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  1. I'm feeling like it's time for Bully to move on too. Great guy, but he's been a constant at the club for failure after failure after failure. If we're gonna start fresh, let's start fresh. Fingers crossed for Bully he can get a management job as a small club and start climbing his way up.
  2. Just look for the list of clubs Monk has managed.
  3. Am a bit surprised that Monk is seen as 'pretty safe' with 1 win in 10 league games.
  4. Fletch is a pretty unselfish player. He puts it about, makes space, has good hold up and link up play as well as being a threat himself. He's the ideal type of player to play with Rhodes. None of our other striking options tick the same boxes. Winnall and Rhodes are similar kinds of players, both want to get on the end of things. It's a mystery why Carlos played the two of them together so much. Nuhiu is.. i'm still not sure what. Positionly he always seems to want to be in a similar place to Rhodes, which stifled both of them, and Atdhe strangely doesn't have the same presence that Fletch has up top. Nando is historically a fairly terrible partner for anyone centrally. Always thought he was best coming in off the left and he very rarely gets the best of out anyone he plays thru the middle with. Would he work with Wickham? Maybe. Would like to see it tried, but Monk seems to be freezing Rhodes out as well, and Wickham's been benched. So..
  5. Fair. But the fact remains that Rhodes and Fletch scored goals.. albeit for just 3 games. It was the only 3 games they had and 2 the matches were against teams in the top 6. I'm sure folk will continue to mock it, but they were up top for our best result of the season and our best fun of the season coincided with them being up front together.
  6. Most of the folk who still think Rhodes can play football have been asking for him to play with Fletch for basically the entire time he's been here. They managed a grand total of 2 and a half games together in December before Fletch's injury, and scored 7 goals between them in that time. It's not a big sample, obviously, but at the time it felt like the start of something that could have pushed us on up the table.. until the injury ofc. A certain section of our supporters probably don't remember that tho.. and so it never happened and we should all just erase it from our memories. Boo! Rhodes gets paid money! Booo!
  7. He's out of contract this summer. There seems to be some debate over whether Rhodes is, I've seen an article claiming this is his last year and another claiming he's contracted till 2021.
  8. I don't think Westwood was frozen out by Jos, he just opted to play the younger players, to try and stop them all leaving, like Hirst did. It was about the time of Wildsmiths contract coming to a n end iirc. That's he's frozen out now doesn't make much sense to me, but then not much Monk does makes sense to me.. Hutch I can understand managers shying away from. Carlos understood what Hutch's could and couldn't do and that he wouldn't always be available, and worked with it. But for a manager to look at a player who's ability to play 25+ games a season has pretty much disappeared over the last few years and think that he can't be a mainstay of the side if he's not available to play is kind of fair enough. That said, he was almost ever present the 1st 3 months of this season, and there is some correlation with him dropping out and our form dipping as well. Not even having him on the bench, is bonkers to me, but.. it's Monk..
  9. So Monk doesn't deserve to be slated for deciding that our most experienced keeper should play no part?
  10. If we let them all go, then the only players we'll have who aren't defenders or keepers are: Bannan, Luongo, Harris, Reach and Rhodes. That seems like suicide. We'll be held to ransom by every club we talk to because we've got to sign so many players. I'd keep Fletch for another year, especially as he and Rhodes seemed to be starting a decent partnership. It also means the price of any forward we go for won't instantly double as we're not completely desperate. I'd also give Nando another year. He still looks lively now he's back fit, and gives us a good option off the wing or as a number 10. Morgan Fox also very much deserves a new deal, I'm a bit disappointed that it hasn't already been sorted out.. but that's Monk for you. Presumably looking to ship out Westwood and van Aken too. Keeping Nando and Fletch means we still need to sign a striker, a right winger and 2 center mids, as a minimum, probably another centerback too.
  11. Supporting is a massive stretch. Seems Westwood's been told he's not going to be picked, no matter what. Tick another box in Monk's manual of awful management. Westwood doesn't have much option but to respect the decision, fair play to him for setting the record straight. Makes you wonder about Hutch too.
  12. Westwood wasn't playing particularly well, this is true. And was rightly replaced by Dawson. Now Dawson's not doing well, it should open the door for someone else. That's the entire point of having a squad.
  13. Norwich were offering no money.. so... No money is better then no money?
  14. At Brum.. he did well initially (honeymoon?) but within a year he was gone, ending his time with a run of 2 wins in 12 games (sound familiar?) Swansea, 18 months.. ending with a run of 1 win in 12.. He manages to have small decent runs, but very quickly produces absolute garbage, just as he's doing here. I've seen very little actual evidence of him NOT being a bad manager. The summer is vital and i don't trust him as capable of getting it right at all.
  15. Yep, but everyone accepting blame won't change the situation. We need to get better. Barring a big points deduction we're not in danger of relegation, but that's not impossible, and if it doesn't happen we're still close enough to make a run at the playoffs.. we have the talent to do so. What we don't have is a man in the dugout who is getting anywhere close to the best out of the talent we have. It's the easiest and quickest thing to change to try and turn our fortunes. There's no point idling to the end of the season, letting monk (who has a questionable history in the market) buy half a team to add to the half a team that's left that he's already lost and then crawling thru to November and firing him then having wasted a window, a few million quid and half a year. Shift him now.
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