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  1. Wednesday - V - United OMDT

    Come on Wednesday. Please let's do this.
  2. Wednesday - V - United OMDT

    Starts at 1 pm on main event. 12.30 on football.
  3. Pigs tho

    That's my face when Nuhiu smashes the 3rd goal in, Tudgay style.
  4. Pigs tho

  5. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    Blue of Wednesday and the White from their shirt. Sorted.
  6. I've heard they're half price. Only £50 now.
  7. Quality

    Nice thread title saying quality but then moaning about the lack of!
  8. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Tough game today. 2-2. Van Aken and Fletcher.
  9. You sent your Mrs to the bar?? Good lad.
  10. When Gary Hooper Smiles.......

    In the play off semi final 2nd leg
  11. Madine will sort that out when Bolton come.

    Let's see how we do for the next few months and how players perform first eh, before we start replacing players/making a transfer just for the sake of it. Fuuck sake.
  13. Caption competition

    Fletch: look at George showing off with his long flowing locks, not happy. Bannan: aye, but Fletch, he wears a headband
  14. Great finish. And I quite like the kit.