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  1. Slightly inside story without trying to sound like ITK... he used to ask the medical guy why he ached so much after a match... because you ran like 20 million meters!
  2. 6 people, 83 fingers, is that right?
  3. Sat with some Barnsley fans and watched the results roll in. Thank you guys! Expression on their faces was fun!
  4. Thanks but pretty sure it wasn’t that as I manually typed it at login and password recovery. It was odd how they quickly got my old membership data assigned to the new login I did, so that’s what made me think they have a database for logins and a database for membership data, then join them up. Seemed like the login data was disabled or deleted maybe. Guess I will never find out but was up and running in a day after emailing the shop. So crappy experience was sorted out in a none crappy way.
  5. If it helps, I emailed them and they sorted it in a day. Was quite surprised.
  6. It’s a mess! it wouldn’t recognise my email though I had used it for years. Whoever designed that site wants putting in front of the crowd at half time so they can apologise to us all. I can only suggest emailing or calling the shop as I got to thinking that while login/account data is disabled or affected, there is a back end customer database and the site can’t handle the conflict. This is one reason why I had my problem and could explain yours too. Once I emailed them they sorted it pretty in fairness.
  7. I had an issue last week and had to setup a new account, then told the store to link my old membership to the new account which they did pretty quick. Having a temp account enabled me to buy my tickets. Once they sorted it, I got everything back as I had used the site for years. The online shop is pretty rubbish (demands flash!!!) and clearly is having issues. I suspected they had deleted accounts because people had not opted in under GDPR. Could be wrong though.
  8. This little lady who is a big owls fan ( and hutch fan!) just came 3rd in her age group in England https://www.british-gymnastics.org/results/8906/TRA_Level_5_-_Women_13-14.pdf You may or may not know; the lady that got us silver at the olympics trains just down the road at hillsborough leisure centre.
  9. Hoping next season is a belter (don’t we all!) But a season is often remembered for the little things. In 16/17 my daughter and I had the pleasure of meeting the Hutch (what a great guy) and resulted in us getting his shirt from the ‘udders win in the league. We argued over who it now belongs to :) She proudly displays her picture with Hutch in her bedroom much to the annoyance of her friends!
  10. Did Farke kill any vampires? He seemed dressed for the occasion...
  11. West Yorkshire derby?!?! The geography took a turn for the worst today...
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