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  1. Is a bit odd that he's been promoted to the senior squad but hasn't been given a number. Not sure what to make of that.
  2. Not sure I'm loving the connotations of what you say there.
  3. Cherry picking? err.. of his last 24 league games he's won 5. How is that a ridiculous point to make?
  4. 3 wins in 19 games is enough to form an opinion of a manager. Those 19 games are not erased by a single league win. No one who doubts Monk's ability bsed on the evidence of last seaon is looking at all silly.
  5. Cool, so everyone should rate Monk despite the evidence, but you can't tell us why. Sign me up!
  6. Couldn't really pick one as a sure fine motm, standouts for me were: Windass, Rhodes, Luongo and Iorfa.
  7. Very happy for the win, don't get me wrong, but.. I'm looking at the way we played. It worked for that game, but it's not something that'll work every week. There were periods, especially in the 2nd half, where we would have been better off keeping the ball, and taking more control of things. We didn't tho. Instead we continue to launch it long and generally turned the ball over (tho Kachunga did some great solo work when he came on!) If you look back at last season, Monk's early games were similar to this on. Very low possession, catching teams on the counter etc. We got found out at xmas tho.. and it disintegrated even further after the break. We need to show we can play another way else I fear we're just going to fall into the same trap as last season.. and with -12 that's not going to end well this time.
  8. Aye, we won, and the game plan worked. All I'm saying is we're going to need other strings to our bow as that gameplan isn't one we can rely on every week.
  9. Man on internet answering question put to a group of people with the expectation of answers. Also amused by your spelling of: knowledgable
  10. Still very very far from convinced. At least I could see a gameplan today. And it worked out, tho it does feel like we caught Cardiff cold a bit. They were pretty poor, rather than us being amazing, i think. The warning bell that's ringing is.. we couldn't keep the ball at all. Yes, we were playing super direct pretty much all of the time, but at 2-0 we surely should be looking to control the game, rather than just carry on hoofing it long. That we couldn't make that tactical change leaves me a little concerned that maybe we're not able to. And how we played today won't work in every match, so.. we need more strings to the bow. Job done today. But by no means is it a signal that we can deal with future challenges.
  11. I thought our left side was weaker than our right. But van Aken did decent once he settled. Penney did give the ball away a lot (hence him being replaced I assume). He did ok. If he can develop he'll have a part to play, but probably of any position in the squad it's his that i feel like we need to strengthen. Sorry i that wee wees on anyones joyous parade. I'm not saying drop him, just that we probably need better if we're to compete at the top end.
  12. He was also the guy to head it back across for the 2nd goal. Great little movement by him to find the space on the end of Bannan's ball.
  13. Not gonna say i was right yet.. it's early days. But lets face it, i'm right.
  14. that huddle.. he's been watching mourinho in the spurs documentary, right?
  15. Was a little wonky early doors, gave away a couple of free kicks where he might have done better. But..Settled into the game, got the measure of his man and didn't put a foot wrong 2nd half. Even played the decent forward ball. Still think Borner is our best option on the left of the 3, but van Aken did a lot to lessen any worries we had from his performances a couple of years ago.
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