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  1. JohnTerry

    I quite like him.
  2. Not scored since 2011
  3. Come on The Owls. Good solid performance ready for Tuesday.
  4. Now I'm not pissed

    The thing is though he is a Championship striker. And 1 of only maybe 3 fit strikers we have.
  5. Now I'm not pissed

    I hope not.
  6. As long as Puttin isn't the main presenter like the other week.
  7. I honestly don't know but you might know more, did we decline to sign Sasso or did he decline to sign for us as he wanted to be more than a sub? For me, I would have liked Sasso,Venancio and Lees. But if we kept Sasso we probably wouldn't have got Fred.
  8. Great stuff from Nuhiu. Deserved a goal.
  9. The Wednesday sing Carlos ran away
  10. Is that the new half time dump?
  11. Doing well. When the break in play when Pudil was down, good to see them talking to each other, including Dawson. And when he made the save, giving him more confidence.
  12. Who do you want in the next Round?.

    Not if we get Spurs Away next round
  13. Pudil

    I thought he might have been captain today, but guessing Jones has done it before for previous clubs.
  14. Sky Sports - Man Of The Match Award

    I don't think he knows what he is going to do when he has the ball at his feet so defenders no chance. But I am happy he is getting involved etc rather than just trundling about. He tracked back to win it A few times.