead of away.. he should be pushing that away every time. So overall it was a poor game form him. Disappointing given his other recent error, but like StudentOwl said, pointing out it was a poor game is a long way from saying he should be dropped or sold. But denying that he had a bad game is just as silly as saying he should be dropped tbh.
  7. Academy Products

    Seems an odd decision.. I'd probably question the scouting and academy director/coaches rather than just shut it. Still if it's not producing then i guess you have to ask the question as to it's value. You could ask the same about ours i guess.. what has ours produced over the years. A few average championship players. Hirst might be the first genuine player we'll get from it, but even then, is it worth all the money that's been pumped into it over the years. It does seem like something you should either do or not do. Some clubs seem to have excellent academies that produce regularly. But a half-assed academy seems like a waste of money. We certainly seem to be a club that buys it's players, with Palmer, Wildsmith and Dawson the only youth products currently in the squad. While Wildsmith has promise and will have a good career, I think if any of those were our first choice for their positions right now, we'd all be saying we needed to sign someone better.
  8. Dead proud of SWFC

    You're knocking them for only making a start at change.. with the alternative being.. no change. Ok then..
  9. Bizarre choice of headline. Even if Loovens was 100% fit and ready, I'd still like to see van Aken start, assuming he's up to speed.
  10. Judging by the fact I'm the only one getting negs for their suggestion, I think it's fair to say he's still a hero to some! :D
  11. Lewis Buxton.. he spent years as the worst right back in the league. regularly dribbled it out of play, couldn't make a 5 yard pass and was a defensive liability. He got a bit of form together in the last year or two and that seemed to cause some to just erase the previous from their memory and some even had him as the first name on the team sheet. Utterly bewildering to me. I particularly remember a visit to crystal palace the season they went up.. it was only a few games in, but we were up the top , they were rock bottom, i think without a point. Buxton got absolutely embarrassed the entire game, gifting them the opener. We lost 2-1 and it kickstarted their season, while we plumetted into the relegation zone for half the year.
  12. Bannan and Forestieri out?

    Yeah, I don't think Bannan will be out for any significant time. Strachan said he could have played tonight if they'd really really wanted him to. Carlos has said that it's something he's had for a few games already, I guess he's just more happy for Baz to play with it than Strachan is. Nando.. The window's closed, so there'd be no point in him sulking at the moment. He's had a problem with his knee for a while, so maybe this is just more of that. If he can go get it sorted once and for all now and be 100% for the rest of the season then i'm all for that. I don't want an 80% nando for the rest of the season.
  13. Bannan sent home injured.

    Different players for different roles. I think Bannan would have played tonight, in place of James McArthur. In the current Scotland midfield, Brown sits, Armstrong is advanced and McArthur floats. Bannan would be much better in that role that McArthur.
  14. So, in Gordon Strachan's pre-match presser for the game tonight, he said that everyone was fit, bar Bannan who had been sent home due to an impact injury on the top of his foot. Apparently they could have 'got him to be ok to play', but don't want to risk him. Sounds like it's not too serious, so hopefully not playing tonight will be enough for him to heal up for the weekend.
  15. Jacob Butterfield

    Could see him playing a 2 with Bannan, and we'd have probably the best distribution from centeral midfield in the league at that point. He improves our starting 11 imo, in place of Jones, as he's more forward looking. Whether we have the players to feed off it, I'm not sure. Rhodes and Hooper will benefit from it a lot.. but out wide.. Reach and Nando, ok.. but on the right it still feels like we're sadly lacking. Boyd's not really go involved, Wallace seems like he's lost it a bit, and we don't have a solid enough right back to just let Matias run riot on the flank.