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  1. I wouldn't go near either of them. They've barely played 700 minutes combined in the Championship this season, and for a reason. Fletch obviously used to be a top quality player, but for me has been well below par for a few years now. Defensively he's a liability these days, and his passing doesn't make up for it. We need better, simple as that. Adam was a defensive liability at the best of times. Once, one of the best attacking mids in the Premier League, he went to Liverpool and was stuck in defensive mid, in the hope he'd become Pirlo or something. He's stayed there ever since for some reason, but he's not good enough at that role. Quite simply he doesn't play enough football. under 400 league minutes this season, just over 400 the season before, under 1500 the season before. It's 6-7 years since he was actually a first team regular for anyone. That's not a player we should be picking up, having been burnt so much recently.
  2. I remember thinkings updating our stats was easy.. and it was.. cos i didnt. :D actual 5s are: WDWLW 10 DDDWD 7 Leaves us on 67.2 rather than 67.8. Still 7th tho.
  3. Soo.. updated after the latest fixtures. Things not looking good, it's fair to say. Villa holding course and Bristol with a massive win over West Brom. Bristol City's game in hand means we're really 7 points behind, rather than 6. Two possible scenario's tho.. Villa lose to Bristol City, then could then lose to Leeds and Norwich in the final games, which would give us a tiny opening. or Bristol win against Villa, We beat them, then we just pray they drop points somewhere else as well, Derby or Hull maybe. Bristol have fewer wins, but Villa have the tougher fixtures. Really not sure who we should want to get a result. Probably best to hope for the draw and leave the door open on both fronts. So it's not done yet.. It's just going to take some immense form from us and a little bit of fortune. I still think we're the only 3 horses in the race, Villa, Bristol, us. Boro have 1 point from 15 at home. Derby 1 point from 15 away. Hull 0 from 15 away. Forrest 2 from 15 away. While Preston are just a bit further back and not doing quite as well as us. One truth from all of this is.. every game really is a must win for us now.
  4. Honestly, when I first saw that teamsheet I thought we were going to get wrecked. Outside the back 4, Pessy was the only guy with a defensive bone in his body and I just reckoned he'd get isolated trying to cover 2-3 of their guys (as he so often has in the past!), we'd lose by 2 or 3 and he'd get pelters for trying to cope while people like Reach and Boyd leaving him with extra men. Very glad i didn't put money on it, and a big well done to the entire team!
  5. Think he means Lee, not Lees. Westwood, Lee and Hooper all have contracts that expire this summer, so.. Hutch has until 2020 iirc.
  6. So he had a pass accuracy of 78.6% "misplaced pass after pass" 78.6 was our 4th highest. 2 of the 3 ahead of him were defensive players, so likely to be making far less risky passes. the only one ahead was Reach with 79.6. Pretty similar. Boyd 73.3, Palmer 63.6, Fox 69.8, Joao 62.5, Fletch 53.6. So, what can we conclude? You're wrong and you don't know what you're talking about. :)
  7. This is going to be unpopular, but hey.. Keep Matias, as we have no depth out wide at all. (and he can play up front if we start moving bodies out up top) Shift Boyd as he's struggling to keep up now and will be 34 in October. Shift Hooper. Yep, let Hooper go. Top player, still got the talent, but he's a big wage and he's just never fit. In the last 5 years of being in the championship he's never managed to play even 2/3rds of games. Usually less than half. Will be 32 next season, so that's going to get even worse, not better. Love Hooper, but we have scant resources now, and we can't afford to tie up a big chunk of them in a player who if we're lucky will only play half the games. This summer is a time for tough choices and the right one is to let Hooper move on.
  8. I'd give him another year or two. He's just passed a full calendar year of being fit hasn't he? Was left out for a couple of periods, once under Jos and once under Bruce but they weren't cos he was injured afaik. He's got ability, he's got pace and he can play a couple of different positions. We're going to lose Aarons and Boyd come the summer. Our only wingers left in the squad would be Reach and Matias, that's not enough bodies, so letting him go too would be crazy. Matias has shown a good attitude about not being in the side, worked hard and tried when he's been given the opportunity. If we sign better and he drops to the bench, that's fine, he's a decent player to come off there. If he can recaptures of his form from portugal then even better. So for me, definitely keep. proved his fitness, got a good attitude, capable of getting you off your seat and while some might say we need better, it's a squad game these days, and he's good enough for the squad.
  9. The blades should never be 1st in our thinkings, ever. Winning the game helps us, so we go and win it. Simple as that.
  10. Bannan didn't do enough at Swansea n all. Shift him, he's tiny.
  11. Actually, i'm going to join in. That Morgan Fox.. he couldn't have been more useless against Stoke. Looking at that game he's no where near good enough. Need to get rid!
  12. Aye, discuss the contribution to the side of a guy who's not in the side. Carry on bashing, no reason to try and disguise it as anything else.
  13. It takes a special kind of small mind to.. while the team is playing well, getting results and looking like it's on the up.. start a thread about a player who's barely kicked a ball in 3 and a bit months and go "he's rubbish, ain't he".
  14. West Brom and the Blunts are irrelevant to us tbh. They're both safely in the playoffs, worst case for them. I should probably take WBA off the sheet, there's really only 2 spots in play with 7 teams clamouring for them. I think it's doable, tho ofc the Villa game has now become massive. Draws will slowly kill our chances. I guess the worry is that even if we do make it, we've had such a hard run in that fatigue might be an issue. A depleted squad with 3 more tough games to play after the coming 6 fixtures.. that's a big ask for any side.
  15. Been away for a wee bit, but back now. After a great week for Bristol City and a horrible week for Middlesboro, things for us look very much the same. Still finishing 8th, but about 3 points off 6th which means it's very much a possibility. Derby and Forrest can't win away, while Boro can't win at home. This seem like putting pay to their bids for the playoffs. So, it looks like a fight with Villa, Bristol and Preston, and we're still to play all 3 of them! Shaping up to be a properly exciting run in, especially with 2 of those 6 pointers being in our last 3 games. If we make it, we'll certainly have earnt it.
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