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  1. Another guy who hasnt watched any games this season. Well done for making yourself known so we can ignore you.
  2. I'd put Harris up top along side Rhodes. I know his finishing isn't great, but his pace will be scarey and it'll make space for others. Rhodes - Harris Brown Bannan - Paterson Luongo Penney - Borner - Lees - Palmer Wildsmith Full backs push on and Luongo drops deeper.
  3. This statement clearly doesn't miss any relevant facts. Well done.
  4. I love this logical leap.. He spent a year not at the club and then being left out by the worst manager we've had in 15 years.. and you blame the payer for "not doing enough" Genius!
  5. I made a detailed post with reasons for things that happened and might happen. Your reply was "Waaaaaa what do you know" you discussed absolutely nothing. In what world are you worth taking seriously?
  6. Err.. that didn't happen.. and we're not unsure of the reasons. That's why you're off on one.
  7. Mate, you're not discussing any points. It's a waste of time talking to you.
  8. You're just in a different world mate.
  9. Ok, you really just aren't that smart. "Cant even argue your own debate but imagine cut & pasting someone elses views" It's called agreeing. And when other people agree and no one agrees with you, maaybe you should wonder whether you're wrong. just sayin. "someone offering a different view,or disagreeing with yours,is what debate is about" You're not offering an alternate position, or debating what's being said tho.. you're jsut posting over and over about "two games" and thinking you're golden. If you want to debate, debate. But you're not. so
  10. If he's not put on the park, he can't score.
  11. 1 last try.. tho i imagine it'll all be too many word for you and you'll just say something unrelated to reality again. (lifted much of it from someone elses post a few pages back) First season under Carlos you can make a case for him not doing enough. Carlos seemed to think that being 6ft made him a target man and so tried to play Winnall off Rhodes over and over again. It didn't work which is of no surprise to anyone other than Carlos. Fletch, Nando and Hooper were all doing pretty well at the time (when fit) so Rhodes slipped out of the side. Carlos never actually used him as
  12. In those first two games he closed down as much as anyone. So.. yes.
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