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  1. So 565 tickets at £10. That's good. But then Rest have to pay treble that. Shocking that is.
  2. Should be banned aswell. Could av easily hit a child in face. I was up in top corner giving some banter out but that's as far as it should go.
  3. This was the team opening game of season and we was poor. Still some are back though as bit more chance with some of them in squad.
  4. 3 of us going. Can get all Tuesday am so think i will be ok
  5. Don't think we will. As far as I'm aware no other teams got more.
  6. Police advising not to travel but yet bcfc expecting us to travel 7 hour round trip. Setting off in 5 mins leave plenty of time. Car got duvets and lots of food just incase. Stay safe every1
  7. 3pm kick off for leeds away. Am I seeing this right. Haha. Looking forward to this.
  8. Details will be announced tomorrow. Wednesdayite should run a coach. Not sure how many tickets we will get. Think away fans normally get about 2000 but can't see us selling that many midweek.
  9. Purchased mine this morning. Hope it's on the Tuesday as it's my brothers birthday. But will enjoy a good in London no matter what day. Should arrive about 2pm. Plenty of drinking time
  10. Wonder how many time they will get asked how long untill your back.
  11. They did not bring many last season either. Just bottom tier for some reason. But I do think it was a Friday night on tv.
  12. Yes I agree. Then I can't get done for spelling wrong. But the I would probably say the name wrong.
  13. Sorry not the best at spelling. As you can see.
  14. Oh, venacio Freddy venacio He is Wednesday's defensive man. Tune of English man in new york
  15. And pudil chucked him his shorts as he could not give him his shirt.
  16. Could av moved to Wednesday. Just daft on the Friday.
  17. He it is. Annoying the fact that it could have been moved to the Sunday. And ye me 2 should be fun.
  18. I can't make it. My wife' baby shower so got both kids. This date was set because we didn't have a game. Typical. Will feel strange not been at a home game.
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