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  1. BathgateBob


    Every time he stretched for the ball I was expecting him to pull up injured. To be honest I think at times he probably expects to or holds back a bit after all the injuries.
  2. BathgateBob


    Couldn't see a thread on him tonight. Looks like spent a bit of time in the tooth clinic, some whiteness there. Good performance, got a goal. Just hope this is the time he 'kicks on'. When he gets a goal/couple of good appearances something then sets him back again. When he looked like he was going off injured, I thought surely not again.
  3. BathgateBob


    Wish he could stay onside though!! But yes good game, won pretty much everything in the air. Deserved a goal.
  4. BathgateBob


    Play Offs. Lees might do a Rhodes and not want to take one against his old club
  5. BathgateBob

    Joost Van Aken

    I know he is similar age but I would have liked us to go (if we were not under an Umbongo) for Izaguirre who has just gone back to Celtic.
  6. BathgateBob

    FF and Winnall

    I was staying in a holiday let, no BBQ. Went to Supermarket and when bought the food we kept the basket. Few stones/rocks off the beach, bit of foil on the sides. Shelf out of the oven. There you have a BBQ. *Do not use plastic shopping basket*
  7. BathgateBob

    Atdhe’s birthday

    Clearly a plan so we can say to the League 'we have no players'. They then authorise us to sign (and register) players. Foolproof plan right there.
  8. BathgateBob

    How Long

    Any relation to Shane?
  9. BathgateBob

    Remember when

    It's close but Trippier for me, so far. Deliveries have been superb.
  10. BathgateBob

    Our star players are ageing....

    I'm getting better every day. Can't wait til tomorrow.
  11. BathgateBob

    Away Kit

    Would look good with this owl.
  12. I'd take 30 games a season off hooper. 10 goals + 5-7 assists.
  13. Even if he does go to Norwich we will still have threads galore.
  14. BathgateBob


    The guy at the bottom didn't dare get Fox 6 so asked for it to be put on upside down.