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  1. Yes was very loud today. Villa fans wernt bad either. Nowt better then a late goal. Makes the celerbrations so much better. Cant wait for norwitch now. Hope we shift the rest of tickets. (your f*****g s**t, wer f*****g good) quality WAWAW
  2. Wesnesdayite car park has not gone now. We have got it for the season. I think its £6 on the day to park. Read it yesterday and bought my season pass £115.
  3. So if this not stop the could close sections off. ? I have a s/t in block t1with my wife and 2 kids. What would happen to us. Bit crap. But i dont think its hard for people to no stand in the gangways. And stewards should do more. But needs sorting are it could cause problems. See what happens tommorow but i dont think anything wil be any different.
  4. My brother went in today and asked for a ticket on north. They told him they had sold out. So must have carried on selling in person but now all gone. Cant see them not selling them if there was some left.
  5. In all honestley i think 27-28k but im more bothered about the 3 points then the attendance UTO
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