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  1. May make general sale with the early kick off and it's on sky
  2. No worries. As far as I'm aware there is quite a few left but dont no if its pay on gate. So u may have to buy in advance. But if u cant collect ticket will go down on ico bus
  3. U have to go to every game that makes it to the point you can buy. Preston millwall. Then u will have the cup game. The night away matches like cardiff and Bristol. Wigan will go general sale U will probs get 1 for barnsley if they give us the usual amount. Blackburn will make general sale. Charlton may make general sale. U go to all these kind of games then u get to the amount of points to go to the better games. But then u have to do them every year to keep your points topped up. Makes no odds to me as I'm away season ticket holder but p
  4. I have a spare i/d for huddersfield with enough points to buy now. Message me if interested
  5. Best of ringing them Should be some left but not sure
  6. Would be nice brad but cant see it my self. Still a week to go.
  7. Rotherham United Away Full Allocation 2,552 ALL TICKET Ticket Prices: Adults: £23 Over 60: £13 18-21: £13 Under 18: £8 Under 13: £6* *Only available when purchased with an Adult Wed 21/8 1pm: STH w 680+TPP Wed 21/8 3pm: STH w 640+TPP Thurs 22/8 9am: STH w 600+TPP Thurs 22/8 11am: STH w 560+TPP Thurs 22/8 1pm: STH w 520+TPP Thurs 22/8 3pm: STH w 480+TPP Fri 23/8 9am: All season Ticket Holders Fri 23/8 11am: All Owls & Foundation Members Fri 23/8 1pm: General Sale All sales dates subject t
  8. Guessing we have the next lot of tickets as general sale in morning.
  9. Not sure how sales or going but they dont allways tell you when the get the extra tickets. Just get them and sell them.
  10. Technically its sold out. But that's because the north stand capacity has been reduced. I asked a steward on Saturday. But wouldnt tell me what to. Its because of safety. That's why there is no exit or entry through lep lane anymore SAG and SYP or a joke.
  11. Millwall Allocation 2,200 Ticket Prices Adults: £26 Over 61: £17 U18: £14 U16: £12 U12: £7* *Only available to purchase via the SWFC Ticket Office Mon 29/7 9am: STH w 690+TPP Mon 29/7 2pm: STH w 650+TPP Tues 30/7 9am: STH w 610+TPP Tues 30/7 2pm: STH w 570+TPP Wed 31/7 9am: STH w 530+TPP Wed 31/7 2pm: STH w 480+TPP Thurs 1/8 9am: All Season Ticket Holders Thurs 1/8 2pm: All Owl & Foundation Members Fri 2/8 9am: General Sale All sales dates subject to availability Millwall Tra
  12. Got same as we got last year. The seasons before that we used to get all behind the goal. Now half for home supporters.
  13. Logging in online. Or get in touch with t/o with your i/d no and they will tell you.
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