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  1. U will be fine. I take my son 8year old to most games. We going on train as we did last year. Was no bother. Only trouble if you go looking for it. (Guessing you won't haha) He will have a good time. Normally a good atmosphere. Hope he enjoys it of you take him
  2. Same here. No option to post witch is strange. Guessing will have to collect.
  3. 4069 seems a Bit tight for a away that holds about 5.5 Think we had around 4700 last year. Maybe wrong. Expensive but one of my fav days. Only about £4 return on train.
  4. But difference In it don't think I've paid more then £10 for him anywhere
  5. In all honesty I can't justify spending £18 for my 8 year old. This will be one of the only few we don't go to. Scandals
  6. Is it looking that full because s/t holder have untill today to claim there seats. So after today the ones not bought will go on sale so will look like there is loads. Minte be wrong just a thought
  7. Morons? Think what you should say is that the people going pub then looking for trouble are morons. I will be in boozer from about 12 ish. But I wont be going and causing trouble. Get tram about 6 and straight in.
  8. https://twitter.com/The_Magpie_Inn/status/948516298350317568
  9. Tickets booked. Was guna wait to see if we got behind goal but o well booked now.
  10. Lasted longer then I expected. Can't wait now. Any1 no when they may be posted out
  11. Just got 2 online thanks to a very generous person letting me use his i/d. In bottom tier.
  12. Be nice if it does as that what I'm waiting for. But guessing very unlikely
  13. Tuesday pm for me if any left. Not getting my hopes though.
  14. Booked mine this morning. Me and oldest. Going on Wednesdayite coach settng off 10am
  15. Will be getting mine Tuesday morning. Me and oldest son going. I think we will sell out to be honest even though it's on sky.
  16. As well all no England are so boring. But yes I'm going. Taking my son who I take to all Wednesday games. And as far as boring goes Wednesday hav not been much more interesting. Especially away from home. (Not including saturday). So I'm actually looking forward to it and.so is my son . Prices spot on aswell in family area. Come Friday night 10 mins in though I will probs be regretting it
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