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  1. Chansiri is a businessman. And nowadays football is a business first and the game comes second. I like Chansiri and looks like he will do what he can and beyond and also something different (sell ground). Some of that to cater for past mistakes. Some not all by him. 'Advisors'? I do think he should let someone 'in' who has been in the game a good few years and knows the game and the tricks people will try and pull.
  2. I might try to get to one of the Livi games and see him play. It's only down the road.
  3. Jose watching Spurs game. We're getting Bruce back!! Unless we get in there with Jose first. Why not. Go on Chansiri offer him it. With Jose character, you never know he might say ye go on the why not.
  4. Am glad another Manager thread got started. Didn't think we had enough.
  5. I've just text that number and said now then me old bean, names wrong on back of shirt. Oh and also Owlstalk said it's your own fault as you're too old to have a name on the back
  6. He looks too much like Sean the B*#*#*d Bean
  7. Capello was there. Get lumping on. Odds on in morning.
  8. Alan Quinn was never a lone man up top kind of player They will do well with Kevin Nolan in the centre though
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