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  1. People blaming Loovens?

    Why blame DC? I don't get why so many people get them mixed up. Just say their name.
  2. Stuart Gray sacked

    And we were Second at end of season when Jones was in charge. Doesn't mean he was better than Megson. He just got the job done. Also a different league to championship. We will finish in Play Offs again.
  3. Stuart Gray sacked

    I don't remember 'Stupot' or Laws getting us in the Play Offs. Or Megson.
  4. Yeh I'm sure he's well happy that he cant play. He's a professional and he will be itching to get on that pitch and score. No one will be happy being out injured, must be soul destroying not being able to do what you love. All the Money doesn't take away the disappointment and frustration of the job they love. Look at the Kirkland thread to prove that.
  5. Kits Toffs

    Thanks. Never thought of that but males sense they as they have Bukta on them. I'd be happy without the logo.
  6. Kits Toffs

    They are always looking to bring out new lines, so for example if enough fans requested a version of the 2 shades of yellow bukta shirt. The above bit you wrote, Would the same apply to the purple away shirt we had if enough requested that?
  7. Nothing but a massive Brum destroying 1-0 massacre
  8. Jordan Rhodes

    Why start this thread after today's defeat and not before then?
  9. Jordan Rhodes

    Where was this thread last week when we conceded last minute or after the the 2 games we won before that? If all you are doing is asking a question, why ask after today's game? Don't look for something that isn't there. We all know we aren't playing to Rhodes strengths but starting this thread after today , No need.
  10. Jordan Rhodes

    Let him have a flipping chance then instead of bringing him on when game is gone.
  11. Open letter to Mr Chansiri

    1 more game at their place to even it.
  12. George Hirst

    But who do you drop? Brooks got his chance today as others weren't fit and he took it. But our strikers are all fit and scoring so who do you drop?
  13. We've got so much experience in our side. Hooper, Fletcher, Jones, Westwood, Wallace. What's going on.
  14. Loovens would have been that person today.