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  1. Should get about 2200 ticket same as last year. Used to get all behind goal but have home fans in half of it now. This will sell out with it being first away but not sure how fast.
  2. Dont forget its bank holiday weekend this weekend. So you would not have to rush back on the Sunday if you wont be at work on the bank hol Monday
  3. Wont avoid any. Look forward to any Saturday away in London. (Dont have to use holiday days then)
  4. Haha don't blame me brad it's young en haha
  5. To be fair it's not the worst coach I've ever been on. And see a few worse then ours. Gets us to games and back week in week out.
  6. Ye I've also heard Portugal bit no games
  7. Plenty for everyone but I do have a spare i/d if anybody needs
  8. They say tiers top and bottom but its more like sections front and back
  9. The Owls travel to Norwich on Good Friday (7.45pm) in the Sky Bet Championship and ticket details are as follows: SWFC have received the full allocation of 2,030 for this all-ticket fixture. Adults: £35 Over 65: £25 Under 18: £20 Under 12: £12 There are 13 wheelchair spaces priced at the relevant age band above with a free carer ticket. Inter City Owl – departs at 12.30pm and is priced as follows: Adults: £31 Children: £30 Tickets sale and Priority Point details: Monday 8 April (9.00am): Season Ticket holders with 810 or mo
  10. They go on general sale in morning so get Your sen on it in morning.
  11. Guessing with the changed kick off tome you should be fine. Don't think we will sell out. But I am have a spare id for that game to buy first phase of you do want to use it.
  12. Plenty of pubs near train station. About 15 mins walk. Depending how fast you walk
  13. As per title I have a spare id that can buy a ticket now if anybody wants it. Was only 200 left yesterday so be quick.
  14. They haven't sold out yet so you may get 1 from office. Obviously depending on points but we get another 500 when they 1500 sell
  15. We didn't get kept behind last season if this helps.
  16. Same as last season the robbin gits. O well £60 for me and the 9 year old. Will still be going.
  17. I sit in upper north normally but had to go on bottom half. But o well. £12 not to bad and another 10 points to keep my tpp topped up.
  18. Got mine this morning. £17 for my 9 year old. Swansea was £16 for him aswell. Robbin gits. But as always i will look forward to the day then 3pm will come and the day will be ruined. But you never no
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