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  1. Just thoroughly unimpressed with Monk. He's never stayed at a club for even 2 years, generally just gets in a huff with the chairman and leaves. Feels like a waste of an appointment. Someone start a thread of who we should appoint in 12-18 months.
  2. Correlation isn't causation, so your 'facts' are just silly and irrelevant. And yes, I voted because he is a much better player than he gets credit for. He's done nothing wrong in any of his games this season, which is more than can be said for the rest of the back line, Westwood included. People also say he contributs nothing going forward, yet he's one of the best crossers we have and has put in some great balls in the ast few games, not least the cross for Rhodes that he could only head at the keeper. Looking thru the team, there's few players who've been as consistent as him. I can see an argument for Harris as he's grabbed a couple of goals. Fletch has been playing well and being a leader. But in the back half of the pitch, I don't think anyone's done better than Fox.
  3. To me that's something you see when a manager hasn't got a proper hold of the team. You can blame the players.. but ultimately it's the managers job to enforce his vision and his plans on the team. If he can't do that for whatever reason he has to be replaced. I've no pleasure saying that as Bully is a good guy, but we're on the slide and we need a proper manager in place.
  4. Solidarity vote. Didn't deserve to be booed before he set foot on the pitch. My way of apologising for the state of some of our 'fans'.
  5. Makes me wonder if that's something they've worked on in training, or if Bullen's just trying to manage druing the game. i.e. shouting instructions, expecting players to follow them 'live' rather than having spent time working on "how we're going to play on saturday" during the week. It's one thing to say in a press conference that you want to play X way.. but you actually have to spend time on the training pitch doing exactly that. That Bullen is screaming at players to do things which should have been nailed down during the week (and the last 2 months given that's how long Bullen's been in charge now), then he's not worked on it enough/at all. That or he straight up isn't able to exercise his authority over the players with regard to how he wants them to play. Either way.. it doesn't look good for Bullen.
  6. Iorfa's a right back.. not a center back. Much like Winnall is a striker, not a midfielder. No idea why Bullen doesn't know this.. he probably does. OK, Lees pulled out late on.. but Bates was there to step in.. Putting Iorfa at centerback feels like just trying to keep people happy by giving them a game (Bates matters less since he's new and isn't owned by us), instead of putting round pegs in round holes.
  7. This is bizarre to me.. I'm sure plenty of strikes were not in the right head space to take penalties, stood up to take them anyway and missed. Rhodes was honest enough to say he wasn't in the right place to take one, and rather than screw it up gave it to someone who was in the right place to take it. He thought he was a risk, so excluded himself for the good of the team. Fair play imo. Players aren't machines, and if someone doesn't feel right to take one they shouldn't.
  8. Just gave him my player of the month vote. Steady performances when it wouldn't have been surprising to see him crumble given the crap he's had. He deserves a little support.
  9. You might want to do the maths per minute.. since you notch up a game whether you played 1 minute or 96 minutes.
  10. Based on appearances or minutes? Because last season Rhodes scored ever 168 minutes and Nuhiu scored every 382 minutes.. that's Rhodes scoring more than twice as often.
