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  1. FYI - even the pay wall is a joke. Load the article and put your phone in airplane mode. Pay wall disappears!
  2. Possibly - but associated with the star just knocks it off the radar for me. As I said; poor web site on mobile and the low quality elsewhere just drags it down. But that’s my opinion.
  3. Agree the Star web site is just awful. I don’t touch the news paper anymore because of how bad the content is, which means I hardly ever read anything swfc related from that source. The web site is just unusable on mobile and I just don’t trust what I read anymore. On a positive... we get a good laugh out of the Star in our house now and again e.g. the 3 thirds not going to pubs was a good one.
  4. Honestly thought this thread was titled after Wim Yonk! Myabe the beers...
  5. I think that owls have a special meaning in Japan? Can’t remember the reason sorry...
  6. Taller than nearly everyone on the trains in tokyo I think I scared them
  7. I used to work near the sky offices in Leeds and used to wear the blue and white when ever I could Fancied landing a job at sky just to wind them up
  8. Japan is an amazing place! You should be ok watching stuff there as I doubt our web guys are smart enough to block overseas. Worst case get something like TorGuard and set it to a UK server to get around any restrictions. They usually do free or very cheap trials. Arigato gozaimasu!
  9. Slightly inside story without trying to sound like ITK... he used to ask the medical guy why he ached so much after a match... because you ran like 20 million meters!
  10. 6 people, 83 fingers, is that right?
  11. Sat with some Barnsley fans and watched the results roll in. Thank you guys! Expression on their faces was fun!
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