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  1. https://www.lner.co.uk/customer-service/seat-guarantee/
  2. You could speculate and write something we can understand. Anyway, How is he going to get a permanent move to Norwich? No chance. If we had have took a gamble on a lower league player fans would still moan we never spent money if they knew money was available.
  3. BT have got the Blackburn v Newcastle game live on Tuesday. I think we also play that night so will not shown on TV. Derby V Southampton is on Wednesday so will be shown on BBC https://sport.bt.com/news/blackburn-v-newcastle-fa-cup-third-round-replay-to-be-shown-live-on-bt-sport-S11364323409554
  4. The few games I have seen this season he hasn't looked great. And the Rangers fans who see him every game don't seem impressed either. I would be disappointed if we went for him.
  5. Excelling? He is a terrible Wing Back. His delivery from corners or when running and crossing is shocking, not able to beat the first man etc. Maybe better in an original back 4 where he doesn't have to get forward as much and get caught out position.
  6. If it is copywrite, like you say why not mute it. Or play a minutes silence from another game instead of the fake noise. Just makes people think fans are being disrespectful, but then the minute silence seemed to be respected.
  7. Not happy. Paid 12 Pounds to listen to this fooooker Keith Andrews, he is an absolute #*#*!! Sometimes it's like our gearbox is fooooked, parked on a hill and can only go backwards.
  8. The minute's silence was well honoured but the part before was some noise?
  9. If there is a time for a Reach special now is that time. It can come off his nose end for all I care. Come on The Wednesday
  10. Does this ref know it is Wednesday that are playing? Gave us quite a few free kicks that normally wouldn't be given.
  11. If you didn't hear it on Sky, not sure they have mentioned it but WBA haven't scored.
  12. Nuhiu dragged 3 players towards him for the 2nd goal. Another came, And then he layed it off. I think was only Dawson and Bartley left in the area. Well played Atdhe.
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