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  1. I don't really agree with the logic of it tho. They were bought in because clubs were spending way beyond their means in a gamble to stay up. To then create parachute payments to get them off the hook for being reckless seems stupid to me. You reap what you sow and all that. If you want to spend beyond your means, you risk paying the price. Parachute payments just prop up these opportunist owners who want to gamble with peoples clubs. There must be a better way to do it, something that punishes the people running the clubs badly rather than supporting their behaviour.
  2. 343? Harris - Fletch - Nando Reach - Bannan - Lee - Odubajo Borner - Lees - Iorfa Westwood Chelsea played this system a few years ago to good effect. Harris and Nando are playing link, so we have 3 (or even 4) in the middle when we need it. Fletch excels as a target man with people playing off him, and Nando and Harris are a defenders nightmare if given free reign to run at them. Feels like a decent use of the players we have.
  3. I imagine Palmer will be in a good place given he's started both games, and got his first win for the national team. Adthe only played 1 of teh two games, but seemingly didnt have one of his better games. He always seems like he's 'on an up' tho, so hopefully wont be affected by any fan negativity.
  4. My understanding was that Fletch was not included by request. With Griffiths still on the comeback trail, it's very likely Fletch would have started against Russia otherwise. Bannan is mostly suffering from having a lot of competition in the tier above him. Armstrong, Fleck, McGinn, McTominay, Paterson all in the Prem, and McGregor at Celtic. I don't think Bannan's far down the list, tho obviously there's also Jack, Shinnie, Cairney and Turnbull in that 'not quite in the squad' area. I'd probably have Bannan in the squad, tho likely not starting. His ability to create from deep is better than any of the others on that list, and for all the detractors on here when he's not having the greatest of games, he is still vital and can make us a goal from nothing. As for the main man, Palmer. Did ok against Russia. No goals from his area, and he was pretty steady, tho he did seem to be under instruction to not go forward much (not that Scotland did a great deal of that anyway). Perhaps he was just reticent to overcommit after losing goals in his first cap. Who knows. He didn't do anything particularly wrong, despite the scoreline. Against San Marino, again, pretty steady. Was a disappointing Scotland performance for me, despite it being a 6-0 win. Might sound silly, but it was a very individual performance, not much team play, just folk pouring forward trying to get a goal for themselves. So Palmer ended up largely on the periphery (as did Robertson at left back). Still, good for him to get a win under his belt, and playing both 90 minutes suggests he might get a look in for the next ones too. Fingers crossed.
  5. Somewhat like Chelsea of a few years ago. They had Hazard operating behind Diego Costa. Fletch Harris - Nando Palmer - Bannan - Hutch - Odubajo Borner - Lees - Iorfa Westwood Can throw Reach in til Nando is available. And if we need to gain more control, you bring off one of the attacking mids for Lee or Luongo to put 3 across the middle. Not saying it's the best plan, but it's an option.
  6. Both the Everton goals came directly from Luongo letting his man go. For the 1st, Luongo's man is goalside of Luongo the whole time. That forces Iorfa to come infield to cover, and means Calvert-Lwein is able to just float off him at the back post. For that goal, Odubajo is marking his man. It's Luongo's man being free that pulls Iorfa out of position and leaves CL free. For the 2nd, Iorfa is on Calvert-Lewin, and Luongo is marking Iwobi. But Luongo just lets Iwobi run away from him for no reason. Iwobi makes a forward run and Luongo doesn't go with him. Iorfa has to leave Calvert-Lewin else Iwobi has a free run in on goal, so tries to hand off CL to Borner, but doesn't manage to close the distance to Iwobi in time. Borner see's that Iorfa's not got there, and so tries to get across too which leaves Calvert-Lewin free, and Iwobi does well to find him. The whole thing comes from Luongo letting Iwobi go tho, that's what turns a controlled situation into chaos. If Luongo stuck with Iwobi then nothing happens. Odubajo was out wide, with his man, having just cleared a long ball forward.
