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  1. cookeh

    Reach song

    Can we have a 2nd verse that encourages him to make a tackle, challenge for 50/50s and track back occasionally?
  2. cookeh

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Spend £110million and get called cheap.. only on owlstalk.
  3. cookeh


    I love this club, but some of our fans... ffs.
  4. cookeh

    Marco Matias

    That's an easy thing to assume if you're coming from the side that has already decided that Abdi is a waste of space. What Jos said was this: "He has been completely back in team training for a couple of weeks. But for how long has he been out? He has been here two years and for most of that time he has not been available. He is a player who needs time to find his performances and a way back to his best quality. He has had problems with different injuries in the last two years. We must see how he does at 100 per cent intensity in training before we can say how close he is to playing games." For me that's saying he's fit to train, but he's incredibly rusty having barely kicked a ball since March last year. The suggestions seems to be that for the 6 matches where Abdi did appear last season, he was shuffled back in too fast and so broke down. He was never at 100% and didn't spend a lot of time in training after getting back fit before being thrown in and getting injured again. Gross mismanagement by Carlos, sadly. So now, he's fit to train, but he's got to get back to a good level. The comment about not putting him in the u21s a few weeks ago, i think is more about respect for the youngsters. Jos has made it clear there will be no more Hirsts under him. Dawson and Wildsmith being the 1 and 2 keepers seems to be primarily for the very reason that we don't want one or both of them walking away to get first team football. If we don't offer your players opportunities then they'll leave like Hirst did. Part of the silliness of Clare is that he was starting to get those opportunities, but didn't seem to realise it and left anyway. In order to show he respects the u21s, Jos is saying he's not going to put a player into the u21 lineup who isn't even ready to play for the u21s. The u21s will probably react well to that, and Abdi will likely turn out for the u21s in the relatively near future (month or so) once he's actually ready for a football match. Certainly has the ability, there's no reason to think he doesn't care, and that was something people accused Matias of while he was out. Look how wrong they were about him. So if he's fit and willing, the only reason that seems logical is that he's just so far off match fitness that the u21s would have to carry him and with them doing well we want to protect them from playing with 10 and 1/4 men. There is of course the other possibility, which I'm reticent to mention since it's 100% speculation, and that's that his mental health is not as good as it might be. If that is the case he should have our sympathy and support.
  5. cookeh

    Marco Matias

    Does the example of Matias, a guy that most had written off as "a waste of a wage who'd never kick a ball for us again" not highlight the silliness of slating Abdi for being injured? Matias has show he's hungry and wants to play. he's willing to work hard, is doing it on the pitch and has his shooting boots on. If Abdi gets back fit, then fingers crossed he makes a whole lot of folk eat their words in the same manner.
  6. This is just making me despair lately. Almost done with being involved in Wednesday in terms of social media. Go to the facebooks today and they're full of "Morgan Fox is the problem" "Fox should be in a league one team". F*cking c*nts. What's the point in talking about football with people who either know nothing or are just plain stupid. Might as well just watch and enjoy and not get involved in all this stupidity.
  7. vs Lees: Sam looked ok for a few games at centerback along side Lees. I don't think anyone in the right mind would drop Lees for Hutch,let alone claim Hutch was 'streets ahead'. vs Palmer: I don't think Sam's kicked a ball for us at right back, if ever in his entire career. If he plays right back like he plays defensive mid, he's be a penalty factory. vs Pessy: The only sensible debate of the 3. The question comes down to discipline i think. Pessy is incredibly disciplined. With Bannan's forward focus and Reach being largely absent defensively in most games, not just against Stoke, Pessy usually ends up with 2 players to deal with. He tries and doesn't always succeed, and that's part of why people claim he's terrible. Hutch would get sent off every time he went on the pitch if asked to do what Pessy does. He'd be thru the back of someone in the first half hour, every time, because our current defensive mid gets very little support from his fellow midfielders. Hutch would compensate by diving in. So no, I'd stick with Pessy for now. A three of Pessy, Bannan and Onomah/Lee would be fine imo as while Lee and Onomah are more forwards minded they have the workrate and commitment to defend, unlike Reach. 29 year old Sam, is unreliable in terms of both discipline and injury. He's not a rock to build a side around and he is far too reckless to be a captain.
  8. cookeh

