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  1. Mulgrew

    To be fair, if he were just a League One level player, he wouldn't have 13 goals and 4 assists from centerback. We could certainly have used him this season given the back line we've had to put out at times, and if we're honest he'd probably still stroll into our back 3 right now. Mulgrew, Lees and Venancio would be nice. But.. the ship's sailed. We didn't stump up a few hundred thousand that Blackburn wanted and so he's their player. Having just got promoted he'll probably stay there for a season or two and retire. Fair play to him on an amazing season by anyone's standards, but we have to look elsewhere at this point.
  2. Thumbs up from Fernando

    What's Winnal's celebration? Maybe Fessi steals peoples celebrations to wind them up?
  3. We need some pace, and I've hear he's quite zippy with his passing.. pretty reliable in possession too, don't make a bungle of it too often.
  4. Wilson and McBurnie

    Aye, it's just McBurnie's consistency that Joao seems to lack.
  5. Wilson and McBurnie

    Looks like he's there till 2019 tbh. https://www.swanseacity.com/news/swansea-city-oli-mcburnie-contract-extension
  6. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    Because he's out injured for periods of every season. So you can't rely on him to be fit when you need him. Back up players need to be able to stay fit and be ready when they're called upon. So Hutch isn't a good back up player. He's a good starter.. but again.. we'd need a quality back up because he's out a lot more than the average player is. And that's why i'd let him go. This is the moment to revitalise the squad, make it more efficient and get the club run properly in terms of the playing staff and the wage bill. Sadly, I don't see where Hutch fits. His situation is kind of like Ledley King towards the end. Plays when he's fit, but you still need someone who's first team quality for when he's not. And ultimately that means you're better off, money wise, with just having the guy who's covering and using one of the kids or van Aken as cover. I take on board the idea that in the back line Hutch might be a bit more protected from himself, not only in terms of discipline, but his physical workload. If we can't move him on, then sure, let's try that and get what we can from him. Hopefully it'll work out. I think we're left needing to spend on a quality defensive mid whether he stays or goes tho.
  7. That's a bit of a leap. #1 if man utd showed interest in hirst, whether he was playing for us or not, he'd be off like a shot. #2 Even without winnall, there's still 6-7 strikers ahead of hirst. #3 Even if he's on 18k, he's only been at S6 for 6 months. We don't pay his wages at Derby. So around 1m wages+fee, not 2. #4 We'll sell winnall for significantly more than we've spent on his fee and wages.
  8. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    Well, there's no point us discussing it mate. For me.. the time he's on the pitch is the time he's on the pitch. You're welcome to look at it differently.
  9. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    Did you see stats earlier in the thread? That hutch has managed over 50% of the games he's been available for in only one of the 4 season he's been here. I'm not trying to dump on him, he's a good player.. but this idea that he'll become a regular 30 game a season player is just fantasy. It's time to face that reality and accept that we need to look at other options, if they're available.
  10. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    That's for sure. I think we have enough resources to make the aquisitions we need. There's some decent free's available, Yiadom, Fabio, Bjelland would all help out our back line. We're top heavy, so the only real place we'd need to spend money then could be central midfield. Moving out 3 players for decent money should let us do that, and sort the books out at the same time.
  11. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    True. But we don't currently have a 40 games a season player of Hutch's quality, commitment and resolve.
  12. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    I don't think anyone is saying pay him off. The suggestion is to sell him if we can.
  13. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    Can't argue with the first sentence.. I just don't think it's realistic, given he's only played 30 league games once in 4 years for us. At some point you can't keep giving clean slates every season and instead make plans to actually move forward.
  14. Michael hefele

    He's only played a handful because he's had two serious injuries.. Achillies and knee. So he'll either stay at Huddersfield once he recovers, or they'll ship him out because he's broken. Either way.. not going to be our player at any point.
  15. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    and this is how we end up with 30 first team players and no money. everyone has to be able to do a job.. and the sad reality is hutch can't play even half the games each season.