  11. So under Carlos he had 1 game with Fletch (against Hull and we won, tho Rhodes didn't score). And he never player along side Nuhiu. How many games with Hoops, I'm not sure, because Hooper sometimes got used as more of an attacking mid, and 2 years on i honestly can't remember which games he was deep and which he was forward as part of a 2 or 3. I wouldn't say Hooper was really the kind of foil Rhodes or Winnall would want tho.. Winnall, Rhodes, Joao and Hooper all tend to work by loosing their man, and that sort of player tends to work best with a player who occupies and handles his man, so a Nuhiu or a Fletch. That's part of why Hoops and Fletch were really good together. Early doors under Jos, the front two was different every week. Nuhiu, Joao, Matias, Nando and Rhodes all rotating around. Seemed like he was just hoping something would click.. and in the end it did. But Rhodes then didn't get an awful lot of starts because Joao and Nuhiu hit form out of nowhere, no one was going to get in ahead of them once they got going. Then he was away on loan. So yeah.. I think he's only ever started 1 game with Fletch and 1 with Nuhiu.. 2 now i guess, after the other night. The rest have been mostly Winnall, 10 or so with Nando and a handful with Joao. Sure there's the odd sub appearances where he maybe came on and played along side Fletch for 5-10 minutes, but to me that's not a fair shake and you can't build an understanding and a partnership like that. So we come to the question of does he do enough. That's tough to argue, because it's utterly subjective, right? There's been games where he's just made runs and no ones made the right pass, so he's basically "done nothing" all game. I mean, he hasn't done nothing because he's been offering for a pass to create a scoring opportunity.. but he relies on others to see the run and make the correct pass. So that's his focus.. offering for opportunities.. because if you don't score as a striker, you're instantly a waste of space. That's what you're ultimately judged on. I think he's also had games where he's been responsible for being the hold up guy.. particularly under Carlos who just seemed to see him as the big guy out of him and Winnall and so seemed to want Rhodes to do the hold-up job. It's not his forte, but he can do it ok imo. The thing that muddies the waters a bit is managers instructions. I imagine the other night, Bully's instructions were for Nuhiu to do the hold-up and Rhodes to just get in the box. And as evidenced by the running stats, that's what Rhodes did.. we just had a wildly uncreative midfield what was never going to find him. Then you have to rely on hitting balls at Nuhiu and the partnership between the two letting them forge chances.. except they've only every played together once in 3 years, so.. there is no partnership. This is where I get frustrated about the Rhodes situation. We've got this guy and we're just horrible at giving him even a half decent chance of succeeding. We'll give him 10 minutes here and there, then every 10 games we'll throw him out there and expect miracles and when they don't come we go "oh, he must have lost it" and stick him back on the bench. Like, unless you're Ibrahimovic, you're going to struggle if that's what you're limited to. I was looking forward to the season under Bruce, as if he was going to carry on with 442, and with Rhodes back, there seemed a decent chance we might set up to exploit is movement properly. Will Bully taking over, being that bit closer to the players I thought maybe he'd have similar thoughts.. and after the match he said "Rhodes just need a break infront of goal", but Bullen's just going to stick him back on the bench isn't he. Here's a player that the manager know needs something to just go his way once, and the same manager is not going to put him on the pitch so it can happen. Then yeah.. what is the point. If that's our plan we should have just shipped him off to Norwich when they offered to take him, we've got plenty of players who can just sit on the bench.
  12. For the record, I wasn't clamouring for his signing. I didn't think we needed him given we had Fletch, Hoops, Joao, Nuhiu and had just signed Winnall who looked a player the season before. Spending big money on Rhodes in that moment didn't make any sense to me. But.. I will defend the guy when he's getting overblown, undeserved criticism. My post a couple of pages back sets out why he's struggled for us.. No one's argued that anything I said was wrong.. but a lot seem happy to just keep on having at him, like this 'stealing a wage' nonsense. Much like Winnall, if the manager doesn't put him on the pitch then he can't score goals. If the manager puts an out and out striker on the wing, and asks Rhodes to feed off the non-existent supply that provides.. he can't score goals. This is such wildly obvious stuff. "Play 442 Play wingers Play him with a big man" You seem to be saying these sarcastically.. but we signed a guy renowned for being a prolific goalscorer as part of front 2 partnerships with decent supply for out wide. Yet we've never used him like that. Carlos didn't because i guess he's not as smart as he thinks he is. Jos didn't because of the predicament we were in and the form of Joao and Nuhiu. Bruce didn't because Rhodes had already been shipped out on loan to help with FFP. So here we are with Bullen. We can try and get the best out of Rhodes, knowing that we now have the tools to do so and that his goals might just fire us up the table.. of we can just not bother, and just hope Fletch can gegenpress for 46 games. Call me crazy, but i think we should try and get the best out of what we've got, and not cling on to how things went under previous managers, because none of those managers got us promoted.
  13. And I think that's what we saw the other night. Rhodes making lots of runs as usual.. but of the midfield 4, Murphy, Winnall?!, Pessy and Luongo, only Luongo seems to be decent at passing the ball. Put him in with Bannan, Lee, Harris, Reach and see what happens.
  14. Rhodes covered more ground than anyone else, i think he what he said. But people on here will still tell you that Rhodes is lazy and disinterested. I guess Bully's a liar then? no?
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