    Blame for their goals

    1st goal.. Palmer could have stepped up when he got to the back line formed by Lees and Thorniley.. it can be a dangerous thing to do tho, as you end up with a player free behind the back line who could become involved is play develops. Can understand why Palmer went with him. Once the ball is received, the problem is that Thorniley has got out the way to let Afobe thru. If Afobe's not there or Thorniley is with him, I think we've averted the goal as Palmer is close enough to make the shot difficult. So responsibility lies with Palmer and Thorniley, more the later tho imo.. you can't just let the centerforward run past you like that, at worst you should be body checking him and concededing the free kick. 2nd goal.. Bannan needs a shout from the players behind him (Lees, Thorniley) to step right and block the pass. Can only assume it didn't come. Throut the whole play Thorniley doesn't really know where Afobe is, tho at one point gestures as it he's handing him off to Lees, who already has a man to mark. When the pass comes in, Thorniley has his hand on Afobe;s shoulder, but lets him spin and run away from him again. Once more he needs to either go with or physically be in the way so Afobe can't just sprint thru. Penney sees Afobe go free and tries to get across but is the wrong side and can't tackle from there. So both goals are ultimately down to Thorniley failing to deal with Afobe's runs off him.
  9. cookeh

    Champ keepers - Dawson

    So.. Dawson: Better distribution that most keepers. His passes tend to find their targets more than most. He's about average at stopping expected goals. Among the best at stopping shots on target, keeping out a higher % than most. That could be his saves, or our defense limiting the danger of the shots that come in. He, and/or our defense, lack concentration over the 90 as we've kept no clean sheets. Goal conceded is pretty average, despite the lack of clean sheets. He's been even present. Clearer? :)
  10. cookeh

    Onomah And Reach.

    That's the question tho.. I'm not trying to be a d**k to Reach, but is he one of our best players? He's not a center foward, so Nuhiu and Fletch are in ahead there. He's not a defensive mid, so Pessy and Hutch are better there. Bannan is a 100% nailed on certainty. No one is pushing Bannan our of the side. So we have options of using him at left back, left wing, right wing or attacking center mid. For me Reach is 100% not an out and out left back. He's defensively frail and just isn't suitable for the job. Right wing.. not Reach's best position. He struggles a bit when not able to cross on his left. Joao and Matias are better there. Left wing.. Probably his natural position, but.. Joao's a bigger goal threat and Nando is undoubtedly better than Reach out there. So we're left with the only real option being where he plays right now.. attacking mid. But, is Reach better than a fit Kieran Lee? I'd say no. Lee was great at making runs, finding space and getting goals. There's a questionmark over Onomah since he's just arrived, but those two are certainly in competition with one another. So once everyone's fit, it'll be one from Reach, Onomah, Lee and Abdi. And for me, Reach is in the middle of that list, not at the top of it.
  11. This is a key part. He's not assess to be offside or not until Afobe get the ball. At which point he's irrelevant to play. Those bleating about 'but the pass wouldn't have been made' are just plain wrong.
  12. lithuania.. quite a long way from croatia tbh.
  13. cookeh

    Onomah And Reach.

    It seems there's a bit of realisation happening now of what I was saying before the season. Reach doesn't really fit anywhere. He doesn't fit in the front line.. Fletch is the best foil we have.. Joao and Matias give us pace and movement around him. Reach can't match what they provide, and we still have Nando and Hooper to come back. Pessy and Bannan are basically a must. While some fans have it in for Pessy, both Jos and Bannan talk repeatedly about how important Pessy is. The only other player on the booked who can do a job similar to Pessy is Hutch, and he's proved a bit of a liability in terms of fitness and discipline. So that leaves one place for Onomah, Reach, Abdi, Lee and Boyd. Fortunately for Reach, Lee and Abdi are both still coming back to fitness. Boyd's not really a central creative player, and Onomah's only just got in the door. Onomah looks like has the attributes to do the job really well. Physical enough, decent pace and skills. Could make himself a certain pick with some form. A fully fit Kieran Lee would be one of the first names in the side. Simple as that. While we've seen nothing of it in blue and white, we all know that Abdi was a player. If Jos can work his magic and get him back fit and back to form, as he's done with Joao, Matias, Nuhiu, Fletch and arguably put Bannan on another level now he's among the goals.. then there's a small chance of Abdi doing the same. That would put Reach as 4th choice in center mid. Without Abdi, 3rd choice. The problem is that Reach is a decent player.. super fit, decent with a ball, occasionally scores a worldie and going on good runs.. but he's really lax with regard to the defensive side of his duties a lot of the time.. And he's not he's not exceptional. He's not as good as Bannan, he can't do Pessy's job, he can't do Joao's job, Lee's better at that forward linking midfield role and early signs are that Onomah might be too. Reach's a good puzzle piece, but I'm not sure he's from the jigsaw we're making right now.
  14. You think you're helping your case for saying we have competent cover at left back by adding Fox to the list? I feel for the guy, but he's not a Championship left back. I'd sooner play Palmer at left back than Fox tbh. Can Fox play in the middle? Maybe.
  15. Who are the two adequate players at left back? Penney who's started 2 games in his life.. and Pudil who's 33 in a couple of weeks and has become somewhat injury prone?