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  1. What or who else do you suggest rather than the 'Forestieri Experience'?
  2. Klopp's a horse teethed red rum looking cap wearing knob
  3. Benteke signed new contract at Palace other week.
  4. Be reyt. I'll sit on someone's knee. Shame it's not on the Kop
  5. Best freebie is the 2 tickets I've just copied onto my phone off a thread on here.
  6. Ok I meant the game as a whole was a not dire, no individual performance
  7. I ain't criticising Dawson. And Fox played well Friday. No player played well tonight but got the job done
  8. It's the same thing. Maybe you're are still watching his 2 saves. I 'compared" Westwood and Dawson in a topic about praising Dawson. It's the same as posting in a thread that is saying a player had a bad game but you think he did ok. Think about it. It's not hard. I have put it in the simplest terms Possible for you.
  9. So if someone posts a thread criticising a performance we're not allowed to post saying 'actually think he did alright'?? Same thing?
  10. So you've never posted in a thread that is praising a player and spoke about another? Aye ok.
  11. Yes he made a great save. And has done on the occasions He has come in.I've got nothing against Dawson and our fans haven't either (it might seem as they do). When Westwood is injured he is the best we have to turn to. Simple as. I think the question/problem? is, as he's our next best now, what happens when Westwood doesn't sign that new contract? Is he good enough consistently and the first half of last season will sway the fans thinking no matter what
  12. How can it not be? They are competing against each other Westwood v Dawson 6 days a week?
  13. Dawson is a capable keeper. But Westwood organises and is more vocal in doing so. Vocal isn't always better but the defenders know where they are with Westwood and where they stand (literally)
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