  7. I'll go back to... ask yourself why he "didnt fancy it"
  8. I don't think we're midtable.. We should be around the playoffs imo, which is where we are atm, 3 points off automatic. We've got a good keeper, maybe not one of the best in the league any more, but he's still decent. The defense is pretty solid. Borner has come in and done superb given how we all thought Hector would be a huge miss. Palmer's been decent at left back and Odubajo's settling in after a slightly shakey start. Fletch is on fire up top. Reach looks like picking things up after a slow start of 1 assist, no goals in his first 9 games. Harris has been superb and a much needed outlet. Bannan's getting involved.. 4 assists for him now? And Hutch is staying fit. We look tactically adaptable under Monk. Switching between a front 3 and a 442 depending on who we're against. We lack a little bit of depth in some areas, and might take a few games to figure out alternative plans for when we're missing someone important (e.g. fletch), but hopefully the Hull game was useful in that respect. Some times you need to see what doesn't work before you can see what does. We're 8th. No one above us is in great form.. no one has more than 3 wins from the last 5. 4 of the 7 teams above us have lost one of their last 5. So despite poor losses to Hull, QPR and Millwall, and not having a manager for the first 8 games, we're still 3 off automatic promotion. No one's running away with it, and you've got to think we'll improve the longer Monk has to work with the players.
  9. Umm.. yes it is. Lack of confidence is 100% a mental health problem, even assuming that's all it was. And even if it was a fleeting moment of not feeling 'in the zone' or whatever trivialisation you want to make of it.. So? At the very worst.. He thought he might miss and thought someone else would do better. His manager and teammates agreed. What a d*ck! Seems like Rhodes gets more stick for bowing out than the guys who missed. and who were they? Hutch and Nando.. two confident guys who almost certainly would have taken one anyway. It seems likely that Hunt took one in place of Rhodes, and he scored. So.. Guy does what he thinks is best for the team, with the support of his manager and teammates and it has no effect whatsoever. shocker. get rid.
  10. Then why was he so pissed about Adthe knocking him out of the way when he had a chance to score against Rotherham? If he didn't want to score that goal for us, he wouldn't have been annoyed at that situation.
  11. It seems self evident, doesn't it? He didn't want to take a pen. Why would he not want to take a pen? It's not to do wrong to the club.
  12. Footballers who talk about mental health in public during their playing careers do not fare too well. Ask Danny Rose: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/danny-rose-crazy-tottenham-transfer-mental-health-documentary-a8917786.html And that's ignoring the sh*t you'd guarantee you'd get from opposition fans for every minute you played. Football fans are not a sympathetic bunch when it comes to their own players, and when it comes to opposition players they can be downright a**holes. Honestly, I'd be surprised if at least a handful of the squad weren't regularly seeing a therapist. Rhodes and Winnall probably should be. Nando, to help handle his suspension and how he might worry about how he's perceived now. Palmer due to the stick he was getting for the last few years. Fox 100%. Lee to help keep his head up returning from injury. Murphy, he looks a too tense and like he's trying too hard, his game would probably benefit from it. And that's just the obvious ones that have footballing reasons for it. We don't know what their personal lives are like.. Any one of them could be in a Heard/Depp situation, and that's going to affect them on the pitch too. We know for sure that Rhodes is universally talked about as being a model professional and a nice guy. And playing for the club his dad worked for. He's not going to turn down a chance to help us to succeed unless he thought he wouldn't score. He did what he thought was best for the club. To me there's no question about that.
  13. Doubtful. Not unless they get relegated, in which case you would expect a big club to come in for Pukki and for them to need to replace him. They might turn to Rhodes in that instance, since they know him and liked him.
  14. So.. blame the manager, no? Should Rhodes have refused to come on? What would fans have thought if he'd refused to come on? See what I'm getting at? This isn't a reason to be pissed at Rhodes.
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