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  1. Hounded our best player out of the club. Got to be up there are one of the most ridiculous things Wednesday's done. Crazy that half the fan base still seems to blame the player for going.
  2. Didn't find it particularly insightful or intersting tbh. Basically: If Chansiri did X that's bad, if he did Y tht's good.. but we don't know which he did. And this guy thinks no one should ever hire Pulis. Not exactly amazing commentary.
  3. Indeed. He was a fantastic golfer too.
  4. Not quite accurate. 4 losses, but he won his last game, against West brom. But ok, I'll give you that he's better than Niall Quinn.. a guy who's never had a permanent mangers job and perhaps has never sought one. Glowing endorsement that.
  5. I quoted you in my post. so did you not read what you wrote or did you not mean what you wrote?
  6. So because we're "not a big club" we should hire garbage, failed managers that the rest of the football world wouldnt touch with a barge pole? Great plan there buddy.
  7. You want to hire someone who's proved to be a terrible manager and who hasn't had a job in a decade.. I think you might be the one with the "ambition" issue. Just because you have some fantasy of Roy Keane being amazing for us, don't make it happen. He's a failed manager who can't get a job. We shouldn't hire him.
  8. I think relying on Reach to keep us up is one of our problems.
  9. Are we going to do the standard wednesday thing of jumping on his back when he invitably makes an mistake? End up crushing his confidence and maybe hounding him out of the club? It's the Wednesday way.
  10. Got a sunderland team that was too good for the league and so was promoted. Barely stopped up and was sacked early doors the next season for 6 losses in 7. 1st full season at Ipwsich he managed to not win in the first 14 matches and finished 15th. Got sacked in January the next year with the team in a relegation fight. Not had a job as a manager in 10 years. Roy Keane is a garbage manager and anyone suggesting they'd be ok with having him in should be embarrassed.
  11. Wouldn't mind Ivic. His training methods should be reflected on the pitch, and that would be a welcome change from the last few years.. He's already blooded in this league and don't well. And with a lot of turnover in the squad expected in the squad (again), this summer then there's an opportunity to build the kind of side he actually wants rather than having to get old, comfortable players (as Deeney was) to step up to the level. Feels like we could do an awful lot worse.. and have in the last 3 appointments.
  12. Reach and Bannan were both offered new deals a month ago iirc. So.. if he's free to go at any point, it's purely because he wants to, not because the club doesn't value him.
  13. Don't agree at all mate. We've steadied a bit under Pulis, with possibly the roughest run of fixtures anyone in the league will have all season. We've taken a couple of points from teams we'd expected to lose to and we've almost had all 3. We're coming into, what are on paper, much more winnable games, so we should start getting some more points on the board. Right now the -6 points is big, as we've not played that many games. as the season goes on it'll have less of an impact on our position and it'll be more about our actual form. There's also a host of awful sides i
  14. Presumably that'll be a focus of his training for the next few weeks.
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