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  1. Yeah, it certainly feels like if Nando goes, then any idea of a front 3 is out of the window. We've barely go the players to play it as it is, Joao's not really a wide right, Matias could if he was it.. but after that you're looking at Boyd, who isn't much of a goal threat.
  2. 10/10 for discussing the point.. classic owlstalk focussing on one largely irrelevant detail and ignoring the actual discussion.
  3. Just watched this: Interesting interview, but from 9:50ish onwards he's talking about the Lampard/Gerrard partnership and why it didn't work particularly well. Particularly focussing on the fact that while they were both forward minded players, playing in a 2 they had no freedom to break forwards, because they were constantly worrying about where the other one was. Got me thinking that the same was true when we were playing Bannan and Lee in a 2 together. They both want to be forward, supporting the attack, Bannan just behind the forwards, switching play and Lee running beyond them. Lampard solution was to play a midfield 3, so in our case, putting Pessy or Hutch behind Bannan and Lee, letting them go forwards freely. All seems very sensible. The problem then becomes.. how that affects the formation. If we're playing 3 in the middle of the park, we can't really play 3 forwards. There just aren't enough players to do it. 352 is a possibility.. Something like: Rhodes - Nuhiu Reach - Bannan - Pessy - Lee - Hunt Pudil - Lees - Venancio Westwood But how to do you get Nando into that side? Nando - Nuhiu up top? Could be interesting. Or do we end up having to go 433? Nando - Nuhiu - Joao Bannan - Pessy - Lee [someone] - Pudil - Lees - Hunt Westwood Obvious problems.. no true left back.. Joao's not great at defending against an attacking left back/wing back.. No place for Reach.. Only 1 real striking spot. To me it's a really interesting puzzle of how can we play an effective system, one that leverages the players we have in the best way, avoiding falling into the trap that Capello seems to have done with Lampard and Gerrard. Obviously this is hoping that Lee returns to fitness and form, but we have a handful of players you could put in there in his place.. Reach, Clare, Abdi, Boyd, even Matias (played 1 game there iirc and look alright centrally) What are you folks' thoughts? To me this also kind of highlights the need to ship out an awful lot of players, as there's a lot of names i've not mentioned at all.
  4. cookeh

    Andy rhodes

    Done a really good job over the last 8 years.. Dawson and Wildsmith are testament to that. Would be missed, but it would be a step up for him.
  5. cookeh

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Probably his contract situation. His deal expires in a years time, so if he doesn't sign a new one fairly sharpish then there's going to be a temptation to sell on our part, given that we'd lose him for free otherwise. Same goes for Hooper, Joao, Westwood, etc.
  6. cookeh

    Our fire sale

    I'd be surprised if an EPL side came in. Stoke or Swansea are possible, given that they're likely selling a lot of expensive forwards.. Shaquiri, Ayew, Rondon, Rodriguez.. Nando is proven to be quality at this level, so we might just get a silly money bid for him from one of those teams. Would be a tough one if a 15-20m bid came. Would solve our financial problems.. and let us strengthen the places we really need to. and we are top heavy.. so.. but nando is class on his day.. tough call.
  7. cookeh

    If you absolutely had to....

    If one of the two _had_ to go.. Fessi. He's had his temperamental moments and while he's capable of doing wonderful things, we've got 14000 strikers right now and he doesn't operate great in a front 2. Baz is our standout midfielder. Our form picked up when he came back into the team and Pessy looks a much better player beside him. He's also been nothing but a pro and respects the club for having given him an opportunity to play week in week out and show what he can do. We've got Bannan.
  8. cookeh


    to be fair to Guru he's hated rhodes since day 1 :D
  9. Bear in mind that I haven't seen very much of him. but from what i have seen he did remind me a bit of Diego Costa. he's that sort of bullish player, not not nearly as tall as Costa, and almost certainly nowhere near as good.
  10. For some reason wikipedia only ever lists league games and isn't always up to date. Pretty sure he's at 103 for us, all in. (with 37 yellows and 5 reds :D )
  11. He ummed and ahhed a bit, then signed a new contract with Boro.
  12. So far: Andy Yiadom Fabio Tom Beugelsdijk All of whom would have improved our back line.
  13. cookeh


    Again, he's not been effective for a reason.. ah well. you've read it already, so.. agree to disagree or something.
  14. cookeh


    Because Joao and Nuhiu were in the best form of their lives. Had everyone been fit, the line up would not have changed. So that's not reflection on Rhodes, it's a big plus for Joao and Nuhiu.
  15. cookeh


    For clear, explainable reasons that I've already talked about. None of them would prevent him from starting next season and scoring frequently just as he has in the past.