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  1. BathgateBob

    Ideas/ opinions please

    You need to get the person who sprayed this and get them to do the same on the pool table.
  2. If lorries can't get down the road, then the cars will be classed as causing an obstruction and be towed.
  3. BathgateBob

    jack cork?

    Shyte anyway etc etc
  4. BathgateBob

    Best free kick

    Wolves' goal in our first game after getting relegated was a well worked one.
  5. BathgateBob

    The farthest out #SWFC headed goal?

    It won't be the furthest but I remember early 2000's Ashley Westwoods looping header equaliser in last minute at home to Fulham.3-3.
  6. BathgateBob

    Who is your prediction

    Man Utd Villa Portsmouth Swindon
  7. As long as we don't swap NUHIU for this Nuihui fella he has named himself after.
  8. BathgateBob

    How are you holding up? Hmmm?

    Only the 1?
  9. BathgateBob

    How are you holding up? Hmmm?

    I can think of other videos that will pass a few minutes......... I mean seconds.
  10. BathgateBob

    Do we think George Boyd...

    Always wanted Boyd since him playing for Peterborough, alongside Mackail-Smith. Alwayd seemed to score then we sign him and well the usual happens.
  11. BathgateBob


    Maybe controversial, but with Waddle era red numbers and names would be perfect.
  12. I remember going to a game 98 ish, we met the players getting out of their cars. After I met Pressman I tryed/touched his door handle. A week/days later it was in the paper someone tryed stealing his car and he chased them down the road in his pants. Or did I dream that?
  13. BathgateBob

    We may well be ABDIcated

    Why don't you give us the plausible reason? You seem to know everything else about his signing anyway.
  14. He just took it as if he was taking a goal kick. Brilliant. Sometimes a commentator says 'that was right in the top corner', they should watch that clip, THAT is top corner.